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Damian Greene

Damian Greene, the lone conservative voice on the South Whidbey School Board, is resigning after a decade of service.

In a letter to the Board of Directors, he indicated his resignation is effective Jan. 1, 2022.

Greene, whose family came to Island County in 1965, was elected to the school board three times.

His run included being part of the board when it earned Washington State’s Distinguished Board award in 2016.

Earlier this year, Greene threatened to take legal action against a South Whidbey youth activism organization after a Facebook post alleged he and his wife, Maureen, could be involved in the theft of a Black Lives Matter banner from South Whidbey High School.

Both Greenes denied any involvement.

While Damian Greene consulted with a lawyer, no libel suit has been filed.

The 2021 election cemented his position as the lone conservative voice on the board.

Three challengers — Dawn Tarantino, Farrah Manning-Davis, and Bree Kramer-Nelson — all of whom publicly identify as conservatives, ran as a united group, but lost their races.

Incumbents Andrea Downs, Marnie Jackson, and Ann Johnson each pulled in between 68.21 and 69.78% of the votes.


Greene’s resignation letter:


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