Mary Milnes is one of five freshmen on this year’s Coupeville High School girls soccer team. (Photo by JohnsPhotos.net)

“I enjoy the speed of soccer, the game never slows down.”

Coupeville High School freshman Mary Milnes may play other sports — she competed in multiple events in middle school track and field — but life on the pitch has her heart.

“Soccer is my favorite sport; I have played since I was five and have never stopped since,” Milnes said.

Her journey through the beautiful game has taken her to a team in Colorado Springs, as well as squads on North, South and Central Whidbey.

Milnes has suited up with club teams North Whidbey Select, South Whidbey Select and Rush Pikes Peak, before landing her latest gig playing defender and midfielder for the Wolves.

Pulling on the CHS jersey gives her an opportunity to suit up with buddies from off the field, something she appreciates.

“One of my good friends – Katelin “Ratlin” McCormick — is on my high school team,” Milnes said. “She and I enjoy playing soccer together.”

Milnes, who enjoys reading and spending time with friends when she’s not kicking a soccer ball, hails the team aspect of the sport as one reason it appeals so much to her.

“As an athlete I enjoy being able to work on a team,” Milnes said. “For me, that is one of the best parts about soccer.”

No matter how many years she has put in on the pitch, the fab frosh is always looking to highlight her strengths while still tweaking certain aspects of her game.

“As an athlete I think one of my strengths is my experience with the game,” Milnes said. “I would like to work on my one-on-one defense.”

As she’s progressed in the game, the rising star has benefited from strong coaching, something she embraces.

“When I lived in Colorado I had a coach who constantly challenged me,” Milnes said. “She always encouraged me and my teammates to work harder and play better.

“She was a tough coach to have, but overall improved my soccer game.”

Scott Hilborn has places to be, and yards to pile up. (Photos by JohnsPhotos.net)

The Wolf line gets ready to mash people.

“I said … stay down, man!!”

Wolf QB Nathan Ginnings, eyes always moving, prepares to make some magic.

Coupeville fans fight a stirring, but losing, battle with the late-afternoon sun.

It was then, as he delivered a flawless Darth Vader-style Force Choke, that William Davidson’s coaches began to wonder if he had truly gone to the Dark Side.

When the sun comes out, so does the big camera.

Noted photo bug John Fisken was in Coupeville Wednesday, taking advantage of the balmy weather to snap pics at two different events.

The one you’re currently looking at is a middle school football clash between the Wolves and visiting Sultan.

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Wolves chomp Grizzlies!!

Jacob Burke volleys Wednesday during Coupeville’s tennis match against visiting Bear Creek. (Photos by JohnsPhotos.net)

Even bothered by a shoulder injury, Mason Grove drops in another winner.

In a battle of animals, or at least animal mascots, the smaller, feistier one carried the day Wednesday afternoon.

Sweeping singles, and picking up a key win at #2 doubles, the Coupeville High School boys tennis squad slipped past visiting Bear Creek 3-2.

The victory, proving Wolves can topple Grizzlies, lifts CHS to 2-2 on the season.

It also confirms Coupeville, a small public school suddenly jammed into the ultra-ritzy Emerald City League for tennis, has no plans to back down from its new private school rivals.

Other than Island mate South Whidbey, which is also along for the ride, Coupeville has little history with the remaining ECL schools, all big-city, big-bucks, big-brains institutions.

That means almost every match, at least the first time through the schedule, will feature the Wolves feeling out their new foes, while also playing to win.

CHS coach Ken Stange, who has seen a little bit of everything during his time mentoring Wolf tennis players, came away pleased with what he witnessed.

Especially from the guys at the top of the lineup.

“I can’t say enough about (singles players) Jakobi (Baumann) and Drake (Borden),” Stange said. “They were both showing the perfect combination of controlled aggression and patience.

“They were relentless.”

Coupeville clinched the match with a win at #2 doubles, which featured an injured Wolf and an enterprising one.

Mason Grove took a nasty fall in warm-ups before the previous match, landing awkwardly on his shoulder, and was expected to be day-to-day.

Wednesday that translated into “I’m playing today.”

Mason, playing with one arm, was a model of excellence,” Stange said. “He dialed it down quite a bit, which paid off big time.”

Grove’s partner, first-year player James Wood, was on service in the second set, down 5-4, when he pulled off something even his wily veteran coach had never witnessed.

“Big Game James was lights out at times, and he even did something I’ve never seen in my 27 seasons in Coupeville,” Stange said.

Wood blasted a serve that nailed the Bear Creek player at the net, inflicting not only a potential bruise, but winning the point in unexpected fashion.

“The ball was nowhere close to being in, but the rules state that if the ball hits a player before it hits the ground, the player who got hit loses the point,” Stange said with a chuckle. “Good stuff!”


Complete Wednesday results:



1st Singles — Jakobi Baumann won 6-3, 6-3

2nd Singles — Drake Borden won 6-3, 6-4

1st Doubles — Zach Ginnings/Jacob Burke lost 7-5, 7-5

2nd Doubles — Mason Grove/James Wood won 6-3, 7-6(7-3)

3rd Doubles — Jaschon Baumann/Tiger Johnson lost 6-1, 6-4



4th Doubles — Koby Schreiber/Andrew Aparicio lost 7-6(7-3)

5th Doubles — Harris Sinclair/Thane Peterson lost 6-4, 6-3


To see more photos from Wednesday’s action, pop over to:


Nathan Ginnings (1) and Nicholas Guay are ready for kick-off. (Charlotte Young photo)

Scott Hilborn (7) streaks for yardage. (Gary Shelly photo)

Your 2018 Coupeville Middle School football squad. (Michael Davidson photo)

One step at a time.

With a roster low in numbers and jam-packed with 7th graders making their gridiron debut, new Coupeville Middle School football coach Brett Casey is operating very much in teaching mode right now.

While Wednesday’s home opener against Sultan was a bit rough at times — with the Turks using a considerable size advantage to run their way through the Wolf line en route to a 41-0 win — progress was made.

“It was the first game our kids got to hit someone else besides their teammates,” Casey said. “First time we’ve gotten to play 11-on-11 as well, after practicing mostly 6-on-6, or 7-on-7.

“You can see them starting to come together, which is what we want to see.”

Coupeville has 14 players, and all but one were able to play Wednesday, with a couple making a sizable impact.

Scott Hilborn, younger brother of CHS standout Matt, was the primary offensive weapon for the Wolves, and he did his best to slash through the Sultan defense.

His best run came on Coupeville’s first offensive play, as Hilborn cut back, then shot down the right sideline, popping a couple of defenders in the mouth as he rambled for 26 yards.

While the opening drive failed to get into the end zone, it was the longest, most consistent stretch the Wolves put together on offense, with Hilborn and Dominic Coffman sharing running duties.

CMS stayed mostly on the ground, though Alex Murdy snagged a second-half screen pass under great duress, pulling the ball in while he had two defenders draped all over him.

Nathan Ginnings and Hilborn rotated behind center, keeping Sultan guessing as to who would take the snap.

While Sultan pounded away for six touchdowns, the Turk scores came courtesy of their strong play, and not Wolf errors.

The Coupeville defense, other than one play in which Sultan pulled off a 60-yard catch-and-run for a score on the final play of the first half, did a decent job of tracking down the guy with the ball and laying down some hits.

The best stand by the Wolves came on Sultan’s second possession, when they forced the Turks to turn over the ball on downs.

Owen Shelly got things started when he obliterated the hapless soul who was supposed to be blocking him.

Roaring up on the Turk QB like a freight train going downhill with no brakes, Shelly pounced on the rival gunslinger, flinging him to the turf for a solid five-yard loss.

Sparked by his play, his teammates pulled off back-to-back sweet take-downs.

Coffman, tabbed “The Dominator” by CMS Athletic Director Willie Smith, flattened a Turk runner several steps behind the line, before Murdy chased down the QB for a sack.

The game’s biggest pop might have come courtesy Mike Robinett, however.

The second-generation Wolf gridiron star caught a Turk runner in mid-stride, lowered his shoulder and sent him halfway back to Sultan, without the use of a bus.

While the final score on the board wasn’t quite what the Wolves might have wanted, plays like Robinett’s KO softened the loss.

The future of Coupeville football is coming, and while there is much work left to be done, there is also much cause for hope.

New stars claim court!!

Lucy Tenore and the CMS spikers launched a new season Tuesday. (Photos by JohnsPhotos.net)

Alita Blouin directs traffic.

Calm, cool, collected (and secretly a killer on the court), it’s Allie Lucero.

Grey Peabody made a strong debut, jumping right into the thick of action on almost every play.

Vivian Farris shows off her hops.

Cypress Socha smashes a winner.

Arm booming like a cannon, Maddie Georges sprayed aces to every corner of the court.

8th grade captain Taygin Jump was a fireball, flying from one side of the court to the other while keeping up a steady patter of encouragement to her teammates.

The start of a new season only becomes truly official when the first photos arrive.

So, luckily for the Coupeville Middle School spikers, wanderin’ paparazzi John Fisken spent a fair amount of time in Cow Town Tuesday, snapping away as the Wolves battled visiting Sultan.

The pics above are courtesy him.

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