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Jada Heaton, a walkin’, talkin’ ray of sunshine for Coupeville athletics. (Photos by JohnsPhotos.net)

Every team needs a Jada Heaton.

The irrepressible, high-energy Coupeville sophomore brings joy, excitement, and 1000% support to all her athletic teams.

Whether she’s in the game, or bouncing on and off the bench, Heaton is the ultimate good-time teammate.

You can see that when you watch her in person, and you can see that in the photos above and below, where she appears three times.

And why not?

As long as Jada is having a good time, the Wolves are set.

Avery Parker, whose artwork kept Coupeville Sports in business during the pandemic, grows weary of all the autograph requests.

Wolf students and cheerleaders unleash the noise.

Madison McMillan (23) is ready to throw hands, while Heaton is ready to join her teammate if the floor needs to be rushed.

Megan Richter, calm and composed on the outside. On the inside, a raging cauldron of emotions. “Shoot the ball like I did when I was your age!!”

Starters (l to r) Lyla Stuurmans, Maddie Georges, Alita Blouin, Carolyn Lhamon, and Ryanne Knoblich await their intros.

Mia Farris keeps her eye on the target.

Jada, tries, and fails, to hide from her personal paparazzi. “All night long, it’s clickety-click-click-click. Is this what life is like for Beyonce??”

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