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Barbi Ford enjoys quality grandma time during a recent basketball game. (Photos by JohnsPhotos.net)

CHS girls hoops coach David King (left) offers Whidbey News-Times Sports Editor Jim Waller tips on his jump shot.

Wolf cheerleader Kaley Grigsby enjoys her evening.

Four shooting stars momentarily sitting still – l to r, it’s Koa Davison, Derek Leyva, Natalie Hollrigel and Sarah Wright.

Defensive dynamo Tia Wurzrainer replenishes her body’s nutrients after a night of terrorizing her foes on the hardwood.

Heidi Meyers, a hot second away from breaking free and dropping the greatest flute version of “Welcome to the Jungle” you’ve ever heard.

Sherry Roberts, forever keeping an extra eye in the back of her head to monitor lil’ brother Danny Bonacci, in case shenanigans break out.

Volleyball stars (l to r) Emma Smith, Maya Toomey-Stout and Ashley Menges, the first people to ever make Coupeville’s bleachers look semi-comfortable.

Sometimes John Fisken is almost too productive.

Almost. I said almost.

Whidbey’s top-ranked paparazzi gave me so many glossy pics the first time he hit a Coupeville High School basketball doubleheader last week, I wasn’t able to use all the side pics immediately.

So, here you go, a few days down the road, some more snappy pix capturing Wolf fans, the band, cheerleaders and cute babies.

Always with the cute babies, cause page views.

Probably should have started a blog called cutebabies.com and not Coupeville Sports back in 2012…

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   Teaching legend Deb Sherman takes a quick break from the classroom to hang out with her grandchildren as son Brad coaches Wolf basketball. (Photos by JohnsPhotos.net)

   Sean “The Torpedo” Toomey-Stout (left) and Will “The Thrill” Nelson are just here for the sweet, sweet candy.

   That moment when you’re hoping against hope the school band shocks everyone and breaks out some Guns N’ Roses.

Lauren Rose (and her sticker) make for a happy duo.

Went to a basketball game and a good book broke out.

Mesmerized by Ethan Spark’s version of Blue Steel.

Having learned from his elders, he then busted out … Baby Blue Steel.

Kimberly Bepler gets her hug on.

   Rose is joined in a farewell smile-off by fellow Wolf volleyball stars (l to r) Ashley Menges, Lucy Sandahl and Emma Smith.

Babies as far as the eye can see.

Lil’ guys and girls dominated the stands Thursday at Coupeville’s final boys basketball home game, and they anchor this batch of fan photos.

Just to keep things fair, we’ve sprinkled in a few people of other ages, but, yep, it’s pretty much all about the babies.

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   Run photo of cute baby. Get massive page hits. Simple, really. (Photos by JohnsPhotos.net)

   Well-dressed CHS basketball players by day, elbow-throwing hoops assassins by night.

Heidi Meyers (top) whips Catherine Lhamon’s hair into shape.

Wolf fans lay down on the job.

   When she’s not droppin’ three-balls, Wolf sophomore Scout Smith stays busy snapping pics of her fellow hoops stars.

“Yo, ref! I got your seein’ eye dog right here!!”

   Don’t (totally) believe the smile. Ema Smith plays like a beast on the basketball court. A beast, I say.

   Lindsey Roberts (left) and Sarah Wright amuse themselves on the World Wide Web.

Action, action everywhere.

When he’s not busy shooting on-court developments, paparazzi John Fisken is quick to capture behind-the-scenes moments, then kind enough to share them with us.

The pics above, which came from Tuesday’s CHS girls basketball game, are courtesy Cow Town’s #1 photo bug.

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   Lauren Bayne is barely intrigued. “Seriously, you’re that bored, you put together an entire photo essay around the letter B?!” (Photos by JohnsPhotos.net)

“Well, I’m a bouncin’ baby boy, so I’ll play along!”

Nikolai Lyngra keeps the beat going, boppin’ with the CHS band.

   He’s no beatnik, baby, but Ben Olson can lay down a boomin’ beat with every bash of the drums.

   This is bull, thinks burly footballer Chris Battaglia as he realizes he barely studied for tomorrow’s test. Perhaps in biology?

Wolf baby approves of your shenanigans. Begrudgingly…

Jaschon Baumann is just here for the sweet, sweet tunes … and free popcorn.

   And then the ultimate Killer B, Miss Mollie Bailey, baller supreme, arrives to win the whole bloomin’ internet.

It’s a school day, so let’s get educational.

Sort of.

Today’s photos have a common theme, as they’re brought to you by the letter B.

They feature Wolves with last names like Bayne, Bailey, Battaglia and Baumann, first names like Ben, band members and a couple of babies, for good measure.

What do you mean, it must be a slow news day?? You’re a slow news day!!

Anyways, on with the B’s, courtesy some A+ photos from John Fisken.

Or, as he’s known in these parts … Johnny B. Goode.

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   Former Coupeville volleyball coach Kristin Bridges introduces her son to the gym life. (Photos by JohnsPhotos.net)

A small fraction of Payton Aparicio’s fan club on Senior Night.

Big poppa Mitch Aparicio is the president of said fan club.

   The multi-talented Lauren Rose – volleyball setter by day, baby whisperer by night.

   So close. Seven of Coupeville’s eight seniors stop shredding foes long enough to take a group pic.

   Hard-hitting Mikayla Elfrank discovers she’s trending on Twitter (hashtag #TheEnforcer), while Jordan Ford ponders life as a couch.

   Aleshia McFadyen schmoozes with one of the 3,000 babies in attendance at Coupeville’s volleyball match.

The bright future of Wolf volleyball.

Too many pics.

Hey now, that’s not a bad thing at all, but when you set John Fisken and a bag of cameras to work, the man keeps the shutter poppin’.

While I didn’t have room enough to run everything from Wednesday’s CHS volleyball Senior Night that night, I’m starting to catch up.

The eight photos seen above, a medley of off-court moments, are but the tip of the iceberg.

To see everything Fisken snapped (and possibly purchase some, thereby helping fund scholarships for Wolf student/athletes), pop over to:


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