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   Lauren Bayne is barely intrigued. “Seriously, you’re that bored, you put together an entire photo essay around the letter B?!” (Photos by JohnsPhotos.net)

“Well, I’m a bouncin’ baby boy, so I’ll play along!”

Nikolai Lyngra keeps the beat going, boppin’ with the CHS band.

   He’s no beatnik, baby, but Ben Olson can lay down a boomin’ beat with every bash of the drums.

   This is bull, thinks burly footballer Chris Battaglia as he realizes he barely studied for tomorrow’s test. Perhaps in biology?

Wolf baby approves of your shenanigans. Begrudgingly…

Jaschon Baumann is just here for the sweet, sweet tunes … and free popcorn.

   And then the ultimate Killer B, Miss Mollie Bailey, baller supreme, arrives to win the whole bloomin’ internet.

It’s a school day, so let’s get educational.

Sort of.

Today’s photos have a common theme, as they’re brought to you by the letter B.

They feature Wolves with last names like Bayne, Bailey, Battaglia and Baumann, first names like Ben, band members and a couple of babies, for good measure.

What do you mean, it must be a slow news day?? You’re a slow news day!!

Anyways, on with the B’s, courtesy some A+ photos from John Fisken.

Or, as he’s known in these parts … Johnny B. Goode.

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   Former Coupeville volleyball coach Kristin Bridges introduces her son to the gym life. (Photos by JohnsPhotos.net)

A small fraction of Payton Aparicio’s fan club on Senior Night.

Big poppa Mitch Aparicio is the president of said fan club.

   The multi-talented Lauren Rose – volleyball setter by day, baby whisperer by night.

   So close. Seven of Coupeville’s eight seniors stop shredding foes long enough to take a group pic.

   Hard-hitting Mikayla Elfrank discovers she’s trending on Twitter (hashtag #TheEnforcer), while Jordan Ford ponders life as a couch.

   Aleshia McFadyen schmoozes with one of the 3,000 babies in attendance at Coupeville’s volleyball match.

The bright future of Wolf volleyball.

Too many pics.

Hey now, that’s not a bad thing at all, but when you set John Fisken and a bag of cameras to work, the man keeps the shutter poppin’.

While I didn’t have room enough to run everything from Wednesday’s CHS volleyball Senior Night that night, I’m starting to catch up.

The eight photos seen above, a medley of off-court moments, are but the tip of the iceberg.

To see everything Fisken snapped (and possibly purchase some, thereby helping fund scholarships for Wolf student/athletes), pop over to:


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   Avalon Renninger is ready to hug every person in the stadium after scoring her second goal of the season. (Photos by JohnsPhotos.net)

   Former Wolf superstar McKenzie Bailey swings by her alma mater to hang out with mom Donna and watch lil’ sis Mollie.

“Mom! MOM! Mommmmmmyyyyy!!! I smell corn dogs!!!”

   Lauren Bayne goes Pulp Fiction on the ball. “And I will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger!!”

Kalia Littlejohn dances a saucy tango with the ball.

Cheering is hungry work.

Wolf netminder Mollie Bailey climbs the stairway to heaven to deny a goal.

   Having finished her roster-announcing duties, Sherry Roberts (left) cracks open some M & M’s with fellow Wolf moms Tammy Smith (center) and Irene Echenique.

Landon Roberts builds up his muscles carting his cousin around.

Tia Wurzrainer unleashes the hammer of the gods.

The goals were poppin’, and so were the cameras.

While the Coupeville High School girls soccer squad rained down seven scores on Mount Vernon Christian Monday, several photographers were busy clicking away.

One of them, John Fisken, delivers unto us the photos seen above.

To see all of the action shots he nailed (purchases fund college scholarships for CHS student/athletes), pop over to:


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band (John Fisken photos)

   “Nervous? Do I look nervous? Please. I’m here to blow this joint down, baby!!” (John Fisken photos)


   Moments later, these four small children took the floor and beat Port Townsend. Ooh, you’ve been zinged, RedHawks.


   Kalia Littlejohn tries to bribe her CHS soccer coach, Troy Cowan, with candy, but he has a laser focus and will not be deterred from the on-court action.


   Wolf moms (l to r) Eileen Stone, Kristi Etzell and Kristin Hurlburt threaten to get rowdy in the stands. It wouldn’t be the first time.

Jamar Jenkins: "You're not ready for this beat, but I'm going to lay it down anyway."

   CHS band teacher Jamar Jenkins: “You’re not ready for this beat, but I’m going to lay it down anyway.”

Dalton Martin

   Dalton Martin, always the center of attention, even when he’s just here to drink some milk.


   Wolf softball sensation Katrina McGranahan swings by the gym to root for her classmates, and, possibly, sign autographs.

"I swear, these are the hardest bleachers known to man. I can't feel either of my legs right now ... and I may be stuck."

   “I swear, these are the hardest bleachers known to man. I can’t feel either of my legs right now … and I may be stuck.”

Basketball is not the only game in town.

The games bring out a bevy of other side shows, from band to cheer to coaches from other sports stopping by to show their support (and possibly recruit players) to fans busy in the stands.

Wandering around, in between the action Friday night, travelin’ photo man John Fisken was nice enough to snap us some pics of the whole wide show, and the pics above are courtesy him.

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Tyler King (John Fisken photos)

   Coupeville’s lone D1 scholarship athlete, U-Dub track/cross country whiz kid Tyler King, swung by to help dad Randy run his 7th grade basketball practice. (John Fisken photos)

Breeanna Messner

   Four-sport star Breeanna Messner dropped in to see parents Aimee and Robert Bishop (and give out hugs to the media).

Kacie Kiel (top)

   Kacie Kiel (top), imparting wisdom to the young ‘uns, in this case Wolf junior spiker Ally Roberts.

Joel, Curtin

   High school stars turned college athletes (l to r) Joel Walstad, Aaron Curtin and Ben Etzell catch up while being harassed by the paparazzi.


The Nebraska air has been good to Walstad’s silky locks.

fords and messners

   Messner has a (partial) family reunion after watching cousin Jordan Ford (not shown) score 13 in a win over Concrete.


   “Elbows” returns. One-time hoops enforcer/photo queen Julia Myers checks out the new bleachers (and drives my page view count up 276%).

Aunt Judy hangs out with her lil' niece, Lydia, and gets bum-rushed by everyone in the crowd.

   Aunt Judy hangs out with her lil’ niece, Lydia, and gets bum-rushed by everyone in the crowd.

Tis the season for heroes to return.

As the holidays hit, former Coupeville High School hoops stars are prone to return to town to see family and check up on the “young punks” who now wear the uniforms they once did.

Travelin’ photo man John Fisken kept one eye cocked at Friday night’s Wolf boys’ hoops games and snagged the photos above to give us a brief visual reminder of the walkin’, talkin’, muggin’ for the camera glory days.

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