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Wolf supporters, ready for their close-ups. (Delanie Lewis photo)

Does a game really mean anything if there aren’t fans in the stands?

Coupeville High School teams don’t have to really ponder that question, as Wolf fans generally show up, and show out.

The pics above, shot by CHS students, capture other CHS students supporting their classmates.

The circle of life, as it were.

(Delanie Lewis photo)

(Bailey Thule photo)

(Delanie Lewis photo)

(Delanie Lewis photo)

(Helene Strelow photo)

(Delanie Lewis photo)

(Delanie Lewis photo)

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Dylan Guay, owner of the most-magnificent beard in the Western United States, helps record stats at Saturday’s District 1 Track and Field Championships. (Photos by JohnsPhotos.net)

The action was hopping, on the oval and off.

Coupeville High School hosted the District 1 Track and Field Championships Saturday, bringing a metric ton of athletes, coaches, fans, and volunteers out to frolic in the sun.

Wanderin’ photographer John Fisken, in between snapping pics of various races and field events, also turned his camera on the sidelines, as shown in the pics seen above and below.

The Caleb Meyer fan club gets rowdy.

Claire Milnes keeps an eye on things.

Softball sluggers (l to r) Jada Heaton, Mia Farris, and Madison McMillan support their classmates.

Randy King is not in the mood for your shenanigans.

Fueled by Sour Patch Kids, ace photographer Tenley Stuurmans hangs out right in the middle of the action.

CHS track guru Elizabeth Bitting is pleasantly surprised by the decent weather.

One photo, all the Wolf legends, as (l to r) Aimee Bishop, Sherry Bonacci, and Lindsey Roberts spend some quality time together.

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Volleyball dad Brian Vick gets his own moment in the spotlight. (Photos by JohnsPhotos.net)

Energy and giddiness crackles through the CHS varsity starters as they prepare to shower the student section with free candy.

Lisa Toomey and Beth Stout bask in the awesomeness of their children.

Scout Smith flips a note-perfect pass to a waiting hitter.

Soccer stars (l to r) Natalie Hollrigel, Tia Wurzrainer, and Genna Wright spread some love.

Wolf legend Sherry Roberts (left) catches up with Mallory and Heather Kortuem.

Jordyn Rogers flies into action.

Maddie “The Mad Masher” Vondrak arrives, ready to pound the very life out of the volleyball.

Trying to keep up with the camera can be a full-time job.

With tons of stories springing from my typing fingers in the past few days, there was bound to be a million or so pictures, hot off of John Fisken’s camera, which I hadn’t gotten around to using yet.

The eight you see above, a mix of on and off court action from a recent CHS volleyball match against Granite Falls, gets me at least partially caught-up.

For the moment, at least.

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International woman of mystery Ema Smith gets some lovin’ from her assistant at Monday’s Coupeville High School baseball game. (Photos by JohnsPhotos.net)

Former Wolf baseball star Morgan Payne eyeballs the next generation.

A mix of parents, grandparents and hanger-on’s congregate in the stands.

Former CHS volleyball/softball sensation Hope Lodell swings by her alma mater to support boyfriend Dane Lucero.

Coupeville AD Willie Smith wistfully reflects on his days on the diamond.

With a third, and final, son playing for Coupeville, Joan Payne once again faces the horrors of trying to clean white baseball pants.

“Why yes, I am a good dog. Thank you for asking!”

Wolf superstars Ashley Menges (left) and Kylie Chernikoff enjoy a spring day on the prairie, in all its cloudy, cool, about-to-rain glory.

When in doubt, turn the camera away from the field.

Ever-busy paparazzi John Fisken buzzed by the Coupeville High School baseball field Monday, making his first visit to the Wolf diamond.

While in town, he found time to hang out in the stands, schmooze and fire off a round of photos, some of which can be seen above.

To see game action photos, pop over to:


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When she’s not spiking volleyballs, Wolf sophomore Maddie Vondrak is a photographer with a keen eye for capturing award-worthy images. (Photos by JohnsPhotos.net)

Garrett and Sylvia Arnold brighten up the CHS gym.

Nikolai Lyngra, guitar god and mustache wax aficionado.

Interrupted while working, Emma Smith plots her revenge.

The whole crew is ready to jam.

Sarah and Joshua Leavell endure the hardest bleachers in all of the universe because they love their basketball-playing daughters.

Wander into the wrong part of the gym and you may disappear into a group hug, never to be seen again.

Ciara Smith celebrates lil’ sis Ema on Senior Night.

All the faces are in place.

In between snapping pics of on-court action Tuesday, wanderin’ paparazzi John Fisken also captured a series of portraits featuring various Coupeville residents.

From band members to other photographers to proud parents, they form a mosaic of Wolf Nation.

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