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International woman of mystery Ema Smith gets some lovin’ from her assistant at Monday’s Coupeville High School baseball game. (Photos by JohnsPhotos.net)

Former Wolf baseball star Morgan Payne eyeballs the next generation.

A mix of parents, grandparents and hanger-on’s congregate in the stands.

Former CHS volleyball/softball sensation Hope Lodell swings by her alma mater to support boyfriend Dane Lucero.

Coupeville AD Willie Smith wistfully reflects on his days on the diamond.

With a third, and final, son playing for Coupeville, Joan Payne once again faces the horrors of trying to clean white baseball pants.

“Why yes, I am a good dog. Thank you for asking!”

Wolf superstars Ashley Menges (left) and Kylie Chernikoff enjoy a spring day on the prairie, in all its cloudy, cool, about-to-rain glory.

When in doubt, turn the camera away from the field.

Ever-busy paparazzi John Fisken buzzed by the Coupeville High School baseball field Monday, making his first visit to the Wolf diamond.

While in town, he found time to hang out in the stands, schmooze and fire off a round of photos, some of which can be seen above.

To see game action photos, pop over to:


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When she’s not spiking volleyballs, Wolf sophomore Maddie Vondrak is a photographer with a keen eye for capturing award-worthy images. (Photos by JohnsPhotos.net)

Garrett and Sylvia Arnold brighten up the CHS gym.

Nikolai Lyngra, guitar god and mustache wax aficionado.

Interrupted while working, Emma Smith plots her revenge.

The whole crew is ready to jam.

Sarah and Joshua Leavell endure the hardest bleachers in all of the universe because they love their basketball-playing daughters.

Wander into the wrong part of the gym and you may disappear into a group hug, never to be seen again.

Ciara Smith celebrates lil’ sis Ema on Senior Night.

All the faces are in place.

In between snapping pics of on-court action Tuesday, wanderin’ paparazzi John Fisken also captured a series of portraits featuring various Coupeville residents.

From band members to other photographers to proud parents, they form a mosaic of Wolf Nation.

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Gavin Knoblich looks for room to operate while ref Phillip Renninger, dad of CHS stars Sage and Avalon, keeps a non-partial, hawk-like eye on the proceedings. (Photos by JohnsPhotos.net)

Jered Brown directs traffic.

Sean Toomey-Stout hits second gear, with the air disturbance blowing teammate Koa Davison’s hair straight back.

Even on a Saturday, the CHS student section draws a crowd.

Hawthorne Wolfe gets adventurous with his dribbling.

That moment right before Mason Grove breaks all the ankles.

Fastest camera in the West.

Despite spending most of Saturday at a wrestling meet, John Fisken legged it back to Whidbey just in time to catch the final minutes of the Coupeville High School boys basketball game against The Bush School.

The pics above are the first Wolf action shots from the new season, with many more to come.

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Ally Roberts (John Fisken photos)

Ally Roberts always knows where the camera is. Always. (John Fisken photos)

Brenden Gilbert is ready to settle down.

Brenden Gilbert is ready to settle down.

middle school

   The 8th graders have moved in. “One day, soon, this gym is gonna be ours and they’re gonna run out of places to hang championship banners by the time we’re done!!”


Boot or no boot, Luke Merriman always has skills.

Katie Kiel

   Former Wolf hoops star Katie Kiel, best nanny in the biz, hangs out with her favorite guy.


   It’s a volleyball reunion, as spikers (l to r) Payton Aparicio, Hope Lodell and Kayla Rose enjoy the view from the bleachers.


   Sage Renninger (middle), with the best reaction ever to McKenzie “Photo Bomb Queen” Bailey suddenly appearing in frame.

Ethan Spark

A selfie inside a regular photo. It’s like freakin’ Inception around here.

Dalton Martin

Dalton Martin’s stylish headgear draws an appreciative audience.

See and be seen.

For fans at Coupeville High School sports events, it works both ways.

They’re there to watch the action, watch each other, and, sometimes, be watched by the ever-rovin’ camera of John Fisken, who provides us with the pics above.

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band (John Fisken photos)

   “Nervous? Do I look nervous? Please. I’m here to blow this joint down, baby!!” (John Fisken photos)


   Moments later, these four small children took the floor and beat Port Townsend. Ooh, you’ve been zinged, RedHawks.


   Kalia Littlejohn tries to bribe her CHS soccer coach, Troy Cowan, with candy, but he has a laser focus and will not be deterred from the on-court action.


   Wolf moms (l to r) Eileen Stone, Kristi Etzell and Kristin Hurlburt threaten to get rowdy in the stands. It wouldn’t be the first time.

Jamar Jenkins: "You're not ready for this beat, but I'm going to lay it down anyway."

   CHS band teacher Jamar Jenkins: “You’re not ready for this beat, but I’m going to lay it down anyway.”

Dalton Martin

   Dalton Martin, always the center of attention, even when he’s just here to drink some milk.


   Wolf softball sensation Katrina McGranahan swings by the gym to root for her classmates, and, possibly, sign autographs.

"I swear, these are the hardest bleachers known to man. I can't feel either of my legs right now ... and I may be stuck."

   “I swear, these are the hardest bleachers known to man. I can’t feel either of my legs right now … and I may be stuck.”

Basketball is not the only game in town.

The games bring out a bevy of other side shows, from band to cheer to coaches from other sports stopping by to show their support (and possibly recruit players) to fans busy in the stands.

Wandering around, in between the action Friday night, travelin’ photo man John Fisken was nice enough to snap us some pics of the whole wide show, and the pics above are courtesy him.

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