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Taylor Brotemarkle leads off a series of Wolf fans gazing at the action. (Photos by JohnsPhotos.net)

It’s people (mostly) staring off into the distance.

Doing their best Jurassic Park tributes, Coupeville sports fans ponder on-field and on-court action, or at least try to go to their warm place.

One or the other.

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Fresh off her own successful run at the state meet, cross country ace Cristina McGrath supports her football-playing classmates. (Photos by JohnsPhotos.net)

The cold never bothered them, anyway.

There was a bit of a November nip in the air Saturday as Coupeville hosted Onalaska in a state playoff game, but the temps didn’t keep Wolf fans away.

Instead, they opted for wearing layers, sipping hot drinks, and staying active on the cold metal bleachers at Oak Harbor’s Wildcat Memorial Stadium.

Jarrett and Tasha Fiedler raise the roof.

Mia Farris stares down the cameraman while Ryan Blouin has gone to his happy place, where it’s much, much warmer.

“I will get loud ‘n proud, yes sir.”

Gwen Crowder contemplates going all Sean Penn on the paparazzi.

Where’s Waldo, Coupeville edition.

Former CHS hoops star Anya Leavell came prepared for the cold.

The Wolf faithful get rowdy.

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Lyla Stuurmans is pleased to see her favorite photographer is working courtside. (Bailey Thule photos)

Crowd work is an underrated art.

Get yourself a photographer who can capture fans and players in the moments between the action, going below the surface to capture that inner light, and you’ve got yourself a keeper.

Like Bailey Thule, who delivers the portraits seen above and below.

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Volleyball ace Issabel Johnson leads off a collection of behind-the-scenes pics from Friday’s Homecoming football game. (Photos by JohnsPhotos.net)

On field or off field, the action never stops.

Friday’s Coupeville High School Homecoming football game drew a sizable pack of fans and behind-the-scenes types out to Mickey Clark Field.

The pics seen above and below, sent our way by John Fisken, capture some of what was going on away from the whistle of the refs and the thunk of shoulder pads connecting with helmets.

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Wolf supporters, ready for their close-ups. (Delanie Lewis photo)

Does a game really mean anything if there aren’t fans in the stands?

Coupeville High School teams don’t have to really ponder that question, as Wolf fans generally show up, and show out.

The pics above, shot by CHS students, capture other CHS students supporting their classmates.

The circle of life, as it were.

(Delanie Lewis photo)

(Bailey Thule photo)

(Delanie Lewis photo)

(Delanie Lewis photo)

(Helene Strelow photo)

(Delanie Lewis photo)

(Delanie Lewis photo)

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