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   Aimee Bishop (right) keeps a watchful eye on Jae “My middle name is Shenanigans” LeVine. (Photos by JohnsPhotos.net)

“Let me go, woman! I’m a superhero and superheroes need to fly!!”

   Susan Rose lays down the snack smack. “If you expected some popcorn, you should have bought your own bag!”

Emma Smith walks the line.

   Having arrived from their game, Coupeville soccer players debate the best cheers to unleash.

National treasure Sylvia Arnold (center) holds court.

Jacob Zettle goes for the forearm burn.

Call the cops, cause Chris Battaglia (bottom, right) just stole the spotlight.

It’s a photo blowout.

Thanks to the madly-clicking John Fisken, we have an assortment of off-the-court pics from recent CHS volleyball matches just waiting to be used.

So here you go — not much reading, but a whole lot of glossy photo goodness.

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   Wolf fab frosh Genna Wright (7) dances a saucy tango on the pitch. (Photos by JohnsPhotos.net)

   After whipping the school flag back and forth at the volleyball match, gridiron giant Julian Welling stops to contemplate his place in the universe.

   Two titans firing as one, as CHS spikers Katrina McGranahan (left) and Mikayla Elfrank form an impenetrable wall.

   Volleyball moms (l to r) Konni Smith, Jennifer Menges and Maria Reyes get their well-deserved moment in the spotlight.

Nile Lockwood fires another winner while rockin’ eye-poppin’ shoes.

   Every step bursting with raw power, Ema Smith leads a mad charge down the field.

   Savannah Smith daydreams about hitting the pesky paparazzi with a “wayward” spike.

Dane Lucero (with sign) and Co. bring the spirit for Hope Lodell.

   Nick Etzell’s focus on the hard-court is so complete he can stare into the sun (and makes the sun blink).

Action everywhere.

If wanderin’ photo man John Fisken had swung his camera 360 degrees Tuesday, while clicking away the whole time, he would have had numerous targets to aim at.

And indeed, the mad clicker made off with tennis, soccer, volleyball and fan pics before the night was done.

The photos seen above are a taste of what he captured, but to see every last pixel you need to pop over to the links below.

When you do, keep in mind, purchases help fund college scholarships for CHS student/athletes.

Plus, they make it more likely Fisken will keep returning to Cow Town, camera bag in hand.

Volleyball –http://www.johnsphotos.net/Sports/2017-Coupeville-Volleyball/2017-10-10-vs-Sequim/

Soccer — http://www.johnsphotos.net/Sports/2017-2018-Coupeville-Soccer/2017-10-10-vs-Sequim/

Tennis — http://www.johnsphotos.net/Sports/2017-2018-Coupeville-Tennis/2017-10-10-vs-Sequim/

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   Jacob Zettle knows, when you gotta dance, you gotta dance. (Photos by JohnsPhotos.net)

Steve and Elaina Kiel are feelin’ it.

Justine McGranahan gives Zettle five stars (out of a possible five).

   James Vidoni (left) and Kyle Rockwell (center) listen as Julian Welling expresses concern. “I’m just saying, he better have stretched first…”

John Rose debates unleashing a saucy flamenco of his own.

“Zettle set the bar, gentlemen. Get limber!”

   Barbi Ford has the cops on speed dial. “This whole place starts dancing, I want a SWAT team and tear gas. I say the words “Electric Boogaloo,” you are go.”

   Jordan Ford (right) ponders challenging his mom and unleashing a dance, dance revolution of his own.

When your volleyball team crushes their top foe in less than an hour, fans dancing in the aisles is not a huge surprise.

As Wolf backers celebrated Coupeville’s thrashing of Klahowya Tuesday, wanderin’ photo whiz kid John Fisken was busy snapping away, and the pics above are courtesy him.

I’m just here to write the cut-lines (yes, I do amuse myself, thanks for asking) and collect all the page hits.

It’s a living.

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   While we wait for a new grandstand to arrive, CHS football fans should expect to sit as close together as the Wolves are in this pic. (John Fisken photo)

Patience is a virtue.

While it’s true Coupeville High School will have a new football grandstand at some point in the near future, it won’t be in place for the home opener against La Conner this Friday.

And that means fans are going to be cozy for a bit.

Once in place, the new grandstand will sit in front of the apartments on what was previously the visitors side of the field.

The ground has been prepared, concrete supports have been laid, but thanks to delays by the grandstand manufacturer, the local guys are left twiddling their thumbs.

With everything in mid-construction, that side of the field will be roped off Friday and all fans, Coupeville and non-Coupeville, get to congregate together on the far side of the field.

If you attended a game last year, you know seating on that side of the field is limited.

When the old grandstand and (bee-infested, but deeply-missed) press box were ripped out prior to the 2016 football season, two smaller sections of bleachers were moved in to form what will one day officially be the visitors stands.

For now, those bleachers and the surrounding grass and track will provide one dumping ground for home and road fans alike.

So, either arrive early (kickoff is 7 PM), bring a lawn chair or get used to standing.

One thing that could help is Coupeville’s gridiron schedule begins with four of the first six games on the road.

After facing La Conner, the Wolves welcome Charles Wright Academy to town Sept. 22, then don’t play at home again until mid-Oct.

If we’re lucky, that shiny new grandstand will be in place in time for Coupeville’s late-season three-game home-stand (Oct. 13 vs Bellevue Christian, Oct. 20 vs. Klahowya, Oct. 27 vs. Chimacum).

Hey, miracles can happen.

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   Maya Toomey-Stout is so happy to see rare blue skies, she soars up and touches them. (John Fisken photos)

   Irrepressible track mom Dawnelle Conlisk hangs out with two of her favorites, son Danny (middle) and Kyle Burnett.

Piling up that Senior Trip cash, one hot dog sale at a time.

   Speedy Lauren Grove slows down long enough to catch a moment with the parental units.

   Having won their tennis matches, Wolf netters (l to r) Fanny Deprelle, Payton Aparicio and Sage Renninger stop by to cheer on their classmates.

Jacob Martin gets a little help with his prom proposal.

   Ema Smith has never turned down a photo request. Ever. That’s why she’s the best.

   The Lindsey Roberts Fan Club is on scene. Much raucous cheering, mainly from mom Sherry (left) soon ensued.

   Toomey-Stout returns to Earth and leans in for a group pic with (l to r) Mckenzie Meyer, Lindsey Roberts and Lauren Bayne.

The sun was shinin’, the PRs were poppin’ and the cameras were clickin’.

Monday brought the season’s second official home track meet to Cow Town, and all the noise and activity lured in the paparazzi as well.

John Fisken was on hand to snag action pics, but also swung his camera around to capture some behind-the-scenes moments as well.

If you like what you see, pop over to his site — http://www.johnsphotos.net/ — and support his work.

When you do, money gets kicked back to provide college scholarships to CHS student/athletes. So, win-win.

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