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The band revs up on opening night for Coupeville High School football. (Photos by JohnsPhotos.net)

The sizzle of burgers on the grill fills the air.

Wolf volleyball ace Lucy Sandahl marinates in the moment.

The best chain gang in the biz gets a photo op. But, if they’re all on the field, who’s guarding their half-time snacks?!?!

Hannah Davidson acknowledges the roar of the crowd.

Coupeville cheerleaders come out strong.

Need a sweet deal on CHS merchandise? Booster Club bigwigs Abbie Martin (left) and Leann Leavitt are here for you.

Lisa Toomey, bringing good cheer to all.

Friday night football is always about more than just football.

As the biggest “event” sport in the high school game, gridiron action brings out a wide host of people.

From band members to cheerleaders to burger grillers, local photo whiz kid John Fisken always takes some time away from the game to capture the swirl of activity going on off-field.

The pics above capture football without football in all its wide-ranging glory.

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Sean Toomey-Stout had kick-off returns of 34 and 63 yards Friday in Coupeville’s first game of the season. (Photos by JohnsPhotos.net)

Aria Bowen rocks designer specs while Savannah Smith remains a woman of mystery.

Andrew Martin, who led Coupeville’s ground game, churns for yardage.

Volleyball ace Emma Mathusek enjoys a flavor-packed hamburger while trapped in the middle of a sea of humanity.

A gentle prairie breeze ripples the flags on a warm, sunny night.

Gavin Straub (44) and Gavin Knoblich (33) wrap up a RedHawk runner, while Dominic Coffman (45) comes flying in to help.

“Yeah, boy!!!!! That tackle is almost as tasty as my gum!!! Almost…”

Prairie superstars (left to right) Mallory Kortuem, Zoe Trujillo, and Maya Toomey-Stout are ready to get loud in support of their classmates.

Fall sports have sprung, in all their photographic glory.

Coupeville High School’s football team kicked off the 2019-2020 school year Friday, hosting Port Townsend, and the event was big enough to convince John Fisken to drive down from the city to the North.

Cameras at the ready, the wanderin’ paparazzi clicked away through the pre-game action and the first half of play.

The pics above are courtesy him, but are not all that he shot on the night.

To see more, pop over to:


If you purchase any prints while there, a percentage of each sale goes into a fund Fisken uses at the end of the year, when he hands out scholarships to two CHS senior student/athletes.

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Coupeville super fan Gretchen Smith, a truly lovely human being, but also a back-alley brawler when needed. (Photos by JohnsPhotos.net)

The cameraman compliments her children, like daughter Heidi Monroe, and her grand-kids…

but when he starts pushing her to buy pics, Smith shows off why Joe Louis used to call her “The Dancing Assassin.”

It’s a good thing Gretchen Smith can take a gentle joke.

That’s all I’m saying, cause I don’t need Genna and Sarah Wright’s grandma coming for me with fists o’ fury.

Last time we saw each other, at a softball game in Granite Falls, she gave me a warm hug.

Of course, after this lil’ “story,” she might be offering free hay-makers next time.

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“On Tuesdays, we dress like twins.” (Photos by JohnsPhotos.net)

With the night off, Coupeville female athletic stars show up to support their male counterparts.

Kyle Rockwell, making the world a better, more relaxed place, one shoulder rub at a time.

Shenanigans waiting to happen.

International superstar McKayla Bailey returns to the scene of her former glory days.

CHS varsity hoops stars wait to take the court.

The sisterhood is strong.

Studies show, four of five high school athletes like having their picture taken.

Each photo is a small slice of life.

While the action plays out on the court, there are a thousand little tales unfolding in the stands as well.

Ever-wandering paparazzi John Fisken knows this, and he lets his camera swing to and fro, capturing those moments in time for us.

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Christi Messner gets some quality time with the future of Wolf basketball. (Photos by JohnsPhotos.net)

The Coupeville cheerleaders rock the house.

Rusty Bailey, eternal scamp.

Sean Toomey-Stout auditions for “Tongue God: The Gene Simmons Story.”

The CHS student section – a seething cauldron of mixed emotions.

Kaley Grigsby masters the art of juggling cheer and band.

Chelsea Prescott enjoys a post-game nosh.

Lucy Sandahl (left) and Ashley Menges hug it out.

A good photographer always stays busy.

When the action on the basketball court ebbs and flows, John Fisken swings his camera and nabs a little bit of everything.

Band, cheer, fans, cute babies. You name it, he shoots it, and I run it.

Especially the cute babies, cause cute babies get big page hits.

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