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Barbi Ford enjoys quality grandma time during a recent basketball game. (Photos by JohnsPhotos.net)

CHS girls hoops coach David King (left) offers Whidbey News-Times Sports Editor Jim Waller tips on his jump shot.

Wolf cheerleader Kaley Grigsby enjoys her evening.

Four shooting stars momentarily sitting still – l to r, it’s Koa Davison, Derek Leyva, Natalie Hollrigel and Sarah Wright.

Defensive dynamo Tia Wurzrainer replenishes her body’s nutrients after a night of terrorizing her foes on the hardwood.

Heidi Meyers, a hot second away from breaking free and dropping the greatest flute version of “Welcome to the Jungle” you’ve ever heard.

Sherry Roberts, forever keeping an extra eye in the back of her head to monitor lil’ brother Danny Bonacci, in case shenanigans break out.

Volleyball stars (l to r) Emma Smith, Maya Toomey-Stout and Ashley Menges, the first people to ever make Coupeville’s bleachers look semi-comfortable.

Sometimes John Fisken is almost too productive.

Almost. I said almost.

Whidbey’s top-ranked paparazzi gave me so many glossy pics the first time he hit a Coupeville High School basketball doubleheader last week, I wasn’t able to use all the side pics immediately.

So, here you go, a few days down the road, some more snappy pix capturing Wolf fans, the band, cheerleaders and cute babies.

Always with the cute babies, cause page views.

Probably should have started a blog called cutebabies.com and not Coupeville Sports back in 2012…

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Coupeville High School cheer coach BreAnna Boon, captured on film during a rare quiet moment. (Photo by JohnsPhotos.net)

After a seven-year break, the Wolf cheer squad has returned to competition in style. (Photo courtesy Boon)

Week by week, competition by competition, practice by practice, there is one goal.

Improvement, as individuals and as a team.

While Coupeville High School cheer coach BreAnna Boon would love to add some championship plaques to the school’s Wall of Fame, her focus remains crystal clear.

“From the very start, I have told my cheerleaders that their only competition is their score sheets from the previous week,” Boon said. “I don’t care what the other teams put out on the mat, I care that the CHS cheer squad leaves their best performance out there.”

And her cheerleaders are listening, and responding.

After not fielding a competitive cheer squad since 2011, the Wolves are back, and are coming for all the trophies.

Saturday, competing in the Small Game Day division at an event in Auburn, Coupeville claimed 3rd place, but actually bettered its score from its first competition, where it placed 2nd.

And, not only did the Wolves raise their score, but they did so by a staggering amount – 12 points.

“That’s almost unheard of in the cheer world,” Boon said. “Week to week usually teams vary their score three to five points.

The Wolves, who are pulling double duty during winter, working as a sideline team for basketball while also training and competing, face down all comers at their events.

Any school, from 4A down to 1B, can send a squad onto the mat in their class during the regular season, as long as they have 12 or less cheerleaders competing.

If CHS makes it to state, which requires earning 65 points at a regular-season event, it will face off only with fellow 1A schools at the championships.

Through the first two events, the competition roster has included Jaden Marrs, Bella Velasco, Kim Castro, Melia Welling, Marenna Rebischke-Smith, Coral Caveness, Ashleigh Battaglia, Mica Shipley, Ja’Tarya Hoskins, and Emily Fiedler.

Senior Julie Bucio will sub in for Welling next Saturday, Dec. 15, when the Wolves compete at the “Battle at the Border” in Vancouver.

While Boon appreciates the hard work her athletes give her, they return the feeling.

“We haven’t had a coach that has put as much effort into us as Bre has since Sylvia (Arnold)!,” Caveness said. “We appreciate her so much and we are gonna accomplish great things and are excited to make our goals!”

As the Wolves continue to collect awards, the focus never changes.

“When I first talked about going to competition with the team, we were never out to compete against anyone else; we were only out to hit that 65-point goal, because that will qualify us for state,” Boon said.

“You wouldn’t wouldn’t believe the hard work these girls put in at practice,” she added. “The routine basically changes every week based on the critiques from the judges.

“There are ton of teams that have won 1st place, but not qualified for state. It’s great to bring home a 2nd and 3rd placement, but the girls are really striving for that 65, and we are gonna keep working towards that!”

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Christi Messner gets some quality time with the future of Wolf basketball. (Photos by JohnsPhotos.net)

The Coupeville cheerleaders rock the house.

Rusty Bailey, eternal scamp.

Sean Toomey-Stout auditions for “Tongue God: The Gene Simmons Story.”

The CHS student section – a seething cauldron of mixed emotions.

Kaley Grigsby masters the art of juggling cheer and band.

Chelsea Prescott enjoys a post-game nosh.

Lucy Sandahl (left) and Ashley Menges hug it out.

A good photographer always stays busy.

When the action on the basketball court ebbs and flows, John Fisken swings his camera and nabs a little bit of everything.

Band, cheer, fans, cute babies. You name it, he shoots it, and I run it.

Especially the cute babies, cause cute babies get big page hits.

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Ja’Tarya Hoskins helped lead Coupeville High School back to the world of competitive cheer. (Photo by JohnsPhotos.net)

The Wolves celebrate after performing as a competitive cheer squad for the first time since 2011. (Photos courtesy BreAnna Boon)

Back, l to r: Jaden Marrs, Bella Velasco, Kim Castro, Melia Welling, Marenna Rebischke-Smith. Front: Coral Caveness, Ashleigh Battaglia, Mica Shipley, Ja’Tarya Hoskins, Emily Fiedler.

Back on the blue mats!

The Coupeville High School cheer squad returned to competitive meets for the first time in seven years Saturday, claiming 2nd place in an eight-team division.

The Wolves, led by first-year coach BreAnna Boon, vied in the Small Game Day division in an event held at Bellarmine Prep High School.

There were 32 schools total at the meet, and it was the first time since 2011 that Coupeville has stepped away from being just a sideline cheer squad.

CHS was a competition cheer squad for many years under legendary former coach Sylvia Arnold.

During her 20-year run at the helm of the Wolves program, they won a state title in 2006, while also claiming 2nd at state in 2007 and 4th in 2011.

After making the decision to plunge back into the world of competition cheer, Boon’s squad had just seven practices to get ready.

But the Wolves juggled school, the start of cheering for their school’s basketball teams, holiday breaks, and the increased practices, and never looked back.

Just getting to that first competition was a major step for the cheer program. To do so well once there, is a huge bonus.

“It was a good first time after not competing for so long,” said Wolf captain Ja’Tarya Hoskins. “We will keep working and our second place was only the beginning!”

That’s a sentiment shared by her coach.

“I just have to say the way the kids performed had us all in tears on Saturday,” Boon said. “As a coach, to see your kids being so elated with the work THEY did is such an indescribable feeling.

“We live-streamed it for the parents, and they were crying watching too!,” she added. “The work they have accomplished in seven practices is nothing like I have ever seen before. To say I am proud of them is an understatement.”

Coupeville is set to compete for the second time Dec. 8, and Boon wants to take her team to more events in Jan.

The ultimate goal is to make the state finals, which are Feb. 2 in Battle Ground.

The Wolves will attack that goal, and everything leading up to it, with the same fire and commitment they have shown so far.

“Winners aren’t people who never fail,” said CHS junior Marenna Rebischke-Smith. “But people who never quit.”

For the moment, though, Boon is content to marinate in the moment.

“Most of them have never seen a cheer leading competition before,” she said. “So to go and perform at one, and bring home a second place, really feels like a win for all of us!”

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Jean Lund-Olsen kicks off a collection of winter sports portraits. (Photos by JohnsPhotos.net)

Kylie Van Velkinburgh

Emily Fiedler

Chris Cernick

Heidi Meyers

Jaden Marrs

Chris Ruck

Hannah Davidson

It’s the calm before the storm.

Less than 24 hours from now, the 2018-2019 high school basketball season officially kicks off, with Meridian traveling to Coupeville Tuesday for a girls basketball rumble.

The Wolf boys take the court the next night, hosting Oak Harbor, and the next few months will be jam-packed with hoops action (and the vocal support of the CHS cheer squad).

As the minutes tick down until the first tip of the season, local paparazzi John Fisken swings by to drop off a collection of winter sports portraits.

Sort of a photographic amuse-bouche, as it were.

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