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Coupeville’s Mica Shipley cheered in front of 21,000 fans Thursday in Nevada. (Photos courtesy BreAnna Boon)

Mica Shipley went to Paradise.

The Coupeville High School grad officially kicked off her second season as an NCAA D-1 cheerleader Thursday, as Eastern Washington University topped host University of Nevada, Las Vegas.

Playing in front of 21,000 fans at the still fairly-new Allegiant Stadium in Paradise, Nevada, the Eagles held off UNLV 35-33 in double overtime, denying a game-tying two-point conversion on the final play.

The game was held in a $1.9 billion arena, known informally as “The Death Star,” which also houses home games for the NFL’s Las Vegas Raiders.

Shipley’s high school cheer coach, BreAnna Boon, was thrilled to see her high-flying star holding down the big-time spotlight, a payoff for all her hard work.

Mica friggin killed it!,” Boon said. “Her coach said that she had the most infectious spirit on the team.

“I am so proud of her! She’s living proof that you can do anything you set your mind to.

“She has dreamed of being a college cheerleader for so long, so to be able to see her living her dreams out, it’s just completely heart warming!”

Shipley fires up Eastern Washington University supporters.

The Eagles cheer squad, livin’ large on the turf at Allegiant Stadium.

Shipley touches the heavens.

“Farewell until next time!”

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Maddy Neitzel, a high-flying Wolf cheer hero. (Photos by JohnsPhotos.net)

This blog turns nine years old August 15, and to mark the occasion, I’m picking what I view as the best nine Wolf athletes from each active CHS sport.

To be eligible, you had to play for the Wolves between Aug. 2012-Aug. 2021, AKA the “Coupeville Sports” years.

So here we go. Each day between Aug. 2-15, a different sport and (probably) a different argument.


Cheer is a sport.

So, now that we’ve ended that discussion, who are the best nine athletes to wear the uniform during my blogging years?

That’s a really tough one, as how do you grade a sport where, most times at least, no one is scoring points?

I guess, in the end, you (with you being me) flip a coin and pick those young women who stood out for being truly loud ‘n proud, the ones whose work on the sidelines lingers the longest in the memory.

You could make a case for a lot of Wolves who aren’t on this list, but in this brief moment, here’s nine who I think could bring as much spirit as need be, regardless if Coupeville was ahead or behind.

Mica Shipley, forever chasin’ that cheer life, from little girl to college superstar.

Nicole Becker — My former co-worker at Christopher’s, a bright, personable ball o’ fire who devotes countless hours to working with Special Olympics athletes in honor of her sister.

Kiara Burdge — The first freshman cheerleader ever awarded the Wolf award, and a team leader from day one.

Kylie Burdge — Big sis could light up a stadium like few others, a brilliant young woman who soared in the classroom and on the field.

Emilee Crichton — My next-door neighbor for many years, as bright and personable as anyone you’re likely to meet.

Sylvia Hurlburt — She was born to be a star, and never let her fervent fan club down. Always front and center. Always.

Breeanna Messner — A four-sport sensation, she played volleyball and cheered during the same season, and was awesome at both.

McKenzie Meyer — So much energy and excitement crackling through every atom in her body, plus she’s a true-blue Videoville alum, which gets her extra props.

Maddy Neitzel — She touched the heavens as a flier, and brought grace and style to her sideline work, a perennially-positive cheerleader if there ever was.

Mica Shipley — A high flyer who led CHS cheer back to competition (and a 3rd place finish at state). Now she’s an NCAA D-1 cheerleader, possibly a first for Wolf alums.

Look up spirit in the dictionary and you’ll see a photo of McKenzie Meyer.


Next up: We head to the pitch to honor the best male booters.

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Coupeville grad Mica Shipley made her debut as an NCAA D-I college cheerleader Saturday afternoon. (Photos courtesy Shipley)

Shipley (front row, far left) with her EWU squad.

She was born for this.

Mica Shipley has been a cheerleader most of her life, winning awards and soaring high into the air.

Now, the 2020 Coupeville High School grad has reached a new level of achievement, performing for an NCAA D-I school.

After being denied a chance to perform by the pandemic, the cheer squad at Eastern Washington University finally got to go live Saturday at the regular season home finale in Cheney.

Shipley and her teammates worked the sidelines as the Eagles beat the University of Idaho 38-31.

The victory avenged an earlier loss to the Vandals, and lifts EWU to 5-1 on the season.

While she didn’t get to fly Saturday, Shipley was just thrilled with the chance to achieve at least a part of her college cheer dream.

“No stunting, but I’m glad to be out there!,” she said.

During her days at CHS, Shipley was a cheer captain for the Wolves, helping lead the program’s return to competition after nearly a decade away from the blue mats.

During her junior season, Coupeville qualified for state in its first attempt in eight years, then claimed third-place at the big dance.

The next season, Shipley and fellow captain Ashleigh Battaglia led the Wolves to nationals.

The cheer supernova, who first made headlines when she earned her way onto all-star teams at age six, also modeled for Glitter Starz.

That Illinois-based company is a national leader in custom all-star uniforms, warm-ups, and other cheer essentials.

Shipley, who is one of two Wolf athletes at D-I schools (with classmate Sean Toomey-Stout competing for a spot with the University of Washington football team) is studying nursing, with plans to become an OBGYN.

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Coupeville grad Mica Shipley will be an NCAA D-1 cheerleader at Eastern Washington University this fall. (Photos courtesy Tammy Akard and BreAnna Boon)

She’s in the game for life.

Mica Shipley broke into cheerleading at a young age, and her love of the sport has never faded.

On all-star teams by age six, it was all uphill from there.

Already a star at a young age.

The 2020 Coupeville High School grad rose through the ranks, capping her time in Cow Town as a team captain for a resurgent Wolf cheer program.

With Shipley flying high, CHS returned to competitive cheer during her junior season, and immediately made an impact, claiming 3rd at the state tourney.

She and her Wolf teammates followed that up by making it to nationals during her senior campaign.

Shipley also was chosen to model for Glitter Starz, an Illinois-based company which is a national leader in custom all-star uniforms, warm-ups, and other cheer essentials.

But, as much as she accomplished during her high school days, that won’t be the end of her cheer career.

Shipley, who will be attending Eastern Washington University to study nursing, with plans to become an OBGYN, has been picked for the school’s cheer squad.

EWU, whose alumni include NFL wide receiver Cooper Kupp, legendary comic book artist Todd McFarlane, and Olympic gold medal shooter Launi Meili, competes as an NCAA D-1 school.

When selecting her new school, Shipley was looking for a comfortable fit, and she found it in Cheney.

“I chose EWU because it gave me that hometown feel without it being super small like Coupeville,” she said. “And it’s also not too far away from home.”

To earn her spot on the Eagles cheer roster, Shipley had to go through several levels of tryouts, all adjusted to deal with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

“I had to do an online tryout video. They sent me a dance, fight song, and some cheers,” Shipley said.

“I also had to send in videos of me stunting and tumbling.”

After making the first cut, it was time for interviews with the coaches.

“They asked me how I would describe myself and how my relationships were with my past teammates and coaches,” Shipley said. “We mostly all just got to know each other.”

The official announcement came Thursday, and CHS cheer coach BreAnna Boon immortalized the moment by sneaking down to Shipley’s job and decorating her car.

Shipley’s car gets some love.

“Eastern Washington is incredibly lucky to have her be a part of the team,” Boon said.

“They don’t know it yet, but she is the perfect addition and I’m planning to catch her live at a game!”

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Ashleigh Battaglia is the newest member of the Coupeville Sports Hall o’ Fame. (Photos by JohnsPhotos.net)

She’s joined there by Mica Shipley.

Whether competing with the CHS squad, or on their own, the duo soared to great success. (Photo courtesy BreAnna Boon)

The debate is settled, at least for me.

Cheerleading is a sport, and cheerleaders are athletes.

It has been ever so.

There have been 16 cheerleaders previously inducted into the Coupeville Sports Hall o’ Fame, a mix of multi-talented athletes from Amanda Fabrizi to Rose Bergdoll to David Torres.

Today, we welcome the 17th and 18th Wolf cheer squad vets to our digital clubhouse, with the CHS senior duo of Mica Shipley and Ashleigh Battaglia joining the elite.

After this, when you look at the top of the blog, under the Legends tab, you’ll find the high-flying spirit superstars right where they belong.

Mica and Ashleigh have been at the forefront of Coupeville cheer for years now, whether as fast-rising newcomers or as experienced captains.

During their time at CHS, the Wolf spirit program has returned to competitive cheer, adding new moves, new stunts, and a new energy to their work on the sidelines.

Leading the return to the competition mats, Mica and Ashleigh spurred the Wolves to a 3rd place finish at the state tournament as juniors, then led their squad all the way to nationals in their final season on campus.

There was a time period, back when Hall o’ Fame coach Sylvia Arnold led the CHS program, when Coupeville competed on a regular basis, bringing home banners and trophies, including a state title.

Now, after a stretch of years in which the school chose not to compete, the Wolves are back in the thick of vying for team glory, with current coach BreAnna Boon encouraging the change.

What’s been the biggest surprise is not that Coupeville has been successful in its first two years back in competition, but that the Wolves have soared so high, so fast.

I believe a large part of the credit for that rebirth goes to Mica and Ashleigh.

To truly grow a program, you need captains who lead through words and action, with sweat and work, with an unshakable belief in themselves and their teammates.

Few have put in the time and effort that this all-star duo have.

As individuals, they are talented, strong young women, both with different skill-sets, but both utterly committed — walking, talking, backflipping testaments to never backing down and never giving in.

Together, as friends, leaders, and athletes, they show their classmates, their teammates, and the world, how much Coupeville teens can accomplish.

Whether meshing as part of the Wolf team, or going off on their own to compete in high-caliber cheer events, Mica and Ashleigh have earned our respect and admiration.

Witness the work they put in to their sport, the long, physically-demanding practices, the constant chase of perfection in events in which even the slightest of errors can be devastating, and you see two of the best we can claim as our own.

Through fall and winter cheer seasons, through off-season work and through countless performances, the duo have shined a positive light on their town, their school, their families, and, ultimately, themselves.

CHS cheer is better for Mica and Ashleigh having worn the Wolf uniform, and, as they prepare to head out into the world to write the next chapters in their story, I have no doubt both will succeed at whatever path they choose.

Look at their drive and work ethic, than add in that both of them have always come across as intelligent, outgoing young women who embrace family and friends with great passion, and it’s a pretty easy prediction to make.

As they have progressed from middle school to high school, Mica and Ashleigh have grown in confidence, refined their skill as athletes, and embraced their opportunities.

But their star quality, the special light which both project to the world, has always been there, since day one.

They have devoted time and effort, and given their all, to cheering for their classmates, to stoking the fire of spirit, and to making Coupeville a better place.

Today, we return the favor and cheer for the cheerleaders – two young women of remarkable class, accomplishment, and promise.

Hall o’ Famers in every way.

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