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Gavin St Onge gives Mica Shipley a boost during a cheer camp in Tacoma. (BreAnna Boon photos)

Emily Fiedler celebrates after she, Ja’Tarya Hoskins (left), and Melia Welling (right) teamed up to win a “strongest women” competition.

St Onge, a first-year cheerleader, earned All-American status.

Ashleigh Battaglia soars above the field.

Small town, big awards for the high-flying Wolf cheerleaders.

“We’re a little town, but we’re strong.”

Living up to their new team motto, a group of Coupeville High School cheerleaders endured 90-degree heat to emerge as big winners from a four-day summer camp.

The biggest highlight might have been the most unexpected, as a first-year Wolf cheerleader claimed All-American status.

That was transplanted football lineman Gavin St Onge, who showed off big-time moves in cheer, jump, and stunting skills.

His older sister, Ciera, is a former Wolf cheer superstar, and the biggest member of the current CHS squad impressed everyone gathered at the University of Puget Sound.

Gavin was the hit of the camp,” said Coupeville coach BreAnna Boon. “Small town boy with big muscles!”

The Wolves also claimed first-place in the camp’s “strongest women” competition, with Ja’Tarya Hoskins, Melia Welling, and Emily Fiedler teaming up to bring home the trophy.

The trio faced off with 20+ other schools to see who could hold a stunt for the longest amount of time.

The Wolves had to do squats, turns, and tricks, all while holding Fiedler in the air, and outlasted the field.

“After almost five minutes of pure torture, team after team dropped to the ground, and our Wolves came out on top!!,” said a very-proud Boon.

Coupeville added a fifth-place in jump, thanks to Ashleigh Battaglia, and a pair of thirds in team competitions on the final day.

Performing in front of a packed audience, the Wolves threw down “rally” and “game day” routines.

The first event includes a dance and a stunt, while the second encompasses band dance, sideline, and cheer.

Boon, entering her second season at the helm of the CHS cheer program, had 10 athletes accompany her to camp.

Hoskins, Battaglia, Fiedler, St Onge, and Welling were joined by Kim Castro, Coral Caveness, Mica Shipley, and incoming freshmen Karyme Castro and Lucy Crouch.

The group went from 8 AM to 8:30 PM daily during the camp, and were taught dances, cheers, and stunts.

Coupeville performed and was evaluated by camp administrators at the end of each session, then went in front of all the other cheerleaders, coaches and parents on the final day.

Despite the heat and the non-stop work, the Wolves held up well, earning a superior ribbon each night, as well as ownership of the spirit stick.

“The days were grueling and long hours, and there were times we didn’t think we were gonna make it out alive,” Boon said.

But her cheerleaders responded, not only showcasing their skills, but making friends along the way.

“We actually bonded with a squad from Kalama and had a pizza party with them on the last night!,” Boon said. “Our goal as cheerleaders is to bond teams together, and even though Kalama may become a rival one day, we are happy to call them our friends.”

And, circling back to the new team motto, Coupeville continually impressed the judges with how strong its small squad is, especially for a program which just got back into competition cheer last year.

“The UCA staff was amazed at the stunting skill level this small but mighty team had,” Boon said. “They are such talented, strong kids individually, so when you put that all together to make one team, the outcome is like something you have never seen before.

“This is the team that is destined for greatness,” she added. “Through their blood sweat and tears, they thrive.”

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Gavin Knoblich grabs a little rest before heading to the practice field. (Photos by Deb Smith)

Gavin Straub (left) and Dawson Houston both had strong performances at a four-day football camp in Tenino.

“Put us in, coach!”

Brian Casey watches from the sidelines.

The finest in water-dispensing technology.

Back to work they go.

Three days in, and still ready to rumble.

CHS head coach Marcus Carr (far right) dispenses wisdom.

Mission, accomplished.

The Coupeville High School football squad returned to the Island Sunday, after a very-successful appearance at the four-day, 10-team T90 Camp in Tenino.

Touchdown passes were tossed, fumbles were recovered, and lessons were learned under the day-time sun and night-time lights.

Fall practice begins a month from today on Aug. 21, with the season-opener against Port Townsend set for Sept. 6 in Coupeville.

Until then, some photos from camp to tide you over.


And a quick slice of Touchdown Time:

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Andrew Martin (left) and Ben Smith join CHS coach Gabe Shaw, Sr. in catching a few rays at a football camp in Tenino. (Photo courtesy Shaw)

The Wolves set up in their home away from home. (Alia Houston photos)

Up and at them early, Wolf players prepare to head to the field.

Senior QB Dawson Houston (left) catches a ride to Tenino with some of his younger teammates.

A different week, a different camp.

Following in the footsteps of Coupeville High School basketball and volleyball teams, most of the Wolf football squad is currently in Tenino, taking part in the T90 Team Camp.

The event has drawn 10 teams, with R.A. Long, Shelton, Adna, Rainier, Concrete, Lindbergh, NW Christian, and Goldendale joining Coupeville and the tourney hosts.

The four-day camp features 1-on-1, 7-on-7 and 11-on-11 drills and scrimmages, while also providing a team bonding experience.

Coupeville begins fall practice Aug. 21, with the season opener set for Friday, Sept. 6 at home against Port Townsend.

The Wolves gridiron program has stepped away from the North Sound Conference for a season, and will play a nine-game independent schedule this year.


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Back row, l to r, are Anya Leavell, Lucy Tenore, Hannah Davidson, Scout Smith, Zoe Trujillo, Raven Vick, Chelsea Prescott, Cory Whitmore. Front, Emma Mathusek, Maya Toomey-Stout, Lucy Sandahl. (Photo courtesy Charlotte Young)

It’s been a busy summer so far for Cory Whitmore.

The Coupeville High School volleyball coach has been running around non-stop since school got out, bouncing from camp to camp.

Whether with the Wolves in Bellingham for the Western Washington University camp, or bouncing around the state by himself, it’s been a whirlwind.

Having been given a (brief) break, Whitmore filed this report from the bleachers in Pullman, where he was networking and coaching at the Washington State University camp.

WWU camp was fantastic.

The coaches, staff and players are very attentive to our goals and needs and run a well-organized and challenging camp.

They took us through some game challenges that extenuated strengths and exposed some weaknesses.

A big focus for us was to improve our attacking efficiency by creating comfortable serve receive options.

Losing Emma (Smith) and Ashley (Menges) (to graduation) meant that players had to step up from the JV speed to match the varsity game and expectations and I’m really excited about the ease in which players stepped up across the board.

We had seven seniors with us at camp and so the experience was extremely valuable to have, as there was a single junior, sophomore and freshman to round out our roster of 10.

We competed well and calmly and that’s a product of our senior leadership and experience.

This group works very well together already but we wanted to stress the productive communication and inclusivity of the entire team and we took great steps toward that goal.

Plenty to work on and we’re looking forward to the start of the season!

I’m really proud of how leaders stepped up and younger players followed.

Going to be a fun one with a great group! Go Wolves!

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Coupeville High School basketball players huddle during a summer hoops camp in Cheney. (Photos by Courtney Pilgrim)

With everyone from incoming freshmen to grizzled seniors, the Wolves brought 19 players to Eastern Washington University.

Packed in like sardines, but enjoying every moment.

The Wolves chomped Cheney.

Coupeville High School boys basketball coaches packed up 19 players this past week and headed to Eastern Washington University for a three-day hoops camp.

While there, the Wolves got the chance to throw down with other teams, and pick up some valuable bonding time.

Coming on the heels of a scrimmage win over Friday Harbor, the summer camp keeps momentum rolling through the offseason, something CHS coach Brad Sherman is always happy to see.

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