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Former Coupeville Middle School teammates played together again at this weekend’s Spokane Hoopfest. Left to right are Caleb Meyer, Hawthorne Wolfe, Grady Rickner, and Logan Martin. (Photo by Abbie Martin)

They got the old gang back together, and it paid off big time.

Coupeville High School basketball stars Logan Martin, Grady Rickner, and Hawthorne Wolfe reunited with former middle school hardwood teammate Caleb Meyer this weekend for the Spokane Hoopfest.

The four-pack, who will be sophomores in the fall, then went out and won the consolation bracket in the High School Male division at the world’s biggest 3-on-3 tournament.

Playing as the Coupeville Wolves, even though Meyer attends Jackson High School after transferring before his freshman year, the gunners went 2-2 on the weekend.

After being nipped by “Kermy’s Army” and the “Beastie Boys,” the Wolves bounced back to blast “C-Team Skills” and “We Are Inevitable.”

The Spokane Hoopfest, which began in 1989, celebrated its 30th anniversary this year.

Action, which draws thousands of teams across a staggering amount of divisions, is open to players from third grade up, and plays out on 400+ courts.

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   CHS freshmen (l to r) Grady Rickner, Logan Martin, Hawthorne Wolfe (in red) and Caleb Meyer wait to take the court Saturday at Hoopfest in Spokane. (Abbie Martin photo)

No off-season.

As they prepare to make the jump from middle school to high school basketball, four incoming CHS freshmen hit the road this weekend to keep their hoops skills on point.

Hawthorne Wolfe, Caleb Meyer, Logan Martin and Grady Rickner traveled to Spokane to take part in the annual Hoopfest, the largest 3-on-3 outdoor basketball tournament on the globe.

The event annually draws upwards of 6,000 teams who compete on 450 courts spanning 45 city blocks.

Coupeville’s four-pack, who were signed up by their CMS coach, Bob Martin, won their opener before losing games two and three by just a single point apiece.

“They did good,” Martin said. “A little rusty, but more basketball time.

“We’ll be back next year.”

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Kiara Contreras and Co. set a season-best Tuesday in the 4 x 100. (Photos by JohnsPhotos.net)

Carolyn Lhamon came from behind to win the 800.

“The CMS Wolves ran like the Sequim wind.”

Coupeville Middle School track coaches Elizabeth Bitting, Jon Gabelein and Larry Hurlburt have put a lot of time and effort into teaching their young athletes, and it’s paying off big time.

Competing in the final regular-season meet Tuesday, a three-team rumble with Forks and host Sequim, CMS threw down multiple PR’s and captivated their coaches.

“The boys and girls threw further, jumped higher, ran faster, and/or jumped farther than ever before,” Gabelein said. “Our athletes continue to refine their craft.

“I wish there were several more weeks left for them to enjoy the results of hard work during outings like this.”

The Wolves host the Olympic League Championships May 23, an event which brings together the six conference schools for the final time.

And it’s not just a season-capper, but a farewell, as Coupeville jumps to the new North Sound Conference next fall for both high school and middle school sports.

Tuesday’s meet included big moments for both individuals, such as Carolyn Lhamon passing the leader in the final steps to win the 800, and for teams.

Both of Coupeville’s girls relay teams shattered their season-best times.

“With so many PR’s, improvement is being generated team-wide,” Gabelein said. “They may be discovering that the faster they run, the faster they’re done.”


Complete results (as best as I can do off of photos of hand-written notes):


60 — Ja’Kenya Hoskins 8.45, Angelina Gebhard 8.70; Cristina McGrath 9.96; Abigail Place 10.04

100 — Gebhard 14.80; Claire Mayne 15.06; Jordyn Rogers 15.12; Place 15.30; Lita Woollet 15.96; McGrath 16.04; Helen Strelow 16.18

200 — Hoskins 30.04; Abigail Ramirez 34.92; Alana Mihill 37.35

400 — Maddie Andrews 1:24

800 — Carolyn Lhamon 2:52

1600 — Jaelyn Crebbin 6:22; Mihill 7:02

75 Hurdles — Kiara Contreras 15.77

200 hurdles — Audrianna Shaw 37.40; Bella Velasco 37.50

4 x 100 relay  — Velasco, Contreras, A. Shaw, Ramirez 1:01.17; Mayne, Noelle Daigneault, Eryn Wood, Gebhard 1:02

4 x 200 relay — Crebbin, A. Shaw, Velasco, Hoskins 2:05.79; Ramirez, Lhamon, Strelow, Mayne 2:17

Shot Put — Daigneault 25-01; Mercedes Kalwies-Anderson 22-11; Wood 22-05; Rogers 19-03; Andrews 17-00

Discus — Strelow 51-07; McGrath 35-00

Turbo — Mihill 55-05; Daigneault 47-05; Wood 46-05; McGrath 45-08; Mary Milnes 35-07; Ramirez 28-07; Andrews 27-00

Long Jump — Hoskins 12-02; Strelow 11-07; Place 10-02, Kalwies-Anderson 10-00; Mayne 10-00; Contreras 9-11; Daigneault 9-11; Milnes 9-09; Rogers 9-06; Andrews 9-00



60 — Lucious Binnings 8.15; Reiley Araceley 8.26; Ty Hamilton 8.50; Joven Light 8.79; Dominic Coffman 9.25; Connor Bachmann 10.00; Wesley Cowan 10.28; Jesse Cowan 10.59; Ty Duddridge 10.90; Brayden Coatney 11.46

100 — Aiden Burdge 12.50; Light 14.25; Lucas Salazar 14.90; Coffman 15.00; Matthias Anderson 16.80; Duddridge 17.00

200 — Araceley 27.25; Caleb Meyer 27.91

800 — Aiden Anderson 3:03; Bachmann 3:14

1600 — Elijah Pepin 6:29; Tate Wyman 6:52; Coffman 7:13

4 x 100 relay — DJ Stadler, Burdge, Hamilton, Meyer 52.03; Light, Araceley, Salazar, Binnings 56.14

4 x 200 Relay — Binnings, Tim Ursu, Gabe Shaw, Stadler 1:43.65

Shot Put — Logan Martin 35-01, Coatney 21-11; W. Cowan 17-08

Discus — A. Anderson 45-04; J. Cowan 37-00; W. Cowan 33-00

Turbo — Stadler 123-08; Salazar 89-00; Ursu 78-09; G. Shaw 75-01; Light 72-01; Bachmann 55-07, M. Anderson 47-04; Duddridge 44-00; W. Cowan 38-01; A. Anderson 36-00

High Jump — Martin 4-08, Meyer 4-06, G. Shaw 4-04

Long Jump — Meyer 14-07; Burdge 14-04; Coffman 13-00; Araceley 12-11; Ursu 12-07; Wyman 11-04; A. Anderson 10-01; J. Cowan 9-03, Bachmann 8-09; Duddridge 8-05

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   Coupeville 7th grader Tate Wyman explodes over the hurdles at a home meet Tuesday afternoon. (Photos by JohnsPhotos.net)

   “And never come back!” Jordyn Rogers heaves the shot put to somewhere up around Oak Harbor.

Elizabeth Bitting was a tired, but very happy, coach Tuesday night.

With a lot of help, she and her Coupeville Middle School track and field team pulled off a very successful home meet that played out under sunny skies.

The Wolves hosted Chimacum and Blue Heron and other than a few hiccups in running the hurdles, things went pretty peachy.

“The day went well,” Bitting said. “We had teachers, parents, high school coaches and high school athletes volunteer. ALL were amazing!!!

“I had many comments as to how professional they were and how the high school athletes took command of their events,” she added. “It was great seeing (CHS coach) Randy King step in as our starter!”

For her young athletes to compete on the same track as the high school stars do, and enjoy a still fairly brand-new set-up, is something for which Bitting is very grateful.

“Middle school had some PR’s; all had great attitudes! Lots of smiles!,” she said. “I think they were happy to be able to run on their track and have friends and family watch and cheer them on!”


Pretty complete (I hope) results:


60 — Ja’Kenya Hoskins 8.62, Angelina Gebhard 9.00; Cristina McGrath 9.73; Abigail Place 10.09

100 — Jordyn Rogers 15.88; Claire Mayne 16.00; Helen Strelow 16.26; Mercedes Kalwies-Anderson 16.38; McGrath 16.40; Place 16.53

200 — Hoskins 29.65; Audrianna Shaw 31.56; Abigail Ramirez 35.06

400 — Maddie Andrews 1:22; Ramirez 1:22

800 — Jaelyn Crebbin 2:56; Carolyn Lhamon 2:56; Mary Milnes 2:58.43

1600 — Crebbin 6:20; Lhamon 6:34; Alana Mihill 7:02

75 Hurdles — Kiara Contreras 16.00

200 hurdles — A. Shaw 35.84; Bella Velasco 36.09

4 x 100 relay  — Velasco, Contreras, Ella Colwell, Ramirez 1:03.19; Mayne, Noelle Daigneault, Eryn Wood, Gebhard 1:05

4 x 200 relay — Crebbin, A. Shaw, Velasco, Hoskins 2:07.94; Ramirez, Lhamon, Strelow, Mayne 2:19.50

Shot Put — Kalwies-Anderson 19-01; Rogers 18-01; Wood 17-00; Andrews 12-07

Discus — Strelow 47-06; McGrath 47-00

Turbo — Mihill 51-4.50; Wood 46-00; McGrath 39-05; Milnes 39-03; Andrews 37-00; Place 35-09

High Jump — Kalwies-Anderson 3-10; Gebhard 3-08; Mihill 3-06; Rogers 3-06

Long Jump — Hoskins 13-00; Strelow 11-04; A. Shaw 11-02, Mayne 11-01.50; Kalwies-Anderson 11-01; Rogers 10-05; Place 9-09; Contreras 9-04; Andrews 7-07



60 — Lucious Binnings 8.44; Ty Hamilton 8.58; Reiley Araceley 8.59; Joven Light 8.66; Tim Ursu 8.80; Dominic Coffman 9.06; Elijah Pepin 9.22; Connor Bachmann 10.13; Brayden Coatney 10.35; Jesse Cowan 10.56; Ty Duddridge 11.36

100 — DJ Stadler 12.66; Aiden Burdge 12.97; Light 14.75; Coffman 14.94; Lucas Salazar 15.30; Mathias Anderson 16.84; Wesley Cowan 17.03; Duddridge 18.05

200 — Caleb Meyer 25.81; Bachmann 34.00

400 — Araceley 1:08

800 — Aiden Anderson 3:07

1600 — Pepin 6:10; Tate Wyman 6:45

200 Hurdles — Wyman 37.59

4 x 100 relay — Stadler, Burdge, Hamilton, Meyer 51.97; Light, Araceley, Salazar, Binnings 1:08

Shot Put — Gabe Shaw 27-09, Coatney 20-01; W. Cowan 18-06.50

Discus — J. Cowan 48-08; A. Anderson 46-00; W. Cowan 39-04

Turbo — Stadler 109-00; Coatney 81-07; Salazar 70-00; Duddridge 60-08; G. Shaw 58-06; Coffman 55-03; Bachmann 55-00, A. Anderson 52-11; W. Cowan 40-10.50

High Jump — Logan Martin 4-08, Meyer 4-08

Long Jump — Meyer 15-05; Duddridge 13-05; Wyman 13-00; Ursu 12-09; Araceley 12-06; A. Anderson 10-06; J. Cowan 9-09, Bachmann 8-10

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   Aiden Burdge, seen here last season, was a spark-plug Monday for Coupeville. (Photo by JohnsPhotos.net)

All in all, a pretty good day.

Facing off with visiting Blue Heron Monday, the Coupeville Middle School boys basketball squads came away with a split highlighted by the Wolf varsity romping to a big win.

The JV wasn’t quite as lucky, but did close with an especially strong fourth quarter in its loss.


In a game with a lot of offense, it was a superb defensive stand which launched the Wolves to a 64-43 win, evening their record at 2-2 on the season.

After a back-and-forth slug-fest of a first quarter which ended with things knotted at 17-17, Coupeville held Blue Heron without a field goal for 10 minutes.

20, if you count the halftime break.

Pushing the ball hard on breakaways — speed demon Hawthorne Wolfe knocked down 10 of his game-high 21 in the second quarter — then getting back on defense as a unit, CMS broke Blue Heron’s spirit.

A 16-3 romp in the second, in which the visitors could only manage three free throws (while missing five), juiced up the crowd.

Then, without missing a beat, the Wolves switched up and pounded the ball down low to Caleb Meyer, who opened the third quarter with back-to-back buckets while out-muscling his defender.

With the game blown wide open, Coupeville was able to withstand a very-effective three-ball wizard in a road uniform. While the Blue Heron gunner knocked down six treys, most of them came long after the game was decided.

And, just to show the visitors that they too could hit from behind the arc, the Wolves swished six balls from distance.

Wolfe hit the first, Logan Martin nailed a twisting miracle, Meyer knocked one down from the top, while Grady Rickner torched the net.

Putting a cap on the win, Rickner hit three-balls on three straight trips down the court to open the fourth quarter.

Each one came from a little further back, and each one sent his teammates and fans into ever-growing hysterics.

Proving they could attack from any angle, the Wolves closed the game by ditching the threes and punctuating things with some old-school savagery.

Gabe Shaw yanked down a rebound, pulling it away from a rival, then stepped between two defenders and set up Xavier Murdy for a layup with a crisp bounce pass.

Very next play, Murdy climbed into the sky to soundly reject a shot from Blue Heron’s tallest player.

Full of swagger at the start of the game, but clutching a stitch in his side midway through the third, the visitor learned one final lesson — don’t mess with X.

CMS spread out its offensive attack, with Meyer rattling the rim for 14 and Rickner tickling the twines for 12 in support of Wolfe’s 21.

Murdy and Martin each knocked down seven, Cody Roberts (a whirling dervish on defense) added three and Shaw and Aiden Burdge provided quality minutes off the bench.


A rough second quarter, in which the Wolves surrendered a 16-2 run, doomed Coupeville in a 62-46 loss.

CMS, which boasts little experience among its young guns, fell to 0-4.

But, while the final margin was substantial, it was radically cut down, as the Wolves sliced away at a 27-point deficit, getting it down to 16 by game’s end.

With Isaiah Bittner working hard in the paint and Dominic Coffman flying all over the place, Coupeville opened the fourth with 11 straight points.

After giving up back-to-back buckets, CMS went right back to Bittner and his hot hand, coasting in on a 5-1 run.

Coupeville, with a bit of unintentional trickery, stayed close in the game’s opening minutes.

At one point midway through the first quarter, a Wolf missed his cue to exit the game, and CMS attacked with six players on the floor.

With the odds ever in his favor, Burdge slashed to the hoop for a bucket.

Both coaching staffs, like the refs, didn’t notice the discrepancy until AFTER Blue Heron pulled the ball from the net, in-bounded it again and headed back up-court.

To the delight of the home crowd and the deep consternation of the visiting coaches, who later got an official warning from the refs for complaining after a different play, the basket stood.

Blue Heron got their revenge in the second quarter, though, using a string of fast-break layups to turn an eight-point lead into a 22-point bulge.

Lost in the hail of buckets for the visitors was a superb pass from Wolf guard Tony Garcia to Coffman.

Working an in-bound play to perfection, Garcia delivered his picture-perfect assist through a tangle of Blue Heron arms, while Coffman caught the pass, spun and nailed home a beauty of a banker.

Bittner finished with 12 points to pace the Wolves, while Shaw went off for eight of his 10 in the third quarter.

Alex Murdy (8), Coffman (6), Damon Stadler (4), Burdge (4) and Ty Hamilton (2) also scored, while Kevin Partida, Garcia, Levi Pulliam and Brayden Coatney rounded out the roster.

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