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   Want to be a hoops star like Kyla Briscoe? Currently in grades 2-7? Then this summer’s Coupeville basketball skills camp is for you. (Photo by JohnsPhotos.net)

Build your t-shirt collection and hone your skills.

Coupeville High School basketball coaches and players are running a youth skills camp this summer, and it shouldn’t be missed.

It’s open to Coupeville School District students who are entering grades 3-8 next fall (so, that means the child is CURRENTLY in grades 2-7) and is just a low, low $10 for three days of activity.

The camp, which will be held in the high school and middle school gyms, is set for June 18-20.

Sessions run from 9-11 AM (boys) and 12-2 PM (girls) each day.

Players will be split up, so younger and older players will have an opportunity to work within their age groups.

Registration deadline is May 31 and payment is due at check-in on the first day of camp. Your $10 gets you three days of instruction and a camp t-shirt.

To register, pop over to:


If you have any questions, contact CHS basketball coaches Brad Sherman (bsherman@coupeville.k12.wa.us) or David King (dking@coupeville.k12.wa.us).

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   CHS spikers (l to r) Hope Lodell, Valen Trujillo and Payton Aparicio hang out with their young padawans. (Photos courtesy Cory Whitmore)

   Players work their way through the line, though at least one is well aware of the camera.

Fast-rising star Lucy Sandahl (black shirt) congratulates award winners.

Repping the Coupeville Booster Club.

The present met the future.

Coupeville High School volleyball players joined up with Wolf coach Cory Whitmore to pull off a successful two-day skills camp for spikers in K-6.

The event, which ran Friday and Saturday, was sponsored by the Coupeville Boys and Girls Club.

It followed on the heels of a volleyball clinic earlier this month for players in grades 7-12.

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   Wolves (l to r) Hayley Fiedler, Catherine Lhamon, Lauren Rose and Eryn Wood. (Cory Whitmore photo)

Four more winners for the road.

Coupeville High School volleyball coach Cory Whitmore capped a very successful four-day skills camp Thursday, honoring a pack of Wolves for their play.

Lauren Rose, Catherine Lhamon and Hayley Fiedler were tabbed for exemplifying “spirit,” the fourth core covenant of the CHS volleyball program.

Also hailed was Eryn Wood, named the top ACES Newcomer.

In all, 13 Wolves took home awards over the course of the camp.

Previously honored were:

“Attitude” — Payton Aparicio, Zoe Trujillo, Abby Mulholland

“Competitiveness” — Mikayla Elfrank, Lita Woollet, Kylie Chernikoff

“Effort” — Scout Smith, Emma Mathusek, Kiara Contreras

The skills camp, which was open to spikers headed into grades 7-12, drew more than 50 participants.

A second clinic, for athletes in K-6, is set for June 23-24.

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   Day one winners at the CHS volleyball skills camp included (l to r) Abby Mulholland, Zoe Trujillo and Payton Aparicio. (Cory Whitmore photos)

   On day two (l to r), Mikayla Elfrank, Kylie Chernikoff and Lita Woollet captured the spotlight.

   Wednesday brought a new trio to the forefront. This time it was (l to r) Scout Smith, Emma Mathusek and Kiara Contreras.

The spikes are flying and the awards are being bestowed.

Coupeville High School volleyball coach Cory Whitmore is three days into a four-day skills camp, and so far he’s honored nine Wolves for their play.

Each day, three players have received awards for exemplifying one of the program’s core covenants.

Monday, it was “attitude,” while Tuesday was all about “competitiveness.” Wednesday brought “effort” to the forefront.

Whitmore, who guided CHS to its first league title in more than a decade during his rookie season last year, has the spiker program hoppin’.

More than 50 players in grades 7-12 have shown up for the skills camp, which wraps Thursday.

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   Wolf volleyball aces Hope Lodell (left) and Lauren Rose, ready to get back at it. (Kim Bepler photos)

   As CHS coach Cory Whitmore imparts wisdom, the line of players goes on forever.

Excitement ripples through the gym.

   Spikers (l to r) Abby Mulholland, Zoe Trujillo and Payton Aparicio earned awards for their attitude on day one of skills camp.

The gym was packed.

Day one of a four-day volleyball skills camp attracted more than 50 spikers to the Coupeville High School gym Monday afternoon.

The camp, run by Wolf coach Cory Whitmore, is open to athletes headed into grades 7-12.

A similar two-day clinic for K-6 is set for later this month.

Three players walked away with hard-earned Gatorades Monday after being honored for their attitude, the first Covenant Awards handed out at the camp.

Taking home the refreshing honors were high school spikers Payton Aparicio and Zoe Trujillo and middle school ace Abby Mulholland.

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