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Coupeville Middle School track stars Nick Guay (left) and Cole White pause for a photo between events during a recent meet. (Morgan White photo)

The calendar says early spring, but the skies denied it.

Despite it being the final regular season meet Monday in Langley, the Coupeville Middle School track and field team ran into plenty of liquid sunshine.

“It was a cold rainy day at the race track and it felt like one too,” said Wolf coach Jon Gabelein.

“It was one of those meets that you just needed to wrestle your way through and chalk it up as an opportunity to appreciate other meets even more.”

While the weather wasn’t flawless, Coupeville’s athletic stars endured, compiling 30 PR’s and five wins while competing against Granite Falls, Northshore Christian Academy, and the host Cougars.

CMS 7th grader Brionna Blouin swept to wins in both the shot put and discus, while 8th grader Alex Murdy claimed top honors in the 200 and ran a leg on a triumphant 4 x 100 relay team.

That foursome included Reiley Araceley, Dominic Coffman, and Joven Light.

Rounding out the Wolf winners was 7th grader Logan Downes, who splashed down with a victory in the long jump.

Coupeville wraps its season with the two-day Cascade League Championships May 28 and 30 in Lakewood. The first day offers prelims, the second day finals.


Complete Monday results:



100 (7th grade) — Brielle Armstrong (11th) 17.37; Isabella Schooley (12th) 18.03 *PR*; Alena Osborne (14th) 18.89

100 (8th grade) — Taygin Jump (9th) 15.64

200 (8th grade) — Abigail Ramirez (7th) 32.96 *PR*

800 (8th grade) — Carolyn Lhamon (5th) 3:05.73; Helen Strelow (6th) 3:06.29

100 Hurdles (8th grade) — Claire Mayne (2nd) 20.18 *PR*; Camryn Clark (7th) 24.57

4 x 100 Relay (8th grade) — Mayne, A. Ramirez, Cristina McGrath, Ryanne Knoblich (3rd) 1:01.62; Jordyn Rogers, Mercedes Kalwies-Anderson, Jump, Trinity McGee (4th) 1:03.19

4 x 200 Relay (8th grade) — Mayne, Lhamon, A. Ramirez, Knoblich (2nd) 2:13.10

Shot Put (7th grade) — Brionna Blouin (1st) 24-05 *PR*; Desi Ramirez (2nd) 21-05 *PR*; Schooley (3rd) 21-04 *PR*; Allison Nastali (5th) 20-05 *PR*

Shot Put (8th grade) — Lhamon (2nd) 26-00 *PR*

Discus (7th grade) — Blouin (1st) 54-04; D. Ramirez (2nd) 46-08 *PR*; Schooley (3rd) 45-07 *PR*; Nastali (6th) 35-07; Armstrong (8th) 31-03

Discus (8th grade) — Strelow (2nd) 54-09; McGrath (5th) 47-03; Jump (16th) 31-00

High Jump (8th grade) — Knoblich (3rd) 4-06; Kalwies-Anderson (7th) 3-10; Jump (7th) 3-10; McGrath (9th) 3-08; McGee (9th) 3-08

Long Jump (7th grade) — Nastali (7th) 10-07.50; D. Ramirez (8th) 10-05 *PR*; Blouin (10th) 10-04 *PR*; Osborne (11th) 8-06

Long Jump (8th grade) — Strelow (4th) 12-03; McGrath (5th) 12-02.50; Knoblich (6th) 12-02.50; Mayne (12th) 11-02; Rogers (13th) 11-00 *PR*



100 (7th grade) — Logan Downes (4th) 14.72; Mikey Robinett (5th) 14.81 *PR*; Hank Milnes (12th) 15.43 *PR*; Timothy Nitta (17th) 16.52; Ryan Blouin (19th) 16.89; Alex Clark (22nd) 17.76

100 (8th grade) — Reiley Araceley (5th) 13.38; Coen Killian (6th) 13.43 *PR*; Joven Light (13th) 14.75; Dominic Coffman (15th) 14.86; Jacob Mathusek (17th) 15.09

200 (7th grade) — Nick Guay (2nd) 29.58; Robinett (8th) 31.25 *PR*; Nitta (13th) 32.57

200 (8th grade) — Alex Murdy (1st) 25.59 *PR*; Josh Upchurch (9th) 31.00 *PR*; Josh Guay (16th) 33.89

400 (8th grade) — Light (2nd) 1:06.50; Upchurch (7th) 1:14.91

800 (7th grade) — Cole White (3rd) 2:52.89; Milnes (5th) 3:02.04

800 (8th grade) — Aiden Anderson (4th) 2:42.36

1600 (7th grade) — White (4th) 6:01.84; Milnes (7th) 6:19.80

1600 (8th grade) — Tate Wyman (6th) 6:30.21 *PR*

110 Hurdles (7th grade) — A. Clark (10th) 26.90

110 Hurdles (8th grade) — Coffman (5th) 20.75 *PR*

4 x 100 Relay (7th grade) — White, Zane Oldenstadt, Blouin, Nitta (3rd) 1:03.43

4 x 100 Relay (8th grade) — Araceley, Coffman, Light, Murdy (1st) 54.14

4 x 200 Relay (7th grade) — Nitta, Robinett, N. Guay, Downes (2nd) 2:04.16

4 x 200 Relay (8th grade) — J. Guay, Araceley, Mathusek, Wyman (3rd) 2:07.08

Shot Put (7th grade) — Oldenstadt (2nd) 25-00 *PR*; William Davidson (6th) 23-00 *PR*; Blouin (11th) 18-08 *PR*

Shot Put (8th grade) — Killian (3rd) 27-03 *PR*; Upchurch (7th) 24-07 *PR*

Discus (7th grade) — Oldenstadt (7th) 56-08; Davidson (8th) 54-07 *PR*

Discus (8th grade) — Anderson (8th) 63-06; Light (9th) 60-03; Araceley (14th) 53-09 *PR*; Mathusek (15th) 49-09; Upchurch (15th) 49-09; J. Guay (18th) 42-03

High Jump (8th grade) — Murdy (2nd) 5-06 *PR*

Long Jump (7th grade) — Downes (1st) 13-03.75 *PR*; White (6th) 12-04.50; N. Guay (7th) 12-04; A. Clark (17th) 9-08; Blouin (20th) 9-00.50

Long Jump (8th grade) — Murdy (2nd) 14-10.25; Killian (3rd) 14-03.75; Wyman (7th) 12-05; Mathusek (12th) 11-08

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CMS track guru Elizabeth Bitting keeps it low key, even if inside she’s bursting with pride for her young athletes. (Morgan White photos)

The hurdles turns into a hair-raising experience.

“Fly, and punch a hole in the sky, my little shot put!”

“I’m coming for all your prize ribbons. All of them, I said!”

Rain, a long bus trip, an especially loud starter’s gun, and results which took longer than normal to be posted.

Wednesday’s middle school track meet in Sultan had a little something for everyone.

While the results didn’t show up on athletic.net until Friday, once they were there, they made for happy Coupeville athletes and coaches.

“While our CMS track athletes enjoyed their time in the Cascade foothills, some actually found a way to cut their time in various events,” said Wolf coach Jon Gabelein, who just now might be getting his hearing back to 100%. 

“Sultan’s starting gun was noticeably louder than anywhere our athletes had been,” he said. “As if it was ‘the shot heard round the world’.”

While facing off with Langley and the host Turks, Coupeville put together a string of top performances.

Trinity McGee (high jump), Cole White (1600), Desi Ramirez (long jump), and Allison Nastali (discus) drew praise from Gabelein for their PR-worthy performances.

Another standout was Joven Light, who debuted in the discus and immediately made an impact. 

“He made an amazing entry into the discus event, never having competed in it before when he launched it,” Gabelein said. “Joven calmly summed up his great first performance in saying ‘I know I have the strength for it and it’s actually pretty fun too’.”

Aiden Anderson, a fellow 8th grader and a veteran of the event, was equally impressed.

“I was really surprised he could throw it that far, especially for his first throw. He should keep doing discus!”


Complete Wednesday results:



100 (7th grade) — Erica McGrath (4th) 16.13 *PR*; Brielle Armstrong (6th) 17.00 *PR*; Alena Osborne (9th) 18.06 *PR*

100 (8th grade) — Taygin Jump (5th) 15.47 *PR*; Trinity McGee (7th) 15.52

200 (8th grade) — Ryanne Knoblich (5th) 31.25 *PR*

800 (8th grade) — Carolyn Lhamon (2nd) 2:58.83; Helen Strelow (4th) 3:04.12

100 Hurdles (8th grade) — Claire Mayne (3rd) 20.64 *PR*; Camryn Clark (11th) 24.09 *PR*

4 x 100 Relay (8th grade) — Mercedes Kalwies-Anderson, McGee, Jordyn Rogers, Jump (2nd) 1:02.07; Mayne, Abigail Ramirez, Cristina McGrath, Lhamon (3rd) 1:02.97

4 x 200 Relay (8th grade) — Mayne, Lhamon, A. Ramirez, Knoblich (2nd) 2:12.80

Shot Put (7th grade) — Brionna Blouin (1st) 24-03.50 *PR*; Allison Nastali (3rd) 23-11 *PR*; Desi Ramirez (4th) 22-06.50 *PR*; Isabella Schooley (5th) 19-11

Shot Put (8th grade) — Lhamon (2nd) 27-06 *PR*

Discus (7th grade) — Blouin (1st) 56-11.50 *PR*; Nastali (3rd) 45-05 *PR*; D. Ramirez (4th) 42-10.50; Schooley (5th) 40-06.50 *PR*; Armstrong (6th) 39-09.50

Discus (8th grade) — C. McGrath (2nd) 53-09.50; Strelow (6th) 45-08; Jump (7th) 41-09 *PR*; C. Clark (9th) 35-10

High Jump (8th grade) — Knoblich (2nd) 4-04; Kalwies-Anderson (3rd) 4-02; McGee (4th) 4-00 *PR*; Katie Buskala (6th) 3-10; C. McGrath (6th) 3-10 *PR*; Jump (6th) 3-10

Long Jump (7th grade) — Nastali (6th) 10-06; D. Ramirez (8th) 10-03 *PR*; E. McGrath (10th) 10-01; Blouin (12th) 9-09 *PR*; Osborne (14th) 8-08 *PR*; Schooley (15th) 7-03

Long Jump (8th grade) — Mayne (3rd) 12-06.50 *PR*; Knoblich (6th) 12-00; C. McGrath (7th) 11-07.50; Strelow (9th) 11-05.50



100 (7th grade) — Logan Downes (3rd) 14.65; Ryan Blouin (10th) 16.82; Alex Clark (12th) 16.88 *PR*

100 (8th grade) — Reiley Araceley (3rd) 13.11; Coen Killian (8th) 13.60 *PR*; Joven Light (10th) 13.91; Dominic Coffman (15th) 14.55; Jacob Mathusek (16th) 14.79 *PR*

200 (7th grade) — Nick Guay (7th) 29.46

200 (8th grade) — Alex Murdy (1st) 25.84 *PR*; Josh Guay (6th) 31.92 *PR*; Josh Upchurch (7th) 32.07 *PR*

400 (8th grade) — Light (2nd) 1:05.49; Upchurch (3rd) 1:12.06

800 (7th grade) — Hank Milnes (4th) 2:50.16 *PR*; Cole White (5th) 2:52.11 *PR*

800 (8th grade) — Anderson (1st) 2:41.01 *PR*

1600 (7th grade) — White (3rd) 5:49.97 *PR*; Milnes (4th) 5:55.67 *PR*

1600 (8th grade) — Tate Wyman (3rd) 6:52.95

110 Hurdles (7th grade) — Murdy (6th) 24.87 *PR*

110 Hurdles (8th grade) — Coffman (4th) 21.01 *PR*

4 x 100 Relay (7th grade) — White, Zane Oldenstadt, Blouin, A. Clark (2nd) 1:04.27

4 x 100 Relay (8th grade) — Araceley, Coffman, Light, Murdy (1st) 52.51

4 x 200 Relay (7th grade) — Nitta, Robinett, N. Guay, Downes (1st) 2:03.82

4 x 200 Relay (8th grade) — J. Guay, Araceley, Mathusek, Wyman (2nd) 2:06.05

Shot Put (7th grade) — Oldenstadt (3rd) 24-09.75; William Davidson (7th) 22-11.25; Blouin (9th) 20-07 *PR*

Shot Put (8th grade) — Killian (3rd) 28-00.50 *PR*; Upchurch (5th) 26-00

Discus (7th grade) — Oldenstadt (1st) 70-07.50; Davidson (9th) 50-11 *PR*

Discus (8th grade) — Anderson (2nd) 69-00 *PR*; Light (3rd) 67-02 *PR*; Upchurch (7th) 60-04.50; Mathusek (8th) 55-09.50 *PR*; J. Guay (11th) 50-09.50

High Jump (8th grade) — Murdy (2nd) 5-03; Coffman (3rd) 4-10

Long Jump (7th grade) — Robinett (3rd) 13-08.25 *PR*; Downes (6th) 13-02.50 *PR*; White (8th) 12-03; N. Guay (9th) 11-11.75; A. Clark (12th) 10-05.75 *PR*; Blouin (14th) 10-04.25 *PR*

Long Jump (8th grade) — Murdy (1st) 16-07.25; Araceley (4th) 14-03; Wyman (6th) 13-04.25 *PR*; Mathusek (7th) 13-03.75 *PR*; Killian (9th) 13-01

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It was a lot warmer than this Wednesday as Ryanne Knoblich won three events during the final CMS home track meet of the season. (Photo courtesy Mariah Knoblich)

The sun came out, and so did the PR’s.

Competing under summer-like conditions Wednesday, the Coupeville Middle School track and field squad arrived in full force for its final home meet of the season.

The Wolves still have two more road rumbles on the schedule, then the league meet, but the roster will take a hit on competition days, as 6th graders are allowed to compete only in home meets this season.

So it was especially nice that Wednesday’s three-team event, which brought Lakewood and Sultan to town, played out under blue skies, blazing sun, and not a whisper of wind.

“It almost felt like summer,” said CMS coach Jon Gabelein. “Sunglasses, bucket hats, and shorts were out in force.

“The only thing that was probably lacking was the sunscreen.”

His fellow coach, Elizabeth Bitting, agreed.

“It WAS a beautiful day for some great running, throwing, and jumping!” she said.

“These athletes keep amazing us every week! Could not be any prouder of them … that is until next week, when they shine once more!!”

While numerous Wolves hit PR’s in front of the home fans, there were a couple who captured an especially big share of the spotlight.

Coupeville 8th grader Ryanne Knoblich smashed her PR in the high jump by an astonishing six inches, then rode the wave of excitement through the long jump, where she also shattered her previous best mark.

Ryanne credited her amazing jump in elevation to approaching from the left instead of the right for the first time,” Gabelein said.

Not surprisingly, Knoblich won both of those events, while adding another victory in the 4 x 200 relay, where she teamed with Claire Mayne, Carolyn Lhamon, and Katie Buskala.

Lhamon switched up events in an effort to take mercy on some shin splints she’s been battling, avoiding her normal distances races while winning the 800 and making her debut in the shot put.

New events or not, she brought her usual blistering intensity to everything she did.

“This focus was clear,” Gabelein said. “During her two trips around the track it was as if she was trying to cram four laps of effort and determination into just the two laps allowed within (the 800).”

On the boys side, Alex Murdy equaled Knoblich’s work, winning both the high jump and long jump, while running a leg on a winning relay team.

This time, it was the 4 x 100, where Dominic Coffman, Joven Light and Reiley Aracely joined in the fun.

While the Wolf athletes were hitting career-best times, an invaluable part of making the day a success came from volunteers, who stepped up to help Gabelein and fellow CMS coach Elizabeth Bitting.

On a day when high school track and field athletes were unavailable, thanks to preparing for Thursday’s district meet, the call went out and was answered.

“We want to send a huge “thank you” to all of the Coupeville School District staff and parents who stepped up to manage each of the field events,” Gabelein said.

“The logistics of hosting a track meet requires nearly 20 volunteers and their time and energy out there made it a successful meet for everyone to enjoy!”


Complete Wednesday results:



100 — Savina Wells (5th) 15.24 *PR*; Lyla Stuurmans (7th) 15.28 *PR*; Mia Farris (9th) 15.33; Taygin Jump (11th) 15.49; Trinity McGee (14th) 15.79; Abigail Ramirez (16th) 15:92; Chloe Marzocca (22nd) 16.67; Brielle Armstrong (26th) 17.32 *PR*; Brionna Blouin (27th) 17.51 *PR*; Mary Kate Place (31st) 19.00 *PR*

200 — Stuurmans (3rd) 32.42; Jump (4th) 33.08 *PR; A. Ramirez (5th) 33.50 *PR*; Marzocca (7th) 35.14 *PR*; Camryn Clark (11th) 40.66; Place (12th) 43.58 *PR*

400 — Farris (2nd) 1:15.27 *PR*; Katie Marti (6th) 1:28.71

800 — Carolyn Lhamon (1st) 3:01.72; Helen Strelow (2nd) 3:03.01 *PR*

100 Hurdles — Stuurmans (7th) 20.63 *PR*; Wells (8th) 20.81 *PR*; Claire Mayne (9th) 21.08; Ryanne Knoblich (13th) 21.70 *PR*; C. Clark (25th) 25.53 *PR*

4 x 100 Relay — Stuurmans, Farris, Marzocca, Wells (3rd) 1:00.95; Desi Ramirez, Erica McGrath, Isabella Schooley, Armstrong (5th) 1:07.61

4 x 200 Relay — Mayne, Lhamon, Katie Buskala, Knoblich (1st) 2:10.09

Shot Put — Blouin (2nd) 20-09.25 *PR*; Jordyn Rogers (7th) 19-00.75; Lhamon (8th) 18-09.75 *PR*; Schooley (10th) 17-11.75; Allison Nastali (11th) 17-10.50; Merces Kalwies-Anderson (11th) 17-10.50; Marti (14th) 16-09.50; D. Ramirez (15th) 16-07.25

Discus — Marti (2nd) 59-06.50 *PR*; C. McGrath (3rd) 57-02 *PR*; Strelow (6th) 54-03; Blouin (7th) 50-06 *PR*; D. Ramirez (11th) 43-02.50 *PR*; E. McGrath (12th) 41-10.50 *PR*; Nastali (13th) 41-01 *PR*; Armstrong (16th) 38-03; C. Clark (22nd) 34-00

High Jump — Knoblich (1st) 4-06 *PR*; Kalwies-Anderson (3rd) 4-02; Wells (6th) 3-10; Rogers (6th) 3-10; McGee (10th) 3-08; Jump (10th) 3-08

Long Jump — Knoblich (1st) 13-07 *PR*; C. McGrath (3rd) 12-09 *PR*; Strelow (5th) 12-03; Mayne (8th) 12-00.50 *PR*; E. McGrath (9th) 11-11.50 *PR*; Marzocca (13th) 11-05.25 *PR*; D. Ramirez (22nd) 10-01.50 *PR*; Nastali (23rd) 9-09.75; Place (24th) 9-08.50 *PR*; Farris (25th) 9-08; Rogers (27th) 9-06.75; Blouin (28th) 9-06.25 *PR*; Kalwies-Anderson (29th) 9-05.25



100 — Reiley Araceley (2nd) 13.03 *PR*; Alex Murdy (3rd) 13.10 *PR*; Joven Light (6th) 13.72; Coen Killian (8th) 13.80; Dominic Coffman (12th) 14.17; Logan Downes (14th) 14.71; Nick Guay (16th) 14.86 *PR*; Timothy Nitta (18th) 15.36; Jacob Mathusek (19th) 15.48; Landon Roberts (20th) 15.97 *PR*; Tripp Radford (22nd) 16.49; Alex Clark (27th) 17.47 *PR*

200 — N. Guay (3rd) 30.14; Nitta (8th) 32.17; Josh Upchurch (9th) 33.81 *PR*; A. Clark (12th) 37.19

400 — Light (3rd) 1:04.29 *PR*; Josh Guay (6th) 1:10.56 *PR*; Upchurch (8th) 1:13.57

800 — Aiden Anderson (3rd) 2:49.94; Cole White (4th) 2:52.16 *PR*; Radford (5th) 2:52.28 *PR*; Hank Milnes (8th) 2:56.05; Tate Wyman (16th) 3:18.38

1600 — White (3rd) 5:55.44 *PR*; Anderson (6th) 6:07.01; Milnes (7th) 6:07.89; Mikey Robinett (10th) 6:19.12 *PR*; Roberts (11th) 6:21.30; Wyman (13th) 6:39.47

110 Hurdles — Roberts (7th) 21.01 *PR*; Radford (13th) 23.14; A. Clark (22nd) 28.59

4 x 100 Relay — Araceley, Coffman, Light, Murdy (1st) 52.18; Nitta, Robinett, N. Guay, Downes (5th) 58.08; White, Zane Oldenstadt, Ryan Blouin, Milnes (6th) 1:01.00

4 x 200 Relay — J. Guay, Araceley, Wyman, Mathusek (3rd) 2:04.29

Shot Put — Upchurch (5th) 28-00 *PR*; Oldenstadt (6th) 26-00.75 *PR*; William Davidson (10th) 24-08.25 *PR*; Blouin (19th) 18-04.25 *PR*

Discus — Oldenstadt (5th) 71-01.25 *PR*; Upchurch (7th) 64-09; Anderson (8th) 64-06 *PR*; Mathusek (19th) 50-10.50 *PR*; Davidson (20th) 50-04 *PR*; J. Guay (23rd) 44-10.50

High Jump — Murdy (1st) 5-02; Coffman (3rd) 4-10

Long Jump — Murdy (1st) 16-04.50; Killian (5th) 14-11.50 *PR*; Araceley (6th) 14-08.50; Coffman (9th) 13-04.50; Robinett (11th) 13-03.50 *PR*; White (12th) 13-01 *PR*; Downes (16th) 12-10 *PR*; Mathusek (17th) 12-09 *PR*; Wyman (19th) 12-05.50; Radford (24th) 11-05; Milnes (25th) 11-04.50; Blouin (31st) 10-04 *PR*; A. Clark (32nd) 9-11; Davidson (34th) 8-08.50 *PR*

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William Davidson loves his discus, but sometimes he has to let it fly free. (Photos by Morgan White)

Up, up, and away.

Abigail Ramirez (left) and Taygin Jump pound for the finish line.

Landon Roberts (center) cruises over the hurdles, while teammate Jack Porter comes roaring up on the outside.

Desi Ramirez prepares to launch.

Claire Mayne (left) and Savina Wells dash for the line.

“I love to limbo!”

Even in the midst of a meet, always time for a group pic.

It’s their turn to dazzle the cameras.

Coupeville Middle School track and field athletes are two meets into a new season, and the Wolves are putting up top numbers and drawing in photographers anxious to document their razzle-dazzle work.

The pics above are courtesy Morgan White, and they offer a preview of what CMS fans can see live this coming week.

The Wolves host the second of their two home meets Wednesday, May 8, when Sultan and Lakewood come to town for a showdown starting at 3:15 PM.

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CMS 6th grader Lyla Stuurmans explodes out of the blocks Wednesday during her first track meet. (Photos by JohnsPhotos.net)

Landon Roberst floats over the bar.

Wolf coach Elizabeth Bitting keeps an eye on things.

Coupeville runners kill time between events.

“I’m coming for all the trophies. All of them.”

Savina Wells flies through the friendly skies.

There’s a new twist to middle school track and field this spring.

Washington state is letting 6th graders compete in home meets for the first time, which meant some new faces popped up Wednesday as Coupeville hosted a three-team meet.

And the newest Wolves had an immediate impact, with top honors going to Lyla Stuurmans.

The only 6th grader in an 11-woman field in the 200, she claimed 2nd place, finishing just a second off of a Langley 8th grader.

“That was an amazing feat!” said CMS coach Jon Gabelein.

The meet, which also featured Langley and King’s, had 6th, 7th, and 8th graders competing together, with no distinction made for grades.

A 6th grade relay team comprised of Stuurmans, Mia Farris, Chloe Marzocca, and Savina Wells roared to 2nd in the 4 x 100, while Landon Roberts claimed 4th in the 110 hurdles.

Coupeville’s 7th and 8th graders more than held their own, as well, with three Wolf boys winning titles.

Joven Light ruled in the 400, Cole White out-ran the field in the 1600, and Alex Murdy sailed to first in the high jump.

CMS has two home track meets on the schedule this season, and the 6th graders will get a chance to compete again May 8 when Sultan and Lakewood come to Whidbey.


Complete Wednesday results:



100 — Mia Farris (9th) 15.25; Trinity McGee (10th) 15.48; Taygin Jump (11th) 15.49; Abigail Ramirez (12th) 16.12; Chloe Marzocca (18th) 16.55; Erica McGrath (20th) 16:67; Brielle Armstrong (25th) 17.53

200 — Lyla Stuurmans (2nd) 31.09; Allison Nastali (7th) 35.33; Camryn Clark (9th) 38.72

400 — Farris (5th) 1:16.85; Katie Marti (9th) 1:28.41

800 — Carolyn Lhamon (5th) 3:06.15

1600 — Lhamon (4th) 7:02.37

100 Hurdles — Claire Mayne (4th) 20.81; Savina Wells (7th) 21.17; Stuurmans (8th) 21.29; Ryanne Knoblich (10th) 22.01; C. Clark (19th) 35.00

4 x 100 Relay — Stuurmans, Farris, Marzocca, Wells (2nd) 1:00.72; Mayne, A. Ramirez, Cristina McGrath, Katie Buskala (3rd) 1:01.49; Nastali, Isabella Schooley, E. McGrath, Desi Ramirez (5th) 1:08.89

4 x 200 Relay — Mayne, Lhamon, Buskala, Knoblich (2nd) 2:10.92

Shot Put — Schooley (4th) 22-07; Marti (5th) 22-06; D. Ramirez (6th) 21-03; Nastali (8th) 20-05.50; Jordyn Rogers (10th) 20-01; Marzocca (11th) 19-07.50

Discus — Helen Strelow (2nd) 57-05; C. McGrath (5th) 48-10; Marti (8th) 42-10; Armstrong (11th) 39-02; E. McGrath (11th) 39-02; McGee (13th) 37-10; C. Clark (14th) 37-07; D. Ramirez (15th) 35-5; Jump (16th) 33-05

High Jump — Wells (5th) 4-03; Buskala (7th) 4-00; Mercedes Kalwies-Anderson (8th) 4-00; Jump (10th) 3-08; McGee (10th) 3-08; Rogers (10th) 3-08; Knoblich (10th) 3-08

Long Jump — C. McGrath (3rd) 12-04.50; Wells (5th) 11-10; Knoblich (6th) 11-09.50; Mayne (6th) 11-09.50; Strelow (6th) 11-09.50; Farris (9th) 11-09; Stuurmans (11th) 11-08; Marzocca (16th) 10-10; Nastali (18th) 10-07; Rogers (18th) 10-07; E. McGrath (23rd) 10-01.50; Schooley (28th) 7-05.50



100 — Reiley Araceley (4th) 13.24; Jack Porter (5th) 13.27; Joven Light (6th) 13.41; Dominic Coffman (7th) 13.79; Logan Downes (16th) 14.60; Jacob Mathusek (18th) 15.14; Timothy Nitta (19th) 15.22; Ryan Blouin (22nd) 15.39; Tripp Radford (27th) 15.86; Landon Roberts (32nd) 16.85; William Davidson (39th) 19.77

200 — Nick Guay (7th) 29.19; Nitta (10th) 31.75; Alex Clark (18th) 36.06

400 — Light (1st) 1:08.94; Josh Upchurch (3rd) 1:11.86

800 — Aiden Anderson (2nd) 2:49.26; Hank Milnes (4th) 2:54.35; Porter (5th) 2:54.66; Josh Guay (6th) 2:55.81; Cole White (7th) 3:01.91; Tate Wyman (10th) 3:09.34; Upchurch (12th) 3:12.43

1600 — White (1st) 6:03.56; Milnes (2nd) 6:05.17; Anderson (4th) 6:05.92; Roberts (5th) 6:10.01; Wyman (9th) 6:40.61

110 Hurdles — Roberts (4th) 21.75; Radford (6th) 22.13; Porter (13th) 22.37; A. Clark (22nd) 26.73

4 x 100 Relay — White, A. Clark, Blouin, Milnes (2nd) 52.95; Nitta, Mikey Robinett, N. Guay, Downes (4th) 1:04.26

Shot Put — Upchurch (7th) 22-07.50; Davidson (13th) 20-06; J. Guay (18th) 15-08.25

Discus — Upchurch (3rd) 66-01; Anderson (13th) 56-01; J. Guay (14th) 54-05; Davidson (16th) 50-00; Mathusek (17th) 48-09

High Jump — Alex Murdy (1st) 5-04; Coffman (2nd) 4-10; Roberts (6th) 4-00

Long Jump — Murdy (4th) 15-09; Araceley (7th) 14-04; Coffman (9th) 13-07.50; N. Guay (11th) 12-10.75; White (12th) 12-10; Downes (15th) 12-06; Mathusek (17th) 12-01; Porter (20th) 11-10; Wyman (20th) 11-10; Coen Killian (24th) 11-07; Radford (26th) 11-06; Milnes 928th) 11-05; Blouin (35th) 10-01; A. Clark (36th) 10-00.50


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