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Aleksia Jump guns it while running Saturday at a cross country meet in Langley. (Morgan White photo)

Cole White (left) and Hank Milnes set a pace for each other. (Jackie Saia photo)

Brynn Parker heads into the woods. (Jackie Saia photo)

Eyes on the prize (or eyes on the paparazzi). (Morgan White photo)

Three Wolf boys claimed medals Saturday – Landon Roberts, Hank Milnes, and Cole White. (Morgan White photo)

They’re off.

The middle school cross country season officially opened for Coupeville Saturday, as Wolf coach Elizabeth Bitting took 16 runners down to Langley for the 41st Carl Westling Invitational.

The Wolves, who ran 1.7 miles, placed four runners in the top 20, with Hank Milnes busting into the top 10 with a 9th place finish.

For the first time, middle school races now include 6th grade runners along with 7th and 8th graders, as state officials approved the move for track and cross country.

While she didn’t have her full team, as a few athletes haven’t put in enough practices, and illness is creeping in to the school system, Bitting came away pleased with the first performance.

“With a handful of up and comers, the boys side is setting itself up real well for longevity in cross country for years to come,” she said. “On the girls side the depth will come, and they are setting themselves up for a solid team.

“All were happy with their performance today; I was ecstatic!,” Bitting added. “They performed beautifully! It was an awesome morning for some great running!!”


Complete CMS results:


Erica McGrath (19th) 13:51.71
Teagan Calkins (22nd) 14:17.02
Edie Bittner (26th) 15:01.70
Aleksia Jump (33rd) 15:50.19
Brynn Parker (38th) 16:48.10
Aubrey Blitch (39th) 17:02.52


Hank Milnes (9th) 10:58.55
Cole White (13th) 11:01.84
Landon Roberts (14th) 11:02.71
George Spear (32nd) 12:06.96
Hayden Harry (43rd) 12:58.31
Malichi Somes (48th) 13:24.98
Jack Porter (52nd) 13:55.91
Johnny Porter (54th) 14:16.15
Thomas Strelow (56th) 14:26.10
Gabe Reed (67th) 19:00.20

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Grey Peabody is one of 31 Coupeville Middle School volleyball players ready to kick off the season. (Photo by JohnsPhotos.net)

One week until they’re unleashed on the world.

The spike-happy Coupeville Middle School volleyball players, who go 31 deep, open a new season Monday, Sept. 23 on the road in Granite Falls.

Two days later, the spikers make their home debut against King’s, and the 10-match season is well underway.

One change from previous years is the Wolves won’t play as separate 7th and 8th grade squads this time around.

Instead, there will be three teams (Levels 1, 2, and 3), with each team a mix of players from both grades.

CMS coaches Erin Locke and Sarah Lyngra will lead the following players:


7th Grade:

Gabriella Becktell
Taylor Brotemarkle
Kaylee Clark
Mia Farris
Oktober Frost
Bryley Gilbert
Jada Heaton
Katie Marti
Chloe Marzocca
Madison McMillan
Lyla Stuurmans
Bailey Thule
Kassidy Upchurch
Samantha Webb
Savina Wells
Laila Wenzel
Abi Wood


8th Grade:

Brionna Blouin
Jackie Contreras
Emma Garcia
Issabel Johnson
Kaitlyn Leavell
Maryah Love
Ava Mitten
Allison Nastali
Skylar Parker
Grey Peabody
Desi Ramirez
Olivia Schaffeld
Hayley Thomas
Jones Walther

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Through rain or sunshine (probably rain), the Coupeville Middle School cross country runners are ready for a new season. (Photo by Morgan White)

Cross country is booming.

A little over a week out from her team’s first meet, Coupeville Middle School coach Elizabeth Bitting has 27 runners on her roster, a group which includes a hardy mix of returning veterans and first-time competitors.

It’s an almost perfectly balanced roster as well, with 14 boys and 13 girls answering the call of the trail.

One new quirk is the addition of sixth-graders to the mix, as Washington state has opened cross country and track to them starting this school year.

The youngest members of the team won’t count towards point totals, but get a chance to discover the sport, which is invaluable.

“They will be attending all races with us and running in all races,” Bitting said. “They get to experience the whole adventure and get a sneak peak of their competition in the future. This is a good thing!

“Just last cross country season 6th grade athletes were not able to participate in any sport at the middle school level and now they can participate in cross country and track. Strides are being made.”

As the early practices have played out, Bitting has been thrilled to see how her runners are already embracing the sport.

“Week one has gone AMAZING!!!!,” she said. “All these students are incredible athletes. They have been working so hard and already showing so much dedication.

“I’ve even had to increase some of the runs because they were just up to it,” Bitting added. “For example, day one, I ran the route backwards and when I met up with the front pack I casually asked, “Up to running further?” Without a beat the leader answers, “Sure. Why not?” So they ran farther!”

The CMS harriers make their competitive debut Saturday, Sept. 21 at South Whidbey’s Carl Westling Invitational.


The roster:



Dianne Brown
Teagan Calkins
Aleksia Jump
Brynn Parker
Liza Zustiak


Edie Bittner
Aubrey Blitch
Lillian Stanwood
Ayden Wyman


Erica McGrath
Samantha McMahon
Sofia Milasich
Marlen Montiel




Cody Badger
Adrian Cunningham
Malachi Somes
George Spear


Jack Porter
Johnny Porter
Landon Roberts
Thomas Strelow


Alex Clark
Dayvon Donavon
Hayden Harry
Hank Milnes
Gabe Reed
Cole White

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Zane Oldenstadt (left) and William Davidson, seen here during track season, will help anchor the new Coupeville Middle School soccer program. (Morgan White photo)

The trailblazers have arrived.

Coupeville Middle School’s brand-new boys soccer program has 15 players on its roster two days into practice.

The Wolf booters, led by coach Reese Cernick, open their inaugural 10-game schedule with a home match against Northshore Christian Academy Sept. 23.

CMS will see a lot of the same opponents in year one, with four games against Northshore, and three each with Lakewood and Granite Falls.

The boys soccer program replaces football at the school, after the gridiron program was shut down last season due to a rapidly-declining number of athletes.

Your up-to-the-moment Wolf roster:

7th grade:

Mason Butler
Preston Epp
Dane Hadsall
Tavan Hughes
Alexander Smith
Nick Wasik

8th grade:

Ryan Blouin
William Davidson
Logan Downes
Nathan Ginnings
Nick Guay
Zane Oldenstadt
Mikey Robinett
Quinten Simpson-Pilgrim
Andrew Williams

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Hayden Harry was on the move Saturday as he and his CMS cross country mates ran the marathon relay at Race the Reserve. (Morgan White photos)

The Porter boys (one is Jack, one is Johnny, and I won’t pretend I can tell them apart yet) are here to break all your records.

A quick exchange in the rain, as the Wolves team up to take down their 26.2 mile opponent.

A part of the bright future of Coupeville athletics.

Cole White is swallowed up by the rain-soaked undergrowth.

“You old guys are never going to catch me!”

Soaked, tired, but triumphant.

The future is a bright one.

Entering year two of the rebirth of cross country at Coupeville schools, middle school coach Elizabeth Bitting had not one, but two, marathon relay teams take part in Saturday’s Race the Reserve.

Wolves Hayden Harry, Andrew Williams, Cole White, Hank Milnes, Ayden Wyman, George Spear, Jack Porter, Aiden O’Neill, Johnny Porter, Chase Anderson, and Tate Wyman teamed up to tear across the prairie, piling up 26.2 miles per team.

Dodging rain drops as they ran, the young Coupeville harriers offered proof the future of Cow Town athletics is a bright one.

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