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Hailey Goldman attacks every race with a smile. (Jackie Saia photo)

No fear, just joy.

Coupeville Middle School cross country runners tackled one of the tougher courses they will face this season Saturday at the 15th annual King’s Roller Coaster Trail Run in Shoreline.

To the delight of coach Elizabeth Bitting, her young athletes responded exactly the way she hoped on the 1.6-mile course.

“From the moment we arrived at King’s the air was electric!” she said.

“Music playing, schools walking the course, families eager to cheer on their runners, pumped coaches, the smile on my face and excitement in my heart couldn’t be diminished!

“The athletes were so nervous when we walked the course and they saw the roller coaster hills but during their races they ate those hills up!” Bitting added.

“Compared to last week’s times EVERY athlete set a PR! It was AMAZING!!!!!”

Coupeville placed seven runners — five girls and two boys — in the top 10, with both squads claiming second in the team title chase.

The Wolves get right back at it next week, with a trip to Granite Falls set for Thursday, Sept. 29.


Saturday’s results:



Lydia Price (5th) 12:15.70
Mikayla Wagner (6th) 12:42.50
Olivia Hall (7th) 13:01.00
Laken Simpson (8th) 13:07.40
Tirsit Cannon (10th) 13:21.20
Marin Winger (11th) 13:23.30
Ivy Rudat (12th) 13:26.20
Allie Powers (16th) 14:08.10
Sage Stavros (17th) 14:17.20
Devon Wyman (25th) 16:19.90
Mary Western (28th) 17:25.60
Arianna Cunningham (29th) 17:40.00
Amelia Crowder (30th) 17:49.00
Hailey Goldman (31st) 17:56.40
Elizabeth Marshall (35th) 19:14.00
Camilla Wolfe (36th) 20:15.40
Alexandra Lo (37th) 20:17.00
Savannah Niewald (38th) 20:22.00
Maci Wofford (39th) 20:25.30

Coupeville girls captured five medals and a second-place team finish at Shoreline. (Duncan Wagner photo)



Beckett Green (5th) 11:23.28
Axel Marshall (6th) 11:23.87
Kenneth Jacobsen (12th) 11:45.02
Nathan Niewald (15th) 12:20.72
Roger Merino-Martinez (16th) 12:22.76
Cyrus Sparacio (17th) 12:50.80
Isaiah Allen (19th) 12:34.23
Johnathan Jacobsen (29th) 13:45.00
Ossian Merkel (31st) 13:51.62
Avery Eelkema (32nd) 13:51.76
Dylan Robinett (37th) 15:12.45
Zach Blitch (40th) 15:47.88

Axel Marshall (left) and Beckett Green cracked the top 10 Saturday. (Elizabeth Bitting photo)

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Myra McDonald (8) and Willow Leedy-Bonifas (18) are back for a new season of volleyball. (Photos by JohnsPhotos.net)

So is Adeline Maynes.

Coupeville’s gyms are alive with the sound of volleyballs smacking into the hardwood.

The high school season is well underway, while the middle school spikers are gearing up to kick off their own campaign.

CMS coaches Cris Matochi and Raven Vick have 19 girls on their current roster, though that number may change going forward.

Whoever is still standing begins play Oct. 3 with a home match against Lakewood.

The young Wolves have eight tilts on the schedule, with the first three coming at home.

CMS plays Sultan and Langley twice each, while vying with King’s, Granite Falls, Northshore Christian Academy, and the aforementioned Lakewood once.

The early roster:


8th grade:

Capri Anter
Haylee Armstrong
Isabella Bowder
Lexis Drake
Myra McDonald


7th grade:

Cheyanne Atteberry
Isabella De Souza Oliveira McFetridge
Alexis Hewitt
Willow Leedy-Bonifas
Inara Maund (Manager)
Adeline Maynes
Alyssa McGee
Rhylin Price
Tenley Stuurmans


6th grade:

KeeArya Brown
Emmy Carlson
Emma Leavitt
Olivia Martin
Ashlee Wells

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Tirsit Cannon blazes a trail of success. (Jackie Saia photos)

Into the woods they go.

Coupeville Middle School cross country guru Elizabeth Bitting brought her runners to their first meet of the season Saturday in Langley.

And hopefully she had the big bus, as the Wolves sent 31(!) runners to the line at the 43rd annual Carl Westling Invite.

That’s an astonishing number for a program at a small school, and there’s talent to go with the roster depth.

Paced by four top-10 finishers, the Wolf girls claimed 2nd place out of five middle school teams in action, including beating host South Whidbey — a traditional powerhouse — for the first time ever at this event.

“They did AMAZING!!!!!!,” Bitting said. “Today’s goal was to have a good time and I think that goal was accomplished!”

The Wolf boys were strong as well on the 3,000-meter course, finishing 3rd on their side of the books, while King’s captured team titles for both genders.

Coupeville gets a chance to chase after the private school titans another time, with a trip to the King’s Invite set for next Saturday, Sept. 24.

Avery Eelkema (left) and Ossian Merkel attack the trail, fists at the ready just in case they need to throw down with any rival teams.


Saturday’s results:



Lydia Price (6th) 14:18
Laken Simpson (7th) 14:30
Olivia Hall (8th) 14:33
Mikayla Wagner (9th) 14:42
Tirsit Cannon (17th) 15:38
Ivy Rudat (18th) 15:48
Marin Winger (19th) 15:59
Sage Stavros (20th) 16:05
Allie Powers (25th) 17:40
Mary Western (33rd) 18:51
Devon Wyman (34th) 18:51
Camilla Wolfe (39th) 19:23
Arianna Cunningham (45th) 20:08
Elizabeth Marshall (48th) 20:33
Hailey Goldman (49th) 20:36
Maci Wofford (51st) 21:32
Alexandra Lo (53rd) 21:38
Amelia Crowder (54th) 23:11
Savannah Niewald (55th) 23:16
Emma McFadden (57th) 25:14



Axel Marshall (7th) 12:28
Beckett Green (9th) 13:01
Kenneth Jacobsen (15th) 13:32
Nathan Niewald (18th) 14:17
Cyrus Sparacio (20th) 14:30
Max Ohme (31st) 15:40
Avery Eelkema (39th) 17:06
Ossian Merkel (40th) 17:06
Johnathan Jacobsen (44th) 18:14
Zach Blitch (46th) 18:28
Isaiah Allen (49th) 18:36

Beckett Green visualizes the finish line.

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Raven Vick fires off a serve during her high school days. (Photo by JohnsPhotos.net)

She’s coming home.

Coupeville grad Raven Vick, a two-sport star during her time as a Wolf, has been tabbed to coach middle school volleyball in the same gyms where she once played.

Vick replaces Katie Kiel, who moved to California, and will work with Cris Matochi as they prepare young spikers for the journey ahead of them.

The hire was confirmed Friday by Coupeville Athletic Director Willie Smith and will be official after the school board approves it.

Middle school volleyball practice kicks off this coming Monday, Sept. 12, with the first match Sept. 29 at Langley.

Vick’s first home match as a coach is Oct. 3, with Lakewood visiting Whidbey.

The twin sister of Willow, Raven Vick graduated in 2020 after a successful run as a volleyball and track athlete at CHS.

Raven (left) and Willow Vick await the serve. (Photo by JohnsPhotos.net)

During their senior season, the sisters were part of a Wolf spiker squad which tied the program record with 14 wins.

A strong all-around player, Raven’s best work came at the service stripe, where she ripped off lasers on a regular basis.

On the track oval, she put in three seasons, losing out on her senior campaign when the pandemic erased all spring sports.

Raven ran the 1500 and 1600 as a freshman, before moving full-time into throwing events.

She advanced to the league championships in the shot put, discus, and javelin, while making it to districts and bi-districts in the last of those three events.

Raven celebrates track and field success. (Brian Vick photo)

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Ivy Rudat is one of 33 Coupeville Middle School athletes signed up for cross country. (Photo by JohnsPhotos.net)

“Here we go again!!!!”

A new season of middle school cross country kicks off Thursday, and Coupeville coach Elizabeth Bitting couldn’t be more excited.

“Would you take a look at the roster!” she said. “It’s a big one!! This warms my heart.”

While the roster may ebb and flow a bit before the first meet, Bitting is currently expecting 33 athletes for the first day of practice.

The highlight for the Wolves arrives Oct. 12, when CMS hosts its first-ever home middle school meet at Fort Casey Park.

For anyone wondering, Coupeville’s coach is a perfect hype machine for the event.

“The course is, of course, magnificent, beautiful, breathtaking, jaw dropping, the most scenic in the league!

“But I am biased,” Bitting added with a big smile.


The roster as it sits now:



8th grade:

Tirsit Cannon
Lydia Price
Ivy Rudat


7th grade:

Amelia Crowder
Ari Cunningham
Olivia Hall
Alexandra Lo
Emma McFadden
Laken Simpson
Mikayla Wagner
Mary Western
Marin Winger
Devon Wyman


6th grade:

Hailey Goldman
Ellie Marshall
Allie Powers
Sage Stavros
Maci Wofford
Camilla Wolfe



8th grade:

Zach Blitch
Kenny Jacobsen
Axel Marshall
Dylan Robinett


7th grade:

Isaiah Allen
Beckett Green
Johnny Jacobsen
Roger Martinez-Moreno
Nathan Niewald
Max Ohme


6th grade:

Avery Eelkema
Ossian Merkel
Cyrus Sparacio
Andre Volanos-Gerber

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