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Coupeville High School JV baseball coach Jon Roberts surveys the action. (Morgan White photo)

Consider it the first building block.

The Coupeville High School JV baseball team made its season debut Saturday, and immediately faced a stern test, tangling with 3A Oak Harbor.

While the 2B Wolves ultimately fell 10-0 in the non-conference rumble, they got a chance to play at home in front of their own fans.

Plus, eight of the 12 CHS players to see the field were doing so for the first time this season, giving JV coach Jon Roberts a chance to see how his young charges would respond to live action.

The Wolves second unit, which currently has eight games on the schedule but is looking for more, racked up three hits and three walks against Oak Harbor.

Johnny Porter led the way with a single and a walk while Seth Woollet and Aidyn McDermott both whacked base hits.

Johnny Porter, ready to rip a liner. (Morgan White photo)

Marcelo Gebhard and Camden Glover earned walks to round out Coupeville’s offensive attack.

Freshmen Glover and Coop Cooper shared pitching duties, with the former whiffing four Wildcats and the latter gunning down a pair.

Ethan Gill, Jaje Drake, Piotr Bieda, Skylar Sand, Myca Clarkson, and David Dominici also saw action for the Wolf JV, which returns to action Apr. 4 with a rematch against Oak Harbor, this time up North.

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Kaitlyn Leavell, ready to fire aces. (Jackie Saia photo)

The weather was fair, and the tennis was hot.

The Coupeville High School netters kicked off a new season Thursday, putting up a strong fight before being nipped 3-2 by visiting Granite Falls.

“Not bad for a first match,” said longtime Wolf tennis guru Ken Stange.

With only one other Northwest 2B/1B League rival playing girls tennis — the Wolves and Friday Harbor clash four times — CHS has four non-conference matches scheduled against 1A schools.

Coupeville will play home and away series with Granite Falls and South Whidbey, with the rematch against the Tigers set for Mar. 27.

After opening at home, the Wolves play their next three matches on the road, not returning to their own courts again until Mar. 31.

Wolf netters (l to r) Vivian Farris, Hayley Fiedler, and Emma Morano kick off a new season. (Lucy Tenore photo)


Thursday’s results:


1st Singles — Helen Strelow beat Blair Johnson 6-0, 6-1

2nd Singles — Djina Radenovic lost to Ava Combs 6-0, 6-1

1st Doubles — Hayley Fiedler/Vivian Farris beat Alexa Mace/Danika Mace 6-1, 6-1

2nd Doubles — Skylar Parker/Elizabeth Lo lost to Paige Buchholz/Ashlee Meusling 6-4, 6-0

3rd Doubles — Kaitlyn Leavell/Emma Morano lost to Marjorye Garcia/Brooke Mann 8-2

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Coupeville junior Issabel Johnson and friends kicked off the track and field season Wednesday in La Conner. (Photo by JohnsPhotos.net)

“So proud of them! Real excited to see what the season brings!”

Coupeville High School track coaches Elizabeth Bitting and Bob Martin were beaming Wednesday after their team travelled to La Conner and made a loud, proud statement.

Showcasing the program’s deepest roster in years, the Wolves captured the boys team title at a season-opening 10-team meet, while the CHS girls claimed 2nd place.

The Coupeville boys, led by double-winner Aidan Wilson (800, triple jump) demolished the field, finishing with 168 points while runner-up’s Mount Vernon Christian (90) and Friday Harbor (89) were well back of the Wolves.

The meet champs won seven events, with Mitchell Hall (1600), Nick Guay (long jump), Zac Tackett (discus) and both the 4 x 100 and 4 x 400 relay teams coming out on top.

On the girls side of things, the Wolves, whose 135 points were second to the 149 amassed by MVC, netted wins from Carolyn Lhamon (shot put, discus), Katie Marti (javelin), Claire Mayne (100 hurdles) Lyla Stuurmans (400), and Ryanne Knoblich (high jump).

The meet attracted Northwest 2B/1B League rivals Coupeville, Friday Harbor, Orcas Island, MVC, and La Conner, as well as Grace Academy, Lopez Island, Lummi Nation, South Whidbey, Cedar Park Christian-Lynnwood, and Shoreline Christian.

Fresh off their stellar performance, the Wolves head to the Rainier Icebreaker Invitational this Saturday, Mar. 18, then host a home meet next Wednesday, Mar. 22.


Complete Wednesday results:



100 — Monroe Myles (10th) 14.75 *PR*; Ava Mitten (17th) 15.30; Alysia Burdge (22nd) 16.09 *PR*; Anna Annunziato (23rd) 16.19 *PR*; Gwen Crowder (26th) 16.35 *PR*; Edie Bittner (27th) 16.37 *PR*; Issabel Johnson (31st) 16.63; Avery Williams-Buchanan (37th) 17.86 *PR*; Sara Omega (38th) 18.02 *PR*

200 — Ryanne Knoblich (7th) 31.12 *PR*; M. Myles (12th) 31.90 *PR*; Carly Burt (14th) 32.08 *PR*; Mitten (16th) 32.77; Ayden Wyman (17th) 32.79 *PR*; Crowder (22nd) 34.14 *PR*; Bittner (23rd) 34.16 *PR*; Williams-Buchanan (33rd) 40.35 *PR*

400 — Lyla Stuurmans (1st) 1:05.53; Katie Marti (12th) 1:22.30 *PR*

800 — Aleera Kent (2nd) 2:47.45 *PR*; Noelle Western (7th) 3:01.45 *PR*

100 Hurdles — Claire Mayne (1st) 19.79 *PR*

300 Hurdles — Mayne (7th) 1:01.85; Liza Zustiak (10th) 1:08.62 *PR*

4 x 100 Relay — Mitten, Mayne, Burt, Knoblich (3rd) 58.16

4 x 200 Relay — Stuurmans, A. Wyman, Western, Johnson (2nd) 2:05.22

4 x 400 Relay — Western, Zustiak, Kent, A. Wyman (2nd) 5:14.21

Shot Put — Carolyn Lhamon (1st) 29-07; Marti (5th) 25-00 *PR*; Reese Wilkinson (7th) 23-09.50; Erica McGrath (8th) 23-03.50 *PR*; Grier Mooney (10th) 21-02.50 *PR*; Zustiak (12th) 18-08 *PR*

Discus — Lhamom (1st) 97-08 *PR*; McGrath (4th) 78-10.50 *PR*; Wilkinson (6th) 69-05; Taygin Jump (8th) 61-01.50; Marti (9th) 60-08 *PR*; Mooney (10th) 56-09 *PR*; Jackie Contreras (17th) 45-03.50 *PR*; Aby Wood (20th) 42-06

Javelin — Marti (1st) 84-10 *PR*; Jump (3rd) 73-05; Burdge (13th) 52-09 *PR*; Wood (14th) 51-05; Wilkinson (21st) 44-07; Contreras (22nd) 42-07 *PR*; Crowder (23rd) 40-09 *PR*; Mercedes Kalwies-Anderson (26th) 33-04 *PR*; Delanie Lewis (27th) 25-02 *PR*

High Jump — Knoblich (1st) 4-10; Stuurmans (4th) 4-04 *PR*; Kalwies-Anderson (5th) 4-02

Long Jump — Burt (6th) 11-08.50 *PR*; Western (9th) 11-00 *PR*; Johnson (14th) 10-05.50 *PR*; Annunziato (15th) 10-05 *PR*; Wood (17th) 8-05.50 *PR*; Lewis (18th) 8-04 *PR*; Omega (18th) 8-04 *PR*; Williams-Buchanan (21st) 6-09 *PR*

Triple Jump — Knoblich (4th) 27-07.50 *PR*



100 — Tim Ursu (4th) 11.98 *PR*; Dominic Coffman (7th) 12.18; Nehemiah Myles (10th) 12.36 *PR*; Preston Epp (19th) 12.77 *PR*; Alex Merino-Martinez (35th) 13.46 *PR*; Kris Sturtevant (41st) 13.95 *PR*

200 — Nick Guay (3rd) 24.91; Epp (11th) 26.34 *PR*; Cael Wilson (14th) 26.97 *PR*; Adrian Cunningham (17th) 27.49 *PR*; Hank Milnes (20th) 27.96 *PR*; Quinten Simpson-Pilgrim (25th) 28.54 *PR*; Malachi Somes (30th) 30.23 *PR*

400 — Milnes (5th) 58.95 *PR*; N. Myles (8th) 1:02.25 *PR*; Anthony Smolen (10th) 1:03.38 *PR*; Somes (13th) 1:04.40 *PR*; Simpson-Pilgrim (15th) 1:05.60 *PR*; Merino-Martinez (16th) 1:06.29 *PR*

800 — Aiden Wilson (1st) 2:07.37; Epp (6th) 2:23.86 *PR*; Ezra Boilek (7th) 2:26.54 *PR*; George Spear (13th) 2:39.65 *PR*; Smolen (15th) 2:40.49 *PR*; Ezekiel Allen (16th) 2:41.57 *PR*

1600 — Mitchell Hall (1st) 4:51.99 *PR*; Alex Murdy (6th) 5:27.94 *PR*; Spear (11th) 5:48.32 *PR*; Allen (15th) 6:01.11 *PR*

3200 — Epp (2nd) 11:19.19

110 Hurdles — Tate Wyman (4th) 19.34 *PR*; C. Wilson (5th) 19.82 *PR*

300 Hurdles — T. Wyman (3rd) 47.59 *PR*; C. Wilson (7th) 51.28

4 x 100 Relay — Ursu, Coffman, T. Wyman, N. Guay (1st) 47.34

4 x 400 Relay — Hall, Boilek, Milnes, A. Wilson (1st) 3:54.22

Shot Put — Kai Wong (4th) 34-07 *PR*; Josh Upchurch (5th) 34-02 *PR*; Zac Tackett (10th) 31.08.50 *PR*; Zane Oldenstadt (18th) 27-06; Josh Guay (35th) 20-06

Discus — Tackett (1st) 116-01 *PR*; Epp (8th) 86-02 *PR*; Oldenstadt (9th) 85-05.5; Wong (12th) 80-08 *PR*; Upchurch (15th) 76-06.50 *PR*; J. Guay (20th) 69-08.50

Javelin — Ursu (6th) 100-09; Hall (14th) 93-06; Wong (18th) 89-09 *PR*; Somes (20th) 85-03 *PR*; Cunningham (27th) 70-06 *PR*; Boilek (28th) 66-07 *PR*; Nick Shelly (31st) 65-08; J. Guay (41st) 47-06

High Jump — N. Guay (1st) 5-11 *PR*; Coffman (2nd) 5-06; A. Wilson (4th) 5-06 *PR*; C. Wilson (5th) 5-04 *PR*

Long Jump — Murdy (2nd) 18-10 *PR*; Ursu (5th) 17-02 *PR*; Cunningham (12th) 15-05 *PR*; Merino-Martinez (16th) 14-05 *PR*; Allen (23rd) 12-08 *PR*; Sturtevant (25th) 12-01 *PR*

Triple Jump — A. Wilson (1st) 38-09; Milnes (3rd) 35-02 *PR*

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Wolf senior Scott Hilborn sizzled as a pitcher and hitter Wednesday in a win versus South Whidbey. (Jackie Saia photo)

He’s perfect if he retires now.

Steve Hilborn stepped into his new role as head coach of the Coupeville High School baseball program Wednesday and did it in style.

Riding a strong pitching performance from son Scott, and a balanced offensive attack, the new hardball guru guided the Wolves to a resounding 13-2 win over visiting South Whidbey in the season opener.

With road games Thursday at Meridian and Saturday at North Mason, Coupeville has a chance to get off to a solid start against non-conference foes.

If they play like they did against the Falcons, all the better.

The Wolves jumped out to a 3-0 lead in the first inning Wednesday, pushed the advantage to 4-0 after two innings, then tacked on three more runs in the third and six in the fourth.

South Whidbey did manage to scrape together a pair of runs in the top of the third, briefly cutting the margin to 4-2, but CHS had an answer at every turn.

Scott Hilborn, launching his senior season on the diamond, threw all five innings in a game ended early by the mercy rule, using just 59 pitches while striking out three Falcons.

At the plate, Coupeville racked up 10 hits and eight walks, keeping its runners moving crisply bag to bag.

Scott Hilborn and Cole White rapped out singles in the first inning, with Jonathan Valenzuela delivering the first of his two doubles to key the attack.

The senior third baseman came back around in the third frame to mash another two-bagger, while Aiden O’Neill and Scott Hilborn both delivered two-out singles.

Coupeville put the game away in the fourth thanks to showing patience at the plate, turning six walks, and a Jack Porter single, into a game-busting six-run rally.

Scott Hilborn led the Wolf hit parade, collecting three singles, while White and Valenzuela each had a pair of base knocks.

Jack Porter, O’Neill, and Chase Anderson also notched hits, with Johnny Porter walking twice.

Camden Glover, Landon Roberts, Coop Cooper, and Peyton Caveness also got playing time, with Caveness bouncing back after being drilled in the neck by a wayward pitch.

Steve Hilborn (center) collects a win in his first game as CHS head coach. (Photo by JohnsPhotos.net)

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“Excuse me ladies, I have to go be awesome now.” (Jackie Saia photos)

Melanie Navarro is just here to mash softballs and chew gum, and apparently, she was all out of gum Wednesday afternoon.

So, the Coupeville High School senior instead kicked off her final season on the prairie by swinging a big bat, whacking two home runs en route to a three-hit, six-RBI performance.

Powered by Navarro, the Wolves dominated visiting South Whidbey in every facet of the game, rolling to a 20-2 win in a game called after five innings due to the mercy rule.

Playing in its season opener, Coupeville was in control from first pitch to last pitch.

And frankly, the 2B Wolves could have waxed the 1A Falcons by a lot more than 18 runs, if CHS coach Kevin McGranahan hadn’t carefully done what he could to keep the game from getting too out of hand.

Coupeville picked up most of its outs by having runners intentionally leave base too early, a quiet, but effective way to show some mercy.

In a game in which the Wolves swung aggressively — Maya Lucero launched a wicked liner off of McGranahan’s jaw as the diamond guru patrolled the third-base box, leaving a visible mark — CHS scored early, and often.

Wolf hurler Allie Lucero zipped through the top of the first inning 1-2-3, collecting a pair of strikeouts and a soft comebacker to the pitcher’s circle, and then the hometown bats started booming.

Coupeville put up nine runs in the bottom of the first, and there was little South Whidbey could do to stop the rampaging Wolves.

Freshman catcher Teagan Calkins was plunked by the first pitch she saw, then came around to score on an RBI double to center from Mia Farris.

Taylor Brotemarkle followed by eking out a walk, Madison McMillan got aboard on an error, and it was time for Navarro to launch her season of longballs.

Home run #1 came on a laser shot to the deepest part of centerfield, the ball splashing down right in front of the fence, then kicking away from the Falcon fielder.

Running full tilt, with no lag in her step, Navarro easily beat the throw home, her three-run tater staking CHS to a 5-0 lead.

Not that the Wolves were done.

Singles from Allie Lucero, Jada Heaton, and Calkins kept the runners bouncing from base to base, with two Falcon errors helping them come around to tap home.

Up 9-0, McGranahan moved things along by having a runner drift off base to prematurely end the first frame, but the Wolves scored in every inning, so there was little slow to their roll.

Navarro came back around in the second to crush a two-run home run over the fence, the ball heading up to high-five the moon, then she departed the game for a bit as the Wolves got field time for most of their roster.

Melanie Navarro (jumping in middle) is mobbed by her teammates after launching a longball.

South Whidbey stayed plucky, pushing across a pair of runs in the top of the third to cut the margin down to 11-2, but Coupeville tacked on three more in its half of the inning, and six more in the fourth to set the final score.

The brief Falcon rally was ended, emphatically, thanks to McMillan pulling off a dandy unassisted double play at third base.

Spearing a liner for out #2, the Wolf super sophomore whirled and tagged a drifting runner for out #3, her grin beaming from behind her face mask.

The third inning featured back-to-back big hits from Farris and Brotemarkle, plus Chloe Marzocca thrashing a shot down the right field line for a base knock of her own.

Taylor Brotemarkle (left) and Chloe Marzocca, killers in red and black.

In the fourth, it was a rat-a-tat attack, after foreign exchange student Layla Heo led off with a walk in her American softball debut.

Farris and Brotemarkle both smoked shots down the third-base line, before Navarro, back in the lineup, completed a 3-for-3 afternoon with an RBI single.

The final big blow on opening day jumped off of Heaton’s bat, as the sophomore slugger crunched a two-run single to bring in runs 19 and 20.

It was an equal opportunity kind of day for the Wolves, who delivered hits from the top of the lineup to the bottom.

Farris and Navarro led the way, collecting three hits apiece, while Brotemarkle smacked a pair of base-knocks.

Calkins, McMillan, Allie Lucero, Heaton, and Marzocca each had one base hit, while Coupeville racked up eight walks, with Calkins and McMillan earning two each.

Allie and Maya Lucero split pitching duties, with the latter relieving the former midway through the third, and the duo combined to whiff seven Falcons across five innings.

McGranahan got 12 players on the field, with Sofia Peters starting at second base and providing strong defensive play, and newcomer Bailey Thule garnering her first varsity at-bat.

Thanks to Mother Nature messing with the schedule, the Wolves get right back at it Thursday, traveling to Meridian for another non-conference rumble.

After that, Coupeville plays seven of its next nine games on its home field.

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