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Coupeville 6th grader Tenley Stuurmans made her middle school track debut at a four-team home meet. (Photo courtesy Sarah Stuurmans)

Everything comes to those who wait.

Five days after the first middle school track meet of the season, results have appeared on the internet, and I’m here to pass them on to the world at large.

Opening day, which was April 27, featured Coupeville hosting King’s, Langley, and Northshore Christian Academy.

The first title of the season for CMS went to Easton Green, who won the boys high jump with a mark of four feet, seven inches.

Amaya Schaffeld (100), Lillian Ketterling (800), George Spear (800), and Malachi Somes (1600) captured second-place finishes for the Wolves.

Coupeville returns to action this Wednesday, May 4, when it travels to Langley for a meet which also includes Sultan and Lakewood.


Complete 4/27 results:



100 — Amaya Schaffeld (2nd) 14.91; Myra McDonald (9th) 15.66; Noelle Western (13th) 15.83; Aleksia Jump (16th) 16.33; Carly Burt (22nd) 16.46; Tenley Stuurmans (26th) 16.80; Willow Leedy-Bonifas (30th) 17.14; Abbigail Bond (37th) 17.73; Inara Maund (39th) 17.95

200 — Laken Simpson (3rd) 33.71; Marin Winger (5th) 37.36; Liza Zustiak (6th) 38.15

800 — Lillian Ketterling (2nd) 3:12.55; Mikayla Wagner (4th) 3:14.32

100 Hurdles — Stuurmans (7th) 21.86; Ava Carpenter (15th) 22.97; Zustiak (20th) 23.47; Frankie Tenore (23rd) 24.48; Emma McFadden (28th) 28.36

4 x 100 Relay — Carpenter, McDonald, Tirsit Cannon, Winger (4th) 1:04.93; Bond, Jump, Brynn Parker, Schaffeld (6th) 1:06.77; Ketterling, Devon Wyman, Wagner, Simpson (7th) 1:07.54

Shot Put — Leedy-Bonifas (6th) 19-09; Grier Mooney (7th) 19-08; Simpson (9th) 19-02; McFadden (10th) 18-04; Carpenter (13th) 17-01; Ketterling (16th) 15-10; Cannon (19th) 15-05; Winger (20th) 15-04; Ivy Rudat (21st) 15-00; Tenore (22nd) 14-08.50

Discus — Taylor Marrs (3rd) 53-01; Ketterling (9th) 42-02; Mooney (11th) 39-08; Leedy-Bonifas (12th) 38-08; Maund (17th) 32-00

High Jump — Schaffeld (8th) 3-10; Jump (10th) 3-06; McFadden (10th); Parker (10th) 3-06; Tenore (10th) 3-06

Long Jump — Burt (4th) 12-01.50; McDonald (5th) 11-09; Western (13th) 10-03; Rudat (14th) 10-02.50; Stuurmans (19th) 9-05.50; Cannon (20th) 9-05; Wagner (21st) 9-04.50; Parker (26th) 8-11; Tenore (29th) 8-07.50; Leedy-Bonifas (30th) 8-06; Maund (34th) 7-08; Wyman (34th) 7-08; Marrs (39th) 6-10



100 — Adrian Cunningham (9th) 14.40; Kenny Jacobsen (17th) 14.96; Wyatt Fitch-Marron (19th) 15.16; Beckett Green (20th) 15.17; Easton Green (30th) 16.20; Roger Merino-Martinez (31st) 16.24; Nathan Niewald (34th) 16.52; Shiloh Sandlin (37th) 17.38; Leonardo Rodriguez (38th) 17.40; Edmund Kunz (40th) 17.80; Zach Blitch (48th) 20.83; Dylan Robinett (49th) 21.79

200 — B. Green (6th) 30.97; Max Ohme (12th) 34.17

800 — George Spear (2nd) 2:44.14

1600 — Malachi Somes (2nd) 5:31.06; K. Jacobsen (13th) 6:24.49

110 Hurdles — Fitch-Marron (3rd) 21.86; Axel Marshall (7th) 22.82; Carson Grove (11th) 23.62; Spear (12th) 23.63; Merino-Martinez (13th) 25.39; Niewald (14th) 26.79; Ryan Beaston (17th) 30.05; Rodriguez (19th) 32.60; Robinett (20th) 38.55

4 x 100 Relay — Cunningham, Somes, Spear, E. Green (4th) 58.59

Shot Put — B. Green (16th) 17-08; Niewald (19th) 15-04; Robinett (20th) 15-03

Discus — Spear (11th) 59-00; Grove (15th) 53-05; Marshall (18th) 52-02; Ohme (22nd) 43-10; Blitch (27th) 40-10; Sandlin (28th) 31-09; Kunz (29th) 20-10

High Jump — E. Green (1st) 4-07; Fitch-Marron (4th) 4-01; Cunningham (6th) 3-10; Johnathan Jacobsen (6th) 3-10; Grove (12th) 3-08; Marshall (12th) 3-08; Ohme (12th) 3-08; Somes (12th) 3-08, Sandlin (17th) 3-04

Long Jump — Cunningham (7th) 13-04; Grove (14th) 11-08; K. Jacobsen (23rd) 11-02; Ohme (29th) 10-00; Merino-Martinez (30th) 9-11; Kunz (32nd) 9-07; Rodriguez (33rd) 9-05; Niewald (36th) 9-01

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Sophie Martin whacks a tennis ball on a much-drier day. (Photos by JohnsPhotos.net)

Mother Nature said no, ma’am.

With rain falling all day Thursday, Coupeville High School’s season-opening home girls tennis match against South Whidbey has been postponed.

It will be rescheduled at a later date, said CHS Athletic Director Willie Smith.

For now, the Wolves turn their eyes (and rackets) to Mar. 23, when they’re set to travel to Oak Harbor — weather willing.

Vivian Farris works on her forehand.

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Aidan Wilson, seen on the soccer pitch, won three events in a season-opening track meet. (Photo by JohnsPhotos.net)

Aidan Wilson was in fine form.

The Coupeville High School junior kicked off a new track and field season Wednesday in La Conner by claiming victory in three different events.

Competing in a nine-team meet at Jack Whitaker Field, Wilson captured titles in the 800 and long jump, while joining Reiley Araceley, Caleb Meyer, and Dominic Coffman on a victorious 4 x 100 relay squad.

Carolyn Lhamon (shot put) and Logan Martin (discus) also earned titles in the season opener, with both Wolf teams finishing second in the team standings.

The La Conner girls edged Coupeville 137.5-109.5, while the Mount Vernon Christian boys held off the Wolves 163.5-132.5.

Friday Harbor, Grace Academy, Lopez Island, Shoreline Christian, Lummi Nation, and Cedar Park Christian-Mountlake Terrace also competed.

Coupeville was strong across the board, recording 62 PR’s on the day.

“It was an amazing (long) day!,” said CHS girls coach Elizabeth Bitting. “These athletes now know where they stand and where they want to be.

“So much determination in them. So proud of them all!!!! SO PROUD!”


Complete Wednesday results:


100 — Taygin Jump (10th) 15.61 *PR*; Ava Mitten (11th) 15.65; Issabel Johnson (15th) 16.16 *PR*; Mercedes Kalwies-Anderson (24th) 17.23 *PR*

200 — Ja’Kenya Hoskins (3rd) 29.04; Lyla Stuurmans (4th) 29.19 *PR*; Mitten (7th) 32.39; Ayden Wyman (9th) 33.18 *PR*; Johnson (12th) 33.37 *PR*; Jump (14th) 33.82 *PR*

400 — Stuurmans (3rd) 1:08.24 *PR*

800 — Cristina McGrath (11th) 3:29.86 *PR*

1600 — Wyman (4th) 6:53.38 *PR*

100 Hurdles — Claire Mayne (7th) 25.54 *PR*

300 Hurdles — Mayne (9th) 1:08.09 *PR*; C. McGrath (11th) 1:12.16

4 x 100 Relay — Mayne, Jump, Mitten, Johnson (5th) 59.40

4 x 200 Relay — Stuurmans, Wyman, Ryanne Knoblich, Hoskins (2nd) 2:01.20

Shot Put — Carolyn Lhamon (1st) 29-08.50; Reese Wilkinson (7th) 20-10.75 *PR*; Erica McGrath (9th) 18-11.25 *PR*

Discus — E. McGrath (5th) 59-04.25 *PR*; Lhamon (6th) 59-03.25 *PR*; Wilkinson (7th) 54-11 *PR*; Aby Wood (8th) 47-02.75 *PR*

Javelin — Jump (4th) 66-06 *PR*; Wilkinson (6th) 58-08 *PR*; E. McGrath (8th) 52-04; Wood (10th) 51-07 *PR*; Mayne (13th) 42-08 *PR*

High Jump — Knoblich (3rd) 4-04; Kalwies-Anderson (6th) 4-02 *PR*

Long Jump — Hoskins (2nd) 13-05.50; Knoblich (3rd) 13-01 *PR*; Wyman (5th) 12-04 *PR*; C. McGrath (8th) 11-10

Triple Jump — Stuurmans (2nd) 29-01.50 *PR*; C. McGrath (6th) 25-09 *PR*



100 — Dominic Coffman (4th) 12.67; Preston Epp (26th) 14.21 *PR*

200 — Caleb Meyer (4th) 24.76 *PR*; Nick Guay (7th) 25.87 *PR*; Nehemiah Myles (10th) 26.48 *PR*; Mikey Robinett (24th) 29.48; Alex Bowder (29th) 33.75 *PR*

400 — Meyer (2nd) 54.81 *PR*; Reiley Araceley (8th) 1:04.01 *PR*

800 — Aidan Wilson (1st) 2:17.17; Hank Milnes (8th) 2:48.40

1600 — Carson Field (3rd) 5:09.11 *PR*; Mitchell Hall (6th) 5:23.30; Alex Merino-Martinez (10th) 5:59.01 *PR*; Tate Wyman (15th) 6:58.37

3200 — Hall (2nd) 12:19.98 *PR*

110 Hurdles — Araceley (3rd) 20.85 *PR*; Cael Wilson (6th) 46.96 *PR*

4 x 100 Relay — Araceley, Meyer, A. Wilson, Coffman (1st) 48.46

4 x 400 Relay — Field, Cameron Epp, Hall, A. Wilson (3rd) 4:08.63

Shot Put — Logan Martin (2nd) 39-04.25; Zac Tackett (5th) 31-07 *PR*; Josh Guay (18th) 18-06 *PR*

Discus — Martin (1st) 143-06; Tackett (7th) 74-11.75 *PR*; C. Epp (13th) 55-01.50 *PR*; Robinett (14th) 54-00.50; J. Guay (16th) 52-01 *PR*

Javelin — Hall (5th) 102-02 *PR*; Tackett (9th) 89-095 *PR*; C. Epp (10th) 89-00 *PR*; Field (11th) 87-05 *PR*; J. Guay (23rd) 32-02 *PR*

High Jump — Coffman (2nd) 5-06; Meyer (4th) 5-02 *PR*; N. Guay (5th) 5-00 *PR*; C. Wilson (9th) 4-06 *PR*

Long Jump — A. Wilson (1st) 18-00.50; N. Guay (6th) 16-05.00 *PR*; Araceley (10th) 15-10 *PR*; Myles (12th) 15-08 *PR*; Coffman (13th) 15-05; Robinett (13th) 15-05 *PR*; Milnes (15th) 15-04 *PR*; Field (16th) 15-03 *PR*; Bowder (22nd) 13-04 *PR*; J. Guay (24th) 12-01 *PR*; Merino-Martinez (26th) 11-07 *PR*

Triple Jump — Milnes (8th) 28-02 *PR*

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Hawthorne Wolfe reached base three times Saturday in Coupeville’s season opener. (Photos by JohnsPhotos.net)

They dug themselves a deep hole, then almost dug all the way back out.

But a rough start Saturday ultimately overcame a splendid finish for the Coupeville High School varsity baseball team.

Trailing 6-0 after an inning-and-a-half, haunted by defensive miscues, the Wolves roared back to life before falling 6-4 to visiting Mount Baker in the season opener for both teams.

The non-conference defeat, while not what Coupeville wanted, offers some key lessons for the hardball sluggers.

Lesson #1? Hold on to the ball.

Playing on a cold day, with an even colder prairie wind offering all sorts of trouble, the Wolves committed five errors in the early going — then settled down and made some superb defensive plays after that.

The errors, coming on booted balls and dropped fly balls, made life tough for Coupeville starting pitcher Cody Roberts.

The senior fireballer pitched strongly and held Mount Baker at bay through the game’s final five innings.

But the visitors, given second, third, and sometimes fourth chances, stung the Wolves for three runs in the top of the first inning, and another three in the second.

Mount Baker only had two base-hits during its six-run surge, and both were weakly-hit singles.

But the bad bounces, and too many balls touching mitt, then spinning away to freedom, were costly.

“We’ve got some things to work on,” said Coupeville coach Will Thayer. “But Cody threw an awesome game.”

Roberts helped end the bleeding with back-to-back strong defensive plays to close out the second inning.

With runners at second and third, and just one out, a pitch tore off a chunk of Wolf catcher Xavier Murdy’s glove and (briefly) squirted away.

But, just as the Mount Baker runner came crashing for home, X-Man spun to his left, snagged the wayward ball and dropped a throw to Roberts, who was flying in from the mound.

Wham, ball hit mitt.

Bam, Coupeville’s hurler slapped the tag.

Thank you, sir, as the home plate ump punched out the hapless runner, who meekly accepted his fate and crawled off to the darkest corner of the dugout.

A pitch later, it was all Roberts, as he used his throwing hand to slap a grounder into submission as it tried to skid past the mound.

Quickly recovering, he spun and lobbed the ball to Peyton Caveness at first base, beating the runner by several steps.

With both pitchers clamping down, the game zipped through a few wind-swept, but largely uneventful innings after that, until Coupeville finally found its offensive mojo in the bottom of the fourth.

The Wolves turned walks to Jonathan Valenzuela, Caveness (who was plunked), and Roberts, plus a balk, into their first run of the 2022 season.

There was more brewing, as Coupeville had the bases juiced with just one out, only to see Baker escape via back-to-back strikeouts.

Scott Hilborn delivered a pair of hits in a loss to Mount Baker.

The next time around, the Wolves didn’t let their guests off the hook quite as easily, racking up three runs in the fifth to close within 6-4.

Hawthorne Wolfe launched a leadoff single to center — one of his two hits on the day — with a walk to Murdy and an RBI single from Scott Hilborn making things interesting.

CHS cleanup hitter Jonathan Valenzuela plated a run on a fielder’s choice, while Coupeville’s final run came zipping home on a wild pitch which ended up rolling almost all the way to Deception Pass.

That set up the possibility of a wild finish, and Roberts and his defense did everything they could to get the Wolves there.

Hilborn made a nice running snag deep in the hole at shortstop, pulling in a fly ball over his shoulder, while Wolfe and Xavier Murdy teamed up for another wham-bam play.

On that highlight reel entry, a ball plopped in front of a charging Hawk in center, with the CHS outfielder appearing to bluff the Mount Baker runner headed to third by acting like he had lost the ball.

He had not.

Once the sucker … I mean runner … skittered for home, Wolfe flicked the ball skyward, launching a cannon shot, with the orb dropping with a very-satisfying little sigh into Murdy’s outstretched glove.

If this was a cartoon, that would have been the moment the Mount Baker runner’s face turned into that of a braying donkey as he realized he had been made to look like a jackass.

But we’re in the real world, so a loud “OUT!!” carrying through the gusting wind sufficed.

Down to its final at-bat, trailing by two runs with two outs and no one aboard, Coupeville almost pulled off a stunner.

Hilborn and Valenzuela punched back-to-back base-hits to bring the game-winning run to the plate, but Baker dodged a bullet, snuffing the rally by inducing a final groundout.

Roberts finished with six strikeouts while throwing a complete game for the Wolves, with Wolfe (2), Hilborn (2), and Valenzuela (1) combining for Coupeville’s five hits.

Caveness, Valenzuela, Wolfe, Roberts, and Xavier Murdy each collected a walk, while Jack Porter, Sage Sharp, Alex Murdy, and 8th grader Chase Anderson completed Coupeville’s opening day lineup.

The Wolves return to action with three more non-conference tilts next week.

Coupeville hosts South Whidbey Mar. 15, travels to Lynden Christian Mar. 16, and hosts North Mason Mar. 19.

Coupeville coaches plot strategy.

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Game one is in the books. (Photos by JohnsPhotos.net)

New season, new pics.

The Coupeville Middle School girls basketball program kicked off the 2022 campaign Thursday against visiting Langley, offering up two high-energy games.

Wandering the baseline, photo whiz kid John Fisken snapped the pics seen above and below.

But what you see here is just the beginning.

To see everything he shot, and possibly purchase some glossies for the grandparents in Gresham, pop over to:







Liza Zustiak (4) runs interference as Haylee Armstrong scans the defense.

The stands were crammed on opening night.

Adeline Maynes (16) and Chelsi Stevens (17) offer up some lock-down defense.

Kierra Thayer denies you.

Willow Leedy-Bonifas pushes the ball up-floor.

Tenley Stuurmans slices to the hoop.

The Wolf bench gets rowdy.

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