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Vivian Farris and her CHS tennis teammates had a sensational spring. (Photos by JohnsPhotos.net)

Eryn Wood (left) and Noelle Daigneault are expected to be team leaders when they return next spring.

They ran the table.

6-0 in team matches.

30-0 in individual varsity matches.

The battle for the Northwest 2B/1B League title during this pandemic-shortened season was a two-school rumble between Coupeville and Friday Harbor, and the former dominated the latter.

Putting a final punctuation mark on the whole affair, the Wolves closed their most-recent campaign with another 5-0 win over the Wolverines, this one coming Monday at Friday Harbor.

Now, in a lightning-fast turnaround, Coupeville coach Ken Stange bids adieu to his female netters, and will be back on the CHS courts Tuesday to welcome his boys squad back to action.

With traditional fall sports being played AFTER spring sports as everyone deals with the fallout from Covid, the Wolf boys will play the first of their six matches April 7.

Stange, now in his 16th year of coaching both CHS net squads, got the most he could out of the girls season, shuffling players around and giving as many volleyers as possible a crack at playing in a varsity match.

Monday’s road trip was the final prep tennis match for three Wolf seniors, as Jaimee Masters, Emily Fiedler, and Genna Wright wrapped up long, successful runs.

Masters and Fiedler played as Stange’s #1 doubles duo during their senior campaign, while Wright lived at #1 singles for her entire four-year CHS journey.


Complete Monday results:



1st Singles — Genna Wright beat Allie Fleming 6-0, 6-1

2nd Singles — Abby Mulholland beat Lucy Martin 6-2, 6-1

1st Doubles — Jaimee Masters/Emily Fiedler beat Liliia Gamez/Emilie Mason 6-0, 6-0

2nd Doubles — Eryn Wood/Helen Strelow beat Amelia Eltinge/Ava Martin 6-3, 6-1

3rd Doubles — Mary Milnes/Katelin McCormick beat Lucy Marinkovich/Eleanor Rollins 4-6, 6-1, 10-5



4th Doubles — Lucy Tenore/Sophie Martin beat Trinity Cullen/Isabella VanderYacht 8-0

5th Doubles — Hayley Fiedler/Vivian Farris beat Elanor Gislason/Sidney Herda 8-2

6th Doubles — Nozomi Hagihara/Hayley Thomas beat Eva Sanabria/Lilli Turnbow 8-5

7th Doubles — Gwen Crowder/Strelow beat Annabelle Mountford/? 8-3

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The day was grey, but Melanie Navarro’s future is bright. (Photos by JohnsPhotos.net)

The camera rarely rests.

Bouncing between Oak Harbor and Coupeville, wanderin’ photo whiz kid John Fisken had a busy weekend, shooting a little here, a little there.

The photos above and below capture Wolf softball and girls tennis teams in action as both clinched Northwest 2B/1B League titles.

To see everything Fisken snapped, and maybe buy a nice present or two for the grandparents, pop over to the links below.

SB 2021-03-27 vs Darrington – John’s Photos

GT 2021-03-26 vs Friday Harbor – John’s Photos

Emily Fiedler combines ballet with tennis.

Three generations of Wolf softball experts.

Jill Prince, about to make a sensational mid-air, bare-handed catch after a line drive smacked off her glove.

Maya Lucero makes the ball pop into super-focus.

Jaimee Masters glides into a shot.

Celebrating being 9-0.

Genna Wright lunges for a winner.

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Genna Wright is the first Wolf in the last 16 years to play their entire prep career at #1 singles. (Photos by JohnsPhotos.net)

Jaimee Masters (left) and Emily Fiedler join Wright in being honored on Senior Night.

It was a unique farewell.

For the 16th time at Coupeville High School, girls tennis coach Ken Stange bid adieu to his seniors with heartfelt sentiment and a fair share of laughs.

Friday’s ceremony, which honored Emily Fiedler, Jaimee Masters, and Genna Wright, was like no others, as Age of Coronavirus regulations shortened the season and left everyone clad in masks.

But the trio still got its moment in the sun, and photos courtesy wanderin’ camera bug John Fisken.

Before leading their team to a fifth-straight win, the Wolf seniors each had their own farewell statement to deliver.

An excerpt from each:


Jaimee Masters:

Everyone has been so nice and understanding, so much that I could actually be myself and grow.

Tennis has really impacted me and I appreciate anyone who has been here and I will miss everyone so much.

Masters and the family.


Emily Fiedler:

I would like to thank all of the tennis girls from the past years and the girls now, everyone has always been so sweet and friendly.

I appreciate how lighthearted tennis is and how much fun I always have when playing.

Fiedler and the parentals.


Genna Wright:

Thank you mom and dad for constantly doing the most for me.

Thank you for showing and always being my biggest cheerleaders, for making sure I had enough food packed for away matches and picking up all the small pieces.

I could not have done it without you.

Wright and associates.

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After another win Friday afternoon, Sophie Martin and the CHS girls tennis squad are closing in on a perfect season. (Photo by JohnsPhotos.net)

Get in, get out, take care of business.

Playing on the coldest day of this pandemic-shortened season Friday, the Coupeville High School girls tennis players were methodical, and occasionally inspired, as they swept to their fifth-straight win.

Bouncing visiting Friday Harbor 5-0 in the day’s varsity match, the Wolves moved to the edge of cementing a perfect season.

Coupeville will go for a perfect 6-0 record in team matches, and a 30-0 mark in individual matches, when it travels to Friday Harbor for the season finale Monday afternoon.

Playing in front of their home fans for the final time, Wolf seniors Genna Wright, Jaimee Masters, and Emily Fiedler were honored on Senior Night, then won convincingly.

Wright is the first CHS tennis player, girl or boy, to be the team’s #1 singles ace for their entire prep career during Ken Stange’s 16-year run as coach of both programs.

The youngest of four children, she was in top form Friday, skipping lasers into every corner of the court.

Nearby, Fiedler and Masters, capping a season as Coupeville’s top doubles duo, were an entertaining mix of finesse and power, delivering the day’s only 6-0, 6-0 win.

As the last fleeting remnants of sunshine fled and hid behind the clouds, the final varsity match still on the court featured Katelin McCormick and Mary Milnes, the masters of the lob.

The duo bedeviled their opponents with high, arching shots from all angles, seemingly on swing after swing, before finishing with a burst of their own power.

McCormick, sliding to her right, angled a note-perfect volley which split her foes for a winner, before Milnes unleashed a can of whup-ass, firing off an overhead smash to definitively end a rally.


Complete Friday results:



1st Singles — Genna Wright beat Allie Fleming 6-2, 6-0

2nd Singles — Abby Mulholland beat Lucy Martin 6-2, 6-0

1st Doubles — Jaimee Masters/Emily Fiedler beat Liliia Gamez/Emilie Mason 6-0, 6-0

2nd Doubles — Noelle Daigneault/Eryn Wood beat Amelia Eltinge/Ava Martin 6-1, 6-1

3rd Doubles — Mary Milnes/Katelin McCormick beat Lucy Marinkovich/Eleanor Rollins 6-3, 6-3



4th Doubles — Lucy Tenore/Sophie Martin beat Trinity Cullen/Isabella VanderYacht 8-0

5th Doubles — Helen Strelow/Nozomi Hagihara beat Elanor Gislason/Sidney Herda 8-1

6th Doubles — Vivian Farris/Hayley Fiedler beat Eva Sanabria/Lilli Turnbow 8-1

7th Doubles — Hayley Thomas/Gwen Crowder lost to Annabelle Mountford/Cullen 8-3

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Audrianna Shaw takes a cut during a team scrimmage. (Tiffani Blazek photo)

Sage Sharp frames a pitch. (Morgan White photo)

“Stop … hammer time!” (Blazek photo)

Abby Mulholland (left) offers a helping hand to a rival. (Renae Mulholland photo)

Zane Oldenstadt (13) watches hardball action unfold under the fading prairie light. (Michelle Glass photo)

Mckenna Somes is locked and loaded at the plate. (Megan Somes photo)

The pandemic has changed many things, but there is one constant for CHS athletes — frequent ferry rides. (Glass photo)

The CHS softball sluggers are (sorta) ready for their closeup. (Aaron Lucero photo)

Take a picture. It’ll last longer.

As this pandemic-shortened spring sports season zips by, Coupeville parents are taking heed of that bit of wisdom.

Cameras are clicking, and the return to school athletics in the Age of Coronavirus is being documented from many angles.

Thanks to some of those parents, here’s a collection of images from the prairie and beyond.

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