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Kaitlyn Leavell, ready to fire aces. (Jackie Saia photo)

The weather was fair, and the tennis was hot.

The Coupeville High School netters kicked off a new season Thursday, putting up a strong fight before being nipped 3-2 by visiting Granite Falls.

“Not bad for a first match,” said longtime Wolf tennis guru Ken Stange.

With only one other Northwest 2B/1B League rival playing girls tennis — the Wolves and Friday Harbor clash four times — CHS has four non-conference matches scheduled against 1A schools.

Coupeville will play home and away series with Granite Falls and South Whidbey, with the rematch against the Tigers set for Mar. 27.

After opening at home, the Wolves play their next three matches on the road, not returning to their own courts again until Mar. 31.

Wolf netters (l to r) Vivian Farris, Hayley Fiedler, and Emma Morano kick off a new season. (Lucy Tenore photo)


Thursday’s results:


1st Singles — Helen Strelow beat Blair Johnson 6-0, 6-1

2nd Singles — Djina Radenovic lost to Ava Combs 6-0, 6-1

1st Doubles — Hayley Fiedler/Vivian Farris beat Alexa Mace/Danika Mace 6-1, 6-1

2nd Doubles — Skylar Parker/Elizabeth Lo lost to Paige Buchholz/Ashlee Meusling 6-4, 6-0

3rd Doubles — Kaitlyn Leavell/Emma Morano lost to Marjorye Garcia/Brooke Mann 8-2

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Jada Heaton (jumping), Mia Farris (12), and Skylar Parker (right) are all three-sport athletes. (Photo by JohnsPhotos.net)

No rest for the truly dedicated.

A look at spring rosters shows that 22 Coupeville High School students — 10 girls and 12 boys — are finishing the job as three-sport athletes for the 2022-2023 school year.

At schools with small student bodies, having a strong showing in year-round athletes is huge, so it’s great to see so many Wolves complete the trifecta.

There are plenty of reasons why some CHS athletes choose to play just one or two sports, starting with the fact basketball is their only option during winter.

Don’t play God’s chosen sport? Can’t be a three-sport athlete in Cow Town.

Unless you make the move to wrestle or swim with another school during the snowy months, but that has been an infrequent occurrence.

Injuries, a need to concentrate on academics, home life requirements, or simply a desire to have a job or get your license — all reasons which sometimes come into play when sports-related decisions are made.

To each, their own choice.

But today we praise the 22 who made the commitment, in time and effort, to be an athlete for all seasons.

The blog is called Coupeville Sports, after all, and not Coupeville Teens Washing Dishes.

Anyways, those who gave all:



Teagan Calkins (Volleyball, Basketball, Softball)
Mia Farris
(Volleyball, Basketball, Softball)
Jada Heaton (Volleyball, Basketball, Softball)
Ryanne Knoblich
(Volleyball, Basketball, Track)
Carolyn Lhamon
(Soccer, Basketball, Track)
Katie Marti
(Volleyball, Basketball, Track)
Madison McMillan
(Volleyball, Basketball, Softball)
Brynn Parker
(Soccer, Basketball, Tennis)
Skylar Parker
(Soccer, Basketball, Tennis)
Lyla Stuurmans
(Volleyball, Basketball, Track)



Chase Anderson (Football, Basketball, Baseball)
Dominic Coffman
(Football, Basketball, Track)
Nick Guay (Soccer, Basketball, Track)
Zane Oldenstadt
(Football, Basketball, Track)
Aiden O’Neill
(Football, Basketball, Baseball)
Jack Porter
(Football, Basketball, Baseball)
Johnny Porter
(Football, Basketball, Baseball)
Landon Roberts
(Cross Country, Basketball, Baseball)
Yohannon Sandles
(Football, Basketball, Baseball)
Malachi Somes
(Football, Basketball, Track)
Jonathan Valenzuela
(Football, Basketball, Baseball)
Cole White
(Soccer, Basketball, Baseball)

Aiden O’Neill is a man for all seasons. (Davin Houston photo)

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The Battlin’ Lucero twins are back to lead Coupeville High School softball into a new season. (Photo courtesy Jess Lucero)

Spring is sprung.

The weather isn’t all that balmy, but the calendar says Feb. 27 and Washington state is famous for starting prep spring sports way too early, so here we go again.

Coupeville High School softball, baseball, track and field, and girls’ tennis are back at it, with the first games two weeks away.

Wolf track and field has a stacked roster. (Photo courtesy Bob Martin)

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Mia Farris and Co. start spring sports practices Feb. 27. (Photos by JohnsPhotos.net)

It snowed in Coupeville last night. At least a few flakes.

So, perfect time to start thinking about spring sports.

Because, if the past tells us anything, it’s this — it’ll be cold, wet, and windy through almost every game, with perfect temps and sunshine for the season finale.

And ONLY the season finale.

It’s the Whidbey way…

That being said, Coupeville High School spring teams will hit the practice field (or court, or oval), Monday, Feb. 27.

Wolf baseball has a new head coach in Steve Hilborn, while Kevin McGranahan (softball), Elizabeth Bitting and Bob Martin (track and field), and Ken Stange (girls’ tennis) are all back to add another season to their resumes.

Nick Guay should be back to soar into the heavens.

With the pandemic having receded, there are full schedules for the first time in several seasons.

Both CHS softball and baseball are set to play 20 regular-season games, with three league games against fellow 2B schools La Conner and Friday Harbor, and two each against the 1B schools.

Mount Vernon Christian doesn’t field a softball program, however, so McGranahan’s crew picks up an extra road double-header with Eastern Washington power Onalaska.

Tennis is the trickiest sport to schedule, as just two of seven NWL teams play the sport.

That means four matchups between Coupeville and Friday Harbor, with the rest of the schedule filled out with bigger schools.

The Wolves currently have home-and-away series with 1A schools South Whidbey and Granite Falls, and Coupeville Athletic Director Willie Smith plans to add several more, with 3A Oak Harbor a likely contender.

The schedules below are valid as of Feb. 14, but can, and very likely will be tweaked as things play out.

For one thing, barring some kind of miracle all-sun-all-the-time spring for the first time in recorded history on the prairie, Mother Nature will shake things up.

“I can’t feel the lower half of my body on this sublime “spring” day, Skippy, but please kid, take your sweet time throwing a whole bunch of warmup pitches…”

To monitor those changes, keep an eye on these websites:


School calendar:



Northwest 2B/1B League site:



And here are the skeds, with (*) indicating league contests.



Mon-Mar. 13 — @ Meridian — (4:00)
Wed-Mar. 15 — South Whidbey — (4:00)
Sat-Mar. 18 — @ North Mason — (12:00)
Tue-Mar. 21 — La Conner (*) — (4:00)
Sat-Mar. 25 — Forks — (1:00)
Tue-Mar. 28 — @ Friday Harbor (*) — (4:00)
Thur-Mar. 30 — @ Mount Vernon Christian (*) — (4:00)
Sat-Apr. 1 — Orcas Island (*) — (1:00)
Sat-Apr. 8 — @ Concrete (*) — (1:00)
Mon-Apr. 10 — Sultan — (4:00)
Tues-Apr. 11 — Darrington (*) — (4:00)
Thur-Apr. 13 — @ La Conner (*) — (4:00)
Tue-Apr. 18 — Friday Harbor (*) — (4:00)
Wed-Apr. 19 — @ South Whidbey — (4:00)
Thur-Apr. 20 — Mount Vernon Christian (*) — (4:00)
Sat-Apr. 22 — @ Orcas Island (*) — (1:00)
Tue-Apr. 25 — Concrete (*) — (4:00)
Thur-Apr. 27 — @ Darrington (*) — (4:00)
Sat-Apr. 29 — La Conner (*) — (4:00)
Thur-May 4 — @ Friday Harbor (*) — (4:00)



Thur-Mar. 16 — Granite Falls — (3:30)
Tues-Mar. 21 — @ Friday Harbor (*) — (4:00)
Thur-Mar. 23 — @ South Whidbey — (3:30)
Mon-Mar. 27 — @ Granite Falls — (3:30)
Fri-Mar. 31 — Friday Harbor (*) — (4:00)
Fri-Apr. 14 — South Whidbey — (3:30)
Fri-Apr. 21 — Friday Harbor (*) — (4:00)
Tues-May 2 — @ Friday Harbor (*) — (4:30)



Mon-Mar. 13 — @ Meridian — (4:00)
Wed-Mar. 15 — South Whidbey — (4:00)
Tue-Mar. 21 — La Conner (*) — (4:00)
Sat-Mar. 25 — Forks — (1:00)
Sat-Mar. 25 — Granite Falls — (4:00)
Tue-Mar. 28 — @ Friday Harbor (*) — (4:00)
Fri-Mar. 31 — Cedar Park Christian — (4:00)
Sat-Apr. 1 — Orcas Island (*) — (1:00)
Sat-Apr. 8 — @ Concrete (*) — (1:00)
Tue-Apr. 11 — Darrington (*) — (4:00)
Thur-Apr. 13 — La Conner (*) — (4:00)
Sat-Apr. 15 — @ Onalaska – Game 1 — (TBD)
Sat-Apr. 15 — @ Onalaska – Game 2 — (TBD)
Tue-Apr. 18 — Friday Harbor (*) — (4:00)
Sat-Apr. 22 — @ Orcas Island (*) — (1:00)
Tue-Apr. 25 — Concrete (*) — (4:00)
Thur-Apr. 27 — @ Darrington (*) — (4:00)
Sat-Apr. 29 — La Conner (*) — (4:00)
Thur-May 4 — @ Friday Harbor (*) — (4:00)
Sat-May 12 — @ South Whidbey — (4:00)



Wed-Mar. 15 — @ La Conner (*) — (3:30)
Wed-Mar. 22 — HOME MEET (*) — (3:30)
Wed-Mar. 29 — @ Mount Vernon (*) — (3:30)
Fri-Mar. 31 — @ Trojan Twilight (Meridian) — (4:00)
Sat-Apr. 8 — @ Birger/Solberg Invite (Bellingham) — (10:00)
Sat-Apr. 22 — @ Eason Invite (Snohomish) — (10:00)
Sat-Apr. 29 — @ Sunny & 70’s Invite (Lakewood) — (10:00)
Wed-May 3 — @ League Championships (La Conner) — (3:30)
Sat-May 13 — Districts (HOME MEET) — (11:00)
TBD — @ Quad-Districts (TBD) — (TBD)
Thur/Sat-May 25-27 — @ State (Yakima) — (TBD)

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Jessica Boling, one of the best and brightest ever to walk the Coupeville High School hallways. (All photos poached from Miss Boling’s Facebook)

In a world of stars, Jessica Boling is the bright, blazing sun.

A talented athlete (and sometimes Videoville renter in her early days), the Coupeville High School grad has gone on to a truly impressive post-Wolf career.

Two college degrees are just the start, as Jessica earned a bachelor’s and master’s from renowned universities.

The first degree, which came in Social Work with a focus on International Development, is from Seattle University.

Her Master’s in Social Work, with a focus on Community Organizing, Policy and Administration, was issued by Boston College.

Ready to unleash volleyball excellence.

While some of us were content to hang around small towns renting DVD’s, Jessica journeyed to Cameroon, where she completed a Fulbright Fellowship.

From there, she’s spent years making Wisconsin a better place.

I mean, go down a list of her accomplishments, which includes her current position as Assistant Deputy Executive Director for the Wisconsin Housing and Economic Development Authority.

Jessica is also the co-chair for the Asian American and Pacific Islanders Coalition of Wisconsin, which allows her to help others embrace and celebrate their cultural heritage.

With Coupeville’s superstar driving the train, the AAPI launched “a first-of-its kind statewide coalition to amplify the AAPI voice, build awareness, lead advocacy projects, and raise funding for key initiatives.”

Jessica and Co. also worked to achieve their goal of seeing the Wisconsin Association of School Boards develop an AAPI history and culture curriculum for the state’s public schools.

And we can keep going and going, as Jessica seemingly fills every one of her hours with work in her community.

The former Wolf is a member of the Governor’s Equity and Inclusion Council.

A commissioner for the City of Milwaukee Equal Rights Commission.

A board member for Doyenne, a nonprofit that provides professional development for female entrepreneurs.

Plus, she’s a board member for the National Association of Asian American Professionals and was previously the Director of Operations for an “angel investment” group which helped secure investments for Wisconsin-based startups.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Jessica has been at the forefront of fighting for voter rights and has provided a strong voice in advocating for more help as anti-Asian hate crimes have risen.

The bright, super-talented young woman who once suited up for CHS volleyball and tennis squads has gone on to reach success in the real world that is truly astounding.

That her life’s work has been for the benefit of others is even more impressive.

Coupeville might have been just a small slice of Jessica’s story, but we can still claim her as one of the best to ever grace our community.

Induction into the Coupeville Sports Hall o’ Fame — a digital shrine which exists largely in our minds — will probably rank fairly low on the awards meter compared to some of the hardware she has rightfully earned.

But it’s what we have, a way to let Jessica know we still remember her and we’re very, very impressed watching from afar as she soars.

It’s also a way to put Wisconsin on notice — better appreciate what you have, because what you have is the absolute best.

After this, in our digital world, you’ll find Jessica at the top of the blog, hanging out under the Legends tab with others inducted over the past decade.

Back in the real world, look for where positive change is being made on a daily basis, where all cultures are embraced, and where committed souls fight for a better world.

That’s where you’ll find Jessica Boling.

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