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First-year Coupeville netters Logan Martin (left) and Miles Davidson pushed their rivals from state power University Prep to a third set Thursday afternoon. (Charlotte Young photo)

Flaky dough. Delicate pears. The perfect touch of sweetness, without being cloying.

What? Yes, of course they played tennis Thursday afternoon in Coupeville, and yes, I’ll tell you about it.

But first, a big shout-out to University Prep coaches, who handed out complimentary, crafted-in-Seattle pastries after the match was done.

You sirs, are the real heroes, and the “working press” thanks you.

I may even have to reconsider the whole “bitchin’ and whining about private schools” stance I so love to traffic in.

Maybe. Possibly. We’ll see.

It may take me a while to warm up to schools like King’s and Archbishop Murphy, but U Prep, you had me at “free, delicious pastry.”

Oh, and the tennis match which preceded my sultry taste-bud tango with my unexpected delish dessert? It went about as expected.

U Prep, which is almost always in play for glory at the state tourney, won 5-0 to stay atop the battle for Emerald City League supremacy.

But public school Coupeville, which sits at 1-8 headed into a Friday home match with The Bush School, a team the Wolves beat earlier this season, put up some nice resistance.

Most of it came in two matches – #1 singles and #3 doubles.

U Prep’s top gun, Tyler Wurzer, finished third at the state tourney as a sophomore, and, if anything, his game has just gotten more impressive during his junior campaign.

The Puma pounder slapped winners from every direction, combining big power with uncanny touch, and yet Coupeville’s Drake Borden didn’t go down without delivering some impressive shots of his own.

One point in particular was a big fan-pleaser, as the duo exchanged knockout punches from the baseline.

With Wurzer drifting ever so slightly to his left, Borden lashed a long shot to the deepest, darkest corner in the right, and the ball clipped the last little bit of open space, biting the line, then spinning away into the fence for a winner.

It earned a quick acknowledgement from Wurzer, who smiled ever so slightly, and a big roar from Borden’s loyal rooting section, led by CHS coach Ken Stange, who jumped up and punched the air.

The closest match came at #3 doubles, where first-year players Miles Davidson and Logan Martin, who are still in the trial-run part of their tennis careers, fought back to take the second set and force a match-deciding tiebreaker.

While the young Wolves eventually fell to their more-experienced foes, they did so only after putting in their best performances of the season, with both coming up with sweet work at the net.


Complete Thursday results:


1st Singles — Drake Borden lost to Tyler Wurzer 6-0, 6-2

2nd Singles — Mason Grove lost to Mattias Keaunui 6-2, 6-3

1st Doubles — James Wood/Zach Ginnings lost to Nicholas Arron/Jackson Wurzer 6-0, 6-0

2nd Doubles — Thane Peterson/Andrew Aparicio lost to Axel Andrews/Eli Pruzan 6-0, 6-0

3rd Doubles — Miles Davidson/Logan Martin lost to Mitchell Zell/Trevor Zell 6-1, 6-7(5-7), 10-4


3rd Singles — Koby Schreiber lost to Will Cast 6-2, 6-0

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Coupeville’s Koby Schreiber and doubles partner Thane Peterson put up a strong fight Monday while facing a tennis titan. (Photo by JohnsPhotos.net)

No one said this was going to be easy.

Almost every match in the Emerald City League pits the Coupeville High School boys tennis squad against a powerhouse private school, and Monday’s rumble was a main event.

University Prep lives at the state tournament, when its players aren’t otherwise playing year-round, often with private coaches, on high-grade courts.

So when I tell you the Pumas bounced the Wolves 5-0 in a match played at the Tennis Center at Sand Point in Seattle, it shouldn’t come as too much of a shock.

Still, Ken Stange’s CHS squad didn’t roll over, with matches at first singles and third doubles especially competitive.

Drake Borden had an especially large target at the top of the order, as his opponent finished 3rd at state a season ago.

While the loss drops Coupeville to 0-3 in ECL play, the Wolves get two more chances this week, and will shortly see an increase in their eligible players.

CHS returns to Seattle Wednesday to face The Bush School, then hosts Overlake Friday afternoon.

The Wolves, who have had to forfeit #2 singles in each match so far, has been competing with seven players in a league where there are eight varsity slots per team.

But that changes Friday, when a pair of late-comers will finally have enough practices under their belt to earn the chance to swing a racket in a competitive match.


Complete Monday results:

1st Singles — Drake Borden lost to Tyler Wurzer 6-1, 6-4

2nd Singles — CHS forfeits

1st Doubles — James Wood/Mason Grove lost to Nicholas Arron/Axel Andrews 6-1, 6-1

2nd Doubles — Zach Ginnings/Andrew Aparicio lost to Mattias Keaunui/Mitchell Zell 6-0, 6-1

3rd Doubles — Thane Peterson/Koby Schreiber lost 6-2, 6-3

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Mason Grove and Co. put in a solid effort Wednesday against a strong University Prep team, but came away still looking for their first win. (Photo by JohnsPhotos.net)

A rebuilding Coupeville High School baseball team made positive strides Wednesday night in Shoreline.

While it wasn’t enough to stop a dangerous University Prep team, which rolled to an 11-2 non-conference win, its fifth straight victory, it’s all about the progress for the Wolves.

A young, fairly inexperienced club, which was missing its starting catcher and #1 hitter, started to wake up the bats.

Coupeville, which is 0-7 on the season, has been struggling to collect base-knocks.

Wednesday night they fared better, however, rapping out four hits off of strong Puma pitching.

Ulrik Wells bashed a double, while Matt Hilborn, Hawthorne Wolfe, and Jake Pease all notched singles.

Take those four hits, toss in five walks, and the Wolves scored more than a single run for just the second time this season.

Both runs came in the third inning, when CHS combined walks to Shane Losey and Dane Lucero with singles by Hilborn and Pease to plate a pair.

Coupeville had other chances, but stranded several base-runners, including Wells after he blasted his two-bagger.

Another bright spot for the Wolves was getting strong performances from a trio of young hurlers.

Sophomore starting pitcher Daniel Olson whiffed six batters across three innings of work, while freshmen Hawthorne Wolfe and Cody Roberts combined to add three more K’s between the fourth and sixth innings.

Roberts was especially sharp, tossing two shutout innings to end the game.

He surrendered just a single hit, while ringing up a pair of Pumas, including the final batter he faced.

University Prep, which bashed Coupeville’s North Sound Conference rivals Sultan (23-4) and Granite Falls (14-0) earlier, never delivered a true knockout punch to the Wolves.

The Pumas chipped away, scoring a run in the bottom of the first, before adding three in the second, five in the third, and a final two in the fourth.

They weren’t able to 10-run Coupeville like they had done with the Turks and Tigers, however, forcing them to play the full seven innings before walking off with a 5-2 record.

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Jakobi Baumann, normally a singles player, teamed with Drake Borden to play doubles Friday. (Photo by JohnsPhotos.net)

Sometimes it’s just about survival.

Facing off with University Prep, arguably the premier boys tennis program in Washington state, Coupeville absorbed a beatin’ Friday afternoon.

The Wolves shuffled their lineup a bit to mix things up, but were still mauled 5-0 by the Pumas, who have won more state titles than there are stars in the sky.

As they navigate the choppy waters of the private school-dominated Emerald City League, the CHS netters are still staying afloat, with a solid 4-4 record on the season.

Coupeville gets right back at it next week, with a road trip Wednesday to face Bush, and then a rematch at home Friday against Overlake.


Complete Friday results:



1st Singles — Jaschon Baumann lost 6-0, 6-0

2nd Singles — Tiger Johnson lost 6-0, 6-0

1st Doubles — Jakobi Baumann/Drake Borden lost 6-0, 6-0

2nd Doubles — Mason Grove/James Wood lost 6-2, 6-2

3rd Doubles — Jacob Burke/Zach Ginnings lost 6-1, 6-0



4th Doubles — Andrew Aparicio/Koby Schreiber lost 6-1, 6-2

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Koby Schreiber won his match Tuesday against University Prep. (Photo by JohnsPhotos.net)

No small challenges.

Two Coupeville High School athletic teams faced a similar dilemma Tuesday – how to respond when facing off with the defending state champs.

And, while both the Wolf boys tennis and girls soccer squads ended up falling to their private school rivals, they met at least part of that challenge, keeping the score competitive and putting up a solid fight.

The CHS booters fell 4-0 to visiting King’s, while the Wolf netters exited their home court after absorbing a 4-1 loss to University Prep.

The defeats dropped soccer to 0-2-1 on the young season and tennis to 1-1.

While Coupeville didn’t get a goal past the Knights, they did have a fair amount of quality shots, while Wolf goaltender Sarah Wright snagged a variety of skillful saves.

“We put up a good fight, and beside a lack of focus to start the game and second half, we played really well,” said CHS coach Kyle Nelson. “I saw improved play all over the field; we are headed in the right direction quickly.”

The net squad, facing a U Prep team which has rolled to back-to-back state titles, got a win at #2 singles from Drake Borden, and pressed the Pumas hard in several other matches.

Complete Tuesday tennis results:


1st Singles — Jakobi Baumann lost 6-3, 6-0

2nd Singles — Drake Borden won 7-5, 7-5

1st Doubles — Zach Ginnings/Jacob Burke lost 6-0, 6-0

2nd Doubles — Mason Grove/James Wood lost 7-6(7-2), 6-1

3rd Doubles — Tiger Johnson/Jaschon Baumann lost 6-3, 6-4


3rd Singles — Koby Schreiber won 6-2

4th Doubles — Harris Sinclair/Andrew Aparicio lost 6-0

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