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Coupeville Middle School track athletes continue to set PR’s left and right. (Photos by JohnsPhotos.net)

The future is now.

As the Coupeville Middle School track and field season winds down, the young Wolves continue to capture the attention of photo-snappers everywhere.

The pics above and below come to us from John Fisken, but they’re just the tip of the iceberg.

To see a lot more, and possibly purchase some glossies for the grandparents in Great Neck, pop over to:



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Coupeville 8th grader Malachi Somes won the 1600 Wednesday at a four-team track meet. (Photo by JohnsPhotos.net)

Call them road warriors.

Surviving a trip to Lakewood Wednesday, the Coupeville Middle School track and field team thrived during a four-team meet.

The Wolves, facing off with Sultan, Northshore Christian Academy, and the meet hosts, captured three wins and 69 PR’s as action unfolded.

CMS 6th grader Lillian Ketterling, who claimed first-place in the 800, joined 8th graders Malachi Somes (1600) and Adrian Cunningham (long jump) in making it to the top of the podium.

Coupeville also nabbed nine second-place showings, with four of those runner-up performances coming in relay races.

Fresh off their strong performance, the Wolves return home, hosting their next meet May 18.

That event will bring South Whidbey, Granite Falls, and Northshore to town.


Complete Wednesday results:




8th grade:

100 — Amaya Schaffeld (2nd) 14.43 *PR*; Noelle Western (3rd) 14.98 *PR*; Carly Burt (12th) 16.03; Aleksia Jump (16th) 16.19; Abbigail Bond (21st) 16.65 *PR*; Brynn Parker (24th) 17.21 *PR*

200 — Liza Zustiak (15th) 37.22

100 Hurdles — Frankie Tenore (8th) 23.80 *PR*; Zustiak (9th) 24.19

4 x 100 Relay — Burt, Western, Jump, Schaffeld (2nd) 1:01.23; No Names Listed (3rd) 1:10.85

Shot Put — Grier Mooney (9th) 18-04.50

Discus — Mooney (8th) 39-07

High Jump — Jump (4th) 3-10 *PR*; Parker (4th) 3-10 *PR*; Schaffeld (7th) 3-08

Long Jump — Western (3rd) 11-06 *PR*; Burt (5th) 11-04; Zustiak (10th) 9-10 *PR*; Tenore (14th) 9-01; Parker (15th) 8-10


6th/7th grade:

100 — Laken Simpson (3rd) 14.92 *PR*; Myra McDonald (3rd) 15.78; Willow Leedy-Bonifas (15th) 16.16 *PR*; Ivy Rudat (18th) 16.52 *PR*; Taylor Marrs (26th) 17.72 *PR*; Inara Maund (29th) 18.12

200 — Simpson (3rd) 32.22; Tenley Stuurmans (5th) 33.73 *PR*; Ava Carpenter (8th) 34.98 *PR*; Marin Winger (11th) 37.35

400 — Rudat (4th) 1:26.47 *PR*; Winger (5th) 1:32.16

800 — Lillian Ketterling (1st) 3:17.74

1600 — Mikayla Wagner (2nd) 7:08.55

100 Hurdles — Stuurmans (5th) 22.11; McDonald (6th) 22.18 *PR*; Carpenter (7th) 22.50 *PR*; Arianna Cunningham (14th) 24.06 *PR*; Emma McFadden (16th) 25.61 *PR*

4 x 100 Relay — McDonald, Winger, Tirsit Cannon, Carpenter (2nd) 1:04.93; Ketterling, Devon Wyman, Wagner, Simpson (4th) 1:07.63

Shot Put — Simpson (9th) 17-08.50; McFadden (12th) 17-00; Winger (13th) 16-05.50; Ketterling (16th) 15-06; Rudat (18th) 14-11.50

Discus — Marrs (3rd) 45-09.50; Ar. Cunningham (8th) 40-05.50 *PR*; Maund (12th) 37-04 *PR*; Ketterling (14th) 36-04; Leedy-Bonifas (16th) 35-04; McFadden (21st) 26-00.50 *PR*

Long Jump — Stuurmans (4th) 10-08.50 *PR*; Carpenter (6th) 10-06.50; Rudat (11th) 9-11; McDonald (11th) 9-11; Ar. Cunningham (11th) 9-11 *PR*; Cannon (14th) 9-10 *PR*; Wagner (16th) 9-06.50 *PR*; Leedy-Bonifas (17th) 9-06 *PR*; Wyman (22nd) 8-07 *PR*; Maund (25th) 8-03.50; Marrs (27th) 7-02 *PR*




8th grade:

100 — Adrian Cunningham (10th) 13.67 *PR*

200 — Ad. Cunningham (2nd) 28.74 *PR*

400 — George Spear (2nd) 1:10.22 *PR*

800 — Spear (2nd) 2:44.86

1600 — Malachi Somes (1st) 5:27.27 *PR*

110 Hurdles — Spear (11th) 23.05 *PR*

Shot Put — Somes (6th) 22-02

Discus — Spear (5th) 56-01.50

High Jump — Easton Green (4th) 4-06

Long Jump — Ad. Cunningham (1st) 14-00; Somes (5th) 12-04 *PR*


6th/7th grade:

100 — Beckett Green (6th) 14.28 *PR*; Kenneth Jacobsen (9th) 14.88; Wyatt Fitch-Marron (10th) 14.89; Roger Merino-Martinez (14th) 15.37; Nathan Niewald (15th) 15.57 *PR*; Leonardo Rodriguez (20th) 15.99 *PR*; Shiloh Sandlin (22nd) 16.18 *PR*; Edmund Kunz (28th) 16.81 *PR*; Ryan Beaston (31st) 17.34 *PR*; Zach Blitch (32nd) 17.59 *PR*

200 — B. Green (3rd) 30.60; Joshua Stockdale (5th) 32.17 *PR*; Ethan Walling (8th) 32.94 *PR*; Max Ohme (9th) 33.09 *PR*; Axel Marshall (10th) 33.51 *PR*

800 — Dylan Robinett (7th) 4:01.08 *PR*

1600 — K. Jacobsen (3rd) 6:29.90

110 Hurdles — Fitch-Marron (3rd) 21.36; Marshall (6th) 22.62; Rodriguez (12th) 24.77 *PR*; Merino-Martinez (13th) 24.87 *PR*; Johnathan Jacobsen (14th) 26.88 *PR*; Beaston (16th) 31.04; Ayden Warren (17th) 59.75 *PR*

4 x 100 Relay — Carson Grove, B. Green, Merino-Martinez, Niewald (2nd) 1:00.51

4 x 200 Relay — No Names Listed (2nd) 2:35.89

Shot Put — B. Green (5th) 22-11.50 *PR*; Grove (14th) 19-01 *PR*; Niewald (16th) 17-03.50 *PR*; Robinett (20th) 16-09.50 *PR*; Walling (23rd) 16-06.50 *PR*

Discus — Ohme (5th) 58-09 *PR*; Marshall (8th) 54-00 *PR*; Grove (14th) 45-01; Sandlin (15th) 42-09 *PR*; Blitch (28th) 33-00

High Jump — Fitch-Marron (3rd) 4-02 *PR*; Stockdal(3rd) 4-02 *PR*; J. Jacobsen (5th) 4-00 *PR*

Long Jump — Grove (9th) 12-06.50 *PR*; K. Jacobsen (11th) 11-11 *PR*; Merino-Martinez (13th) 11-05 *PR*; Kunz (19th) 10-01; Rodriguez (26th) 9-06 *PR*; Niewald (29th) 9-03 *PR*; Robinett (30th) 8-06.50 *PR*

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Wolves (l to r) Carly Burt, Noelle Western, and Frankie Tenore claim the track as their own. (Heather Tenore photo)

Faster times, higher heights, longer distances.

The Coupeville Middle School track and field team had a huge day Wednesday in Langley, capturing four individual wins and smashing 71 PR’s at a four-team meet.

The Wolves went toe-to-toe with Lakewood, Sultan, and the meet hosts, and stood tall.

Leading the way were 6th grader Marin Winger, who won the 400, 7th grader Myra McDonald (long jump) and 8th graders Malachi Somes (1600) and George Spear (800).

As the young Wolves continue to shatter personal bests and fine-tune their skills under the leadership of coaches Paige Spangler and Jon Gabelein, the schedule remains a busy one.

Next up is a four-team meet May 11 at Lakewood, followed by a four-school rumble in Coupeville May 18.


Complete Wednesday results:




8th grade:

100 — Amaya Schaffeld (3rd) 14.96; Noelle Western (7th) 15.58 *PR*; Carly Burt (13th) 16.25 *PR*; Aleksia Jump (15th) 16.42; Abbigail Bond (24th) 17.35 *PR*; Frankie Tenore (31st) 18.44 *PR*

200 — Liza Zustiak (14th) 37.36 *PR*, Marin Winger (15th) 38.06

100 Hurdles — Zustiak (11th) 22.91 *PR*; Tenore (13th) 24.21 *PR*

4 x 100 Relay — Burt, Western, Grier Mooney, Zustiak (3rd) 1:06.65; Bond, Jump, Brynn Parker, Schaffeld (4th) 1:06.81

Shot Put — Mooney (5th) 19-06

Discus — Mooney (11th) 31-02

High Jump — Schaffeld (6th) 3-08; Jump (6th) 3-08 *PR*

Long Jump — Burt (7th) 11-05; Western (7th) 11-05 *PR*; Tenore (18th) 9-03.50 *PR*; Parker (19th) 8-11; Zustiak (22nd) 8-08 *PR*


6th/7th grade:

100 — Myra McDonald (5th) 15.54 *PR*; Willow Leedy-Bonifas (14th) 16.77 *PR*; Ivy Rudat (20th) 17.05 *PR*; Tenley Stuurmans (21st) 17.07; Inara Maund (22nd) 17.11 *PR*; Taylor Marrs (31st) 20.31 *PR*

200 — Laken Simpson (4th) 31.90 *PR*; Ava Carpenter (7th) 35.32 *PR*

400 — Marin Winger (1st) 1:30.59 *PR*

1600 — Mikayla Wagner (2nd) 7:01.49 *PR*

100 Hurdles — Stuurmans (4th) 21.91; McDonald (8th) 22.75 *PR*; Elyse White (14th) 24.67 *PR*; Arianna Cunningham (16th) 25.82 *PR*; Emma McFadden (20th) 32.49

4 x 100 Relay — Carpenter, McDonald, Tirsit Cannon, Winger (3rd) 1:06.05; Lillian Ketterling, Devon Wyman, Wagner, Simpson (4th) 1:08.82

Shot Put — McFadden (8th) 17-03.25; Winger (10th) 17-00 *PR*; Simpson (11th) 16-08; Ketterling (13th) 16-01 *PR*; White (14th) 15-09.25 *PR*; Cannon (16th) 15-02; Rudat (18th) 14-06.25

Discus — Marrs (5th) 45-01; Ketterling (10th) 37-07; Maund (14th) 33-03 *PR*; Leedy-Bonifas (17th) 32-01; Ar. Cunningham (23rd) 25-04 *PR*; McFadden (26th) 22-10 *PR*

Long Jump — McDonald (1st) 11-10 *PR*; Carpenter (7th) 10-07 *PR*; Stuurmans (8th) 10-04.50 *PR*; White (12th) 9-08.50 *PR*; Ar. Cunningham (13th) 9-07 *PR*; Rudat (17th) 9-04.50; Leedy-Bonifas (19th) 9-02 *PR*; Cannon (19th) 9-02; Wagner (22nd) 8-10; Maund (24th) 8-08 *PR*; Isabella de Souza Oliveira (24th) 8-08 *PR*; Wyman (33rd) 7-00; Marrs (39th) 6-01.25




8th grade:

100 — Adrian Cunningham (7th) 14.09 *PR*; Easton Green (11th) 14.68 *PR*

200 — Ad. Cunningham (3rd) 29.72 *PR*

800 — George Spear (1st) 2:37.87 *PR*

1600 — Malachi Somes (1st) 5:44.50

110 Hurdles — Spear (12th) 23.40 *PR*

Shot Put — Somes (8th) 22-05.75 *PR*

Discus — Spear (11th) 51-04

High Jump — E. Green (3rd) 4-06

Long Jump — Ad. Cunningham (2nd) 14-03.25 *PR*


6th/7th grade:

100 — Beckett Green (7th) 14.40 *PR*; Wyatt Fitch-Marron (9th) 14.74 *PR*; Roger Merino-Martinez (14th) 15.31 *PR*; Nathan Niewald (18th) 15.71 *PR*; Leonardo Rodriguez (22nd) 16.30 *PR*; Shiloh Sandlin (25th) 16.39 *PR*; Jonah Weyl (26th) 16.81 *PR*; Edmund Kunz (29th) 17.27 *PR*; Ryan Beaston (33rd) 18.59 *PR*; Khyren Calhoun (34th) 19.27 *PR*; Dylan Robinett (35th) 21.19 *PR*

200 — B. Green (3rd) 30.23 *PR*; Axel Marshall (12th) 34.19 *PR*

400 — Joshua Stockdale (6th) 1:17.03 *PR*

800 — Robinett (10th) 4:07.28 *PR*

110 Hurdles — Fitch-Marron (5th) 21.40 *PR*; Marshall (8th) 23.48; Carson Grove (10th) 24.38; Rodriguez (11th) 25.65 *PR*; Beaston (14th) 31.17

4 x 100 Relay — Grove, Niewald, Merino-Martinez, B. Green (3rd) 1:01.70

Shot Put — B. Green (13th) 18-04 *PR*; Niewald (16th) 16-08.25 *PR*; Robinett (23rd) 13-09

Discus — Grove (9th) 53-02; Marshall (11th) 50-02; Weyl (18th) 39-08 *PR*; Sandlin (23rd) 31-09; Calhoun (24th) 27-09 *PR*

High Jump — Fitch-Marron (6th) 4-00; Stockdal(6th) 4-00 *PR*

Long Jump — Grove (16th) 11-03; Merino-Martinez (18th) 11-00 *PR*; Kunz (26th) 10-01.25 *PR*; Weyl (30th) 9-05 *PR*; Rodriguez (31st) 8-08.75; Niewald (37th) 7-11.50; Robinett (40th) 6-10.25 *PR*; Calhoun (42nd) 6-03.25 *PR*

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Coupeville Middle School has 54 students on its track team, including 7th grader Ava Carpenter. (Photo by JohnsPhotos.net)

It’s a deep roster.

Coupeville Middle School track and field coaches Paige Spangler and Jon Gabelein had 54 athletes turn out for the first week of practice.

There may be a few changes before the Wolves reach their first meet, which is at home Apr. 27.

But still, that’s a huge number for a town where the high school competes at the 2B level.

Proof positive that track and field is booming in Cow Town.

The CMS roster, with events where indicated on preseason sheets:



6th grade:

Arianna Cunningham (100, Shot Put, Long Jump)
Isabella De Souza Oliveira (100 Hurdles, Long Jump, 4 x 100 Relay)
Lillian Ketterling (400, 4 x 200 Relay)
Willow Leedy-Bonifas (100, Shot Put, Long Jump)
Taylor Marrs (100, Long Jump)
Emma McFadden (High Jump, Shot Put)
Laken Simpson (200, Shot Put, 4 x 1)
Tenley Stuurmans (100, 200, High Jump, Shot Put)
Mikayla Wagner (800, High Jump, Long Jump, 4 x 1)
Elyse White (100, Long Jump)
Marin Winger (200, Shot Put, 4 x 1)
Devon Wyman (High Jump, Long Jump, 4 x 1)


7th grade:

Tirsit Cannon (Shot Put, Long Jump, 4 x 1)
Ava Carpenter (100 Hurdles, Shot Put, 4 x 1, 4 x 2)
Inara Maund (100, Long Jump)
Myra McDonald (100, Long Jump, 4 x 1)
Ivy Rudat (Shot Put, Long Jump, 4 x 2)


8th grade:

Abbigail Bond (100, High Jump, Long Jump, 4 x 1)
Carly Burt (100, Long Jump, 4 x 1)
Aleksia Jump (100, High Jump, 4 x 1)
Grier Mooney (Shot Put, Discus, Long Jump, 4 x 1)
Brynn Parker (High Jump, Long Jump, 4 x 1)
Amaya Schaffeld (100, High Jump, 4 x 1)
Frankie Tenore (100 Hurdles, Shot Put, Long Jump)
Noelle Western (100, Long Jump, 4 x 1)
Liza Zustiak (400, 100 Hurdles, High Jump, 4 x 1)



6th grade:

Ryan Beaston (100, Shot Put, Discus)
Khyren Calhoun (100, Discus, Long Jump)
Wyatt Fitch-Marron (100, 110 Hurdles, High Jump, Long Jump)
Beckett Green (100, 200, Shot Put)
Carson Grove (200, Shot Put, Discus, Long Jump)
Johnny Jacobsen
Edmund Kunz (100, Discus, Long Jump)
Roger Merino-Martinez
Nathan Niewald (100, 110 Hurdles, Long Jump)
Max Ohme (200, Shot Put, Long Jump)
Leonardo Rodriguez (100, Discus, Long Jump)
Shiloh Sandlin (100, High Jump, Discus)
Cody Sellers
Jonah Weyl


7th grade:

Zachary Blitch (100, Shot Put, Long Jump)
Jack Farrell
Matthew Gilbert
Chance Hart
Kenny Jacobsen (100, 1600, Long Jump)
Axel Marshall (1600, 110 Hurdles, Discus)
Dylan Robinett (100, 110 Hurdles, High Jump, Shot Put)
Joshua Stockdale (100, 400, High Jump, Long Jump)
Captain Teuscher


8th grade:

Adrian Cunningham (100, High Jump, 4 x 100 Relay)
Easton Green (100, High Jump, 4 x 1)
Jacob Schooley
Malachi Somes (1600, High Jump, Shot Put, 4 x 1)
George Spear (400, 800, Long Jump, 4 x 1)

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The brain trust behind CMS girls basketball is (l to r) Kassie O’Neil, Kristina Forbes, Brooklyn Thayer, and Mandi Black. (Photos by JohnsPhotos.net)

Onwards and upwards.

The Coupeville Middle School girls basketball players continue to stand in the middle of the ring, dropping haymakers, even when facing rivals with much-more experience and floor time.

Tuesday brought Lakewood — which sends its players on to a 2A high school — to town for another rugged test for the Wolves.

How the day played out:



Ready for the spotlight.

“The girls continue to fight, get better, and focus on having fun while doing it.”

While Coupeville fell 41-6 to Lakewood, CMS coach Kassie O’Neil was appreciative of the effort she sees each time out.

Haylee (Armstrong), Brynn (Parker), Tenley (Stuurmans), Marin (Winger), and Liza (Zustiak) kept up their hustle all the way through,” she said.

“We know we aren’t the winningest team, but I think we’ll definitely be the most improved.”

Coupeville is scrambling to play catch-up with many of the off-Island hoops programs, which benefit from inheriting players who have already fine-tuned their skill-set.

“For most the girls on our team having only five weeks of basketball under their belts, I’m proud of how they go against girls who play year-round, for probably years until now,” O’Neil said.

“We have been outmatched in skill, but not in desire to play.”

Kierra Thayer, Armstrong, and Stuurmans each went for a bucket to account for Coupeville’s scoring.



A pack of strong young women.

“I couldn’t be more proud of my girls!!!,” said Wolf coach Kristina Forbes.

Coupeville’s second unit delivered its best offensive performance of the season, outscoring Lakewood in the second half during a 29-11 loss.

The Wolves set and reached two goals in this game, breaking their own “five-point scoring curse” and holding the visitors to under 30.

“My girls were excited to meet their goals for the game,” Forbes said. “My girls definitely have the drive to play hard.

“My girls are seeing just how important free throws are, with Ava Carpenter sinking her last two at the line!” she added.

“All of my girls hustled and let Lakewood know they weren’t about to mess around this time!”

Adeline Maynes tossed in a career-best five points to spark the Wolf offense, with Carpenter, Melanie Wolfe, and Rhylin Price each adding two points.

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