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Will Thayer watches daughter Brooklynn light up the hardwood. (Photos by JohnsPhotos.net)

Wolf Nation is big on fan support.

Coupeville High School hoops teams draw a sizable number of lookie-loo’s to their games, as seen in the photos above and below.

The pics come to us courtesy John Fisken, but they’re just the tip of what he’s shot this season.

To take a gander at his work, and maybe purchase some glossies for the cousins in Poughkeepsie, pop over to:



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Reese Wilkinson and Coupeville swatted Sultan 3-0 Saturday. (Photos by JohnsPhotos.net)

Everything was on their side.

The weather. The emotion. And all the momentum.

Playing on a windy Saturday afternoon, the Coupeville High School girls soccer team seized the lead early and never buckled, blanking visiting Sultan 3-0.

The Senior Night win, which came against a non-conference foe, lifts the Wolves to 4-5 on the season.

Coupeville has two more road matches on the schedule — Oct. 20 vs. Mount Vernon Christian and Oct. 26 against Friday Harbor — and is still waiting to hear if a postponed home game with La Conner will be made-up.

Saturday, as the wind bent the trees and sent random balloons skittering the length of Mickey Clark Field, CHS honored seven seniors and foreign exchange student Leni Raduenz.

Lily Leedy, Mary Milnes, Katelin McCormick, Eryn Wood, Audrianna Shaw, Noelle Daigneault, and Sophie Martin form the core of Coupeville’s squad, with most having played the full four years.

Lily Leedy is part of a deep senior group.

PA announcer Ja’Kenya Hoskins read off her fellow senior’s farewell notes, while parents received flowers, and everyone huddled together for photos.

“Soccer has been a constant in my life ever since I began playing it,” Milnes said in her Senior Night soliloquy.

“Saying goodbye to it is bittersweet, but I have really enjoyed the experience.”

Then Milnes and her teammates went out and promptly whomped on the Turks.

Coupeville got on the board quickly, scoring in the game’s sixth minute, when Carolyn Lhamon launched a rocket from deep on a free kick.

With the wind behind her, the ball flew high and straight, eluding the grasp of Sultan’s lanky goalie, who was reaching higher than the normal netminder.

It wasn’t to be for the Turks, however, as Lhamon’s shot finished its journey nestled deep in the net, setting off a team-wide celebration.

The Wolves tacked on a second goal barely two minutes later, as freshman Ayden Wyman slapped a shot into the corner of the net.

From there, Coupeville continued to use their wind advantage, raining down shots as the first half unspooled, only to find Sultan’s goalie up to the task.

Wolf 8th grader Amaya Schaffeld had two strong looks at the net, but the Turks deflected both, with the second one being an especially-nice save on which the goalie punched the ball away at the last millisecond.

Meanwhile, Coupeville goaltender Maylin Steele had plenty of time to ponder the mysteries of the universe, as Sultan was unable to breach the wall of wind in their way to make many attacks on the Wolf side of the field.

As the first half wore down, the most-exciting play came when a small nylon tent suddenly appeared on the edge of the pitch, having been blown out of someone’s back yard at the nearby trailer park.

Catching the airborne express, the tent shot from one end of the field to the other in 0.4 seconds, with a pair of Wolf players suddenly springing from the bench to give chase.

The duo managed to nab the tent just short of it launching itself onto the highway, while Hoskins, nestled deep in the toasty-warm press box, marveled at the madness.

“It’s like a force of destruction down there!,” she said with a laugh.

When the two teams switched sides of the field at the half, it seemed like Sultan might take the advantage, but the wind eased a bit, and Coupeville’s defense remained stout.

Steele touched the ball a few more times than she had in the first half, but not by much, as Nezi Keiper, Lhamon, Milnes, and the back line denied entry to the Turks.

With the clock frozen at 2:00, and the game in that magical mystery land of “how much time is really left to play?,” Wyman popped back up to knock in one last goal.

With her two scores Saturday, the fab frosh vaults to three on the season, while Lhamon’s early rocket was the second score of her junior campaign.

Ayden Wyman is the bright future of the program.

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Leni Raduenz rumbles with the ball. (Photos by JohnsPhotos.net)

The soccer pitch was ready for its closeup.

The Coupeville High School girls soccer squad battled with visiting Mount Vernon Christian Thursday, providing plenty of highlight reel moments.

Wanderin’ camera clicker John Fisken was on scene to document the events, and the photos above and below are courtesy him.

To see more, and perhaps buy some glossies for that aunt in Bora Bora, pop over to:



Katelin McCormick slaps a shot across the field.

Carolyn Lhamon slides into the action.

Sophia Broderick battles for a loose ball.

Lily Leedy sends the ball far away.

Eryn Wood (21) is happy to see Raduenz make her debut.

Amaya Schaffeld makes a precision pass.

Ayden Wyman slows a rival’s roll.

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Coupeville freshman Ayden Wyman scored her first high school goal Thursday, as the Wolves won at La Conner. (Photos by JohnsPhotos.net)

They had us in the first half, not gonna lie.

But soccer is a two-half experience, and the Coupeville High School girls soccer squad dominated play after the break Thursday, scoring all its goals in a 3-1 win at La Conner.

The road victory lifts the Wolves back to .500, with the team now 2-2 in Northwest 2B/1B League play, 3-3 overall.

It wasn’t that Coupeville didn’t have chances to blow the game open in the first half.

The Wolves controlled much of the action, but were continually thwarted by the oldest rule of soccer.

Just when things get interesting, always bet on a ref calling off-side.

Time and again, the Wolves had the advantage, and then a flag would pop up, often seemingly for no reason at all other than the ref needed a bicep workout.

One of the few times she was allowed to run unimpeded, CHS senior Audrianna Shaw came crashing down the left side of the field, narrowly missing pay-dirt when her shot slid wide at the last second.

On another play, Ayden Wyman and Shaw hooked up with Sophie Martin on a dazzling series of quick passes, but Martin’s shot on goal crested over the bar.

Stuck in a scoreless tie with mere seconds to play in the first half, La Conner shocked just about everyone when a long shot kept on rolling all the way into the back of the net.

Trailing 1-0 at the half despite having outplayed their hosts, the Wolves quickly found their scoring groove after the break.

And I mean really quickly.

Wyman, the lone freshman on the team, beat the La Conner goalie 15 seconds into the second half, taking a ball from Shaw and slamming it into the net for her first high school score.

With the game knotted at 1-1, the intensity on (and off) the field kicked up six or seven notches.

While the La Conner student section couldn’t be seen on the video stream, it could be heard, and the Braves brought some nice noise in support of their team.

“You all need to come to every game, oh my God!” was the sentiment picked up by a live mic in the vicinity.

But if the La Conner faithful was loud ‘n proud, the Wolf booters soon took some of the wind out of their sails.

Shaw busted loose on the right side and turned a Carolyn Lhamon set-up into a tie-breaking score, rattling home her team-leading fourth goal of the season.

Then it was Lhamon’s turn to make the scoreboard pop, as she unleashed a laser from the left on a corner kick.

The ball bounced around a bit, then splashed home, likely as an own goal, since it seemed to go off of a La Conner player.

Here at Coupeville Sports we’re biased, however, and plan to give Lhamon credit for her first goal of the season, and second of her prep career.

It’s just how we roll.

From that point on, the Wolves kept coming, with Ava Mitten and Katelin McCormick both coming inches away from adding goals.

It wasn’t to be, though, as the ref, realizing he had stopped calling off-side penalties and allowed the fans to enjoy the game, reverted to form and waved off a late CHS goal.

Still, Coupeville exited with a strong win, a testament to taking advantage of its scoring opportunities, and some nicely-bruising work by rough ‘n ready defenders like Nezi Keiper, McCormick, and Mary Milnes.

Nezi Keiper and Co. were in lock-down mode on defense.


La Conner honors Indigenous children:

Braves players wore bright orange socks while playing, as a way of honoring Indigenous children — both those who died, and those who survived — while in the Residential Boarding School system.

The La Conner school district, which has a sizable number of Native American students, and is closely connected with the Swinomish Indian Tribal Community, marked “Orange Shirt Day” Thursday.

Honoring the slogan “Every Child Matters,” it is “an affirmation of our commitment to raising awareness of the Residential School experience throughout Canada and the U.S.

“The legacy of Residential Schools is something that has a significant impact on all tribal communities across Canada and the U.S.”

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Thomas Strelow competed Thursday as Coupeville Middle School held the third of four planned intramural track meets. (Jackie Saia photo)

Axel Marshall doesn’t believe in taking time off.

The young Coupeville Middle School track and field star took part in all nine events Thursday as the Wolves held the third of four intramural meets.

“All athletes showed much improvement and are always impressing us coaches, (but) shout out to Axel!,” said CMS coach Elizabeth Bitting.

“This amazing athlete participated in EVERY event today! All field events, all running events and even the relay medley! He is truly the champion of the day!!!”

Bitting also offered kudos to Carson Field and Thomas Strelow, who “jumped in at the last minute to run the 400 with Axel, foregoing their own times.”

“They didn’t want him being the only participant in that race,” she said. “Such great support for their teammates!”

With the pandemic, CMS is foregoing competing against other rivals this school year, opting to keep athletics in house.

The Wolves wrap things up next Thursday, June 10, when they will honor the top three finishers in each event from this season.


Complete Thursday results:

100 — Carson Field 12.42; Eleanore McDonald 14.91; Malachi Somes 15.50; Dianne Brown 16.70; Ivy Rudat 17.22; Joshua Stockdale 17.64; Abbigail Bond 17.80; Axel Marshall 18.03

200 — Gabby Gebhard 32.55; Ayden Wyman 36.03; Marshall 38.52

400 — Marshall 1:34.88

1600 — Field 7:42.17; Thomas Strelow 9:03.66; Marshall 13:07.93

200 Hurdles — Field 32.41; Preston Epp 35.74; Brown 38.70; McDonald 39.16; Marshall 46.72; Frankie Tenore 46.88; Bond 47.42

Relay — McDonaldField, Strelow, Bond 2:18.82; EppSomes, MarshallStockdale 2:22.77; Wyman, Gebhard, Rudat, Brown 2:34.21

Shot Put — Brown 15-07; Tenore 14-01; Rudat 12-02; Marshall 11-01.75

Turbo Javelin — Somes 80-08; Field 70-00; Strelow 53-09; Stockdale 53-06; Wyman 44-04; Marshall 37-08; Tenore 29-08; McDonald 24-7; Gebhard 23-00

Long Jump — Field 12-09; Epp 10-10; Wyman 10-01.50; Gebhard 9-08; Rudat 9-06.50; Bond 9-01; Strelow 8-11.50; Marshall 8-06; Brown 8-05; Tenore 7-04.50

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