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Claire Mayne was one of 16 Wolves to qualify for the state meet. (Photos by JohnsPhotos.net)

Spring high school sports are officially done.

Track and field, the last Coupeville High School team to be competing this school year, kicked off June with a season-capping awards banquet Wednesday night.

Seniors Ja’Kenya Hoskins and Logan Martin were honored with four-year awards, while they and 14 other Wolves received official recognition for advancing to the state championships.

Mitchell Hall (left) and Thomas Strelow duel on the oval.


State meet crew (with medals):

Reiley Araceley (2nd in 4 x 100)
Dominic Coffman
(2nd in 4 x 100)
Nick Guay 

Ja’Kenya Hoskins

Issabel Johnson 

Taygin Jump
Ryanne Knoblich
(2nd in High Jump)
Carolyn Lhamon
Logan Martin
(2nd in Shot Put, 2nd in Discus, 2nd in Hammer)
Claire Mayne
Caleb Meyer
(2nd in 4 x 100)
Ava Mitten

Mikey Robinett
Lyla Stuurmans
Aidan Wilson
(2nd in 4 x 100, 3rd in 800)
Ayden Wyman 


Varsity letter winners:

Reiley Araceley
Dominic Coffman
Cameron Epp
Preston Epp
Carson Field
Nick Guay
Mitchell Hall
Ja’Kenya Hoskins
Issabel Johnson
Taygin Jump
Mercedes Kalwies-Anderson
Ryanne Knoblich
Carolyn Lhamon
Logan Martin
Claire Mayne
Cristina McGrath
Erica McGrath
Caleb Meyer
Hank Milnes
Ava Mitten
Mikey Robinett
Thomas Strelow
Lyla Stuurmans
Zac Tackett
Tim Ursu
Reese Wilkinson
Aidan Wilson
Cael Wilson
Ayden Wyman


Participation certificates:

Alex Bowder
Katie Buskala
Josh Guay
Kaitlyn Leavell
Samara Maund
Alex Merino-Martinez
Nehemiah Myles
Zane Oldenstadt
Nick Shelly
Aby Wood
Tate Wyman

Cael Wilson achieves inner bliss.

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Audrianna Shaw erases another rival batter. (Photo by JohnsPhotos.net)

Wolf seniors (l to r) Violette Huegerich, Shaw, Mckenna Somes, and Izzy Wells led Coupeville High School softball to a 16-3 record this spring. (Jackie Saia photo)

It’s not over until all the awards are bestowed.

The Coupeville High School softball program put an official cap on things Tuesday, handing out letters and honors to a wide range of players.

The banquet marked the end of another very-successful season for the Wolves, with the varsity going 16-3 and the JV finishing 6-2-1.

Led by diamond guru Kevin McGranahan, CHS coaches doled out the following:


Varsity awards:

MVP — Izzy Wells

Offensive MVP — Audrianna Shaw

Defensive MVP — Madison McMillan

Rookie of the Year — Mia Farris

Hustle Award — Taylor Brotemarkle

Captains — Allice Lucero, Maya Lucero, Audrianna Shaw, Izzy Wells

Four-Year Awards — Audrianna Shaw, McKenna Somes, Izzy Wells


Varsity letter winners:

Taylor Brotemarkle
Mia Farris
Gwen Gustafson
Violette Huegerich
Allie Lucero
Maya Lucero
Madison McMillan
Melanie Navarro
Sofia Peters
Audrianna Shaw
Mckenna Somes
Izzy Wells
Savina Wells


Melanie Navarro swats another hit. (Photo by JohnsPhotos.net)


JV awards:

Offensive MVP — Melanie Navarro

Defensive MVP — Teagan Calkins

Hustle Award — Katie Marti

Most Improved — Edie Bittner

Heart of the Wolf — Jada Heaton


JV certificates:

Edie Bittner
Teagan Calkins
Camryn Clark
Alondra Cruz
Jada Heaton
Katie Marti
Chloe Marzocca
Candace Meek
Maya Nottingham

Teagan Calkins wants the pitch right there … or else! (Photo by JohnsPhotos.net)

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Noelle Daigneault received the Most Inspirational award at Coupeville High School’s tennis banquet. (Photos by JohnsPhotos.net)

Noelle Daigneault was a busy bee Wednesday.

The Coupeville High School senior pocketed three citations, as Wolf girls tennis capped its season with an awards banquet.

Daigneault was honored as Most Inspirational, while also joining Abby Mulholland in being recognized for their work as team captains.

A four-year award — also given to long-timers Mary Milnes, Katelin McCormick, and Mullholland — wrapped things up.

Meanwhile, singles player Helen Strelow copped team MVP honors, while Vivian Farris and Skylar Parker were named Most Improved.

The banquet ended a stellar campaign for the Wolves, who won a Northwest 2B/1B League title and finished second in the team standings at bi-districts.

Skylar Parker launches a serve.


Varsity letter winners:

Noelle Daigneault
Vivian Farris
Hayley Fiedler
Sophie Martin
Katelin McCormick
Mary Milnes
Abby Mulholland
Helen Strelow
Lucy Tenore
Eryn Wood


JV certificates:

Karyme Castro
Kim Castro
Gwen Crowder
Nevaeh Hertlein-Darby
Elizabeth Lo
Sofia Milasich
Yodnam Nakakul
Skylar Parker
Leni Raduenz
Maylin Steele

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Sage Sharp was among those honored at the CHS baseball banquet. (Photos by JohnsPhotos.net)

Another season in the books.

The Coupeville High School baseball program put an official stamp on things Friday night with an awards banquet, doling out honors after a very-successful campaign.

The Wolf varsity went 11-1 in Northwest 2B/1B League play, 13-7 overall, claiming a conference title and just barely missing out on a trip to state.

Meanwhile, Coupeville’s JV racked up three wins and a tie, as a roster which included several 8th graders showed great promise.

Xavier Murdy gives the ball a ride.


CHS coaches, led by hardball guru Will Thayer, doled out the following at their banquet:


Varsity awards:

Offensive MVP — Scott Hilborn

Defensive MVP — Xavier Murdy and Hawthorne Wolfe

Starting Pitching MVP — Hilborn

Relief Pitching MVP — Wolfe

Most Improved — Sage Sharp

Top Positive Influence — Cole Hutchinson

Top Program Newcomer — Chase Anderson

Wolf Pack Leader — Murdy

Four-Year Awards — Cody Roberts and Wolfe

Chase Anderson brings the heat.

Varsity letter winners:

Chase Anderson
Peyton Caveness
Scott Hilborn
Cole Hutchinson
Xavier Murdy
Jack Porter
Cody Roberts
Sage Sharp
Jonathan Valenzuela
Cole White
Hawthorne Wolfe


JV awards:

Offensive MVP — Cole White

Defensive MVP — Aiden O’Neill

Pitching MVP — Coop Cooper

Most Improved — Cooper

Wolf Pack Leader — Landon Roberts

Landon Roberts smacks a base-hit.

JV certificates:

Coop Cooper
Camden Glover
Aiden O’Neill
Johnny Porter
Gabe Reed
Landon Roberts
Yohannon Sandles
Alex Smith
Kai Wong
Seth Woollet



Brooklyn Thayer

Brooklyn Thayer, the power behind the throne.

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CHS cheerleader Pamela Morrell brings the spirit at a basketball game. (Photos by JohnsPhotos.net)

Thus ends the winter awards season.

The Coupeville High School cheer squad handed out awards and letters Friday night, following on the heels of Wolf basketball teams and putting an exclamation point on things.

Samantha Streitler, the team’s lone senior, received the Wolf Award, while she and Hayley Fiedler were honored for their work as co-captains.

Other awards went to Lucy Crouch (Spirit Award), Hayley Thomas (Coaches Award), and 8th grader Avery Williams-Buchanan (Most Improved).

Hayley Fiedler ascends to the heavens.

Varsity letter winners:

Lucy Crouch
Hayley Fiedler
Brielle Haury
Pamela Morrell
Isabelle Schooley
Samantha Streitler
Hayley Thomas
Avery Williams-Buchanan

Wolf cheerleaders wait for the music to drop.

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