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Trystan Ford cuts an imposing figure while playing football for CMS last year. (Photos courtesy Lisa Ford)

Ford and teacher/mentor Terry Welch.

Hello, and goodbye.

Just as he’s about to make the jump to playing high school football, Trystan Ford is hitting the road.

He and his family are moving from Coupeville to Wisconsin, and the former CMS gridiron star, who rings in at 5-foot-9 and 190 pounds as an incoming freshman, will suit up for the Southern Door Eagles this fall.

During his time at CMS, Ford played football and was a thrower for the Wolf track team, while his parents, Bryan (football) and Lisa (cheer), coached.

He plans to stay with both sports in Wisconsin, and may add golf to his repertoire.

Gridiron life, though, is the life for him.

“I like the leadership I have learned, the grit, grind, when I think I have no more I dig deeper and find it,” Ford said. “Nobody and I mean nobody touches my quarterback!”

He enjoys “the commitment, the bonds, the learning, the teaching, the push to do better and of course the payout,” and is more likely to inspire by his play than by screaming at people.

“I’m a quiet leader I have been told,” Ford said. “I take my assignments seriously and I’m a team player, a friend and a student.”

As he moves forward into high school life, he wants to continue to get bigger for football, while also striking a nice balance in life.

“I could work on my strength,” Ford said. “Maybe be less shy, and learn to be serious when needed and a goof when needed.”

A big fan of bands like Metallica, AC/DC, Black Sabbath and Queen, he enjoys the Transformers and Marvel super hero movies and turns to Battlestar Galactica on TV.

In class, he “loves science, computers and math!” and hails CMS teacher Terry Welch for being an inspiration in his life.

“Ms. Welch is my favorite teacher. She truly cares about what happens in my life,” Ford said. “She mentored me through middle school, and even though I won’t be at CHS, Ms. Welch will always mentor me no matter where I am.

“I want to create a fusion reactor and make it more affordable so everyone can afford to run cars on clean energy,” he added. “When I accept the big science prize I want her to be there, as she is who mentored me as my best teacher!”

While he’ll be in a different part of the country from his favorite teacher, Ford has a strong support crew in his family, one he appreciates on a daily basis.

“My mom, she’s always there for me, she knows when I’m slacking and pulls me aside for a “get it together, settle down and play buddy”,” Ford said. “My dad, he teaches me so much.

“Strength, leadership, integrity; if I’m doing it right he’s my number one fan; if I’m doing it wrong, he’s my number one coach, if I’m not giving my full potential, he’s my number one butt kicker.

“I love my mom and dad, they guide me in all I do.”

That carries through to when they practice tough love, as well.

At one point Ford had a C in science and got a warning from the school.

His mom gave him three days to bring it up, and when he didn’t, she let him dress for his next game, then informed the lineman he’d be sitting for the first quarter.

“I learned to never let my team down, my coaches down, my mom and dad down and most of all it killed me not getting in there,” Ford said. “In the second quarter through the end, I was on fire!

“I learned our family motto that day,” he added. “God first, family second, school, then sports. If I stick to that order I can do anything.”

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Raising their helmets to a new season of success. (Photos courtesy Bob Martin)

Putting in work under blue skies.

The line surges.

Dreaming of fall success.

Helmets in hand, a new batch of football warriors are taking possession of the gridiron.

Or, the practice field, at least.

Led by coach Bob Martin, the newest version of the Coupeville Middle School football squad is hard at work, putting in time and effort during spring practice drills.

The season may still be two-plus months away, but the Wolves are already on the prowl.

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   Dakota Eck made a name for himself in football, basketball and soccer during his days at CMS. (John Fisken photos)

   His mom, Cheridan, has been a beacon of joy as a cheer coach, Zumba instructor and advocate for all things healthy.

   Dakota’s energetic lil’ sis, Aubrey, delivers one final kick before she and her family head off on a new adventure.

Dakota Eck is headed to the big show.

A three-sport athlete for the Wolves during his time at Coupeville Middle School, Eck won’t be making the jump to CHS this fall with his classmates.

Instead, he’ll be attending classes at Edmonds-Woodway, a 3A school which competes in Wesco alongside Oak Harbor.

The change is due to a family move, as Eck, mom Cheridan, the former CHS cheer coach, and lil’ sister Aubrey are relocating.

It’ll be a big switch, as the last WIAA classification numbers shows EWHS with 1,216 students, or, basically, just about a thousand more than Coupeville.

During his time at CMS, Dakota was a key member of several teams, playing for Wolf football and basketball squads.

He also played rec soccer for many years, and was the captain for his pitch team this year.

Aubrey’s enthusiasm meter as a junior cheerleader never dipped below 100, as she spent much of her time immersed in her mom’s cheer world.

Cheridan, a former Sonics dancer and someone who was always at the forefront of health and well-being, both as instructor and participant, led the CHS cheer program for several years.

As the trio heads off to the big city on a new adventure, we here at Coupeville Sports wish Dakota, Cheridan and Aubrey all the best.

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   Damon Stadler is one of several key returning players for CMS football. (John Fisken photos)

Logan Wertz is another battle-hardened veteran for the Wolves.

Things are starting to come into focus.

The start of the season is still months away, and head coach Bob Martin is a lone Wolf while he waits for a staff to be built around him, but middle school football is on the move.

The Wolves, who number 22 strong as of Tuesday morning, have spring practices through June.

During that time, CMS players and coaches will work on everything from proper tackling techniques to learning plays to identifying team captains for the season ahead.

“Our goals for the summer are to increase numbers, learn the basics of football, identify skill-sets, get fit, develop good habits, and have fun!,” Martin said.

The roster as of Tuesday morning:

Reiley Araceley
Lucious Binnings
Isaiah Bittner
Dominic Coffman
Ty Duddridge
Brawn Gadberry
Jesus Garcia-Partida
Ty Hamilton
Scott Hilborn
Kristina Jones
Jacob Kendall
Logan Martin
Caleb Meyer
Xavier Murdy
Zach Murtha
Kevin Partida
Cody Roberts
Gabe Shaw
Damon Stadler
Alex Wasik
Logan Wertz
Hawthorne Wolfe

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   Ian Barron has gone from zero name-checks on Coupeville’s record board to a much more pleasing six. (Jon Roberts photos)

The 2016 CHS volleyball squad put up four new records.

The most electrifying running back in Coupeville High School history is finally getting his due.

Wednesday afternoon, after much work tracking down records, and much support and help from the school’s Booster Club, I got to witness the CHS football and volleyball record boards brought up to date.

It’s been one of several projects for which I’ve spent the past year harassing people day and night, and it’s a thrill to see it finished.

While volleyball only needed to be tweaked a bit, mainly to reflect records set last fall by Hope Lodell, Valen Trujillo and Co., the football board has been a sore point for some time.

It was only 50% filled in, and 48% of that featured incorrect records.

Now, that’s not an issue, as Ian Barron’s many rushing marks are finally being acknowledged, and the current generation of Wolves have legitimate records to dream about breaking.

Well done, one and all.

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