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Fact. Bears eat beets. Bears. Beets. Battlestar Galactica. (Photos by JohnsPhotos.net)

We’ve hit a bump in the schedule recently, with just a handful of games played last week.

But there are still plenty of photos hanging around from previous contests, so here’s some you may not have previously seen.

They were shot by John Fisken, and, if you’re intrigued, you can see much more of his work by jumping over to John’s Photos (johnsphotos.net).


Speedy Wolf Mary Milnes (right) is a step quicker to the ball.

Fans adapt to the Age of Coronavirus.

Allie Lucero fires up a serve. Ace incoming.

Sam Wynn nudges the ball into play.

Nezi Keiper, ready to slice ‘n dice the defense.

Lanie Kiel rocks out with her bad self.

Gwen Gustafson unleashes The Knee Shredder.

Xavier Murdy uses the power of the force to freeze the ball in mid-air.

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Sophie Martin has some thoughts to share. (Photos by JohnsPhotos.net)

The pitch came alive.

Soccer returned to Mickey Clark Field Wednesday, as the Coupeville High School girls launched their season with a 4-0 win over visiting La Conner.

Wanderin’ the sidelines, cameras doin’ what they do, was John Fisken, and the photos above and below are courtesy him.

To see much more, and possibly support his cause by purchasing some pics, take a gander at:

GS 2021-04-14 vs LaConner – John’s Photos


Anna Myles launches a rocket.

Lily Leedy pushes the attack.

Katelin McCormick lofts a chip shot.

Eryn Wood dances with a wayward soccer ball.

Wolf defender Nezi Keiper keeps the ball far away from her goal.

Mollie Bailey pounces like a cheetah.

Carolyn Lhamon fires a missile.

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Carolyn Lhamon pushes the ball upfield in pre-pandemic times. (Photos by JohnsPhotos.net)

New league, new dreams.

With the pandemic, it’s been a bit since the Coupeville High School girls soccer team has competed together as a unit.

That would be fall of 2019, and a lot has changed since then.

CHS moved from 1A to 2B, joined the Northwest 2B/1B League, and top scorer Genna Wright has recovered from a devastating leg injury which erased 98.2% of her junior season.

Now, Wright is back to torch nets again, the Wolves are on what should be a more level playing field, and coach Kyle Nelson is only leading one Coupeville soccer program.

The move to 2B brings boys soccer into the same season as girls soccer — technically the fall, but being played this school year from April to May — with the pitch guru opting to step down as boys coach.

While former assistant Robert Wood takes the reigns of that program, Nelson is ready to bound back into action with the Wolf girls as they head into new waters.

“I am thrilled to have left some of those 1A schools behind,” he said. “In soccer we were facing schools that were sending off some of their seniors to go play at Division I schools, not something we were ever able to compete with.

“Now, each school is on a fairly even playing field.”

In this pandemic-shortened season Coupeville will face NWL mates Friday Harbor, La Conner, and Mount Vernon Christian three times each, with five of nine games at home.

“From our past experience with these schools, all the games we have played against them have usually been good contests where either team could have been the winner,” Nelson said. “Looking forward to going into all of our games knowing that we could win that game.

“Friday Harbor and Mount Vernon Christian could both be strong,” he added. “But, since it has been a year and a half since any of us have played, it really could be anyone.”

And there’s no reason to think these Wolf booters can’t be the first CHS soccer team to capture a conference crown.

“Our first goal is not any different than any other year, and that is to have some fun,” Nelson said. “Since there will be no playoffs, a league title will be our team goal.”

Sophie Martin shows off some wicked skills.

Leading the pursuit of that goal will be a group of players with years of experience on the pitch.

Nelson’s three captains are seniors Mollie Bailey and Genna Wright, along with junior Mary Milnes.

Bailey anchors the Wolf defense in goal, with Milnes and sophomore Nezi Keiper holding down the back line.

Midfielders Sophie Martin, a junior, and super sophomore Carolyn Lhamon will be joined by Wright and junior Eryn Wood, who lead the Coupeville attack.

Martin rattled home four goals in 2019, while Wright enters play this season tied for third-place all-time on the CHS girls scoring chart.

With 10 goals as a freshman and another seven as a sophomore, she sits with 17 goals, the same figure thrown down by former Wolf star Lindsey Roberts.

Wright is chasing Mia (35 goals) and Kalia Littlejohn (33 goals) for the career record.

While he has a strong core of returning players to lean on, Nelson also looks forward to seeing which other Wolves accept the challenge and rise to prominence.

“I am sure we will have some athletes that will be stepping up for us to cover key positions, but at this point I am not sure I can identify them,” he said.

“It has been awhile since we have really had a full team out there playing, and it will be fun to see who is ready to take it to the next level.”

However the roster spots break down, Nelson is ready to roll.

“We bring back quite a bit of experience all over the field,” he said. “We just need to bring the pieces together to form a cohesive unit.

“This could prove to be tricky in such a short season, but we will give it our best effort.”

Mollie Bailey clears the goal.

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Maddie Georges waits for a teammate to get open before delivering a pass. (Photos by JohnsPhotos.net)

Nezi Keiper and Dominic Coffman have a chat.

Wolf JV players react to a play.

Eryn Wood contemplates going all Sean Penn on the paparazzi.

Abby Mulholland stands tall under pressure, while Alita Blouin scrambles to help.

Tia Wurzrainer glides past a defender.

As she rehabs from an injury, rebound machine Ja’Kenya Hoskins moonlights as a camerawoman.

Savana Allen gets out of town in a hurry.

The wins keep coming, and so do the photos.

Both Coupeville High School girls basketball squads beat visiting Sultan Friday night, keeping alive hot streaks.

Meanwhile, wanderin’ paparazzi John Fisken ambled between gyms to snap the pics seen above.

Just a mere fraction of what he captured, the rest are stashed away for your perusal and purchasing needs at:


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Coupeville freshman Nezi Keiper anchored a strong defense Thursday, but the Wolf booters were nipped 1-0 by host Sultan. (Photo by JohnsPhotos.net)

The net showed no mercy.

Despite several strong scoring opportunities, including a handful in the game’s final moments, the Coupeville High School girls soccer team came up scoreless Thursday at Sultan.

Playing on their home turf, the Turks popped in an early goal, then senior goaltender Amanda McKay made it stand up in a narrow 1-0 league win.

The loss, coming in Coupeville’s third-straight road game, drops the Wolves to 0-2 in North Sound Conference play, 0-4 overall.

That puts them two games off league leaders King’s (2-0, 3-1) and South Whidbey (2-0, 4-0), and a game back of Granite Falls (1-1, 2-3) and Sultan (1-1, 1-3).

Coupeville is currently tied with Cedar Park Christian (0-2, 2-2), a team it hosts next week.

Having played 3.75 of its four games without its main offensive weapon, Genna Wright, who was injured early in the season opener, CHS has been held scoreless twice and has just three goals on the season.

The Wolves crashed the net hard, however, keeping the ball on Sultan’s side of the field for huge chunks of time.

Avalon Renninger had several nice runs up the left side of the field, and had one shot late in the second half which took off like a rocket, only to be speared by McKay, who read the incoming ball perfectly.

Coupeville’s defense, anchored by veterans Mallory Kortuem and Tia Wurzrainer and freshmen Nezi Keiper and Carolyn Lhamon, held up well, turning the Turks away consistently.

The few shots Sultan managed to get off after its goal were promptly snuffed out by rookie goaltender Katelin McCormick, who was playing in place of injured starter Mollie Bailey.

With the game in stoppage time, Coupeville launched several final strikes on the Turks, only to have the ball take a bad bounce here, a slight curve there, denying what could have been an overtime-forcing score.

As he reflected back on the game, CHS coach Kyle Nelson saw two evenly-matched teams, with one just getting a break the other didn’t.

“Last night’s game was just one of those games,” he said. “We were the better team on the field, but they scored on the first of two or three shots the whole night and we just could not get it to happen even though we probably had double-digit shots.

“We controlled the ball in their half for the majority of time,” Nelson added. “But give credit to Sultan for playing some good defense.”

The Wolves play at home Saturday, their first appearance at Mickey Clark Field in two weeks, when they host 2A Kingston (0-3) in a non-conference tilt.

Varsity kicks off at 1 PM, with JV scheduled to follow.

It’s the first of four straight home games for Coupeville, which plays seven of its final 11 on its own field.


JV benched:

What was supposed to be a two-game evening Thursday turned into a one-game affair, as Sultan didn’t have enough players to field a JV team.

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