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Coupeville freshman Lyla Stuurmans shows off some new hardware Saturday after competing in the District 1 Track and Field Championships. (Photo courtesy Sarah Stuurmans)

The concession stand is hopping. (Renae Mulholland photo)

Saturday started dank and dark but ended in bright sunshine and Gatorade bath celebrations.

Competing in their home stadium, the Coupeville High School track and field team dominated at the District 1 Championships, claiming 15 wins and setting 37 PR’s.

The cherry on top was a team title for the Wolf boys, as they crushed La Conner and Friday Harbor to finish first among 2B schools.

CHS coaches get a victory shower. (Mitchell Hall photo)

Coupeville’s girls were nipped by La Conner, while Mount Vernon Christian won both the boys and girls team titles on the 1B side of things.

Aidan Wilson (400, 800, triple jump) claimed three individual titles, topping all Wolves, while Logan Martin (shot put, discus) and Caleb Meyer (100, 200) also made multiple trips to the top of the podium.

Other CHS winners included Lyla Stuurmans (400), Cameron Epp (3200), Carolyn Lhamon (discus), Dominic Coffman (high jump), Mitchell Hall (1600), and Ryanne Knoblich (high jump).

Both of Coupeville’s 4 x 100 relay units won as well.

After a strong showing Saturday, Ava Mitten is on her way to Bi-Districts. (Helene Lhamon photo)

Everyone who finished in first Saturday clinched a trip to Bi-Districts May 20 at W.F. West High School in Chehalis, the last stop before the state meet.

The Wolves will also be sending other competitors as well, but the total number is in flux as three different leagues finalize their results.

For now, Coupeville athletes, coaches, and fans can bask in the afterglow of Saturday’s performance.

“It was a beautiful day! So many awesome moments!” said CHS girls coach Elizabeth Bitting.

Mitchell breaking five minutes in the mile!! Aidan winning the triple jump and the 400!! The relay teams PR’ing!!! I can go on and on!!

“They did amazing! We are so proud of the team!”

Mitchell Hall set a PR while winning the 1600. (Helene Lhamon photo)


Complete Saturday results:



100 — Issabel Johnson (4th) 15.01 *PR*; Taygin Jump (7th) 15.13 *PR*

200 — Ja’Kenya Hoskins (2nd) 28.73; Ava Mitten (4th) 30.44 *PR*; Johnson (6th) 31.73 *PR*

400 — Lyla Stuurmans (1st) 1:07.45

800 — Cristina McGrath (3rd) 3:19.16

1600 — Ayden Wyman (2nd) 7:08.32

3200 — C. McGrath (2nd) 16:32.41

100 Hurdles — Claire Mayne (2nd) 19.85 *PR*

300 Hurdles — Mayne (4th) 1:00.69

4 x 100 Relay — Mitten, Mayne, Carolyn Lhamon, Hoskins (1st) 54.70

4 x 200 Relay — A. Wyman, Stuurmans, Ryanne Knoblich, Hoskins (2nd) 1:59.81

Shot Put — Lhamon (2nd) 30-11.50 *PR*; Reese Wilkinson (4th) 26-02.75 *PR*; Erica McGrath (5th) 23-00.50 *PR*

Discus — Lhamom (1st) 94-09; Wilkinson (3rd) 82-05 *PR*; Jump (4th) 76-07 *PR*; E. McGrath (6th) 71-02; Aby Wood (7th) 54-11 *PR*

Javelin — Jump (3rd) 76-09; Johnson (5th) 70-09

High Jump — Knoblich (1st) 4-10; Mercedes Kalwies-Anderson (4th) 4-04 *PR*

Long Jump — Knoblich (2nd) 15-00 *PR*; Hoskins (3rd) 14-03.50

Triple Jump — C. McGrath (3rd) 28-06 *PR*

Wolf throwers Carolyn Lhamon (left) and Reese Wilkinson enjoy their day. (Helene Lhamon photo)



100 — Caleb Meyer (1st) 11.63; Dominic Coffman (2nd) 11.72 *PR*; Nehemiah Myles (6th) 12.39 *PR*

200 — Meyer (1st) 24.27 *PR*; Nick Guay (3rd) 24.88 *PR*; Reiley Araceley (4th) 25.42 *PR*

400 — Aidan Wilson (1st) 53.36 *PR*; Meyer (2nd) 53.67; Hank Milnes (5th) 1:02.17

800 — A. Wilson (1st) 2:11.86; Thomas Strelow (5th) 2:29.15 *PR*; Alex Merino-Martinez (6th) 2:29.24 *PR*; Milnes (7th) 2:37.12

1600 — Mitchell Hall (1st) 4:56.51 *PR*; Carson Field (3rd) 5:12.71; Strelow (4th) 5:36.10 *PR*; Merino-Martinez (6th) 5:44.78 *PR*; Tate Wyman (7th) 5:57.04 *PR*

3200 — Cameron Epp (1st) 12:29.39; Mikey Robinett (3rd) 12:37.40 *PR*

110 Hurdles — Araceley (2nd) 18.79 *PR*; Cael Wilson (3rd) 20.07

300 Hurdles — Araceley (3rd) 48.50 *PR*; C. Wilson (4th) 49.72 *PR*; T. Wyman (6th) 53.22 *PR*

4 x 100 Relay — Meyer, Araceley, A. Wilson, Coffman (1st) 45.43

4 x 400 Relay — Preston Epp, Milnes, Field, Hall (2nd) 4:01.60

Shot Put — Logan Martin (1st) 40-02.25; Zac Tackett (3rd) 31-03.50; Zane Oldenstadt (4th) 30-00.75

Discus — Martin (1st) 149-06; Tackett (3rd) 98-10; Oldenstadt (4th) 97-04 *PR*; Josh Guay (7th) 73-10

Javelin — Hall (2nd) 118-03 *PR*; Tackett (4th) 103-00 *PR*; C. Epp (6th) 90-03; Field (8th) 71-02

High Jump — Coffman (1st) 5-10; N. Guay (2nd) 5-02; C. Wilson (4th) 5-02 *PR*

Long Jump — Coffman (2nd) 17-10 *PR*; Robinett (4th) 16-02.50; N. Guay (6th) 14-11

Triple Jump — A. Wilson (1st) 38-08.75 *PR*; Milnes (7th) 31-11

Senior studs Logan Martin (left) and Caleb Meyer combined for five first-place finishes. (Abbie Martin photo)

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Coupeville senior Logan Martin is ranked in the top three among 2B athletes in three throwing events. (Photo by JohnsPhotos.net)

Everyone is jostling for the top of the leaderboard.

We’re down to three high school track and field meets left this spring — districts, bi-districts, and state — with athletes trying to put out their best efforts of the season.

When we look at the top 10 standings for 2B schools, Coupeville has a strong presence on the boys side of things, while two girls are in the mix.

Overall, there are eight Wolves currently among the best in their classification, led by Logan Martin and Caleb Meyer, who each appear three times.

Top 10 CHS track stars through May 9:



400 — Lyla Stuurmans (6th) 1:04.73

High Jump — Ryanne Knoblich (7th-tie) 4-10



100 — Caleb Meyer (7th) 11.57

400 — Meyer (2nd) 52.68

1500 — Mitchell Hall (8th) 5:07.85

4 x 100 Relay — Caleb Meyer, Reiley Araceley, Aidan WilsonDominic Coffman (4th) 46.09

Shot Put — Logan Martin (2nd) 46-10

Discus — Martin (3rd) 149-00

Hammer — Martin (2nd) 175-00

High Jump — Coffman (6th-tie) 5-10

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Tate Wyman set a PR in the 1600 Wednesday at the Northwest 2B/1B League Championships. (Photo by JohnsPhotos.net)

Logan Martin kicked off the postseason in style.

The Coupeville High School senior claimed a pair of titles Wednesday at the Northwest 2B/1B League Track and Field Championships in La Conner.

Martin topped the field in the shot put and discus, while junior Aidan Wilson won the 800 and the Wolf boys hit the tape first in the 4 x 100 relay.

Coupeville’s baton gods were senior Caleb Meyer and juniors Reiley Araceley, Tim Ursu, and Dominic Coffman.

In fairly tight battles, perennial power Mount Vernon Christian held on to win both girls and boys team titles.

MVC nipped Coupeville 145-128 on the boys side, while holding off La Conner 144-110 for the girls win.

The Wolf girls, who nabbed five second-place finishes, were third with 51 points.

Coupeville had a strong team-wide showing Wednesday, with its athletes combining for 37 PR’s.

The league championships were the first leg on a four-meet excursion through the postseason.

Next up is the 11-team District 1 Championships, which are set for May 14 in Coupeville.

After that comes the 22-team Bi-District meet May 20 at W.F. West High School in Chehalis, which pits District 1 (Coupeville and companions) against District 4 (foes like Kalama and Adna).

Finally, the best of the best advance to the state meet May 26-28 at Eastern Washington University in Cheney.

Taygin Jump finished 2nd in the discus and javelin. (Photo by JohnsPhotos.net)


Complete Wednesday results:



100 — Ava Mitten (7th) 14.76 *PR*; Issabel Johnson (10th) 15.43 *PR*; Taygin Jump (12th) 15.61; Mercedes Kalwies-Anderson (19th) 16.97; Kaitlyn Leavell (21st) 17.38 *PR*

200 — Ja’Kenya Hoskins (4th) 28.54; Mitten (9th) 31.33 *PR*; Johnson (11th) 32.60 *PR*; Leavell (18th) 37.18 *PR*

800 — Cristina McGrath (8th) 3:25.68

3200 — C. McGrath (4th) 15:43.41 *PR*

100 Hurdles — Claire Mayne (4th) 20.54 *PR*

300 Hurdles — Ryanne Knoblich (6th) 59.22 *PR*; Mayne (7th) 1:01.15

4 x 100 Relay — Mayne, Carolyn Lhamon, Hoskins, Mitten (2nd) 56.57

4 x 200 Relay — Lyla Stuurmans, Ayden Wyman, Knoblich, Hoskins (3rd) 2:02.36

Shot Put — Lhamon (3rd) 28-0.25; Reese Wilkinson (4th) 23-2.50; Erica McGrath (6th) 20-03.50 *PR*

Discus — Jump (2nd) 72-03 *PR*; E. McGrath (4th) 69-10.50; Wilkinson (5th) 68-01; Lhamon (7th) 61-05; Aby Wood (8th) 47-00

Javelin — Jump (2nd) 75-03; Johnson (4th) 72-08 *PR*; Mayne (8th) 54-03; Wood (9th) 54-01; E. McGrath (10th) 52-05; Wilkinson (12th) 46-03; Samara Maund (14th) 28-03

High Jump — Knoblich (2nd) 4-08

Long Jump — Knoblich (2nd) 14-00 *PR*; Hoskins (9th) 11-09

Triple Jump — C. McGrath (5th) 26-10



100 — Caleb Meyer (2nd) 11.57 *PR*; Dominic Coffman (3rd) 11.99 *PR*; Aidan Wilson (6th) 12.24 *PR*; Tim Ursu (7th) 12.37 *PR*; Nehemiah Myles (11th) 12.59 *PR*; Preston Epp (20th) 13.02 *PR*; Alex Merino-Martinez (25th) 13.50 *PR*

200 — Meyer (2nd) 24.32 *PR*; Nick Guay (6th) 25.43; Reiley Araceley (8th) 25.70 *PR*; Myles (9th) 25.76 *PR*; Cael Wilson (18th) 27.44 *PR*

400 — Meyer (2nd) 54.72; A. Wilson (3rd) 55.22 *PR*; Hank Milnes (11th) 1:02.39

800 — A. Wilson (1st) 2:17.86; Merino-Martinez (6th) 2:35.97 *PR*; Milnes (8th) 2:44.03

1600 — Mitchell Hall (2nd) 5:10.26; Carson Field (3rd) 5:17.60; Merino-Martinez (8th) 5:51.40 *PR*; Tate Wyman (10th) 6:12.14 *PR*

3200 — Cameron Epp (2nd) 11:46.16 *PR*; Mikey Robinett (3rd) 12:46.22 *PR*

110 Hurdles — Araceley (3rd) 18.92; C. Wilson (6th) 20.71

300 Hurdles — Araceley (7th) 51.30 *PR*; C. Wilson (8th) 52.09 *PR*; T. Wyman (11th) 55.03

4 x 100 Relay — Meyer, Araceley, Ursu, Coffman (1st) 46.91; Myles, P. Epp, N. Guay, Robinett (5th) 50.15

4 x 400 Relay — Hall, Milnes, Field, P. Epp (3rd) 4:07.70

Shot Put — Logan Martin (1st) 40-00; Zane Oldenstadt (4th) 29-09; Zac Tackett (5th) 29-01; Josh Guay (14th) 20-04

Discus — Martin (1st) 148-03.50; Tackett (2nd) 102-6.50; Oldenstadt (4th) 92-07 *PR*; C. Epp (7th) 81-00 *PR*; J. Guay (8th) 74-09 *PR*

Javelin — Hall (4th) 109-01; Ursu (5th) 105-03 *PR*; Tackett (6th) 96-06; C. Epp (9th) 91-01; Field (10th) 84-06; P. Epp (14th) 71-00; J. Guay (19th) 48-00

High Jump — Coffman (3rd) 5-06; N. Guay (4th) 5-04; C. Wilson (9th) 4-06

Long Jump — Ursu (8th) 16-03.50; Coffman (11th) 15-07.25; Myles (14th) 14-11.50; Robinett (16th) 14-07

Triple Jump — A. Wilson (3rd) 37-02 *PR*; Milnes (9th) 31-00; Hall (12th) 28-08

Nick Guay soars over the bar. (Mitchell Hall photo)

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Dominic Coffman hits warp speed. (Photo by JohnsPhotos.net)

Every meet from here on out gets bigger.

With the regular season in the books, the Coupeville High School track and field team turns its energy to the postseason.

First up is the Northwest 2B/1B League meet Wednesday in La Conner, followed by district, bi-district, and state meets.

With the pandemic having wreaked havoc on prep sports, this is the first season since 2019 where track stars will have a chance to participate in a full postseason.

As the Wolves (and their many foes) prep for the stretch run, a look at top times, heights, and distances among 2B schools reveal a fair share of Coupeville athletes.

For the moment, the CHS girls 4 x 200 relay team slips out of the top 10, having been passed in just the last week.

But, other than that, the Wolves retain all of their other spots in the rankings, with the boys 4 x 100 unit moving up a rung and Dominic Coffman cracking the top 10 in the high jump.

Through May 2:



400 — Lyla Stuurmans (6th) 1:04.73

High Jump — Ryanne Knoblich (6th-tie) 4-10



400 — Caleb Meyer (2nd) 52.68

800 — Aidan Wilson (10th) 2:10.84

1500 — Mitchell Hall (8th) 5:07.85

4 x 100 Relay — Meyer, Reiley Araceley, WilsonDominic Coffman (4th) 46.09

Shot Put — Logan Martin (2nd) 46-10

Discus — Martin (3rd) 149-00

Hammer — Martin (2nd) 175-00

High Jump — Coffman (6th-tie) 5-10

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Fleet-footed frosh Lyla Stuurmans? So fast she doesn’t touch the ground. (Photo by JohnsPhotos.net)

One week closer to the postseason.

The Coupeville High School track and field team has one more invitational to attend, and then May arrives with league, district, bi-district, and state meets.

As we get closer to the final showdowns, the top times, heights, and distances across Washington state continue to ebb and flow.

Among 2B schools, when you look at the top 10 performers for each event, Coupeville continues to position itself as a contender.

The Wolves show up in 10 different events, with Logan Martin leading the way as a three-timer.

Lyla Stuurmans, Caleb Meyer, Aidan Wilson, and Ryanne Knoblich are hot on his heels with two appearances.

Where Coupeville sits among all 2B schools through Apr. 24:



400 — Lyla Stuurmans (6th) 1:04.73

4 x 200 Relay — Stuurmans, Ayden Wyman, Ryanne Knoblich, Ja’Kenya Hoskins (10th) 2:01.11

High Jump — Knoblich (6th-tie) 4-10



400 — Caleb Meyer (2nd) 52.68

800 — Aidan Wilson (10th) 2:10.84

1500 — Mitchell Hall (8th) 5:07.85

4 x 100 Relay — Meyer, Reiley Araceley, WilsonDominic Coffman (5th) 46.45

Shot Put — Logan Martin (2nd) 46-10

Discus — Martin (3rd) 149-00

Hammer — Martin (2nd) 175-00

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