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Having played a major role in Coupeville winning a SWISH basketball championship, Lauren Marrs enjoys the moment. (Emili Marrs photo)

Savina Wells slices ‘n dices the defense. (Corinn Parker photo)

The champs. (Photo courtesy Corinn Parker’s dad)

Katie Marti is ready to wreck you. (Corinn Parker photos)

Lyla Stuurmans (3) brings the heat. “Oh, son. They are gonna need that first aid kit so bad when I get done carvin’ up that defense!!”

This is a Cinderella story.

A tale of 12 hardwood hustlers from Cow Town who went to the big city, beat the Vegas odds, and stunned the hoops world as they exited the gym, hoisting an improbable, but very-deserved championship trophy.

Go back to the start of the Skagit County Parks and Rec SWISH basketball season, back when Coupeville’s 7th/8th grade girls team was 0-4.

Now jump forward to Saturday, when the Wolves entered the postseason tourney as the #4 seed in a five-team draw.

Capping a wild ride, Coupeville won three games in one afternoon, KO’d the tourney’s top two teams, and emerged as the Silver Division champions.

Plus, they got to eat a bunch of pizza in between games, so score another win.

With the Saturday sweep, the Wolves finished their season on a five-game winning streak, having avenged several of those early-season losses.

And those tourney wins?

Not a close score to be found, as Coupeville drilled #5 seed Friday Harbor 23-8, whacked #1 seed Monroe 33-21, then walloped #2 seed Mt. Bakery 33-24 in the championship game.

“This team just keeps amazing me with their heart and winning spirit,” said Wolf coach Fred Farris. “They really made this old ball coach super proud!!”

How the day played out:


Friday Harbor:

Having routed their opening rival during the regular season, the Wolves used the game to give their less-experienced players plenty of floor time, while also making sure everyone on the roster scored this season.

It worked out beautifully as both Reese Wilkinson and Jada Heaton knocked down their first buckets, with Savina Wells setting up the duo with precise passes.

Wells paced Coupeville with a game-high 13 points, with Lauren Marrs, Madison McMillan, and Brionna Blouin chipping in with two points apiece.



Taking the role of David in a David vs. Goliath showdown, the Wolves stunned the tourney’s top seed, avenging an early-season loss to a dangerous team.

“After the opening round game the girls were focused on playing “championship” basketball,” Fred Farris said. “Their tenacity was at an all-time high.

“They battled for every loose ball and lifted their teammates up when they got knocked to the floor by a physical Monroe squad.”

Trailing by four at the half, Coupeville rallied by “breaking their full-court press and turning it into instant offense.”

Scrappy Wolf guard Lyla Stuurmans, playing like mom Sarah did back in the day, went nuclear, ripping off back-to-back coast-to-coast runs for game-breaking buckets.

Staggered, Monroe had no answer, and the game turned into a romp as Marrs and Blouin stuck the dagger in by launching three-balls which hit nothing but the bottom of the net.

Wells was top scorer with 11, while Stuurmans netted a season-high 10, and Marrs banged away for five. Blouin (3), McMillan (2), and Mia Farris (2) also scored.


Mt. Bakery: 

A bit sluggish after a long, pizza-filled break, the Wolves got things going thanks to their own full-court zone press, which they recently started working on in practice.

It was an immediate winner, helping Coupeville bolt out to a 16-8 lead at the half.

Lauren, Taylor (Brotemarkle), Mia, and Lyla forced many ball-hawking traps with Savina and Madison stealing all the long passes, creating some easy looks for us at the rim,” Fred Farris said.

“The girls never looked back! Lauren, Lyla, and Savina really were impressive leaders throughout the day.”

Putting a bow on a season in which she averaged 13 points a game, Wells tossed in a game-high 20, with Blouin (6), Marrs (5), and Mia Farris (2) also making the nets dance a happy dance.


Final season scoring stats:

Savina Wells – 143
Lauren Marrs – 52
Brionna Blouin – 23
Madison McMillan – 17
Lyla Stuurmans – 16
Mia Farris – 7
Skylar Parker – 6
Katie Marti – 4
Chloe Marzocca – 4
Taylor Brotemarkle – 2
Jada Heaton – 2
Reese Wilkinson – 2

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Jada Heaton lines up a free throw. (Corinn Parker photos)

Savina Wells slices ‘n dices the defense.

Wolves (l to r) Chloe Marzocca, Lauren Marrs, and Skylar Parker ponder the fate of the universe.

Taylor Brotemarkle, gettin’ ready to wreck people.

Reese Wilkinson and Savina Wells wait for a rebound.

Katie Marti (far left) and Heaton get out on the run, as Wells pushes the ball.

Lyla Stuurmans is locked in.

Coupeville coach Fred Farris lays down some hoops wisdom to a receptive audience.

Heaton enjoys her time on the court.

No games, but plenty of pics.

The Coupeville 7th/8th grade SWISH girls basketball team had a rare bye Saturday, giving the Wolves a chance to rest up for the stretch run.

With three weeks left in the season, we take a moment to catch up, and peruse some photos.

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Wolf hoop stars (l to r) Madison McMillan, Katie Marti, and Jada Heaton are ready to rumble. (Jennifer Marzocca photo)

Savina Wells (5) calls for the ball during a recent game, while Brionna Blouin backs her up. (Corinn Parker photos)

Lyla Stuurmans doesn’t crack under pressure.

Call it the big bounce-back.

Two weeks after falling to the Mount Bakery Mariners by 17 points, the Coupeville 7th grade SWISH girls basketball team got some thrilling revenge.

Storming from behind to force overtime Saturday, the Wolves won 22-20 on a pressure-packed bucket in extra time from Savina Wells.

The win lifts Coupeville to 1-4 on the season headed into their bye week.

The Wolves have three league games remaining on the schedule — a single clash Nov. 30, followed by a doubleheader Dec. 7.

Coupeville, which is playing in the silver division in a league run by Skagit County Parks and Recreation, competes Dec. 14 in the seven-team postseason tourney.

Saturday’s thriller was a back-and-forth affair, with the Wolves taking an 11-7 lead to the halftime break, before the Mariners rallied.

Mt. Bakery pulled ahead 14-11 thanks to a hot streak, but Coupeville battled back, with every girl on the floor bringing their best.

“It was fun to watch,” said Wolf coach Fred Farris. “Everyone contributed and brought energy on every possession.

“These ladies are growing so much everyday.”

Wanting to keep Lauren Marrs free to shoot, while giving Savina Wells a chance to dominate in the post, Fred Farris handed the ball to Lyla Stuurmans, and let the scrappy guard dictate play.

Lyla is a born leader!,” Fred Farris said. “She was so strong handling the ball for us against their full-court pressure.”

She wasn’t the only Wolf to step up, either.

Savina played amazing, making some great passes to teammates after breaking down the defense,” Fred Farris said. “Madison (McMillan) was a force on the boards, and Mia (Farris) was a spark plug off the bench on defense.

Chloe (Marzocca) made a very big bucket near the end of the first half,” he added. “It was great to have Lauren back; we needed every one of her points.”

Wells paced the Wolves with a team-high 10 points, including her winner in overtime, while also putting together “another 2,000-rebound game.”

Marrs chipped in with seven points, while McMillan (3), and Marzocca (2) tickled the twine.

Coupeville’s hard-charging roster also includes Taylor Brotemarkle, Katie Marti, Jada Heaton, Brionna Blouin, Reese Wilkinson, and Skylar Parker.

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Lyla Stuurmans fires a serve. (Photo by JohnsPhotos.net)

The battle for Whidbey Island volleyball supremacy rages on.

At the high school level, Coupeville has dominated South Whidbey this season, while at the middle school level, the girls from Langley have gotten a bit of revenge.

Facing off for the second time this season Monday, Langley once again won two of three matches, but still couldn’t solve Coupeville’s big-serving #2 squad.

How the day played out in the CMS gym (based on what I gleaned from stat sheets, since I had a family commitment and couldn’t be there in person):


Level 1:

Coupeville put up its strongest fight in the first set, but was swept 25-14, 25-4, 15-6.

The loss drops the Wolves to 1-8 on the season, heading into the finale Tuesday at Lakewood.

Savina Wells paced CMS, racking up seven points off of her serve, while Grey Peabody backed her up with a five-spot.

Also scoring for the Wolves were Olivia Schaffeld (3), Mia Farris (3), Katie Marti (2), Chloe Marzocca (2), Lyla Stuurmans (1), and Taylor Brotemarkle (1).


Level 2:

Coupeville’s most-dangerous team rolled to a 25-18, 25-19 win, then dropped a third practice set 15-11.

With the season sweep of their next door neighbors, the Wolves clinch a winning season at 6-3.

Leading the way for CMS were Jada Heaton, who sparked her team to 16 points, Brionna Blouin (12), and Madison McMillan (10).

Chipping in to the team cause were Allison Nastali (5), Kaitlyn Leavell (5), Issabel Johnson (5), Laila Wenzel (3), Ava Mitten (3), and Aby Wood (2).


Level 3:

Like Coupeville’s #1 team, its #3 squad put together its best work in the first frame, before falling 25-11, 25-7, 15-5.

With the loss, the young Wolves sit at 1-8 headed into their finale.

Oktober Frost, owner of the best name in the volleyball biz, led the way with five points off of her serve, while Bailey Thule, Bryley Gilbert, Kaylee Clark, and Emma Garcia racked up three apiece.

Maryah Love (2), Jones Walther (1), Jackie Contreras (1), Kassidy Upchurch (1), and Gabriella Becktell (1) also scored for Coupeville.

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Mia Farris launches the Wolf offense on the attack. (Photos by JohnsPhotos.net)

Lyla Stuurmans gets low to keep a ball in play.

It was a battle royal for the heart of the Island.

Or at least a rare weekend volleyball showdown for middle school neighbors.

Thanks to a reshuffled schedule brought about by reffing issues, Coupeville and Langley clashed Saturday on the southern tip of Whidbey, with the Cougars taking two of three matches from the Wolves.

How it all played out:


Level 1:

Coupeville’s top spikers fought hard all day, coming back to win the third set but drop the match 25-19, 25-15, 7-15.

The loss leaves the Wolves at 0-6 on the season, heading into a home match Monday with Granite Falls.

Savina Wells had the spiciest mix of serves, helping CMS win 11 points while she was anchored at the stripe, while Olivia Schaffeld (9) and Mia Farris (7) chipped in with solid work.

Also winning points on serve were Katie Marti (6), Chloe Marzocca (5), Grey Peabody (5), Taylor Brotemarkle (3), and Lyla Stuurmans (3).


Level 2:

Coupeville’s most-successful squad kept the good times rolling, thumping their hosts 25-13, 25-11, 16-14.

With the win, the Wolves middle franchise bounces to a spiffy 4-2.

Dropping the hammer of the gods on the Cougars was the one-two combo of Madison McMillan and Brionna Blouin, who each tallied up 18 points on serve.

Aby Wood led the support crew with 12 more, while Issabel Johnson had nine.

Rounding out the well-balanced attack were Allison Nastali (3), Skylar Parker (2), Ava Mitten (2), and Kaitlyn Leavell (2).


Level 3:

Langley got a bit of revenge in this one, sweeping Coupeville 25-9, 25-14, 15-4, dropping the Wolves to 1-5 on the season.

Bryley Gilbert was the top scorer for CMS, tallying up five points off of her serve, with Hayley Thomas tossing in another four.

Also scoring were Bailey Thule (3), Kaylee Clark (3), Oktober Frost (3), Kassidy Upchurch (3), Gabriella Becktell (3), Jackie Contreras (2), and Maryah Love (1).

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