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“I can touch the moon, mom!” (Photos by JohnsPhotos.net)

“I … am … outta here!!”

“That’s gonna leave a mark.”

“And then South Whidbey said they could beat us…”

“She’s like a freakin’ Terminator out there…”

“They gave us sass, so we made ’em eat grass!!”

“We’re going to state!” (Konni Smith photo)

“Eat hot death from above!!” (Photo by JohnsPhotos.net)

“I love you, sis.” (Beth Stout photo)

   “Hey coach, I found your old MySpace account … wait, is that a mullet!?!?!” (Photo by JohnsPhotos.net)

I’ve written a lot of words here on Coupeville Sports, but I realize where my page hits really come from.

Photos. Photos. And, yes, more photos.

Whether snapped by Shelli Trumbull or John Fisken or David Stern or any of a thousand Wolf moms (and dads), glossy pics are the real power behind the throne.

So, as we head into a new sports season, I decided to take a quick look back at the one which just finished, and do something I haven’t done before — pick my favorite pics.

These 10 aren’t necessarily the ones which got the most clicks (team photos are always a magnet), and they don’t cover every fall sport.

But, at this moment, they are some of my personal favorites — ones which I think capture the essence of high school sports in a special way.

So, which one do you like the most? Let me know.

Our poll for the “Photo of the Fall” kicks off at 7 PM Sunday and goes 48 hours, ending at 7 PM Tuesday.

Vote as often as you like. Wild West rules, no restrictions whatsoever.

What does the winner get? A nice warm glow in their chest(s), so, they got that going for them, which is nice.

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   Mason Grove fires up a serve for a Wolf tennis squad which came within a whisker of winning a third-straight league title. (Photos by JohnsPhotos.net)

   Allison Wenzel and Hope Lodell (1) are part of a deep senior class which carried the CHS spikers to back-to-back league crowns.

   Coupeville’s football season started strongly, but an astonishing run of injuries made life difficult in the second half of the season.

   Lauren Bayne’s fan club saw her help lead the Wolf soccer squad to a program record-tying eight wins.

Surprises, until the end.

Capping the final day of regular-season play for fall sports, Chimacum football shocked Klahowya 17-14 in overtime Friday night.

The first time the Cowboys have beaten the Eagles on the gridiron since the 1A Olympic League formed in 2014, it gave Chimacum’s oldest players a great parting gift on their Senior Night.

Preventing Klahowya from notching another league win also aids Coupeville, allowing the Wolves to stay right on the heels of the Eagles for varsity wins spread across four fall sports.

With conference play complete in girls soccer, volleyball, boys tennis and football, KSS holds a 21-20 edge over CHS as we exit the fall and head for the basketball court.

Port Townsend, with seven wins, and Chimacum, with five, are lagging way back in the hinterlands at the moment.

Coupeville, which captured the varsity wins crown in 2016-2017, after two years of narrowly being nipped by Klahowya, is riding high thanks to its female athletes.

An undefeated, league-title winning volleyball squad and a solid, second-place soccer unit have compensated for a football team which was ripped asunder by a historic run of injuries.

With two Olympic League teams still active in the postseason (Coupeville volleyball and Klahowya soccer are state-bound), standings through Nov. 5:

Olympic/Nisqually League football:

School League Overall
Cascade Christian 7-0 9-1
Charles Wright 6-1 8-2
Bellevue Christian 4-3 4-6
Klahowya 3-4 3-7
Port Townsend 3-4 3-7
Chimacum 2-5 4-6
Vashon Island 2-5 2-8

Olympic League volleyball:

School League Overall
Klahowya 5-4 7-9
Port Townsend 3-6 6-12
Chimacum 1-8 1-11

Olympic League girls soccer:

School League Overall
Klahowya 9-0 17-1
Chimacum 2-7 2-11-1
Port Townsend 1-8 2-13

Olympic League boys tennis:

School League Overall
Klahowya 4-1 12-2
Chimacum 0-5 0-11

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   Lauren Rose and Coupeville volleyball sail into the postseason flying high. (Photo by JohnsPhotos.net)

It’s a donnybrook, and we’re only (almost) a third of the way into the fight.

With regular season play done for volleyball, soccer and tennis, and just one more week of football left, year #4 of the Olympic League is again a two-team tussle.

Klahowya, the second-biggest 1A school in the state, and Coupeville, the sixth-smallest, are all but tied as we begin to make the turn and look ahead to basketball season.

The Eagles hold a narrow 21-20 lead on the Wolves, when varsity wins across those four sports are totaled up.

Meanwhile, way in the back, Port Townsend sits with seven victories and Chimacum four.

Coupeville volleyball and Klahowya soccer, which both went 9-0 in conference action, winning their second and fourth consecutive titles, respectively, were the cream of the crop.

With both tennis squads tying with four wins apiece, the edge has come down to football, where the Wolves have been hammered by the worst spate of season-ending injuries in several decades.

KSS is not only much healthier, but gets the better draw in the season’s final game next week, traveling to Chimacum, while CHS visits state-ranked Cascade Christian.

However those games break down, one thing is certain — the battle for league supremacy remains truly a battle as we head into the second of three legs.

League standings, through Oct. 29:

Olympic/Nisqually League football:

School League Overall
Cascade Christian 6-0 8-1
Charles Wright 5-1 7-2
Bellevue Christian 3-3 3-6
Klahowya 3-3 3-6
Port Townsend 3-3 3-6
Vashon Island 2-4 2-7
Chimacum 1-5 3-6

Olympic League volleyball:

School League Overall
Klahowya 5-4 7-8
Port Townsend 3-6 5-11
Chimacum 1-8 1-11

Olympic League girls soccer:

School League Overall
Klahowya 9-0 15-1
Chimacum 2-7 2-11-1
Port Townsend 1-8 2-13

Olympic League boys tennis:

School League Overall
Klahowya 4-1 12-2
Chimacum 0-5 0-11

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   Genna Wright beats the ball at its own game, proving she too can levitate. (Photos by JohnsPhotos.net)

Kalia Littlejohn leads an attack.

Wolf fans show support for Lindsey Roberts.

That’s gonna leave a mark.

“Sweet sassy molassy, I felt that all the way up here!!”

   International man of mystery Josh Bayne waves his support for CHS seniors Lauren Bayne (left) and Sage Renninger.

Avalon Renninger breaks out a tango, mid-match.

The action was fast, but the camera was quicker.

Having moved from grass to turf for the postseason, the Coupeville High School girls soccer squad found the pace of the game a bit sped up Saturday.

Wandering on to the sidelines, in between shooting cross country and volleyball, paparazzi John Fisken was on top of things, however, madly clicking away.

The pics above are courtesy him.

To see everything he shot, pop over to the link below.

When you do, remember, purchases fund college scholarships for CHS student/athletes.


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   Wolves (l to r) Natalie Hollrigel, Genna Wright, Mallory Kortuem and Lindsey Roberts were part of a very successful soccer squad. (Photo by JohnsPhotos.net)

They left it all on the field – heart, soul and a few body parts.

Facing a tough rival, and a transition from grass to turf, the Coupeville High School girls soccer squad put up its best postseason performance in a decade Saturday afternoon.

The Wolves didn’t get what they were chasing — the first playoff win in program history — but they came as close as they ever have, falling 2-0 in a rough-and-tumble scrap with Vashon Island.

With the loss, CHS finishes its first season under Kyle Nelson at 8-9, tying the program’s single-season record for wins.

“They played good, very good,” he said. “A great effort all around and nothing to be ashamed about.

“We were the more dangerous team in the second half and had more shots on goal, but their goalie just made some fantastic saves on us,” Nelson added.

“We were very close. These two teams, another day, and I fully believe we’re the team that’s walking away with the win.”

The omens looked good for Coupeville, as it escaped a potentially dangerous situation just a few moments into the match.

Vashon was awarded a free kick after a tussle in front of the goal, setting up a shooter in a one-on-one situation with Wolf goaltender Sarah Wright.

Looking to drop an early dagger, the Pirate sniper went right, but flinched (perhaps after gazing into the fiery eyes of Wright and deciding she didn’t want to be pulverized?) and drilled the ball off the bar on the side of the net.

As the ball skittered away, Vashon’s shooter slumped, Wright pumped a fist and a deep sigh of relief ran through the pro-Coupeville crowd.

That sense of calm remained until the game’s 7th minute, when the Pirates slapped a short shot into the right side of the net on a breakaway.

Showing no panic, the Wolf defense responded by clamping down, with the rejuvenated Lindsey Roberts (in her second game back after a leg injury cost her a chunk of the year) and Co. instituting a No Shooting Zone.

It held until right before the end of the half, when Vashon got lucky on a long, airmailed shot that found a sliver of open net for the game’s second goal.

Coupeville was relentless in trying to break its postseason scoring drought, with Kalia Littlejohn roughing up fools (then staring down the refs) between runs at the goal.

She, fab frosh Genna Wright and senior captain Sage Renninger all had good looks at the net, but were denied time and again by a spry Vashon goalie.

Several times the Pirate net-minder hit the turf as a Wolf crashed through her kingdom, only to pop up and secure the ball at the last second.

The second half was a war of attrition, as the two teams exchanged body blows across the field.

The two biggest hits came very late in the game, with Renninger getting blasted in the … lower extremities … on one shot, while Wright went medieval on a rival while turning away a run.

With the Vashon shooter slicing towards her, Coupeville’s goalie charged out to meet her, slid and delivered a thunderous body-check while also hitting the ball, leaving permanent dents on both the rival player and the orb.

The ball came off the duo with such force it shot from in front of the net to almost midfield, without touching the ground, finally finding a landing spot nestled up against the bleachers.

Upon being picked up, the ball’s first words?

“Please call the cops! There’s a killer on the loose!!”

The loss was the final time Wolf seniors Renninger and Lauren Bayne will take the high school pitch, but Coupeville, which went 6-3 in Olympic League play, could return 16 of its 18 players.

“We’re young, very young,” Nelson said. “That showed at times today, with adjusting to the playoffs, but it’s a big positive going forward.”

After coaching the Wolf boys for several seasons, he added the CHS girls job this season, and, non-stop Disney sing-a-longs on the bus aside, was very glad he did.

“I had a great time,” Nelson said. “The girls were great and I enjoyed myself. I look forward to coming back.”


Coupeville rattled home 42 goals this season, the second-best mark in program history. They came from:

Kalia Littlejohn 16
Genna Wright
Lindsey Roberts
Sage Renninger
Mallory Kortuem
Avalon Renninger
Ema Smith
Knight Arndt
Lauren Bayne

Own goals by opposing teams 2

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