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Time to kick some fanny on the soccer pitch. (Photo by JohnsPhotos.net)

Are you a girl, born in 2007 or 2008, and want to play soccer?

Then get your parents crackin’, cause there’s just eight days left to sign up for the Central Whidbey Soccer Club spring season.

The league wants players of all ages, and talent levels, but is especially hoping for those who could play on a U12 girls team.

To field a team, CWSC needs nine players, and, as of this moment, has just four.

“If we can’t find girls by Mar. 22, we won’t have a U12 team for girls, and that is heartbreaking,” said Michelle Cernick.

To register today, pop over to:


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Battling the wind, James Wood cranks a corner kick. (Photos by JohnsPhotos.net)

Staring down the brisk breeze, a collection of Wolf stars jam the stands.

The Leyva lads lead the charge, with Aram (front) and Derek slicin’ and dicin’ the defense.

Cruddy weather, sunny attitudes.

Derek Leyva fires the ball into play.

Ever-efficient Wolf manager Natalie Hollrigel rules the roost up in the warm, dry, non-breezy press box.

CHS goalie Dewitt Cole sprawls out to stop a shot, while Wolf defender Teo Keilwitz comes charging in to help.

“Spring? I’m going to go have words with Mother Nature…”

The weather was wild ‘n windy, but at least I didn’t have to stand out in it.

While I was smartly sequestered in the press box Monday during Coupeville’s boys soccer clash with Mount Baker, grizzled paparazzi John Fisken braved the gusts to snap the pics seen above.

To peruse everything he shot, pop over to:


And, when you wander over there, remember, a percentage of any purchases goes to help fund scholarships for CHS senior student/athletes.

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Coupeville captain Teo Keilwitz fires the ball into play. (Photos by JohnsPhotos.net)

Wolf superstars (l to r) Avalon Renninger, Hannah Davidson, Tia Wurzrainer, Maya Toomey-Stout, and Mallory Kortuem brave the weather to cheer on their classmates.

James Wood pulls off a tasty tango, leaving his foe grasping at mere air.

Aram Leyva gets his head into the game.

Sage Downes is out for a run.

Owen Barenburg (13) holds off a pesky rival, while Nathan Ginnings (21) keeps an eye on the developing action.

Wolf legend Mandi Black, on hand to cheer for nephew Xavier Murdy, nails the season’s first selfie.

CHS goalie Dewitt Cole denies Oak Harbor.

We’re officially back to action.

While the mini-games at Thursday night’s three-team boys soccer jamboree in Oak Harbor won’t affect anyone’s win/loss records, they do kick off the spring sports season.

Coupeville went up North to clash with South Whidbey and host Oak Harbor, a tune-up before the regular-season opener Saturday at home against Chimacum.

While playing on the frozen tundra, the Wolves had their photos snapped by John Fisken, who had a short drive from his nearby home.

To see everything he shot, pop over to:


And, as we head towards graduation and year-end awards ceremonies, remember that any purchases help fund scholarships for two CHS senior student/athletes.

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Everyone in town approves of what the Coupeville Booster Club is doing, including the school’s mascot. (Photo by JohnsPhotos.net)

Some Booster Clubs sit around, but not the one reppin’ Coupeville High School.

Making the money rain down, the helping hands behind Wolf Nation gave out more than $4,000 to CHS sports programs at their last meeting, then promptly went out and sold 700 pounds of seafood at Mussel Fest to replenish the coffers.

The Booster Club’s most recent endowments include buying t-shirts for boys basketball’s cancer awareness night, and purchasing new jackets for Wolf softball.

CHS girls basketball and boys soccer also scored, with both programs having requests for new player travel bags approved.

If you’d like to join in and help with the Booster Club’s work, pop over to:


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Thirteen days from today, Coupeville High School soccer star Derek Leyva and other spring athletes begin practice. (Photo by JohnsPhotos.net)

A look out the window says winter, but a look at the schedule says spring.

Well, at least in terms of high school sports seasons, as we’re less than two weeks from the first practices.

Whether or not we’re still trapped in a new ice age at that point, Monday, Feb. 25 marks the start for Coupeville High School track, baseball, soccer, tennis, and softball.

The first game arrives Mar. 9, when the Wolf boys soccer squad welcomes Chimacum to town for a non-conference tilt.

As you mentally prepare yourself for a typical Central Whidbey spring sports season of sideways rain and howling prairie wind, as opposed to snow and ice, here’s a look at all the team’s schedules.

You may notice a few quirks which come along with being in a new league this season.

After bouncing from team to team in a haphazard manner in the Olympic League, Coupeville baseball gets to return to how life was back in the Cascade Conference.

Teams will play the same league opponent three times in one week (Monday, Wednesday, Friday), either going home, away, home, or away, home, away.

That gives squads a chance to play actual series, like college or MLB teams do, and forces coaches to make more adjustments as they take into consideration state-mandated pitch count limits and other factors.

Softball also plays each league foe three times, though those meetings are scattered across the schedule, and King’s doesn’t field a team in the sport.

Boys soccer and girls tennis face off with conference rivals twice, but the netters will see a different line-up than anyone else.

Neither Cedar Park Christian or Sultan have tennis teams, but Friday Harbor, the only school to play the sport in the 2B/1B Northwest League, is taking one of their slots.

It makes sense, as the Wolverines are a longtime Coupeville rival, and 1A, 2B, and 1B all compete in the same state tourney in tennis.

Finally, track and field boasts its most home meets in forever.

The Wolves, still enjoying the “new oval” smell of their renovated running surface, have a pair of three-team league meets and an invitational scheduled to play out in front of local fans.

With trips to Oak Harbor and South Whidbey also on the schedule, Coupeville will stay on Whidbey Island for five of nine regular-season events currently on the schedule.

And, one last word of warning — only a fool expects spring sports to play out 100% to schedule.

Unless the weather gods take pity on us after giving us the shaft this past week-plus, keep one eye peeled for updates.


Coupeville Schools:



North Sound Conference:



So, as of Feb. 12, this is where things are for CHS varsity teams, with * indicating a league game.



Tues-Mar. 12 — Friday Harbor (3:30)
Fri-Mar. 15 — @Lynden Christian (3:00)
Sat-Mar. 16 — Overlake (1:00)
Mon-Mar. 18 — @Cedar Park Christian (6:30)*
Wed-Mar. 20 — Cedar Park Christian (4:00)*
Fri-Mar. 22 — @Cedar Park Christian (6:30)*
Mon-Mar. 25 — Chimacum (4:00)
Wed-Mar. 27 — @University Prep (TBD)
Mon-Apr. 1 — @King’s (6:00)*
Wed-Apr. 3 — King’s (4:00)*
Fri-Apr. 5 — @King’s (6:00)*
Mon-Apr. 8 — South Whidbey (4:00)*
Wed-Apr. 10 — @South Whidbey (4:00)*
Fri-Apr. 12 — South Whidbey (4:00)*
Mon-Apr. 15 — Sultan (4:00)*
Wed-Apr. 17 — @Sultan (4:00)*
Fri-Apr. 19 — Sultan (4:00)*
Mon-Apr. 22 — Granite Falls (4:00)*
Wed-Apr. 24 — @Granite Falls (4:00)*
Fri-Apr. 26 — Granite Falls (4:00)*



Sat-Mar. 9 — Chimacum (12:30)
Mon-Mar. 11 — Mount Baker (5:00)
Thur-Mar. 14 — @Meridian (4:30)
Sat-Mar. 16 — @Nooksack Valley (1:00)
Tues-Mar. 19 — King’s (6:45)*
Fri-Mar. 22 — Sultan (6:45)*
Tues-Mar. 26 — @Cedar Park Christian (6:00)*
Fri-Mar. 29 — @South Whidbey (6:00)*
Mon-Apr. 1 — @Forks (3:30)
Tue-Apr. 9 — Granite Falls (6:45)*
Fri-Apr. 12 — @King’s (7:00)*
Tues-Apr. 16 — @Sultan (7:00)*
Fri-Apr. 19 — Cedar Park Christian (6:45)*
Tues-Apr. 23 — South Whidbey (6:45)*
Thur-Apr. 25 — @Granite Falls (6:00)*



Mon-Mar 11 — @Port Angeles (4:00)
Thur-Mar. 28 — King’s (3:30)*
Mon-Apr. 8 — @Chimacum (4:00)
Tues-Apr. 9 — South Whidbey (3:30)*
Thur-Apr. 11 — @Friday Harbor (3:30)*
Tues-Apr. 16 — Granite Falls (3:30)*
Tues-Apr. 23 — @King’s (3:30)*
Thur-Apr. 25 — @ South Whidbey (3:30)*
Tues-Apr. 30 — Friday Harbor (3:30)*
Thur-May 2 — @Granite Falls (3:30)*



Tues-Mar. 12 — Friday Harbor (3:30)
Fri-Mar. 15 — @Lynden Christian (3:00)
Sat-Mar. 16 — Lakewood (1:00)
Thur-Mar. 21 — Cedar Park Christian (4:00)*
Tues-Mar. 26 — @Granite Falls (4:00)*
Thur-Mar. 28 — @Sultan (4:00)*
Sat-Mar. 30 — @Forks (1:00)
Sat-Apr. 6 — Meridian (1:00)
Tues-Apr. 9 — South Whidbey (4:00)*
Mon-Apr. 15 — Cedar Park Christian (4:00)*
Wed-Apr. 17 — @Granite Falls (4:00)*
Fri-Apr. 19 — @Sultan (4:00)*
Tues-Apr. 23 — South Whidbey (4:00)*
Thur-Apr. 25 — Chimacum (4:00)
Mon-Apr. 29 — @Cedar Park Christian (4:00)*
Wed-May 1 — Granite Falls (4:00)*
Fri-May 3 — Sultan (4:00)*
Tues-May 7 — @South Whidbey (4:00)*



Thur-Mar. 14 — @Oak Harbor Jamboree (3:30)
Thur-Mar. 21 — HOME vs. S. Whidbey, Granite (4:00)*
Thur-Mar. 28 — @King’s (4:00)*
Sat-Mar. 30 — Coupeville Invite (11:00)
Thur-Apr. 11 — HOME vs. King’s, Cedar Park (4:00)*
Sat-Apr. 13 — @Cashmere Invitational (12:00)
Thur-Apr. 18 — @Sultan (4:00)*
Sat-Apr. 20 — @Lil’ Norway Invitational – N. Kitsap (11:00)
Thur-Apr. 25 — @South Whidbey (4:00)*

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