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Twin terrors Raven (left) and Willow Vick and fellow Coupeville High School volleyball players are staging a Saturday car wash. (Photo by JohnsPhotos.net)

Banish the dirt, and help a good cause.

The Coupeville High School volleyball team is back at it Saturday, June 22, running a charity car wash to raise money for all things spiker-related.

The soap bubbles fly from 10-2:30 at Ebey Academy, which is located at 140 SE Terry Road, across from the high school and just down from Prairie Center Red Apple Market.

Your donations will benefit one of the most successful sports programs at CHS.

The Wolves are coming off a season in which they finished 11-5, second in the North Sound Conference behind just King’s, which finished 3rd at the 1A state tourney.

Before that, Coupeville won back-to-back Olympic League titles and went to state in 2017.

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Vivian Farris, who will be a CHS freshman in the fall, soars to make the play during a middle school match. (Photo by JohnsPhotos.net)

A sure shot in everything she does. (Photos courtesy Fred Farris)

When not playing sports, Farris participates in 4H, showing her dog, Maggie.

Vivian Farris is the glue that holds a team together.

Talented, but willing and happy to embrace her role, no matter how big or small, she’s been a key volleyball and softball player for Coupeville teams in recent years.

Now, Farris is taking her skills to the next level, as she’ll step onto the CHS campus as a freshman in the fall.

She just wrapped a successful run with the Central Whidbey Little League Juniors softball team, a squad which raked the ball en route to finishing 13-1.

Farris was a strong hitter, while also getting some work in at pitcher, a position she would love to keep playing.

“Although it may not currently be my strength, I would really like to get better at pitching,” she said.

“I really hope to improve on pitching in the next couple of years, and hopefully, I will have the chance to pitch for the high school team at some point.”

While she dreams of stalking the pitcher’s circle, Farris is the kind of player who brings a smile to every coach’s face.

Wherever you play her, she’s ready to go, and committed to doing whatever is best for team success.

“I think that I’m good at being a supporting teammate,” Farris said. “It isn’t my favorite to be in the spotlight all the time.

“I am perfectly happy with helping my team as best I can, without being the greatest player on the team. I want to stay humble.”

Finding the balance between being a supportive teammate and being willing to play big when the spotlight does hit her, is something she admits she’s still working at.

“However, this can sometimes be a weakness,” Farris said. “I don’t put myself out there enough and don’t have enough confidence.

“It’s my biggest pet peeve when people have a higher ego than their skill, so I tend to stay away from that area altogether.”

While Farris embraces working within a team framework, she’d certainly like to do it a high level. She’s just realistic about the path ahead of her.

“I hope to make varsity in all the sports I play at some point,” she said.

“I know hoping for varsity my freshman year isn’t extremely realistic, so I’m hoping for my junior or senior year.”

Away from sports, Farris enjoys language arts class, shows her dog, Maggie, at 4H events, and likes to spend time with friends and family.

Sports are a big part of life for her family, with Vivian’s dad, Fred, and older brother, Keaton, both having been highly-successfully, award-winning high school athletes.

Now it’s time for Vivian, and younger sister Mia, who’s currently playing for a 15-2 CWLL Majors softball squad coached by their dad, to shine.

Having her family always there to support her has been huge for the bright young woman.

“Obviously, my parents have impacted me the most,” Farris said. “My dad was my coach in rookies softball. He has pushed me to be my best in every single sport I have played, even in boys and girls club basketball in second grade.”

“My mom has always been there to root me on, even if I am having a really bad game,” she added. “It’s nice to have someone understanding to vent to, also.”

Farris is quick to acknowledge her coaches impact, as well.

“My coaches, especially my club volleyball coach, have made me the player I am at the sports I currently play,” she said. “My club volleyball coach pushed all of us to our breaking point.

“Without the club experience, there is no way I would have been a setter on the 8th grade varsity team this past year.”

While she’s let basketball go, Farris stays busy with volleyball and softball, and her favorite sport tends to change from day to day, season to season.

“I kinda go up and down with both,” she said.” Sometimes I really want to play volleyball, and sometimes I would much rather play softball.”

Having just finished her diamond campaign, Farris is still basking in the afterglow.

“I like being outside in the sun,” she said. “This softball season, we were fortunate enough to be able to play in super awesome weather.

“I also love playing with my friends. Playing with them makes every sport so much more fun!”

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Taygin Jump, who will be a CHS freshman in the fall, fires up a serve during a middle school match. (Photos by JohnsPhotos.net)

Jump, always right in the middle of the action.

And willing to sell out for the good of her team.

Every team needs a Taygin Jump.

The ultimate scrapper and hustler, she always has something positive to say to her teammates, and was seemingly born to collect Most Inspirational awards.

As she heads to Coupeville High School for her freshman year this fall, Jump will be a busy bee, flying right into volleyball before having to decide between track and tennis in the spring.

The exuberant young woman isn’t a one-dimensional athlete, however.

She looks forward to her language arts classes, enjoys writing and reading non-fiction, and is a huge fan of animals.

“I love animals, especially cats,” Jump said. “Though I do not have a cat of my own, because my two malamutes would eat a cat…”

She bops through a wide variety of music, depending on her mood, and is an equal opportunity film fan, watching the best of both Marvel and DC superhero films.

Most of all, Jump remains outgoing, the type of person who brings others together.

“I love hanging out with all of my friends and having a good laugh.”

That extends to her time on the court, where Jump can always be found at the heart of the action, usually providing a steady stream of chatter and vocal support to her fellow players.

“I enjoy being part of a team,” she said. “I enjoy learning and building on the skills and knowledge coaches teach me.

“I enjoy the challenges of the games and becoming a stronger person on and off the court,” Jump added. “My strengths as an athlete are team work and building the team’s spirit.”

While she enjoys every sport she’s involved in, the lure of racking up digs and spikes is irresistible.

“100% volleyball! I enjoy volleyball because there are a variety of skills and plays in each and every moment in the game,” Jump said.

“I feel each position is absolutely necessary to execute each play,” she added. “The challenge of watching the opposing team to determine what their play is and how I will help and guide my team to defend against it, is truly inspiring.”

Jump credits those who have worked to shape her game with providing a positive influence.

“Mainly my club volleyball coaches and (CHS) Coach Cory (Whitmore),” she said. “My club coaches had a huge impact on my skills. They helped me develop the skills I needed to work better as a team and individual player.

“Coach Cory lets me stay after practices and skills camps to work on my technique and encourages me to keep working hard.”

As she progresses in the game she loves, Jump continues to refine her skills, always looking to reach new levels of success.

“I would like to work on balancing academics with practices and games,” she said.

“Also, I struggle with being a stronger player; for example if someone on the court is louder than me, I won’t be as loud as I normally would.”

Jump is in it for the long haul however, and, as her career soars, so should her confidence.

Ask me what former CHS volleyball star she reminds me of, and I will say Valen Trujillo, who holds the CHS volleyball career record for digs and was a multiple All-Conference selection.

Jump, like Trujillo before her, provides a beautiful combination of hustle, passion for the sport, positive mind-set, and an unflagging ability to elevate the play of those around her.

“I believe I am a great team player, and I plan to be a CHS volleyball player my entire high school career,” Jump said.

Will the sport lead her to new heights? She hopes so, and plans to put in the necessary work to make a run at big-time success.

“It would be ideal to receive a volleyball scholarship and continue to play through college,” Jump said. “I’m also considering becoming a coach for volleyball or work my way up to playing professional volleyball.”

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Coupeville spikers (l to r) Chelsea Prescott, Taylor Brotemarkle, and Allie Lucero were honored for their play at a skills camp. (Photos courtesy Cory Whitmore)

So were Emma Mathusek, Taygin Jump, and Lyla Stuurmans.

And Abby Mulholland, Madison McMillan, and Kylie Chernikoff.

As well as Ryanne Knoblich, Skylar Parker, and Raven Vick.

They’re all aces.

Honoring the program’s building blocks of Attitude, Competitiveness, Effort, and Service, Coupeville High School volleyball coach Cory Whitmore honored 12 players during a recent skills camp.

The four-day event was open to spikers entering grades 7-12.

Taking home awards:



Chelsea Prescott
Taylor Brotemarkle
Allie Lucero



Emma Mathusek
Taygin Jump
Lyla Stuurmans



Abby Mulholland
Madison McMillan
Kylie Chernikoff



Ryanne Knoblich
Skylar Parker
Raven Vick

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Trinity McGee, who will be a freshman at Coupeville High School in the fall, is a three-sport athlete. (Photos courtesy Angela McGee)

McGee (4), here playing club volleyball, is “very passionate” about her favorite sport.

With one eye on the future, and one eye on improving daily, she’s a young woman who wants to make history.

Trinity McGee doesn’t back down.

The three-sport athlete, who will be a freshman at Coupeville High School in the fall, approaches each game, each practice, ready to rock the joint.

Whether she’s playing volleyball or basketball, or competing in track and field, McGee is fully committed.

“A strength I have in my sports is my aggressiveness,” she said. “When I go to hit the ball in volleyball I gather all my anger and just slam the ball down.

“When in a basketball game I use my aggressiveness to get me to the other side of the court and push myself to the extreme.”

As she transitions to high school, McGee plans to continue with all three of her sports, enjoying the chance to stay active and involved all year long.

“Doing three sports keeps me busy,” she said. “And I get more exercise and stay healthy while moving and practicing.”

But, while McGee enjoys all three, volleyball is nearest and dearest to her heart.

“I feel very passionate about it,” she said. “I would definitely say that volleyball is my favorite sport because of the strategic system.

“You have to communicate with your team on a good strategy that will get the ball over the net and have the rivals speechless,” McGee added. “I also love diving and digging the rivals serves.

“When I get a good dig in, I feel accomplished and proud.”

Whether it’s playing club volleyball or working on her shot in basketball, McGee is always looking to improve.

“I would like to work on my form for shooting and my footwork for hitting,” she said. “But I know that if I work hard enough I can accomplish things I thought I’d never be able to in the past.”

McGee has a vision of future success, and is striving to get herself there.

“My goal is to get better and better and work harder at my sports so that I can have a good chance at getting a scholarship or breaking a record,” she said.

“I have always looked up at the record boards and imagined what it would be like to have my name up there,” McGee added. “Then I decided to try my hardest to make it happen.”

As she has progressed through middle school sports, her coaches and teammates have proved to be invaluable for a young woman on the rise in the classroom and athletic arena.

“In any sport, (teammate) Maddie Georges has always lifted me up when I am down,” McGee said. “Telling me everyone makes mistakes and it’s okay.

“She is the reason that I don’t get down on myself like I used to; she has brought me a long way into the game.”

While playing multiple sports, both in the school system and outside, McGee has had numerous coaches already, and she credits them for helping with her growth.

“Most of all, I would like to thank my coaches for teaching me everything I know from this day on,” she said. “If they were not as caring and determined as they were, I wouldn’t be here today, playing and enjoying sports.”

During her brief down time, McGee enjoys “reading a good book or spending class in Language Arts with Mrs. (Casie) Greve,” woodworking with her dad and baking with her mom.

“Spending time with the people I care about makes life better when I’m not practicing,” she said. “I’d also like to thank my parents for supporting me through everything that happens with my sports and being by my side.”

While the fast-rising young star dreams of big accomplishments, and works to make them a reality, her love of sports ultimately comes down to one thing – happiness.

“Being an athlete is enjoyable because I get to be recognized for something I’m good at and passionate about,” McGee said.

“Also, you get to play with a team and know you’re not alone,” she added. “All the pep talks and the cheers get your adrenaline running and that’s what makes the game fun!”

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