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Ally Roberts collects all the ribbons. (Photo courtesy Jennifer Roberts)

They don’t call her “Rally Ally” for nothing.

Former Coupeville High School volleyball ace Ally Roberts is also an accomplished equestrian, and she saved her biggest performance for her last time in the saddle.

Roberts, who is on her way to graduating from Western Washington University, won a regional championship in Advanced Western Horsemanship Saturday, and will stretch out her farewell tour a bit farther.

While Saturday’s meet at Evergreen State Equestrian Park was the final one of the regular season, the WWU captain now advances on to the post-season.

As regional champ, Roberts is off to West Virginia in late March to compete in the national semifinals.

A top-two finish there would send her to the national championships.

For Roberts, this is the perfect cap on her collegiate sports experience.

“It was such an awesome way to finish out our regular season!,” she said. “It’s been a long time coming and it all finally happened.

“This is an accomplishment I’ve been trying to achieve for the past three years!”

Roberts opened the meet by nabbing first in her class, which allowed her to “point out,” earning her enough points over the course of the season to qualify for regional competition.

Once there, she faced off with riders from Central Washington University, the University of Washington, the University of Oregon, Washington State University, and Oregon State University.

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CHS grad Ally Roberts (second from right) continues to collect ribbons as a college athlete. (Photo property of Western Washington Equestrians Facebook page)

Ally Roberts is going out with a bang.

The Coupeville High School grad is nearing the end of her run at Western Washington University, but, before she graduates, she intends to pick up a few more ribbons and trophies.

Roberts is captain of the WWU equestrian team, continuing a run of horse-related success which began when she was just a young rider back on Whidbey Island.

Western Washington won team high point both days running this past weekend at an eight-team equestrian meet, while Roberts claimed 1st in her class.

The event was a Hunt Seat competition, where riders jumped over fences and rode on the flat.

WWU went up against Oregon State University, the University of Oregon, the University of Washington, Central Washington University, Washington State University, Willamette University, and the University of British Columbia.

While she was happy with her own performance, Roberts was especially thrilled to see her teammates soar as well.

“It’s a huge accomplishment for a young team,” she said. “Most of our team graduated last year, so we are primarily a freshman driven group.

“And they SHOWED UP this weekend!!”

Roberts is nearing the end of her run at WWU, but going out as a team leader makes the experience that much better.

“Getting to be a captain made it that much more fulfilling, because I’m so excited to see where the team will go in the next couple years” she said. “Since I am graduating in the summer I am coming to an end in my college career, which is bittersweet, but it has been a great three years on the team.”

The season isn’t done just yet, however, as WWU hosts a show in Lynden the first weekend of February.

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Back row, l to r, are Anya Leavell, Lucy Tenore, Hannah Davidson, Scout Smith, Zoe Trujillo, Raven Vick, Chelsea Prescott, Cory Whitmore. Front, Emma Mathusek, Maya Toomey-Stout, Lucy Sandahl. (Photo courtesy Charlotte Young)

It’s been a busy summer so far for Cory Whitmore.

The Coupeville High School volleyball coach has been running around non-stop since school got out, bouncing from camp to camp.

Whether with the Wolves in Bellingham for the Western Washington University camp, or bouncing around the state by himself, it’s been a whirlwind.

Having been given a (brief) break, Whitmore filed this report from the bleachers in Pullman, where he was networking and coaching at the Washington State University camp.

WWU camp was fantastic.

The coaches, staff and players are very attentive to our goals and needs and run a well-organized and challenging camp.

They took us through some game challenges that extenuated strengths and exposed some weaknesses.

A big focus for us was to improve our attacking efficiency by creating comfortable serve receive options.

Losing Emma (Smith) and Ashley (Menges) (to graduation) meant that players had to step up from the JV speed to match the varsity game and expectations and I’m really excited about the ease in which players stepped up across the board.

We had seven seniors with us at camp and so the experience was extremely valuable to have, as there was a single junior, sophomore and freshman to round out our roster of 10.

We competed well and calmly and that’s a product of our senior leadership and experience.

This group works very well together already but we wanted to stress the productive communication and inclusivity of the entire team and we took great steps toward that goal.

Plenty to work on and we’re looking forward to the start of the season!

I’m really proud of how leaders stepped up and younger players followed.

Going to be a fun one with a great group! Go Wolves!

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Thane Peterson was among a group of CHS students invited to perform at an honors choir/band event at Western Washington University. (Photo by JohnsPhotos.net)

Combining vocals and instrumentals, Coupeville High School students took the music world by storm earlier this week.

Nine Wolves traveled to Western Washington University Monday to take part in the WWU Honor Festival, a showcase for talented choir and band students.

Mica Shipley, Thane Peterson, Ashleigh Battaglia and Melissa Otto participated in choir, and the video below showcases some of their work.

They were joined by Jakobi Baumann, Harris Sinclair, Nikolai Lyngra, Kaley Grigsby and Jaschon Baumann, who played in the honors band.

The event drew students from Island, San Juan, Whatcom and Skagit counties.


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Wolf spikers put in a lot of work, and reaped a lot of benefits, at a four-day camp at Western Washington University. (Photo courtesy Cory Whitmore)

Having tasted big-time success, they want more.

Coming off the program’s first trip to the state tourney in more than a decade, Coupeville High School volleyball players want to keep the good times rolling.

While the Wolves lost seven seniors and jump into a new league this fall, the North Sound Conference, there is still talent to burn.

And, even better, those players who will be the heart of the team, are deeply committed.

CHS coach Cory Whitmore and 11 of his players spent the 4th of July holiday putting in work, refining skills, bonding as teammates and preparing for the season ahead.

Whitmore’s report from the front line:

We had a very strong and productive camp at Western Washington University this past week (July 4-7th).

Year-after-year, the coaches, staff and players of WWU put on a phenomenal camp for athletes of all skills levels and classifications.

Teams are pushed through rigorous individuals position drills, focused team games and practices and special attention from top level college coaches.

One of the facets about this camp that draws us every year is not only the level of intensity of various skills and tournament play, but also WWU’s emphasis on the “overall game.”

This includes a session with the team’s sports psychologist, a goal-setting session, and many different team mini-challenges.

These aspects of the game are crucial to the success of a team in season and few have better team chemistry and cohesion than WWU.

This group was a fun and eager group to travel with and watch grow over the course of four tiring days.

Ashley Menges was voted as a team captain at the end of Wolves Skills Camp in June and did a fantastic job of guiding the team through.

Emma Smith is taking on a heavier load, both physically receiving a strong number of sets at her position as well as becoming a vocal leader for the team.

Both seniors have the most experience and are very inclusive to their younger teammates.

I am really proud of this team’s versatility – team camp is a great time to try different lineups, different offensive and defensive systems and their ability to adapt as a unit was very impressive and encouraging to me as a coach looking forward to the 2018 season.

Sophomore Chelsea Prescott played two different positions over the course of camp and showed her ability to handle a variety of responsibilities and being her first time to this camp, this was especially promising.

Maya Toomey-Stout has worked incredibly hard in the off-season and received the coaches award from our WWU coach – she received accolades for her ability to play a six-rotation and fly around the court, no matter the fatigue or the drill.

Emma Mathusek, Lucy Sandahl, Raven and Willow Vick all played and worked incredibly hard at team camp – camp is a great chance for players to showcase their hard work from the off-season and begin to develop their role and responsibilities on the team.

Zoe Trujillo went down with an ankle injury on the first day, which was rough for her and the team, but she of course remained positive and contributed whenever possible (goal setting, team discussions, mini-challenges, etc.). She should be back at 100% come August.

Before having to leave, Scout Smith and Hannah Davidson too worked very hard and improved upon their respective positions – both received impressed comments from the players and coaches at WWU.

Overall, team camp was exactly was we needed it to be.

Losing seven strong seniors always leaves a large number of “question marks” up in the air. But this camp helped to answer some and challenge players to rise to the occasion presented before them.

This group works very hard and well together. They know the challenges that lay ahead and have great attitudes toward them.

I’m really looking forward to the fall season after a very strong showing this off-season.

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