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Daniel Olson is one of five Wolves to have topped 100 points this season. (Photo by JohnsPhotos.net)

The triple digit club grows.

A couple of games back we were sitting with two Coupeville High School players having cracked 100 points on the season.

Now, it’s five, with Scout Smith, Sage Downes, and Daniel Olson joining Hawthorne Wolfe and Mason Grove.

And it’s almost six, as Grady Rickner is one thin free throw away from jumping from 99 to 100.

With two open days before the Wolves return to action Friday, here’s a look at where everyone sits across Coupeville’s five hoops teams:


Girls Varsity
(12 games):

Scout Smith – 114
Chelsea Prescott – 85
Maddie Georges – 51
Avalon Renninger – 51
Hannah Davidson – 48
Izzy Wells – 30
Carolyn Lhamon – 15
Tia Wurzrainer – 13
Kylie Van Velkinburgh – 10
Anya Leavell – 8
Audrianna Shaw – 6
Mollie Bailey – 4
Nezi Keiper – 2


Boys Varsity
(13 games):

Hawthorne Wolfe – 177
Mason Grove – 161
Sean Toomey-Stout – 90
Jacobi Pilgrim – 56
Ulrik Wells – 49
Jered Brown – 47
Koa Davison – 45
Gavin Knoblich – 38
Xavier Murdy – 16
Jean Lund-Olsen – 10
Tucker Hall – 6
Daniel Olson – 2


Girls JV
(10 games):

Gwen Gustafson – 65
Alita Blouin – 58
Ryanne Knoblich – 49
Ella Colwell – 41
Abby Mulholland – 22
Savana Allen – 16
Jessenia Camarena – 16
Natalie Castano – 9
Audrianna Shaw – 8
Morgan Stevens – 7
Anya Leavell – 4
Heidi Meyers – 3
Kylie Van Velkinburgh – 3
Mollie Bailey – 2
Samantha Streitler – 2


Boys JV
(12 games):

Sage Downes – 109
Daniel Olson – 105
Grady Rickner – 99
Logan Martin – 70
Alex Murdy – 54
Cody Roberts – 41
Xavier Murdy – 33
Alex Jimenez – 26
Miles Davidson – 19
TJ Rickner – 18
Chris Cernick – 16
Andrew Aparicio – 10
Chris Ruck – 7


Boys C-Team
(8 games):

Dominic Coffman – 42
Ty Hamilton – 34
Brayden Coatney – 20
Ben Smith – 17
Alex Wasik – 16
Coen Killian – 13
Nick Armstrong – 9
Chris Cernick – 6
Josh Upchurch – 5
Simon Shelley – 3
Andrew Aparicio – 2
Alex Murdy – 2
Caleb Sonntag – 2

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Jacobi Pilgrim fought hard Monday, but Coupeville’s varsity struggled against a hot-shooting Cedar Park Christian squad. (Photo by JohnsPhotos.net)

It’s hard to win when the other team refuses to miss a shot.

Give Cedar Park Christian credit, cause they shot the lights out Monday, rattling home buckets from every direction imaginable as they roared past the Coupeville High School varsity boys basketball squad.

By the time the Eagles boarded the bus for the trip back to Bothell, they had an 87-44 win and Wolf coach Brad Sherman had a case of angina.

“They’re one of the harder teams to game plan for,” he said with a small shake of his head as he perused the scorebook. “They just have so many weapons that can beat you.”

The Eagles finished the night with five players having reached double digits in scoring, led by a game-high 21 from Justin Trout.

There were three-balls, yes, with CPC outgunning Coupeville 7-4 from behind the arc, but the visitors also knocked down mid-range jumpers in great, greasy gobs, and were nearly flawless on quick cuts to the hoop.

With the loss, the Wolves fall to 1-3 in North Sound Conference play, 4-8 overall, and things don’t necessarily get any easier.

Coupeville travels to Shoreline Tuesday to face league leader King’s, then gets a rematch with Cedar Park Friday in Bothell.

The Wolves wrap a busy week Saturday with a home non-conference matchup with Port Townsend.

Monday’s tilt was essentially over before the first quarter ended, as Cedar Park came out blazing, rolling to a 19-2 lead.

At that point CHS had just a Hawthorne Wolfe bucket to claim as its own, and while the basket came courtesy a nice runner in the paint, it wasn’t enough to stem the tide.

Coupeville got a small run going right before the break, with Koa Davison hitting a hook shot off of an offensive board, before Xavier Murdy got three points the hard way. Still, it trailed 21-7 at the first break.

The second quarter was the sweet spot for the Wolves, however.

Or, at least, semi-sweet.

Shots started dropping, with Mason Grove heating up from the outside, and Wolfe crashing hard to the hoop, but any real hopes of a rally were blunted by Cedar Park matching CHS shot for shot, and then some.

Grove was on fire, nailing four three-balls as he rang up 14 points in the frame, while his younger running partner slapped in seven points, but Coupeville was still outscored 26-21 in the quarter.

The Wolves pulled within 13 late in the second quarter, but Cedar Park closed the half with a fast five points, then went wild to open the third, ringing up 16 straight to put things way out of reach.

Coupeville continued to scrap down the stretch, but as long as the Eagles couldn’t miss, Wolf fans had to look to small moments to get their pleasure.

One came in the fourth, when Jacobi Pilgrim banked home a bucket while being banged in the face, then added a free throw to complete a three-point play.

Grove finished with a team-high 16 points, while Wolfe singed the nets for 12.

Both CHS sharpshooters continue to charge up the school’s career scoring chart, with Wolfe bouncing from #86 all-time to a tie with Brad Brown and Charlie Tessaro for #78.

The sophomore guard has 328 career points, while Grove, a senior, joined the 300-point club Monday, and now sits at #90 with 307 points.

Murdy pumped in five points Monday to back up the dynamic duo, while Davison (4), Pilgrim (3), Gavin Knoblich (2), and Jered Brown (2) also scored.

Rounding out the active roster were Jean Lund-Olsen, Sean Toomey-Stout, and Daniel Olson, who all saw floor time.

Toomey-Stout was hobbled all night by refs with super-quick whistles, but when the guys in the stripes let him play, the ever-springy one was his usual ferocious self on the boards.

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Hannah Davidson has tossed in 41 points this season. (Photo by JohnsPhotos.net)

Who will be #3?

Two Coupeville High School basketball players have topped 100 points so far this season, and they both play for the varsity boys squad.

Sophomore Hawthorne Wolfe (158) and senior Mason Grove (108) are already in triple digits, but there’s a pack of Wolves coming up fast.

With just under half the regular season left to play, it’s a pretty sure bet others will crack the barrier.

For now, Daniel Olson (90), Scout Smith (84), Grady Rickner (83), and Sean Toomey-Stout (83) are the closest.

Olson technically has 92, having netted a basket for the varsity squad, while ringing up most of his points on the JV level.

As we wait for the 100-point duo to become a trio, a look at up-to-the-moment scoring stats for all five CHS hoops teams:


Varsity Girls
(10 games):

Scout Smith – 84
Chelsea Prescott – 72
Maddie Georges – 47
Hannah Davidson – 41
Avalon Renninger – 37
Izzy Wells – 30
Carolyn Lhamon – 15
Tia Wurzrainer – 13
Kylie Van Velkinburgh – 10
Anya Leavell – 8
Audrianna Shaw – 6
Mollie Bailey – 4
Nezi Keiper – 2


Varsity Boys
(10 games):

Hawthorne Wolfe – 158
Mason Grove – 108
Sean Toomey-Stout – 83
Jacobi Pilgrim – 49
Ulrik Wells – 49
Jered Brown – 38
Gavin Knoblich – 34
Koa Davison – 33
Jean Lund-Olsen – 10
Tucker Hall – 6
Xavier Murdy – 4
Daniel Olson – 2


JV Girls
(8 games):

Alita Blouin – 56
Gwen Gustafson – 50
Ella Colwell – 38
Ryanne Knoblich – 37
Jessenia Camarena – 16
Abby Mulholland – 12
Savana Allen – 10
Natalie Castano – 9
Morgan Stevens – 7
Samantha Streitler – 2
Heidi Meyers – 1


JV Boys
(9 games):

Daniel Olson – 90
Grady Rickner – 83
Sage Downes – 76
Alex Murdy – 44
Logan Martin – 35
Cody Roberts – 30
Alex Jimenez – 26
Miles Davidson – 15
Xavier Murdy – 14
TJ Rickner – 12
Andrew Aparicio – 8
Chris Cernick – 6
Chris Ruck – 5


C-Team Boys
(5 games):

Ty Hamilton – 34
Dominic Coffman – 23
Alex Wasik – 13
Ben Smith – 11
Brayden Coatney – 10
Chris Cernick – 6
Josh Upchurch – 4
Simon Shelley – 3
Andrew Aparicio – 2
Nick Armstrong – 2
Coen Killian – 2
Alex Murdy – 2

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Sean Toomey-Stout pumped in 10 points Tuesday as Coupeville’s varsity rolled to a big win at Granite Falls. (Photo by JohnsPhotos.net)

Rain the three-balls and bang down low.

Proving adept from both long range and in the pits Tuesday, the Coupeville High School varsity boys basketball team returned from a 16-day break in strong fashion.

Led by three guys who reached double digits in scoring, the Wolves romped to a 60-42 win at Granite Falls, and sit just a half-game out of first place in the North Sound Conference.

Coupeville, 1-0 in league play, 4-5 overall, sits right behind King’s (2-0, 6-7), which blasted South Whidbey 78-45 Tuesday.

Cedar Park Christian (2-1, 6-5), South Whidbey (1-1, 9-3), Granite Falls (1-2, 3-7), and Sultan (0-3, 1-9) round out the six-team league, with the cellar-dwelling Turks travelling Friday to Coupeville.

The Wolves showed little rust coming out of their long winter break, bolting out to a 22-9 lead after one quarter of play.

Five different CHS players dropped in points in the opening frame, with Hawthorne Wolfe (9) and Mason Grove (6) leading the way.

While the two teams played to 18-18 and 11-11 ties across the next two quarters, Coupeville never gave the lead back, and closed the game with a 9-4 mini-run in the fourth.

The win sent CHS coach Brad Sherman back to the bus with a spring in his step.

“I thought our guys stepped up and did their jobs tonight on both sides of the ball,” he said. “Defensively, a really strong team effort, and played very tough in the paint against a physical basketball team.”

Wolfe finished with a game-high 17 points, while Grove rattled the rims for 14 — both Coupeville gunners netted four three-balls apiece — and Sean Toomey-Stout knocked down 10.

Gavin Knoblich (9), Jacobi Pilgrim (8), and Xavier Murdy (2) also scored, with Murdy making his season debut after battling through an injury. Jered Brown and Ulrik Wells rounded out the active roster.

With his 17 points Tuesday, Wolfe reached a personal milestone, soaring past 300 career points.

The CHS sophomore sits with 302 and counting, and he passes Matt Frost (290), Brian Fakkema (290), Risen Johnson (291), John Beasley (293), Noel Criscuola (298), Blake Day (299), and Noah Roehl (301) to rise from #98 to #91 on the Coupeville boys hoops all-time scoring chart.

Grove became the second Wolf to top 100 points this season, having torched the nets for 103 through the trip to Granite.

The CHS senior has 263 points for his career, putting him #111 all-time for a program which is playing its 103rd season.

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Hawthorne Wolfe tosses in another bucket. (Photo by JohnsPhotos.net)

It’s a living, breathing thing.

Sort of.

Over the last couple of years, one of my obsessions has been trying to track down and document a definitive career scoring chart for both Coupeville High School basketball programs.

With the Wolf boys having started play way back in 1917, and the CHS girls joining them in 1974, there’s a lot of moving parts.

I’ve managed to pull together a list which I feel is fairly solid, while also (sort of, kind of) accepting there are some road blocks which may never be fully overcome.

We may never have scoring stats for that first Wolf girls team in 1974-1975, and old school stars Mike Criscuola, Jack Elzinga, and Tom Sahli may not get full credit for their complete stats.

Barring the creation of a time machine, or someone finding missing score books buried in an attic or barn, that’s just reality.

Frustrating as it is.

But, the positive side of this is I have documented the (mostly complete) scoring stats for 392 Wolf boys and 229 girls.

If I was normal, I’d wait until the end of the season, then take the 2019-2020 totals and add them in, updating the list at that point.

Instead, I tweak things after every game, so I can watch history unfold in real time, current players moving upwards, passing the stars of previous eras.

As we depart 2019, here’s all active Wolf players with varsity points to their credit.

That includes sophomores Ja’Kenya Hoskins and Xavier Murdy. Both are injured and yet to see action this season, but have multiple seasons ahead of them.




Scout Smith (Senior)
221 points
#51 all-time
Next up: Annette Jameson (223), Mikayla Elfrank (227), Ema Smith (228)


Chelsea Prescott (Junior)
192 points
#58 all-time
Next up: Kim Warder (193), Julia Myers (202), Pam Jampsa (202)


Avalon Renninger (Senior)
87 points
#105 all-time
Next up: Toni Thiefault (92), Babette Owensby (93), Lauren Grove (95)


Hannah Davidson (Senior)
75 points
#112 all-time
Next up: Tonnalea Rasmussen (78), Courtney Arnold (78), Cheryl Pangburn (79)


Izzy Wells (Sophomore)
38 points
#141 all-time (tie)
Next up: Jill Keeney (39), Jennifer Meyer (40), Karen Jampsa (40)


Maddie Georges (Freshman)
31 points
#147 all-time (tie)
Next up: Lauren Rose (32), Min Powell (35), Shawn Diem (35)


Tia Wurzrainer (Senior)
25 points
#157 all-time (tie)
Next up: Kim Stuurmans (26), Tina Jansen (26), Sarah Vass (27)


Carolyn Lhamon (Freshman)
15 points
#171 all-time (tie)
Next up: Kristina Clark (16), Carol Estes (17), McKenzie Bailey (17)


Mollie Bailey (Sophomore)
12 points
#175 all-time (tie)
Next up: Lindsey Tucker (13), Carolyn Lhamon (15), Nicole Laxton (15)


Anya Leavell (Sophomore)
12 points
#175 all-time (tie)
Next up: Lindsey Tucker (13), Carolyn Lhamon (15), Nicole Laxton (15)


Kylie Van Velkinburgh (Sophomore)
10 points
#184 all-time
Next up: Emily Wodjenski (11), Michelle Riddle (11), Naomi Prater (11)


Audrianna Shaw (Sophomore)
6 points
#197 all-time (tie)
Next up: Carlie Rosenkrance (7), Michelle Smith (8), Kristine Macnab (8)


Ja’Kenya Hoskins (Sophomore)
5 points
#206 all-time (tie)
Next up: Janie Wilson (6), Corrin Skvarla (6), Audrianna Shaw (6)


Nezi Keiper (Freshman)
2 points
#217 all-time (tie)
Next up: Jaime Townsdin (3), Ashlie Shank (3), Samantha Roehl (3)




Hawthorne Wolfe (Sophomore)
285 points
#98 all-time
Next up: Matt Frost (290), Brian Fakkema (290), Risen Johnson (291)


Mason Grove (Senior)
249 points
#114 all-time
Next up: Sean Callahan (256), Troy Blouin (256), Rick Keefe (259)


Sean Toomey-Stout (Senior)
183 points
#140 all-time
Next up: Scott Stuurmans (188), Dale Sherman (188), Roy Mattox (191)


Jered Brown (Senior)
138 points
#166 all-time
Next up: George Libbey (142), Hugh Abell (145), Ryan Griggs (147)


Ulrik Wells (Senior)
121 points
#172 all-time (tie)
Next up: Brian Shank (125), Ben Etzell (127), Scott Franzen (129)


Gavin Knoblich (Senior)
90 points
#190 all-time
Next up: Ted Weber (91), Christian Lyness (95), Morgan Payne (96)


Jacobi Pilgrim (Senior)
80 points
#199 all-time (tie)
Next up: Nick Morris (83), John Sinema (86), Carson Risner (86)


Koa Davison (Senior)
41 points
#256 all-time
Next Up: Dave Stoddard (42), Keith Dunnagan (42), Banky Fisher (44)


Jean Lund-Olsen (Senior)
17 points
#312 all-time
Next Up: Guy Walker (18), Marvin Mitchell (18), Rick Keith (18)


Tucker Hall (Senior)
6 points
#354 all-time (tie)
Next up: Wayne Hesselgrave (7), Brian Folkestad (7), Bobby Engle (7)


Daniel Olson (Junior)
5 points
#359 all-time (tie)
Next up: George Smith (6), Robert Kirkwood (6), Kevin King (6)


Xavier Murdy (Sophomore)
4 points
#366 all-time (tie)
Next up: Nate Steele (5), Daniel Olson (5), JD Myers (5)

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