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Savina Wells tells big sis Izzy where she wants the pitch. (Photos by JohnsPhotos.net)

The season is not done.

They’re just putting in a lot of work on the practice field.

The Coupeville High School softball squad last played May 3 and doesn’t get a chance to open the playoffs until May 21, thanks to convoluted reasoning by state officials.

While we wander in the desert without games, the photos above and below will at least give us a reminder of what softball players actually look like in action.

Chloe Marzocca crunches a hit.

Maya Lucero swoops in to deny a rival.

Teagan Calkins keeps her eye(s) on the ball.

Mia Farris soaks in the 1.7 seconds of sun the prairie has seen this spring.

Maya Nottingham fires up the hit machine.

Violette Huegerich scoops up an incoming throw.

Try and test Gwen Gustafson’s arm. She will terminate you.

“Come on! Let’s play, already!!”

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Tenley Stuurmans gets artful with her tip game. (Photos by JohnsPhotos.net)

Next gen stars, captured on film.

Wednesday’s Coupeville Middle School volleyball match brought wanderin’ photographer John Fisken to town, and the pics above and below are courtesy him.

To see more, and possibly buy some glossies for far-flung family members, pop over to:



Ava Carpenter lets loose with a serve.

Myra McDonald connects on a return, while Wolf teammate Willow Leedy-Bonifas (18) provides backup.

Adeline Maynes shows off textbook form.

Teagan Calkins controls play at the net.

Abbigail Bond triggers the offense.

Rhylin Price keeps her eyes on the ball.

The Wolves get their celebration on.

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Rhylin Price and CMS volleyball finally got to play at home Monday, in their third try. (Photo by JohnsPhotos.net)

Third time’s the charm.

Nearly three weeks after their first scheduled home match, the Coupeville Middle School volleyball team finally got to play in their own gym against another school.

The original season opener came up empty when Langley never showed, then a second home match — this time against Granite Falls — was bumped due to bus driver issues.

But Monday everything worked, and Northshore Christian Academy arrived ready to rumble with the Wolves.

And while the visitors won both matches, there were still plenty of highlights for Coupeville fans to enjoy.

The biggest came in the final set of the day, when the Wolves top team rode some big serves to a 15-10 win.

Jordaya Dowell got CMS started, smacking several lasers from the line, while Tenley Stuurmans, Haylee Armstrong, and Teagan Calkins also came up big on their serve.

Stuurmans and Dowell also had big hustle plays in the set, with the former diving to the floor and lifting a rapidly-falling ball back up and over the net for a point.

Her teammate delivered the back-breaker to NSA, as Dowell came flying in from the side to drop a perfectly-placed bump between two defenders to stake Coupeville to a lead it wouldn’t lose.

While Coupeville’s Level 1 squad dropped the first two sets, it was competitive with the visitors, who featured a couple of heavy hitters.

Northshore also got a lot of points off of underhand “pooch” serves, while the Wolves, to a player, went overhand each time out, better preparing themselves now for playing at the high school level.

Armstrong, Stuurmans, Dowell, and Heidi Lysene all launched aces on their serve, with Armstrong also connecting on a thunderous spike for a winner.

Calkins, who was lauded by CMS coach Cris Matochi for “really being good at bringing leadership today” also climbed an invisible ladder to the sky before delivering a graceful tip winner.

In the opener, Coupeville’s Level 2 team got strong work from several players.

Capri Anter let fly with a ferocious serve or two, while Willow Leedy-Bonifas bopped a pair of returns which hopped over the net and hit pay-dirt for Wolf points.

The best play in the opening match may have come courtesy the tandem of Stuurmans and Rhylin Price, who teamed up for a beauty.

Successfully holding off match point, Stuurmans went low to make a flawless set, while Price finished off the play with a nicely-angled shot.

For Matochi and fellow CMS volleyball guru Katie Kiel, seeing growth and ever-increasing confidence from their young players trumps the score on the board hanging above the floor.

“The whole team played really well today,” Matochi said. “We saw a lot of improvement, and they are understanding they can win.

“That’s what we want, is for them to show good volleyball skills, to play with solid fundamentals, and have good spirit. And that’s what we saw!”

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Teagan Calkins played strongly Monday at Shoreline. (Photo by JohnsPhotos.net)

“Today was by far the best we have played this season yet.”

While both Coupeville Middle School volleyball teams fell to powerhouse King’s on the road Monday, Wolf coach Cris Matochi came away quite pleased.

“Our team has improved substantially, and today we had a bunch of incredible plays,” he said. “We also have improved our skills, and the girls stepped in and fought really hard.

“Coach Katie (Kiel) and I are extremely proud of these girls, and I could’ve not asked for a better performance from them.”

Coupeville, which was wrapping up a three-game road trip to start the season, knew going in the task would be monumental.

Yet the Wolves never flinched while facing a private school juggernaut.

“King’s was a very well-trained and developed team, with tall and athletic players,” Matochi said.

“Before we stepped in to the court, I asked the girls to play like they are David against Goliath. They all followed that motto whole-heartedly!”

Matochi praised the entire roster of young spikers for their grit and determination, while casting a spotlight on a terrific trio.

Teagan (Calkins), Brynn (Parker), and Tenley (Stuurmans) did an incredible job with setting, and every single player that came in to the game — whether for a specific role or to play around — was able to show improvement and tenacity.”

From here on out, the Wolves remain on Whidbey, with three-straight home matches, then a short trip down Island to face Langley in the season finale.

First up is Granite Falls, which comes to Coupeville this Wednesday, Oct. 13. Tipoff is 3:15 PM.

“We are extremely proud of these group of girls, and we are so excited to play the next matches and see what our future holds,” Matochi said.

“The biggest goal that Katie and I have is for the girls to have fun and play hard,” he added. “We accomplished those things so well today, and I’m so proud of them for fighting like David!”

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Sixth-grader Tenley Stuurmans and her fellow CMS volleyball players are “evolving quickly.” (Photo by JohnsPhotos.net)

This time it was official.

Bouncing back after Langley failed to show for last week’s season opener, the Coupeville Middle School volleyball teams made it on the bus Monday and traveled to Lakewood.

While scores and stats were lost in the shuffle of a stats keeper leaving early, we do know the young Wolves put up a strong fight before falling to a school which funnels players to a 2A high school.

Coupeville’s B Team won a set during their match, eventually falling 2-1, while Team A was swept 2-0.

The effort put up, especially with ball in hand, was a big positive.

“Their serving was incredible and they all had high energy the whole game!,” said CMS coach Katie Kiel, while talking about Team B.

“Team A played extremely hard and hung in there the whole time!,” she added. “Team A had some beautiful serves as well, and a couple good kills.

“Both teams did an exceptional job for it being our first official match of the season.”

Monday’s matches were the first of three-straight on the road for the Wolves, with trips to Sultan Oct. 6 and to Shoreline to play King’s Oct. 11 next up.

Coupeville gets back in its own gym Oct. 13, when it hosts Granite Falls.

“Our middle school girls are evolving quickly and this game against Lakewood has given us many learning opportunities,” Kiel said.

“With another away game on Wednesday against Sultan, I hope the nerves are all shaken off and we refocus and do what we love most: play volleyball!”

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