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Sofia Peters is part of a pack of very-promising athletes moving up to Coupeville High School this fall. (Photo courtesy Peters)

Sofia Peters is not afraid of new challenges.

Throughout her middle school days, the Coupeville 8th grader has happily tackled a wide range of activities, playing softball and volleyball, along with participating in glee club and theater.

In everything she does, Peters has shown a willingness to embrace the spotlight, whether as a hard-hitting diamond warrior or in the multiple times she’s played a lead role during her six-year theater career.

Now, as she prepares to move up to high school this fall, she’s ready to add yet another accomplishment to her resume, swapping volleyball for cheer.

Peters has set solid goals for her high school career, aiming to make varsity softball by her sophomore year and varsity cheer by her junior season.

While she’s looking forward to both of her sports, her new one and her old one, she can’t deny softball has her heart.

“Softball is my favorite sport because I am a very competitive player and I have been playing with my friends for about four years,” Peters said. “They are my softball family and I would never trade that for anything.”

She credits her dad, Mike, who has been one of her coaches for her entire run on the diamond, with helping her reach her potential.

While playing for the Central Whidbey Little League Juniors team this season, Peters thumped the ball aggressively, helping the Wolves cruise to a 13-1 record.

She was one of the team’s most-productive power hitters, splashing doubles to all fields, while also cracking a home run in one rumble.

“Some things I enjoy about being an athlete would have to be playing games and being the best self I can be,” Peters said. “Playing with my team is like playing with a pack full of wolves.

“We are pumped, fast, and ready to make our way to the top no matter what stands in our way.”

Peters picks her hitting, fielding, and all-around hustle as positives in her game, though, like all athletes, she knows there’s always room to improve.

“One area I would like to work on is (keeping) my head in the game,” she said. “Sometimes I would be 100% focused, but, sometimes I get completely distracted.”

Helping her stay focused and continue to work are her teammates, a band of young women with whom she has grown up playing ball, and her large support crew.

“One other group of people who impacted me would have to be my school and my friends,” Peters said. “A lot of my teachers know about my softball team, and then my friends who are not playing with me come out and see me play.

“It motivates me to do the very best I can.”

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Coupeville High School cheerleaders Ashleigh Battaglia (left) and Mica Shipley recently competed for spots on the All-State team. (Photos courtesy BreAnna Boon)

They’re carrying Coupeville High School cheer back into the spotlight.

Hot on the heels of finishing 3rd at state, while returning to competition for the first time since 2011, the Wolves sent their leaders to the Washington State Cheerleading Coaches Association All-State Competition.

Shipley stands tall.

CHS juniors Ashleigh Battaglia and Mica Shipley brought their patented sense of excitement and skill to Kamiak High School Mar. 23, vying for spots on the All-State team.

The duo, who were nominated by Coupeville coach BreAnna Boon, competed in different events, with both finishing in the top half of the standings.

A brief photo op before competition.

Shipley competed in tumbling, where she was one of 50 cheerleaders in action, while Battaglia chose non-tumbling, which drew 108 competitors.

Both Wolf cheerleaders had to learn routines off of a video, then perform in front of collegiate and NFL cheerleaders.

Performing solo, Battaglia completed three jumps, a cheer, and two dances.

Battaglia reaches for the sky.

Shipley did three jumps into a back handspring, a tumbling pass, a dance, and a cheer.

While neither Wolf made the top 15, which was the cut-off for the All-State team, the experience was a positive one for the team captains as CHS cheer continues to build for the future.

“The girls had fun, so that’s all that matters,” Boon said.

The duo hang out with CHS cheer coach BreAnna Boon.

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CHS football coach Marcus Carr has had a huge positive effect since his arrival in town. Now, we need to help him and his family. (Photo courtesy Carr)

Coupeville High School coaches have banded together to support the family of Wolf head football coach Marcus Carr, and we can all help.

Carr’s wife, Deborah, was in a bad car accident coming home from work Mar. 23, and has had to have extensive surgeries.

While she is recovering from her injuries, others are stepping up to provide meals for the family of six.

CHS cheer coach BreAnna Boon, using the Meal Train web site, has set up an easy way for people to sign up to provide meals, or purchase gift cards which can be used for food.

Since they joined Wolf Nation a year ago, the Carr family has had a huge impact on the CHS football program and local student/athletes.

If you can help at all, please take a look at:


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CHS senior cheerleader Julie Bucio capped a busy week by performing at Wednesday’s basketball playoff game. (Photos by JohnsPhotos.net)

Wolves (l to r) Ashleigh Battaglia, Mica Shipley, and Emily Fiedler take to the skies.

Fiedler stands tall in the spotlight.

The Wolves work the sidelines, while volleyball player Lucy Sandahl (far left, in the stands) is shocked to hear about the snow forecast.

Shipley, who’s been doing competition cheer since she was a little girl, is an old pro at this kind of thing.

Battaglia and Fiedler get an airborne workout.

They got a well-deserved curtain call.

Days after claiming 3rd place at state, while competing for the first time since 2011, the Coupeville High School cheer squad returned to its own gym Wednesday night.

With snow and ice throwing the district basketball playoffs into disarray, CHS unexpectedly found itself hosting a home game, which gave the Wolf cheerleaders a chance to work the sidelines one more time.

In a nice bit of coincidence, the visiting team was Sultan, which brought its own cheerleaders along.

The Turk cheer squad claimed the 1A state title in Coupeville’s class, Game Day Small, and the coaches from the two North Sound Conference schools became new best friends during the big meet.

Keeping that friendship going, the two cheer squads joined together at halftime Wednesday to pull off a joint performance.

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Senior Julie Bucio helped lead Coupeville High School back to the world of competition cheer, where the Wolves placed 3rd Saturday at the state championships. (Photo by JohnsPhotos.net)

They caught the cheer world by surprise.

Operating a competition cheer squad for the first time since 2011, Coupeville High School stormed the state championships Saturday, taking home 3rd place in the 1A Game Day Small division.

In its first year of operation, the North Sound Conference did extremely well, sweeping the top three slots in the event.

Sultan won the state title with 77.75 points, while Cedar Park Christian (69.00) and Coupeville (60.50) were hot on the Turks heels.

That the Wolves were even on the blue mats at Battle Ground was a bit unexpected.

While CHS cheer won a state title in 2006, then claimed 2nd in 2007 and 4th in 2011, the Wolves reverted to being just a sideline squad after longtime coach Sylvia Arnold retired.

Things took a change for the positive in 2018, when BreAnna Boon, who won state and national cheer titles during her days as a student in Oak Harbor, accepted Coupeville’s coaching position.

Operating on a short time table, and with few cheerleaders who had any previous experience in the competitive world, Boon expected the 2018-2019 winter season to be a nice learning process.

Instead, her 10-woman squad hit the mats strongly at its first meet, raised its score rapidly and steadily, then qualified for state at the last meet of the regular season.

With just one senior, Julie Bucio, on the competition squad, Boon and her team should continue to rise in the cheer world as they go forward.

The Wolf team, which will add a new plaque to the Wall of Fame in the school gym:

Ashleigh Battaglia
Julie Bucio
Kim Castro
Coral Caveness
Emily Fiedler
Ja’Tarya Hoskins
Marenna Rebischke-Smith

Mica Shipley
Bella Velasco
Melia Welling


PS — Coupeville’s neighbor, Oak Harbor, finished 4th in the 3A/4A Non-Tumbling Small division.

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