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Central Whidbey Little League players enjoy team photo day. (Photos by JohnsPhotos.net)

They’re in the swing of things.

With another season of Central Whidbey Little League action playing out, there’s still time for group photos.

The pics above and below come to us courtesy John Fisken, and, as always, are super, super serious.

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Carolyn Lhamon sends her shot put on its way. (Photos by JohnsPhotos.net)

It was warm, at least by Coupeville standards.

Braving blue skies and sizzlin’ sun rays Saturday, Coupeville High School track and field stars put on a show during the District 1/2 championships.

The Wolves captured girls and boys team titles, sparked by 18 wins spread among its many athletes.

Along for the ride was Diet Coke-sipping cameraman John Fisken, who, fueled by caffeine, snapped a metric ton of pics.

He’s responsible for the ones seen above and below, but that’s just the tip of the photographic iceberg.

To see much more, and maybe buy some glossy presents for Grandma Gertie in Grand Rapids, pop over to:



Issabel Johnson, ready to attack.

Alex Murdy flies on by.

“Dude caught some air!”

Dominic Coffman gets some sun on the guns.

Wolf relay runners (l to r) Ayden Wyman, Lyla Stuurmans, Ryanne Knoblich, and Carly Burt are a fleet-footed bunch.

“I keep putting them back straight, and they keep knocking everything out of order. Kids…”

Claire Mayne demonstrates the proper form, where you don’t knock the hurdles over.

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Fab frosh Teagan Calkins gets a helping hand from coach Kevin McGranahan after an injury. (Photos by JohnsPhotos.net)

The finale approaches.

Coupeville High School softball takes the field for the final time this season Friday, traveling to South Whidbey to clash with the Falcons.

Win and the Wolves earn a season sweep of their next-door neighbors — CHS won 20-2 first time around — while finishing with a spiffy 14-6 record.

As we count down towards the end, a photographic look at the best softball squad on Whidbey Island, courtesy Diet Coke-fueled photo clicker John Fisken.

Aaron Lucero imparts diamond wisdom to Chloe Marzocca. “Hit the balll … HARD!!”

Haylee Armstrong, already crunching homers and triples as just an 8th grader, stares intently at her bright future. She might want to wear sunglasses.

Melanie Navarro awaits an incoming strike.

Calkins, ankle secured, delivers a heartfelt Senior Night tribute to some of her older teammates.

“When I flex that muscle right there while hitting? The ball goes over the wall and it doesn’t come back.”

“Was it a hit or an error?”

“We’ll be the judge of that!”

Clear eyes, full hearts, can’t lose.

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Two-sport star Maddie Georges comes out to support her classmates. (Photos by JohnsPhotos.net)

John Fisken enjoys doing crowd work.

It gives the ever-wanderin’ camera clicker a chance to schmooze with people, and it showcases the other side of the action.

While the games are played on the field, taking a moment or two to acknowledge the contribution of the fans is always welcome.

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Vivian Farris springs into action. (Photos by JohnsPhotos.net)

Like raindrops on the prairie, photos continue to splash down.

Those seen above and below, which cover softball, tennis, baseball, and track, come to us courtesy wanderin’ camera clicker John Fisken.

To see everything he’s shot this spring, pop over to:


Wolf throwers Kai Wong (left) and Josh Upchurch (almost) hug it out.

Chase Anderson makes a perfect target.

CHS seniors (l to r) Allie Lucero, Gwen Gustafson, Sofia Peters, Melanie Navarro, and Maya Lucero catch a photo op with coach Kevin McGranahan.

Scott Hilborn deals.

Foreign exchange students Sara Omega (left) and Anna Annunziatio added high school track meets to their American experience.

Hayley Fiedler flicks a winner.

One Wolf team to beat them all.

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