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CHS Homecoming royalty Owen Barenburg and Knight Arndt gear up for the annual parade. (Photos by JohnsPhotos.net)

Shenanigans are afoot.

Senior royalty, left to right, Emma Mathusek, Tia Wurzrainer, Hannah Davidson, and Ashleigh Battaglia.

“Punch the gas, son! I got a juice box waiting for me at home!!”

The floats get festive.

Senior royalty guns it for the open road. Back (l to r) are Sean Toomey-Stout, Gabe Carlson, Jered Brown. Front: James Wood, Gavin Knoblich.

Chris Ruck is ready to rumble.

The teachers join the celebration.

Boys tennis makes a … racket.

Volleyball stars (l to r) Vivian Farris, Gwen Gustafson, and Taygin Jump hit the open road.

Before the game, before the dance, the biggest show arrived early.

With Coupeville High School celebrating Homecoming all week, the finale was kicked off Friday afternoon, when the annual parade snaked through town.

John Fisken snapped the pics seen above, and he has more to offer.

Pop over to the link below and this time all of his photos are available to be downloaded and shared for free:


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Tia Wurzrainer keeps her head in the game. (Photos by JohnsPhotos.net)

Sophia Martin thrills in the open field.

Anna Myles holds off a pesky foe.

Anna Dion flies down-field.

Nezi Keiper lets loose with a cannon shot.

Avalon Renninger has places to go, and goals to score.

Carolyn Lhamon corrals a wayward soccer ball.

Follow the bouncing ball and click away.

Ever-busy photo king John Fisken blew through town Tuesday night and made a pit stop at Mickey Clark Field, where he snapped some pics as the Coupeville High School soccer squad tangled with Sultan.

To see everything he shot, and maybe buy an early Christmas present for grandma, pop over to:


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Emma Mathusek is dressed to honor the battle against breast cancer. (Photos by JohnsPhotos.net)

Vivian Farris keeps the Coupeville offense flowing.

Wolf mom Maria Reyes models some catchy eye-wear.

Maya Toomey-Stout (left) and Maddie Vondrak (pink glove) turn wanderin’ paparazzi John Fisken pink to honor the memory of his late sister Mary.

Hannah Davidson gets artful at the net.

CHS soccer star Tia Wurzrainer gets an A+ for her artwork.

Taygin Jump with the bump.

9-1 on the season, with killer grades and a great sense of community spirit.

The Mad Masher gets dramatic, as Maddie Vondrak brings the heat.

It was a special night for Coupeville High School volleyball.

All three Wolf spiker squads won their home matches against Sultan Wednesday, but there was more going on then just a sports contest.

CHS joined hundreds of other schools in hosting a Dig Pink Night, raising money and awareness for the ongoing battle against breast cancer.

Photographer John Fisken, who lost his sister Mary to the disease, took a moment to put the camera down and honor her memory by turning his silky, silvery locks and beard a bright shade of pink.

Before and after, he hefted his cameras and caught a mix of on and off court action, some of which you can see above.

To see more of his work, and possibly buy some glossies for grandma, pop over to:


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Emma Mathusek is here to rock the joint. (Photos by JohnsPhotos.net)

With Maddie Georges eyeballing her work, Abby Mulholland soars for a tip.

Vivian Farris stays hyper-focused.

Dairy Queen makes delicious treats and should sponsor Coupeville Sports. Or at least give us some free ice cream.

Scout Smith angles a return, looking for a tiny crack in the defense.

Wolf football ace Alex Jimenez shows his support for his classmates.

Lucy Tenore denies your request for a kill.

Jordyn Rogers will go as low as necessary to save the day.

Cameras were clickin’, and volleyballs were zingin’.

With King’s in town Tuesday, all three Coupeville High School spiker squads were in action, and assorted camera clickers were hard at work, stalking the sidelines and baseline.

The pics seen above come from one of those intrepid photogs, John Fisken, who bounced between gyms, only taking a break to let his camera cool down.

And perhaps have a sip of Diet Coke.

To see everything Fisken shot in between beverage breaks, pop over to:


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Andrew Williams battles for control of the ball Monday as Coupeville faces off with Lakewood. (Photos by JohnsPhotos.net)

Alexander Smith comes flying in to deal death ‘n destruction.

Nick Wasik dances with the ball.

Logan Downes sends the ball flying far away.

William Davidson enjoys playing on a wet, muddy field.

Zane Oldenstadt pushes the ball up-field.

Tavan Hughes plots his strategy.

Nick Guay sacrifices his noggin.

Back where they belong.

Finally home after a three-game road trip, the Coupeville Middle School boys soccer squad got to slide around on a wet field Monday afternoon while clashing with Lakewood.

Taking advantage of the Wolves being in town, wanderin’ paparazzi John Fisken also showed up at Mickey Clark Field, and the snaps seen above are courtesy him.

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