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Avalon Renninger whispers to her soccer ball. “Hello, my old friend. I’ve missed you.” (Photos by JohnsPhotos.net)

Mason Grove is back and ready to unleash some lethal forehands.

Tucked away in the gym, spiker Maya Toomey-Stout heartily approves of the clean air.

Meanwhile in downtown Los Angeles…

Zach Ginnings is in mid-season form.

Fab frosh (l to r) Anya Leavell, Abby Meyers and Izzy Wells ignite their jets.

Maddy Hilkey works on her foot skills, while trying to avoid breathing any smog.

Jaschon Baumann glides into action.

Wolf senior Emma Smith shows the youngsters how it’s done.

Smoke, what smoke?

The skies above Whidbey Island were thick with Los Angeles-style smog Monday thanks to raging fires elsewhere, but the first day of practice for fall sports went off without a hitch.

Battling through the haze, mad photo clicker John Fisken snapped pics of three Wolf teams hard at work, capturing boys tennis, girls soccer and volleyball (which got to stay inside where the air was crisp and clean).

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Alex Turner and crew were out in force Thursday as CHS football put in practice time. (Photos by JohnsPhotos.net)

Freshman Gabe Shaw waits for a moment to impress the coaches.

Jake Pease (60) goes low, getting stretched out, while Chris Battaglia enjoys the nice day.

Ben Smith is like a coiled snake, ready to strike at any moment.

Wolf frosh Miles Davidson may be young, but this ain’t his first rodeo.

Junior QB Dawson Houston gets limbered up for some gun-slingin’.

We have photographic proof.

While the calendar says summer, the practice schedule says fall, with high school football launching a new season this week.

Wanderin’ photo god John Fisken, back from vacation just in the nick of time, arrived in Coupeville Thursday to document day #2 of the gridiron activity and the photos above are courtesy him.

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Jacob Smith catches a ride with Sofia Hassapis at the lock-in before the Senior trip. (Photos by JohnsPhotos.net)

The Class of 2018 boasted a strong class of athletes, including (l to r) Hunter Downes, Nick Etzell, Hunter Smith, William Nelson, Ethan Spark and Cameron Toomey-Stout.

Julian Welling takes Katrina McGranahan for a spin.

Maddy Hilkey was on hand to celebrate Spark’s graduation.

Homecoming King Dylan Hummel snags a photo op with Abby Parker (left) and Kyla Briscoe.

Homecoming Queen Mira Mostafavinassab celebrates graduation with mom Jen.

Toomey-Stout wows the lil’ kids as Wolf seniors walk the hallways at Coupeville Elementary.

   New grad Claire Mietus has the full backing of her family as she takes the next step in her life.

   Ariah Bepler (left) and Jesse Hester join Parker and Briscoe for Senior Brunch at Camp Casey.

   One family, two graduations. Allison Wenzel (high school) gives big sis Rachel (college) a tour of the dock.

We’re playing a little game of catch-up here.

My month-long “vacation” kicked off right after the state track meet, so I missed running any graduation pics for the Coupeville High School Class of 2018.

Well, better late than never.

Sort of like using the headline above, which references Lost, a TV show which debuted way back in 2004 … before this year’s seniors were even in school.


Want to see more? Pop over to:

Senior parade and brunch:




Lock-in before senior trip:


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Coupeville’s annual Memorial Day Parade gets off to a flag-waving start. (Photos by JohnsPhotos.net)

Local legends Sylvia Arnold (left) and Cheryl Engle meet and mingle.

Even Superman gets tired.

The Marines move out.

He’s the cat’s meow.

“Candy … candy … CANDY!!!!!!”

Mollie Bailey is ready to rock the joint.

   Megan Behan (left) and Caroline Lhamon win over the crowd with a hail of Tootsie-Pops.

Patriotism was in the air, as well as candy.

Coupeville’s annual Memorial Day Parade brought out a mix of veterans, politicians, animals, classic cars and plenty of people tossing sweet treats at the audience.

Local camera bug John Fisken popped in to shoot the whole affair Saturday, and the pics above are courtesy him.

To see everything he shot, pop over to:


And when you do, he’s left this batch of photos wide open for everyone to use and download for free.

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Coupeville’s Jaelyn Crebbin pounds down the backstretch Wednesday on her way to a league title in the 1600. (Photos by JohnsPhotos.net)

The hand-off made, the next man up prepares to hit the jets.

DJ Stadler and his turbo javelin prepare to part ways.

   CHS track guru Randy King (left) and Athletic Director Willie Smith (with headset) keep things running smoothly.

Ella Colwell (left) gets words of encouragement from Samantha Streitler.

The track oval is a teeming mass of Wolves just prior to the start of a relay.

Finish line in sight, Aiden Burdge busts a gut.

High above the oval, a lone eagle laps the pack.

Claire Mayne is an oasis of calm in the middle of a hurricane of activity.

The season ended with a bang.

Beautiful, sunny weather. A home track meet. Tons of PR’s and a roving cameraman or two to immortalize the action.

Coupeville Middle School pulled off another successful home meet Wednesday, and this one was a biggie, as it brought seven teams to Cow Town for the league championships.

Wandering to and fro, John Fisken captured the season finale on film, and the photos above are courtesy him.

To see everything he shot, pop over to:


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