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Carolyn Lhamon, as the Masked Photographer, leads off a look at CHS volleyball fans, coaches, and players. (Photos by JohnsPhotos.net)

Who was that masked man? And woman? And child?

Volleyball is the one Coupeville High School fall sport played indoors, and the ongoing pandemic requires all involved to cover up at games.

Wanderin’ photographer John Fisken, between clicking action on the court, snagged these pics of fans, coaches, and players modeling different face wear.

To see many more photos, from every sport currently being played — some with masks, many without, pop over to:



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Miguel Puente dances with the ball. (Photos by JohnsPhotos.net)

The wind snapped hard, the photographer’s finger on his camera even harder.

Battling through some truly-impressive wind gusts Friday, wanderin’ cameraman John Fisken managed to stay upright long enough to snap pics of the Coupeville High School boys soccer squad in action.

To see everything he shot, and ponder buying some glossies for Aunt Myrtle in Palm Springs, pop over to:



CHS girls soccer players come out to support their male counterparts.

Andrew Williams prepares to launch a rocket.

Aidan Wilson maintains a laser focus.

Buffeted by the breeze, Wolf players huddle low to hear coach Robert Wood (in black jacket) discuss strategy.

Coupeville fans try and pretend they’re warm. Spoiler: they’re not.

Grant Steller runs away from the defense.

Alex Murdy is off to create some havoc.

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Taylor Brotemarkle tracks an incoming volleyball. (Photos by JohnsPhotos.net)

The action came home.

Coupeville High School’s varsity and JV volleyball squads defended their own gym for the first time this season Tuesday, and photo snapper John Fisken was on hand to document all the spikes and sets.

To see everything he shot, and possibly purchase some glossy images for Grams, pop over to:



Mia Farris fires up a serve.

Lucy Tenore (left) and Ryanne Knoblich prepare to savage some folks.

Isabel Johnson shows flawless form.

Maddie Georges charges into action.

Savina Wells protects the floor.

Madison McMillan launches an ace.

The Wolf bench explodes in joy.

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Sarah Stuurmans may be a Wolf mom now, but she can still rip up the volleyball court like back in the old days. (Photos by JohnsPhotos.net)

It’s the fashion must-have of the season.

While outdoor high school sports fans can go sans masks these days, you still need that fabric accent when you come inside gyms for volleyball matches.

As Coupeville played its home opener Tuesday — with varsity and JV both winning against visiting Mount Vernon Christian — wanderin’ photographer John Fisken captured the many looks of Wolf fans.

Some went for basic black, others for wilder prints, but all stayed loud ‘n proud while doing their share to blunt the spread of Covid.

The Maddie Georges fan club holds down the top row.

The old school photographers keep a watchful eye on the new-school photo whiz kids coming for their crown, one snap at a time.

Kacie (left) and Katie Kiel, Wolf volleyball alumni of note.

Jennifer Menges eyeballs daughter Ashley – once a top Wolf player, now in charge of things as Coupeville’s JV coach.

Aimee Bishop (left) and Barbi Ford, somehow keeping everything involved in CHS athletics working night in and night out.

Tami and Mitch Aparicio celebrate their anniversary by watching niece Lyla Stuurmans burn up the joint.

Nothing is official until they say it’s official.

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Isaiah Bittner is a bad man. (Photos by JohnsPhotos.net)

New week, new opponent.

The high school football season rolls on, and Coupeville’s attention has already turned to East Jefferson, who the Wolves face this Friday in a game in Port Townsend.

But, while CHS game plans, we can take a moment to look back at the game just past, thanks to this collection of photos from John Fisken.

To see everything he shot at the Battle for The Bucket in Langley, pop over to:



Scott Hilborn rambles in for a touchdown.

It’s a pileup at midfield.

Jonathan Valenzuela is off to run wild.

Cameron Breaux, disguised as a ref.

Cole Hutchinson scrambles for precious yards.

Coupeville coach Marcus Carr keeps an eagle eye on his offense.

Hilborn won’t let Erik Haugen get away.

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