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   Julian Welling and Katrina McGranahan seem to enjoy each other’s company. (Photos by JohnsPhotos.net)

Susan Rose has a hug for one of her two favorite daughters.

Is everyone around here hugging or what?

   The most successful sports team at Coupeville High School this fall hits the open road.

Luke Carlson, student by day, flying monkey by night.

Some have crowns, but all are Coupeville royalty.

   Homecoming King Hunter Smith and Queen Payton Aparicio marinate in the moment.

And then a flex-off broke out.

Harris Sinclair wails away while waiting for the parade to start.

You don’t need to be a wizard to see the whole gang’s here.

Everyone loves a parade, even Mother Nature.

The morning rain evaporated and blue skies dawned Friday afternoon in time for Coupeville High School’s annual Homecoming Parade to go off without a hitch … or 1,001 umbrellas.

Thankful he didn’t need to keep wiping off his lens, wanderin’ photo man John Fisken worked the route, capturing the pics above for us.

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   Aimee Bishop (right) keeps a watchful eye on Jae “My middle name is Shenanigans” LeVine. (Photos by JohnsPhotos.net)

“Let me go, woman! I’m a superhero and superheroes need to fly!!”

   Susan Rose lays down the snack smack. “If you expected some popcorn, you should have bought your own bag!”

Emma Smith walks the line.

   Having arrived from their game, Coupeville soccer players debate the best cheers to unleash.

National treasure Sylvia Arnold (center) holds court.

Jacob Zettle goes for the forearm burn.

Call the cops, cause Chris Battaglia (bottom, right) just stole the spotlight.

It’s a photo blowout.

Thanks to the madly-clicking John Fisken, we have an assortment of off-the-court pics from recent CHS volleyball matches just waiting to be used.

So here you go — not much reading, but a whole lot of glossy photo goodness.

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   Wolf fab frosh Genna Wright (7) dances a saucy tango on the pitch. (Photos by JohnsPhotos.net)

   After whipping the school flag back and forth at the volleyball match, gridiron giant Julian Welling stops to contemplate his place in the universe.

   Two titans firing as one, as CHS spikers Katrina McGranahan (left) and Mikayla Elfrank form an impenetrable wall.

   Volleyball moms (l to r) Konni Smith, Jennifer Menges and Maria Reyes get their well-deserved moment in the spotlight.

Nile Lockwood fires another winner while rockin’ eye-poppin’ shoes.

   Every step bursting with raw power, Ema Smith leads a mad charge down the field.

   Savannah Smith daydreams about hitting the pesky paparazzi with a “wayward” spike.

Dane Lucero (with sign) and Co. bring the spirit for Hope Lodell.

   Nick Etzell’s focus on the hard-court is so complete he can stare into the sun (and makes the sun blink).

Action everywhere.

If wanderin’ photo man John Fisken had swung his camera 360 degrees Tuesday, while clicking away the whole time, he would have had numerous targets to aim at.

And indeed, the mad clicker made off with tennis, soccer, volleyball and fan pics before the night was done.

The photos seen above are a taste of what he captured, but to see every last pixel you need to pop over to the links below.

When you do, keep in mind, purchases help fund college scholarships for CHS student/athletes.

Plus, they make it more likely Fisken will keep returning to Cow Town, camera bag in hand.

Volleyball –http://www.johnsphotos.net/Sports/2017-Coupeville-Volleyball/2017-10-10-vs-Sequim/

Soccer — http://www.johnsphotos.net/Sports/2017-2018-Coupeville-Soccer/2017-10-10-vs-Sequim/

Tennis — http://www.johnsphotos.net/Sports/2017-2018-Coupeville-Tennis/2017-10-10-vs-Sequim/

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   Coupeville got lucky in the foreign exchange student lottery, netting a winner in Charlotte Nolle. (Photos by JohnsPhotos.net)

That moment when you thought it was a Friday, but it was just a Wednesday.

“How you doin?”

   Hope Lodell (left) and Kyla Briscoe plot out strategy. “I’m gonna hit it where they aren’t, and then we’ll win. Sound good?”

   Local legends Paul and Marilyn Messner, about to be be swarmed by autograph seekers.

Zoe Trujillo trains like Zola Budd. Look it up on Wikipedia…

Jaimee Masters (left) and Megan Behan plot shenanigans.

Even with a fractured ankle, Sean Toomey-Stout is still faster than you or me.

   With Coupeville sweeping all nine sets from Chimacum Tuesday, there was plenty to cheer about for Wolf spikers.

Megan Thorn unleashes The Crippler.

Imagine if this was the olden days, when you had to go in the darkroom and develop every picture.

Freed up by the advent of digital, wanderin’ photo god John Fisken madly clicked away Tuesday, bopping between Coupeville soccer and volleyball contests.

Along the way, he also let his lens slide into the crowd to capture what was brewing off the beaten path.

The pics above, while providing a nice overview of everything, are just the tip of the iceberg, however.

To see the billions of pics Fisken shot, there’s two handy links below.

And when you jump, remember, purchases fund college scholarships for CHS student/athletes, and they make it more likely he’ll return to Cow Town.

Volleyball — http://www.johnsphotos.net/Sports/2017-Coupeville-Volleyball/2017-10-03-vs-Chimacum/

Soccer — http://www.johnsphotos.net/Sports/2017-2018-Coupeville-Soccer/2017-10-03-vs-Chimacum/

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   Coupeville’s Hurley Bronec anchors the line while playing youth football in Oak Harbor. (Photos by JohnsPhotos.net)

Hunter Bronec (73) gets ready to snap the ball.

Oak Harbor is importing all its linemen from Coupeville these days.

Since there’s no youth football program in Cow Town, local residents have to trek up the Island if they want to play, and brothers Hurley and Hunter Bronec are doing just that.

Wanderin’ cameraman John Fisken was busy shooting action Saturday when he caught the Wolves at work in disguise.

To see more photos from that game, which pitted Oak Harbor’s Midget squad against Anacortes, pop over to:


To see everything Fisken has shot this season, covering every level of OH youth football (with a few Coupeville ringers tossed in), try:


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