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A long-gone piece of Whidbey Island history. (Bob Barker photo)

Bob Barker is still in the game.

The former sage of the roundball remains arguably the most-successful coach in Coupeville High School history.

While he’s no longer stalking the sidelines during Wolf basketball games, Barker remains a go-to source for Whidbey history and interesting photographs from the past.

Today’s shot, of a historic (and long gone) Oak Harbor landmark, arrived with the following note:

Back in the days when I was involved in photography, I especially liked to take pictures of old buildings, old barns, old churches, covered bridges and scenes (both seascapes and landscapes without people in them).

This is an old barn that has since been torn down to make way for the expansion of the city of Oak Harbor on Whidbey Island.

This barn was situated behind what is now the Elks Club.

Oak Harbor was originally a Dutch community and you can see the Dutch influence in the architecture of the barn. 

This barn in its day would have to be considered the “Cadillac” of all barns.

Note the curvature of the roof. The lower portion or base of the barn was concrete and not wood. 

I wish that they had had the foresight to restore this barn as it was “one of a kind.”

I cherish this picture as it a reminder of a life that has vanished and is no more…


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The 1925 CHS football season was a roaring success, with the Wolves outscoring foes 128-55. (Photo courtesy George Lloyd)

Go back nearly a century, and Coupeville High School football ruled the land.

The 1926 Clarion, the school’s yearbook, shows a ’25 Wolf gridiron squad which finished 5-1-2, while holding opponents to a hair under a touchdown a game.

Featuring a chunk of players from a team which went 3-3 the year prior, including QB Marion Sill, Coupeville won four of its final five games.

The only loss was a one-touchdown affair against Blaine, while the season finale was extra sweet.

In that one, the Wolves shredded their Northern rivals, Oak Harbor, 21-0, to once again claim the Island championship.

Whether there was a Bucket involved, as there is today when Coupeville and South Whidbey clash, is a mystery left unanswered by the yearbook.

But the nice two-page layout seen above does give us a glimpse at the best local team to take the field 93 years ago, a squad which outscored its foes 128-55.

Also a team that delighted in a tradition that should always be kept alive — bestowing nicknames.

The 2018 CHS football squad features “The Torpedo,” “KFC,” “Turducken” and more, while the ’25 team had “Beans,” “Spud,” “Dutch” and “Hinky,” among others.

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