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Coupeville’s annual Memorial Day Parade gets off to a flag-waving start. (Photos by JohnsPhotos.net)

Local legends Sylvia Arnold (left) and Cheryl Engle meet and mingle.

Even Superman gets tired.

The Marines move out.

He’s the cat’s meow.

“Candy … candy … CANDY!!!!!!”

Mollie Bailey is ready to rock the joint.

   Megan Behan (left) and Caroline Lhamon win over the crowd with a hail of Tootsie-Pops.

Patriotism was in the air, as well as candy.

Coupeville’s annual Memorial Day Parade brought out a mix of veterans, politicians, animals, classic cars and plenty of people tossing sweet treats at the audience.

Local camera bug John Fisken popped in to shoot the whole affair Saturday, and the pics above are courtesy him.

To see everything he shot, pop over to:


And when you do, he’s left this batch of photos wide open for everyone to use and download for free.

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Mckenzie Meyer (John Fisken photos)

Mckenzie Meyer is here to rock … and roll. (John Fisken photos)

Allison Wenzel works on Jesse Hester's makeup, before they join the Mulan float.

   Allison Wenzel works on Jesse Hester’s makeup, before they both join the Mulan float.

Lauren Grove scrambles to catch up with the soccer float.

Lauren Grove scrambles to catch up with the soccer float.

Homecoming Duchess Arlana Nielsen and Duke Chad Felgar prepare to hit the open road.

   Homecoming Duchess Arlana Nielsen and Duke Chad Felgar prepare to hit the open road in style.

Payton Aparicio

   CHS spikers (l to r) Lauren Rose, Payton Aparicio and Lucy Sandahl enjoy the brief sunshine.

Booster Club

Fueled by way too much sugar, the Booster Club peels out.

Nick Blalock

Nick Blalock stands ready to let loose with some musical stylings.


   Senior royalty (l to r) Uriel Liquidano, Jacob Martin and Ethan Marx bask in their moment of glory.

John Fisken sacrificed for us.

Like I said yesterday, the ever-affable paparazzi pulled himself out of his sick bed (and stopped searching WebMD for disturbing new diseases) and trekked down to Coupeville to shoot the Homecoming Parade.

With that kind of effort, we can’t sell him short, so we’re back for round two of his parade pix.

And seriously, next time you see Fisken, buy him a Diet Coke.

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(John Fisken photos)

“I’m ready for my close-up, Mr. DeMille.” (John Fisken photos)

The family that eats (brains) together, stays together.

The family that eats (brains) together, stays together.

"I'm working the graveyard shift tonight. Why do you ask?"

“I’m working the graveyard shift tonight. Why do you ask?”

"Well, he's a great middle linebacker. Just keeps eating the (John Fisken photos)

   “Well, he’s a great middle linebacker. Other than the whole biting the ball carrier thing…”


   Mary Kay cosmetics can hold off the ravages of the apocalypse. “Hold still. A little concealer and no one will know the difference…”

The kids are not alright.

The kids are not alright.

Well, you’d have to be a zombie to want to live in Oak Harbor…

I kid. I kid.

Sort of.

Saturday brought a monster mash/zombie crawl to Midway Blvd. in Oak Harbor, and, staying one step ahead of the hungry walkers was ramblin’ photo man John Fisken.

Can’t wait until Sunday to get your fix of The Walking Dead? 

You’re in luck, then.

P.S. — No really, where’s Carl?!?! I told him to stay in the house!!

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Julia Myers

  Julia Myers and Joel Walstad get ready to roll out for Thursday’s CHS senior parade. (John Fisken photos)


Three cheerleaders in one car! It’s (l to r) Amanda Foley, Bella Cedillo and Kylie Burdge.


Micky LeVine gets chauffeured by Matt Shank.


   Catching some rays are (l to r) Marisa Etzell, Hailey Hammer and four-time state golf tourney vet Christine Fields.


   Aaron Trumbull (left) and Ashlyn Miller smile for the camera, while Oscar Liquidano is busy watching the road.


Cassidy Rydell (left) and Brittani Wilkinson bring out their best smiles.


  Aaron Curtin (front left) and Josh Bayne (back) grip their seats. They’ve seen Kyle Bodamer drive before.


  McKayla Bailey takes Carson Risner out for an afternoon drive, in her bad-ass truck. Cause Bailey’s go big or go home.


  Maddie Big Time, aka Madeline Strasburg, rolls out in style as CJ Roberts pilots the open road.

Tomorrow they graduate. Today, they rolled out, loud ‘n proud, one last time as a group.

Coupeville High School’s Class of 2015 hit the streets of Cow Town for the annual senior parade, and John Fisken was hanging around on a street corner when they passed, so we got these snappy pics.

And while not every Wolf senior is in these photos (it’s not that small of a school…), these nine portraits give you a good overview of the grads-to-be.

Successful in the classroom and on the athletic fields, they have acquitted themselves quite nicely.

Roll on’, ’15ers, roll on.

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"We're gonna blow this joint down. They ain't never heard a beat like this!" (John Fisken photos)

“We’re gonna blow this joint down. They ain’t never heard a beat like this!” (John Fisken photos)


Star Lord (right) commands the Central Whidbey Co-Op Preschool float.


The Marine Corps League rolls proud.


  Riding for POW/MIAs — remembering those whose journey home was interrupted or never fulfilled.


The snappiest ride in town.


Allison Wenzel lets loose with some vocal stylings.

Leo club

   Bree Daigneault’s heart is full and her toes are light, as she and (l to r) Sofia Hassapis, Joey Lippo and Grey Rische rep the Leos.

Pearl Harbor

Grand Marshal Harold Johnson gets a round of applause.

Jerry Helm

Jerry Helm leads Central Whidbey’s firefighters down the parade path.


Savanna Dohner has never been afraid of a camera. Never, ever, ever.

grocery carts

   Volunteers from the Gifts from the Heart Food Bank, out for a stroll with their designer grocery carts.


“Play another song? OK, if you insist…”

The entire town might not have been in Coupeville’s Memorial Day parade Saturday, but it was probably close.

Showing big cities everywhere how it’s done, Central Whidbey closed off the streets and put together its best show on a day of remembrance.

Music, costumes, floats and tributes to fallen warriors — Cow Town at its best.

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