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Coupeville grads Ema Smith and Alex Turner kill time while waiting to head off on the senior trip. (Photos by JohnsPhotos.net)

Coupeville parents say cheese for the camera.

Jaschon Baumann and Tamika Nastali wait while Madison Rixe ponders if she brought enough TNT to blow the bank vault.

Wolves (l to r) Katherine Morales, Gaby Halpin, and Tomi Herrera start a dance party.

Ramen has inspired more than one fight to the death.

Masters of disguise (and kung fu), it’s, clockwise from bottom left, Ema Smith, Peytin Vondrak, Emma Smith, and Ashley Menges.

Jennifer Menges, and her phone, enjoy some quiet time.

“How dare you touch my Ramen?!?!”

OK, I’m going to say it. These pictures weird me out just a bit.

Now, now, now, I am fully aware of what we’re supposedly observing.

It’s the time period between Coupeville’s graduation Friday night and when the Class of 2019 went on its senior trip.

The recently-liberated Wolves are killing time at a lock-in before their trip, and John Fisken swung by to snap some pics.

But hear me out, and also, realize I have seen thousands upon ten thousands of films, many of them downright atrocious.

Looking at these photos, all shot in front of the same virtually blank wall, with the camera never moving, and the same pair of abandoned garbage sacks (filled with what?!!?) lingering to the side, gives me the slight heebie-jeebies.

I’m just saying they have the feel of something where tourists are being held hostage in a place like Upper Bulgaria.

Then they get handed props by the evil mastermind and told to put on a show for the cameras if they ever want to see their families again.

I’ve seen that movie, or some variation of it, more than once … and it never ends well.


So, what I’m basically asking is, has anyone gotten any ransom notes from John Fisken yet?

Just sayin’…


To check out all the photos (especially if you’re employed by the Bulgarian police), pop over to:


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Valedictorian Sarah Wright is on hand Friday to rock the mic at the Coupeville High School graduation. (Photos by JohnsPhotos.net)

Madison Krieg gets congrats from Coupeville Schools Superintendent Steve King.

CHS Principal Duane Baumann had a prime seat to see sons Jakobi (left) and Jaschon graduate.

Ema Smith gets mobbed by big sisters Jesi (left) and Ciara.

Citlalli Montiel and Jasmine Nastali enjoy the festivities.

Dewitt Cole (left) and Greg Villarreal strike a pose.

Katherine Morales (left) and Tomi Herrera are off to new adventures.

Kyle Burnett gets the spotlight.

Coupeville’s best and brightest include, left to right, Peytin Vondrak, Lindsey Roberts, Ema Smith, and Emma Smith.

Josh Robinson and Chris Battaglia reach the end of their high school days.

It’s a wrap.

The Coupeville High School Class of 2019 has left the building and is on to new adventures.

But, before they could exit the gym on graduation night, photographer John Fisken was there to snap pics of both the diploma exchanges and the after party.

To see everything he shot, pop over to:


This time out, all photos are free to download.

But, if you want a high-grade, glossy version, you can purchase prints through Fisken as well.

And, if you do, a percentage of each sale will go to help kick off the fundraising drive for the scholarships he’ll give out next year to two graduating CHS student/athletes.

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Maddy Hilkey, one of the primary stars of the torch video crafted by the CHS Class of 2019. (Photo by JohnsPhotos.net)

It’s got everything.


Elaborate hand-drawn escape maps.

Sarah Wright dodging invisible lasers and “swimming” from wall to wall while sliding down the hallways of Coupeville High School.

A single piece of confetti, a used-up co2 cartridge, and “a very, very good painting” that no one wants.

A slow speed car chase with one of the “cops” playing a trombone.

Harris Sinclair watching bear videos in the getaway car.

Plus, Chris Battaglia rocking a fur coat and long hair, Madison Rixe screaming “I’m not going back to jail” and Coupeville Schools Superintendent Steve King talking about how he no longer twerks.

Put it all together, with a lot more cameos, a few surprises, and Ryan Labrador being repeatedly hit by flying objects, and you have the latest link in a long-running CHS tradition.

It’s known as the “torch video,” and every year the graduating class produces one as they attempt to pass the torch to the incoming seniors.

This year’s version, crafted by the Class of 2019, is known as “Ocean’s 19,” and it’s a piece of prime-time crime-time.


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Nicole Laxton (left), Veronica Crownover, and the CHS Class of 2019 takes part in Thursday’s Senior Parade. (Photos by JohnsPhotos.net)

Graduation is on its way, but first the biggest event of them all.

The day before Coupeville High School’s 12th graders walk to the podium in pursuit of their diplomas, the Class of 2019 took to the open roads.

Thursday brought the annual Senior Parade, as a stream of vehicles peeled out of the CHS parking lot and toured the town.

John Fisken showed up to snap the happenings, and the photos above are courtesy him.

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Julie Bucio is a member of the Coupeville High School Class of 2019. (Photos by JohnsPhotos.net)

Nikolai Lyngra and 63 others will join her Friday night for graduation.

Can’t tell the players without a scorecard, and even then you might get thrown a bit.

Three days out from graduation for the Coupeville High School Class of 2019, I have the official list of who should be headed to the podium Friday to receive their diplomas, though not all the names ring a bell.

That’s mainly because when you graduate they use your legal name, and, often, when I write about sports, the athletes are operating under a long-held nickname or different variation on their moniker.

So, while Danny Conlisk just won two state titles in track, when he picks up his diploma, the name called will be James Conlisk.

Or, how I just figured out the Jonathan Johnson graduating is the tennis/track/drama star I knew as Tiger Johnson.

And then, after years of referring to Maddy Hilkey or Gaby Halpin during their sports days, it’s back to the more proper Madeline and Gabriella for this one night.

Anyways, enough about that, and on to the “I was told it was official” list of the 65 members of the CHS Class of ’19:


Chayson Adams-Sorrows
Dawson Adams-Sorrows
Christopher Battaglia
Jakobi Baumann
Jaschon Baumann
Julie Bucio
Kyle Burnett
Gabriel Butchart
Jaushon Clay
Dewitt Cole
James Conlisk
Andrew Crouch
Veronica Crownover
Tomasa Cruz Herrera
Cameron Dahl
Brooke Goss
Kaley Grigsby
Phoebe Haddock
Gabriella Halpin
Seth Hedges
Matthew Hilborn
Madeline Hilkey
Tariana Hunter
Seth Jarrell
Gabriel Jensen
Jonathan Johnson
Uriah Kastner
Teo Keilwitz
Madison Krieg
Ryan Labrador
Nicole Laxton
Estefanny Liquidano
Shane Losey
Dane Lucero
Nikolai Lyngra
Luke Martin
Ashley Menges
Citlalli Montiel-Dominguez
Katherine Morales-Bernal
Bruna Moratori
Walter Mostafavinassab
Jasmine Nastali
Tamika Nastali
Melissa Otto
Bryce Payne
Jake Pease
David Prescott
Moira Reed
Michael Rice
Madison Rixe
Brian Roberts
Lindsey Roberts
Joshua Robinson
Harris Sinclair
Ema Smith
Emma Smith
Matthew Stevens
Felicity Stewart
Alejandro Tejada
Alexzander Turner
Carson Updike
Ma Angeline Viernes
Gregory Villarreal
Peytin Vondrak
Sarah Wright

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