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Academics, sports, photography, artwork – Coupeville’s Helen Strelow was just born talented. (Photos courtesy Nicole Strelow)

Buy a one-of-a-kind piece of artwork and help support Coupeville High School seniors.

Fans attending Tuesday’s Senior Night Wolf basketball games (5:15 girls, 7:00 boys) will have a chance to participate in a silent auction to claim ownership of a painting by Coupeville student Helen Strelow.

The CHS senior created the piece, entitled “The Reserve,” for last summer’s Race the Reserve event.

A limited series of prints were awarded to top finishers in each of the day’s races.

Now, the original artwork can be bid on, and you can get into the Helen Strelow business early, before the prices likely skyrocket in the coming years.

The painting in question is a watercolor and watercolor gouache painting on cold pressed watercolor paper.

The original artwork is 11″ x 15″ and comes in at 14″ x 18″ with a black frame with white matting.

A certificate of authenticity will be included.

The silent auction, like Race the Reserve, benefits Coupeville’s senior class, with all money raised going to the Class of 2023’s graduation festivities.

Strelow is a standout student, photographer, artist, and athlete who has advanced to the state meet twice as a cross country runner.

As a junior, she won the girls individual title at the Northwest 2B/1B League Championships, then came back around as a senior to lead the Wolf girls to the big dance.

It was the first time CHS had sent an entire team to the state cross country meet since the 1980’s.

Strelow, whose younger brother Thomas is also a Wolf harrier, also plays tennis and is expected to be Coupeville’s #1 singles player this spring.

In her spare time, she also recently finished a commissioned piece for The Cove, the snazzy coffee cafe located on the Coupeville Wharf.

After graduation this spring, Strelow plans to attend Montana State University, where she will work towards an art degree.

Expect many more people to be impressed by her accomplishments and talent in the coming years.

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You can eat good in the neighborhood and help Coupeville High School seniors at the same time.

The CHS Class of 2023 is holding a pancake breakfast Saturday, Dec. 10 at Applebee’s in Oak Harbor, with proceeds going towards a drug and alcohol-free graduation night celebration.

The event runs from 9-11 AM and tickets are $10.

They can be bought directly from CHS seniors or purchased online by jumping to:


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Brittni Milner flies across the course during the half marathon at Saturday’s Race the Reserve. (Photos property CHS Class of 2023)

Chase and Rainy Simpson and their kids enjoy a family day out.

Take a picture. It’ll last longer.

We’re two days past the 2022 edition of Race the Reserve, but you can immortalize the moment by snapping up prints thanks to a bevy of camera clickers.

The annual event, which features a half-marathon, 10K, and 5K, is the biggest fundraiser for Coupeville High School’s senior class, and all photo purchases add to the money raised.


To see what’s available, pop over to:


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Coupeville’s Aidan Wilson (left) and Mitchell Hall dueled for the 5K title at Race the Reserve. (Morgan White photo)

Mitchell Hall defended his home turf.

The Coupeville High School rising senior ran to victory in the 5K at Saturday’s Race the Reserve, earning one of three top finishes.

Joe Humrickhouse of Clinton and Chris Archer of Bellevue captured the half marathon and 10K titles, respectively.

Race the Reserve, which is the top fundraiser for Coupeville’s senior class, drew more than 200 participants to the prairie, with a huge chunk of runners claiming Coupeville as their home.

For the purposes of this article — since the blog is called Coupeville Sports and not the Boise Blabber or the Truckee Tattler — we’ll focus on just the locals.

But to see all the finishers, even the ones who came from Canada or Florida, pop over to:



Coupeville runners:


Half Marathon:

Abiam Melendez (2nd) 1:26:14.2
Amanda Fabrizi (13th) 2:01:03.8
Elizabeth Bitting (17th) 2:03:12.6
Theresa Sanders (19th) 2:04:59.4
Lark Gustafson (25th) 2:09:11.8
Paige Spangler (45th) 2:30:24.2
Lincoln Kelley (56th) 3:10:19.1
Shannon Tumblin (57th) 3:15:03.9
Desi Greene (58th) 3:15:04.0



James Steller (4th) 43:55.2
George Spear (5th) 47:46.7
Ralph Gamble (10th) 51:16.9
Helene Lhamon (11th) 52:04.0
Sandra Johnson (14th) 53:40.1
Lindsey Roberts (25th) 1:04:03.4
Christina Jump (26th) 1:04:25.3
George Thawley (32nd) 1:07:39.5
Anthony Hernandez (39th) 1:16:40.3



Mitchell Hall (1st) 20:16.8
Aidan Wilson (2nd) 20:21.2
Todd Wilson (3rd) 21:06.7
Cael Wilson (5th) 22:13.2
Landon Roberts (6th) 22:21.9
E. Wilson (7th) 22:50.4
Nicholas Wasik (9th) 23:26.2
Luke Summers (14th) 25:58.2
C. Sparacio (15th) 27:44.5
O. Hall (18th) 30:31.2
John Hughes (19th) 30:34.0
Maria Summers (23rd) 31:38.7
River Simpson (36th) 33:06.9
Chase Simpson (37th) 33:06.9
Laken Simpson (38th) 34:35.8
Shellie Barnett (41st) 35:15.2
Heather Nastali (43rd) 38:04.6
Rebecca Roberts (44th) 38:29.2
Stone Simpson (47th) 41:06.3
Jerrold Regan (51st) 41:55.5
Helen Sinclair (54th) 43:42.7
Alice Runk (55th) 44:18.9
Rainy Simpson (58th) 46:21.5
Mel Regan (61st) 46:59.7
Janet Chaykin (62nd) 47:01.1
Lisa Olds (66th) 48:17.4
Ana Brown (77th) 57:29.9
Robyn Myers (82nd) 1:08:37.7
Sherry Bonacci (83rd) 1:08:38.2
Michelle Glass (84th) 1:08:38.9
Charlene Joyce (88th) 1:12:58.5
Georgie Smith (90th) 1:13:55.2
Charles Arndt (91st) 1:13:56.7

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“Let’s go for an early morning run!” (Morgan White photo)

Everywhere a runner, almost everywhere a camera.

Wolf Moms were all over the course Saturday as Race the Reserve took over the prairie.

The event, which features a half marathon, 10K, and 5K, is the biggest fundraiser for Coupeville High School’s senior class.

The photos above and below capture a wide swath of competitors and scenery.

The stampede begins. (Morgan White photo)

An event winner poses with his prize — a limited edition print of a watercolor by CHS senior Helen Strelow. (Morgan White photo)

Support for the runners was everywhere. (Amber Wyman photo)

It’s a family affair. (Amber Wyman photo)

Wolf legend Lindsey Roberts runs away from a tractor heading out to work. (Michelle Glass photo)

Marinating in the moment. (Amber Wyman photo)

The moment right before the stampede began. (Morgan White photo)

Loud ‘n proud. (Amber Wyman photo)

The look of victory. (Morgan White photo)

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