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Kathleen Anderson’s legacy will live on at her old stomping grounds.

The Coupeville School District is naming its board room in honor of the late school board president, a decision approved at Monday night’s meeting.

Anderson, who died in September 2021, “was a pillar in the local and state education system for over 40 years,” said Coupeville Superintendent Steve King.

She began her life in education as a teacher, before serving twice on the Coupeville School Board.

Anderson’s first run was from 1980-1989, then she returned to serve from 2004 until her passing.

She was also on the State Board of Education for 15 years, while becoming that board’s first female president.

“As a school district and state board member, Director Anderson was known as someone who always prioritized what was best for students,” King said.

He hailed Anderson’s expertise in capital projects and her advocacy for “educating the whole child through career and technical education, athletics and activities.”

Along with her time on various school boards, Anderson also served on state-level committees and was involved in collective bargaining which “improved working conditions for staff.”

Coupeville School Board Director Nancy Conard, who made the motion on Monday’s vote, was a student in Anderson’s first class as a teacher.

The school district plans to purchase a memorial plaque in Anderson’s honor and will hold a celebration at a later date.

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You have a say in the direction taken by the Coupeville School District.

School Board members are currently working on a new strategic plan, which will remain in place for the next five years.

The plan’s goal is to “clearly define mission, goals, and vision for our district as we look ahead to the future.”

With that in mind, a public meeting will be held next Thursday, Apr. 21 at 5:30 PM in the Coupeville Middle/High School Performing Arts Center.

Input is being sought from Coupeville students, families, staff, and community members.

A Strategic Planning Committee is also being set up, and you can apply by popping over to:


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Maylin Steele is the new student rep to the Coupeville School Board. (Photos by JohnsPhotos.net)

Kyle Nelson is still the power behind the throne.

His Coupeville High School girls soccer program landed a second-straight student rep to the school board, with Maylin Steele approved Wednesday to replace the departing Mary Milnes.

Steele, a current CHS junior who’s carrying a 3.5 GPA, will serve a one-year term.

Born and raised in Coupeville, she joins new directors Morgan White and Nancy Conard, who fill out a school board which includes Christine Sears, Sherry Phay, and Glenda Merwine.

In her application letter, Steele, who is a goalkeeper for the CHS soccer squad, expressed a desire to represent all of her fellow students.

“I’m interested in this position because I think proper advocacy for the student body, especially the silent members of our community, is essential,” she wrote.

In their letters of recommendation, two Coupeville teachers spoke highly of Steele.

Maylin is a bright, affable, and concerned young woman,” wrote science teacher Colleen Fox.

“She is passionate about many things in her world, and is empowered to ask good questions, and participate in meaningful discussions.”

Fox’s words were echoed by visual arts instructor Tacy Bigelow.

“Attention to detail and a diligent focus wrapped in a cloak of sunshine, Maylin possesses the very qualities needed to be an excellent student body rep.

“Inclusive in her approach, Maylin is inviting and warm to everyone in her sphere of influence,” Bigelow added.

“Once you are on her “team,” she gives 110% and follows through on her promises.”

Steele in action on the soccer pitch.

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Morgan White and Nancy Conard’s election to the Coupeville School Board was certified Tuesday. (Photo courtesy White)

It’s 100% official.

The Island County Auditor’s office certified the general election Tuesday, and with that, the Coupeville School Board has two new members.

CHS grads Morgan White and Nancy Conard won contested races to fill open seats, while incumbent Sherry Phay, who was running unopposed, was elected to a second term.

The trio join Christine Sears and Glenda Merwine, with the new lineup scheduled to have its first meeting in December.


Final numbers:


Sherry Phay — 2,990 votes (100%)


Nancy Conard — 3,366 (74.08%)
Paul Rempa — 1,178


Morgan White — 3,104 (68.90%)
Ward Sparacio — 1,401


To see Island-wide results, pop over to:

Click to access Current_Results.pdf

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Venessa Matros

She made a real difference.

In every meeting, every action, every carefully thought-out word.

Venessa Matros, a Coupeville High School alumni who came back around to serve eight years on the school board, cares deeply about her community.

That has always shone through brightly, never more so than Monday, as she chaired her final meeting.

The election is certified Tuesday, and Nancy Conard and Morgan White will join the board, replacing Matros and Kathleen Anderson, who both opted not to run for re-election.

That meant Monday’s virtual meeting was the final one for the former Wolf student turned school leader, and she went out in style.

Matros made an eloquent defense for students being allowed freedom to leave campus at lunchtime.

She also battled through emotion as she described what her town, her school district, and her service to both, has meant for her.

It has always been personal for Matros, as she has worked tirelessly for her own daughters, and for the children of other Coupeville parents.

Our school district is better off for her efforts, for her dedication and unflagging spirit, and her commitment.

That came through in farewell comments from fellow board members Sherry Phay, Christine Sears, and Glenda Merwine, as well as Superintendent Steve King.

While Covid has sent board meetings online, preventing Matros from getting the full, public farewell she deserves, I hope she exits knowing how much her community appreciates her.

Thank you, Venessa, for all you gave, from all of us.

You made a difference. You made us proud.

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