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You can’t see the old building in person anymore, but you can still come home. (Photo property of Coupeville All-School Reunion Facebook page)

Ticket sales for the Coupeville All-School Reunion are just around the corner.

The reunion itself is set for 6-11 PM Saturday, Aug. 17 at the Coupeville Rec Hall.

Cost is $20 per person.

Open to adults 21 years and older, the event operates as a B.Y.O.B., but Hors d’oeuvres, non-alcoholic beverages, and mixers will be provided.

To obtain a ticket request form, send your email or mailing address to: Joyce Fruik, PO Box 1257, Coupeville, WA 98239.

Tickets will also be sold at the door.

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The Wurzrainer’s, who have owned Christopher’s on Whidbey for 18 years, are, left to right, Andreas, Tia, Lisa, and Sebastian. (Photo courtesy Andreas Wurzrainer)

Quick! Someone save the chocolate mousse recipe!!

The Coupeville restaurant scene is about to witness a huge transition, as Christopher’s on Whidbey is changing ownership for the first time in nearly two decades.

Head chef/owner Andreas Wurzrainer released the following statement Tuesday night:

It is with mixed emotions, that we announce that after nearly 18 years, Lisa and I have decided to hand the Christopher’s apron over to new owners.

As many of you know, I have been offered a position as the Director of Food Services for the Coupeville School District to head up their new Connected Food Program, which will focus on scratch-made, locally-sourced (when possible), and high-quality food for the students in our school district.

I feel honored to be a part of these exciting changes!

This new opportunity to make a substantial difference in the health and well-being of Coupeville’s children deserves my full attention.

After serious consideration, we realized that this new position, coupled with the daily responsibilities of running a busy restaurant, would be just too much for me.

Owning Christopher’s has allowed us to live and work in this amazing community on this magical island!

On this journey we have made many lasting and wonderful memories and built countless treasured friendships.

We have felt connected with, and loved and appreciated by, our local community and we feel privileged to have been able to raise Sebastian and Tia here.

Coupeville is our home and we care very deeply about it.

Shortly after we made the decision to sell, we heard that Brian and Nancy Cedar, the former owners of the Greenbank Grille, were looking for an opportunity to again serve great food to our island community.

We reached out to them and were thrilled to discover that they were indeed very excited about the prospect of taking over Christopher’s to continue to build on what we have grown over the years and to give it their own personal touch.

We believe they will be a great asset to the community, and we look forward to seeing how they make it their own.

They will officially take ownership on July 1. Until then, business as usual at Christopher’s.

Lisa and I will be opening the pantry (in the building adjacent to the restaurant) for the last two days of June (Saturday, June 29 and Sunday, June 30) from 1:00 until 6:00 with a very limited menu.

Come by and say hello, we would love to see you!

Thank you for being part of our lives for the last 18 years, we will cherish it forever!


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   Saturday’s “Battle on the Island” taekwondo tourney brought hundreds of competitors to Coupeville High School. (Photos by JohnsPhotos.net)

Some events were straight hand-to-hand combat, while others featured weapons.

Launching the foot o’ death.

A young competitor slips into The Zone.

Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee.

On the attack.

A bow before competing.

   Coupeville Middle School 6th grader Cameron Breaux is ready to fend off any challenge.

“Let the beatin’ commence!!”

The gym was jammed, with body parts flying everywhere.

Saturday’s “Battle on the Island,” a taekwondo tourney run by Armstrong’s ATA Martial Arts, brought hundreds of fighters (and their support crew) to Coupeville High School.

In between the flying fists and lunging legs, intrepid photo guy John Fisken clicked away, and the pics above are hot off his camera.

To see everything he shot (and to purchase glossy prints) pop over to:


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   Coupeville High School’s new COVERED grandstand. Ignore the oddly constructed press box and it’s a beaut. (Scott Losey photos)

A covered roof! In Coupeville!! Bless you.

   The back side, just waiting for a large “read Coupeville Sports” banner to be hung.

That press box and … it’s covered, man, covered. Let it go!

Consider me 97.4% impressed.

After a two-year wait, Coupeville High School officially has brand-new grandstands fully installed at Mickey Clark Field.

The thought that we’ll be able to watch football and soccer games or track meets on COVERED stands is revolutionary here in Cow Town.

Now, being the whiner I am, I could carp about a couple of things.

First, timing, man, timing.

Of course the new grandstands are officially done … a week AFTER the last home football game.

But, there’s a roof, so no worries.

Second, are you really leaving the bottom open like that, with no netting or barrier, so every loose ball can roll under the stands, stretching out soccer games just that much more…

But, there’s a roof, so no worries.

And third, and to the whiny sports blogger, the only one which deeply matters.

Who thought it was a great idea to have two medium-sized (if we’re generous) windows with a big chunk of wall in the middle in the front of the press box?

Have you EVER seen a press box without one long window running the full length?

No, no you have not.

But, since I know CHS Athletic Director Willie Smith and stadium clock master Joel Norris have big issues with those same windows, I kind of figure things may change for the better before soccer returns to the pitch this spring.

And hey, there’s a roof, so there’s that.

Small steps, David, small steps.

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   After a refinish job, the middle school gym glows in the early afternoon light. (Scott Losey photos)

   Last year, CHS got a new track oval. This summer, a snappy new shed will make storage much easier.

A new, swanky press box, coming to a football field near you soon.

So much room. And not a dead bee in sight.

Work on new football stands plows ahead.

Not a scuff mark in sight (yet) in the high school gym.

The gleam is back.

With school out for the summer, all sorts of work goes on behind the scenes at Coupeville High School.

One obvious improvement is the glossy new look of the school’s two gyms, which both just got a spiffy new refinish.

When fans return to the bleachers in the fall, they’ll also find new LED lights in the high school gym, as well.

And that’s just the beginning of things, as a new storage shed has gone up next to the CHS track and work on the revamp of the school’s football stadium begins.

When the Wolves make their home debut Sept. 8, fans will find new stands, now located next to the parking lot in front of the apartments.

While road fans make the long walk across to the other side, home fans (or me, at least) will glory in the swanky new press box.

Gone is the narrow, dead-bee filled box of olden times, though, after a year exposed to the rain and wind, I have a greater appreciation of my time wedged in there along side Willie Smith and Joel Norris.

This time around, it looks like there will be room to stretch out the legs.

Now we’re just a mini frig or two away from the big time…

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