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Coupeville Schools Superintendent Steve King

They’re staying on schedule.

Coupeville Schools Superintendent Steve King announced Wednesday that the district plans to bring back students in grades 6-8 for hybrid in-person education starting March 8.

With grades K-5 already having returned, that leaves high school students as the final group to be given the chance to leave online learning.

Current plans call for grades 9-12 to return March 15.

A decision on whether that will happen will be made March 3, King said.

“Over the past month, we successfully and safely added in-person learning at Coupeville Elementary School,” King said. “We are able to achieve everything on page seven of the K-12 Metrics & Toolkit and we have no evidence of transmission of COVID-19 occurring in our schools.

“While in-person school looks very different from how school operated prior to COVID, we are excited to share this good news for our students, staff, and families.”

Coupeville’s reopening plan, which was crafted with the help of Island County Public Health, was approved by the school board January 11.

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Follow the star.

Same great food, new place to get it.

Coupeville’s Connected Food Program is altering where high school and middle school students and parents will pickup weekly meal boxes.

Forget about coming in off of S. Main and pulling up in front of the high school entrance.

Instead, use Terry Road and slide into the lot in front of the middle school entrance.

The handy-dandy photo seen above should make the transition clear.

The change goes into affect next Wednesday, October 28.


For more info on the Connected Food Program, pop over to:


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Brynn Parker and other Coupeville Middle School students were recently honored with academic awards. (Corinn Parker photo)

Online is where all the action is at.

With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic preventing people from hosting in-person events, Coupeville schools have taken their awards ceremonies to the internet this spring.

The latest showcase to arrive online is the Coupeville Middle School Virtual Awards Show, which you can see by popping over to this site:


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Kaitlyn Leavell and her fellow Coupeville 8th graders are off to high school in the fall. (Photo by JohnsPhotos.net)

They’re outta here, virtually.

With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic having shut down schools, everyone had to get a little creative this spring with celebrations.

Thursday, Coupeville Middle School posted the video seen below, which honors the 8th graders who will, in some way, move up to high school in the fall.


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   After a refinish job, the middle school gym glows in the early afternoon light. (Scott Losey photos)

   Last year, CHS got a new track oval. This summer, a snappy new shed will make storage much easier.

A new, swanky press box, coming to a football field near you soon.

So much room. And not a dead bee in sight.

Work on new football stands plows ahead.

Not a scuff mark in sight (yet) in the high school gym.

The gleam is back.

With school out for the summer, all sorts of work goes on behind the scenes at Coupeville High School.

One obvious improvement is the glossy new look of the school’s two gyms, which both just got a spiffy new refinish.

When fans return to the bleachers in the fall, they’ll also find new LED lights in the high school gym, as well.

And that’s just the beginning of things, as a new storage shed has gone up next to the CHS track and work on the revamp of the school’s football stadium begins.

When the Wolves make their home debut Sept. 8, fans will find new stands, now located next to the parking lot in front of the apartments.

While road fans make the long walk across to the other side, home fans (or me, at least) will glory in the swanky new press box.

Gone is the narrow, dead-bee filled box of olden times, though, after a year exposed to the rain and wind, I have a greater appreciation of my time wedged in there along side Willie Smith and Joel Norris.

This time around, it looks like there will be room to stretch out the legs.

Now we’re just a mini frig or two away from the big time…

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