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Wesley McGee proudly displays his certificate of promotion from 5th grade to middle school. (Angie McGee photo)

They’re moving up the street, and up in the world.

Coupeville Elementary School honored its graduating 5th graders Thursday, and the group heads to middle school this fall.

The trip is just a few blocks down S. Main Street, but it opens up a whole new world for the young Wolves.

From my perspective, it means a new bunch of athletes arriving on the scene, with a lot of names to learn.

CMS 6th graders are eligible to play volleyball, boys soccer, cross country, basketball, and track and field.

But athlete or not, all the CES grads get new academic challenges, and we wish them all the best.

Wolf superstar Nezi Keiper congratulates Jacob Meador. (Photo courtesy Keiper)

Middle school, here they come. (McGee photo)

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Scotlyn Helm, ready to rumble. (Photos courtesy Jerry Helm)

She has a need … a need for speed.

Coupeville ace Scotlyn Helm is a busy bee these days.

She’s got a new baby brother to help take care of, a school year to finish up, and a souped-up car to put through its paces.

When she’s not busy with her other 1,001 projects, Scotlyn puts the pedal through the metal at the Monroe Speedway, where she’s completing the Novice Driver Training Program with the Washington Quarter Midget Association.

Helm shows off the Purple Bomber.

Scotlyn will put in three weeks of training, learning the ins and outs of her car and life on the track, then begin racing season.

Based on family history, you should be able to spot her with ease once the flag drops — she’ll be the one way out in front.

“Beep-beep, champion coming through!”

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A day before graduation, and not a raindrop in sight (for now). (Morgan White photos)

I mean listen, we talkin’ ’bout practice.

There are a lot of game day pros in the Coupeville High School Class of 2022 lineup, but even they occasionally need a rehearsal.

With that in mind, the Wolf seniors were out and about Friday, prepping for Saturday’s big show.

Along for the ride, camera at the ready, was Morgan White, who delivers the pics seen above and below.

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Basketball unites different age groups. (Michelle Murdy photo)

The hardwood calls.

The Coupeville Youth Basketball Association is offering a two-day skills camp later this month for children entering grades K-6.

The camp, which runs June 21-22 at the high school gym, will give young players a chance to “improve your dribbling, shooting, passing, teamwork, and defensive skills, along with some fun competitions!”

Cost is $20 and the event is open to Coupeville School District students.

Each day will run from 9-11:30 AM, and you need to register by June 12 to ensure getting a camp t-shirt.

Payment is due the first day of camp.

For questions, contact coupeville.youth.basketball@gmail.com.


To register, pop over to:


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It’s a rite of passage.

Summer arrives, and with the advent of (possibly) warmer weather, everyone heads to the pool.

Yes, even in Washington state…

Want your kiddos to know their way around the pool, and be safe whilst splashing?

Take advantage of lessons being offered by the Admiral’s Cove Beach Club, with all the pertinent info to be found in the photo above.

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