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Coupeville Schools Superintendent Steve King

Local classrooms are shutting down again.

With a substantial county-wide spike in COVID-19 cases, the Coupeville School District announced Wednesday that it is returning to full remote or distance learning.

This will go into effect immediately after the Thanksgiving holiday, and is scheduled to last from Monday, November 30, through Friday, January 8.

Coupeville Schools Superintendent Steve King issued the following statement:


Over the past few weeks we have been closely monitoring the rising COVID-19 rates in our state and county.

Up until recently our county was considered either moderate or low-risk when it comes to in-person instruction.

Over the past couple of weeks we have become a high-risk county for in-person school according to the chart on page five of the Washington State Decision Tree.

In fact, we have now more than doubled the high-risk threshold of 75 per 100,000 with the most recent time period (11/08/20 – 11/21/20) showing 152.09 new cases per 100,000.

We were provided with this most recent data in the past 24 hours and this morning we consulted with Island County Public Health, area superintendents, school board members, and our District Leadership Team, and the clear consensus was that we need to prioritize the safety of our staff, students, and community and go to 100% distance or remote learning.

For those students and families who have been able to have in-person services this fall I am sorry that we are having to make this change.

Your teacher(s) will be in contact with you in regards to what your fully remote learning program will look like.

Please know that our teachers have done an outstanding job of improving and implementing a very improved remote learning program for our students since last spring.

This was a complex decision for us as we know that for many families this will be extremely difficult to lose the in-person services.

Families who are having their schooling impacted by this decision should contact their teacher(s) or school office if they have any specific questions or concerns.

Our current food service program will continue for our families with weekly ordering and pick-up on Wednesdays and Thursday mornings.

We are thankful for our food service team providing this very important service during these difficult times for our families.

Staff who continue to work onsite will still be able to purchase daily lunches as well.

I am encouraging all staff members to work from home during this period of time if they are able to do so.

Having fewer staff members in the building on a regular basis will help reduce the risk of spreading COVID.

If you do work onsite please make sure you sign in as you enter the building and also on your classroom door if you are a teacher.

This will help us with contact tracing if needed and also with our efforts to efficiently sanitize our schools on a daily basis.

I know this has been a very difficult time for all of us but as we go into the Thanksgiving holiday I want you all to know that I am truly thankful for you.

I appreciate our students, staff, and families navigating these difficult and complex times with us.

I hope you can join me in being optimistic and hopeful in regards to our future.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Thank you,

Steve King

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With COVID-19 cases spiking in Washington state, WhidbeyHealth is adjusting its rules regarding visitors.

The new guidelines, issued Monday, are in effect at the Medical Center, Primary and Specialty Care Clinics, and Walk-In Clinics.

Routine visitation is being suspended at all locations in favor of the modified policy.

Temperature monitoring and COVID-19 symptom monitoring are required before entrance of any person (patient, visitor, support person, staff) at all locations.

Additional monitoring of travel history and exposure history is also in place prior to entry.

Patients will not be denied care if exhibiting signs and symptoms consistent with COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2).

Visitors, support persons, and staff will not be granted entrance if they cannot meet the temperature monitoring requirements (less than or equal to 99.9◦F/37.6◦C), or if there is exposure history.

All patients, visitors, and support persons are required to be masked during any/all interactions with WhidbeyHealth staff.

Visitors/support persons to departments/areas of care are restricted as follows:


Emergency Department:

No visitors or support persons.


Medical/Surgical Inpatient Department:

No visitors. One support person. If a support person wishes to stay, they must remain in the hospital for the entire length of the patient’s care.


Intensive Care Unit: 

No visitors. One support person. If a support person wishes to stay, they must remain in the hospital for the entire length of the patient’s care.


WhidbeyHealth Family Birth Place:

No visitors. One support person. If a support person wishes to stay, they must remain in the hospital for the entire length of the patient’s care.


Surgical Services: 

No visitors and no support persons. Responsible adult support person should remain in their vehicle or return home during the procedure.



No visitors or support persons.


Rehab Services:

No visitors or support persons.


Respiratory Therapy:

No visitors or support persons.



No visitors or support persons.


Diagnostic Imaging:

No visitors or support persons.


Primary Care, Specialty Care, and Walk-In Clinics: 

No visitors or support persons.


West Wind Café (Medical Center):

Only employees will have access to the West Wind Café. Visitors and support persons may request a meal through the kitchen.


Gift Shop (Medical Center):

Patients, visitors and support persons will not have access.

Gift shop will offer “curbside pickup” through phone orders — (360) 678-7656, ext. 3901 — between 10-5, Monday-Friday.

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The holiday lives.

Adapting to the age of Coronavirus, the Coupeville Historic Waterfront Association is hosting a modified Halloween event Saturday night.

Instead of the normal downtown costume parade, things are being changed up with participants staying inside their cars, with a sweet (or sour) candy payoff at the end.

Some pertinent details:

🎃 All volunteers will be masked.

🎃 Line-up starts at 4:15 PM. Parade begins at 5:00.

🎃 Cars will enter the parade from the Coupeville Municipal Lot behind the library.

To get there from Main Street, go west on 1st Street, north on Wilkes (right), then enter the grass lot at the end of Wilkes.

🎃 Participants must remain in their vehicle for the entirety of the parade.

If you wish to decorate your vehicle, which is highly recommended, it must be decorated BEFORE entering the staging area.

🎃 Tune your radio to 101.7 for event information and parade music.

🎃 Candy bags (packaged and handed out following COVID-19 safety protocols) will be given out at the end of the route.

🎃 All are welcome, but participants are asked to limit vehicle passengers to those living in the same household.


If you have any questions about the event, email:


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Follow the star.

Same great food, new place to get it.

Coupeville’s Connected Food Program is altering where high school and middle school students and parents will pickup weekly meal boxes.

Forget about coming in off of S. Main and pulling up in front of the high school entrance.

Instead, use Terry Road and slide into the lot in front of the middle school entrance.

The handy-dandy photo seen above should make the transition clear.

The change goes into affect next Wednesday, October 28.


For more info on the Connected Food Program, pop over to:


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Let the adventure begin. (Photos from Price Sculpture Forest Facebook page)

The sun peeks through, illuminating a Whidbey old-timer.

Stare into the eyes of a bird while sitting on a bench, and let your mind soar into the skies.

A sculpture by Greg Neal pays tribute to the late Pam Young, a longtime birder and supporter of the park.

It’s the perfect escape during our locked-down times.

Head out to the woods and experience the Price Sculpture Forest, a 16-acre slice of bliss which opens to the public today, Friday, October 23.

Created to preserve a stretch of land in Central Whidbey, it offers visitors a chance to wander through century-old trees, while also experiencing a wide array of sculptures by artists from across the United States.

The forest, which is located at 678 Parker Rd. in Coupeville, is open free to everyone, though visitors are asked not to bring dogs.

There is a self-guided tour which you can access through your phone, and things are open from dawn to dusk seven days a week.

“It has been an amazing six-year journey getting to this point,” Scott Price said. “The most rewarding aspects have been the terrific collaboration with volunteers and sculptors, plus the support and interest from the community.”

Price offered a special thank you to the “monumental efforts of Ken Price, Michael Hauser, and Linda Hauser.”

“These terrific people have directly helped create this new experience for the community.

“The welcome mat is out for you to Wander in Wonder!”


For more info, check out their website at:

Price Sculpture Forest sculpture park in Coupeville on Whidbey Island

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