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Tamsin Ward elevates on her way to winning a league title in the high jump. (Jon Gabelein photo)

Tamsin Ward is starting to get historical.

The Coupeville Middle School 6th grader soared over the high jump at four feet, six inches Thursday in Lakewood, winning the title at day #1 of the two-day Cascade League Championships.

That mark is four inches higher than Ward’s previous PR and pulls her within eight inches of the best effort ever thrown down by a Coupeville High School female athlete.

The CHS girls record of 5-02 was set in 1999 by Yashmeen Knox, while current Wolf senior Ryanne Knoblich has cleared 5-00 heading into her final state meet.

While Ward won’t make her high school track debut until spring 2026, Thursday’s win already puts her in the company of some of the town’s most-successful female athletes.

The victory is her 11th in her debut season, a mark topped in the last decade only by 8th graders Lindsey Roberts (22 wins in 2015) and Makana Stone (12 wins in 2012).

Ward’s big jump made some noise, but her fellow Wolves also soared, racking up 46 PR’s at the seven-team meet.

Thursday’s event was a mix of prelims and finals, with the season-ending day #2 of the championships set for Wednesday, May 31 back at Lakewood.

Taylor Marrs sends the shot put flying. (Amber Wyman photo)

CMS coaches basked in the positive afterglow of a day well spent while the bus wound its way back to Whidbey.

“The athletes represented Coupeville well today,” Jon Gabelein said. “We had a great group and each of them showed why they were one of our district’s best performers in their events.

“We look forward to the district finals next week.”

That was a feeling shared by fellow Wolf coach Amber Wyman.

“I’m so proud of these athletes!” she said. “They really showed off the weeks of work they have put in.

“They worked hard, had great sportsmanship and a lot of PR’s!”

Arianna Cunningham heads for home. (Jon Gabelein photo)


Thursday’s results:



8th grade:

100 (Prelims) — Tirsit Cannon (5th) 14.36 *PR*; Lexis Drake (20th) 15.83; Ivy Rudat (21st) 15.90 *PR*; Natalie Perera (26th) 16.70 *PR*

200 (Prelims) — Perera (14th) 37.16 *PR*

800 (Finals) — Kayla Crane (2nd) 2:58.37 *PR*

100 Hurdles (Prelims) — Drake (14th) 22.77 *PR*

Shot Put (Finals) — Lydia Price (26th) 15-09.50 *PR*


6th/7th grade:

100 (Prelims) — Tamsin Ward (2nd) 13.88 *PR*; Laken Simpson (11th) 14.60; Isabella De Souza Oliveira McFetridge (17th) 14.81 *PR*; Willow Leedy-Bonifas (20th) 14.93 *PR*; Amayia Curry (28th) 15.46 *PR*; Niella Bryan (37th) 16.68 *PR*

200 (Prelims) — Simpson (10th) 30.59 *PR*; Hyley Farrell (11th) 30.64 *PR*; Tenley Stuurmans (20th) 32.28 *PR*; Olivia Hall (25th) 33.44 *PR*; Arianna Cunningham (26th) 34.10 *PR*

400 (Prelims) — Taylor Marrs (10th) 1:27.03; Alexandra Lo (17th) 1:47.28 *PR*

800 (Finals) — Lillian Ketterling (5th) 3:02.40 *PR*; Devon Wyman (15th) 3:42.68 *PR*

100 Hurdles (Prelims) — Stuurmans (12th) 20.23; Elizabeth Marshall (18th) 20.95 *PR*; Kennedy O’Neill (19th) 21.02 *PR*; Cunningham (21st) 21.36 *PR*; Bryan (34th) 24.21; Amelia Crowder (35th) 24.96

Shot Put (Finals) — Simpson (3rd) 24-04.50 *PR*; Lisette Bentabou (6th) 24-00 *PR*; Marrs (7th) 23-02.50; Maci Wofford (18th) 19-01 *PR*

High Jump (Finals) — Ward (1st) 4-06 *PR*; Crowder (15th) 3-08

Wolf runners lunge for the line. (Jon Gabelein photo)



8th grade:

100 (Finals) — Davin Houston (7th) 12.55 *PR*; Ethan Walling (26th) 14.80; Captain Tesucher (27th) 14.88 *PR*; Zach Blitch (29th) 17.58

400 (Prelims) — Axel Marshall (14th) 1:13.39; Blitch (15th) 1:22.15

1600 (Finals) — Kenneth Jacobsen (6th) 5:28.58 *PR*; A. Marshall (11th) 6:15.00 *PR*

110 Hurdles (Prelims) — A. Marshall (14th) 21.25

Discus (Finals) — Blitch (29th) 55-08

Long Jump (Finals) — Houston (5th) 16-00; Jacobsen (16th) 13-08


6th/7th grade:

100 (Prelims) — Beckett Green (3rd) 13.10 *PR*; Roger Merino-Martinez (9th) 13.50 *PR*; Leonardo Rodriguez (12th) 13.60 *PR*; Daniel Payan Vasquez (13th) 13.65 *PR*; Wyatt Fitch-Marron (14th) 13.74 *PR*; Carson Grove (22nd) 14.30 *PR*

200 (Prelims) — Green (2nd) 26.93 *PR*; Merino-Martinez (3rd) 27.81 *PR*

400 (Prelims) — Nick Laska (7th) 1:08.70; Nathan Niewald (11th) 1:12.66 *PR*

1600 (Finals) — Brantley Campbell (10th) 6:23.75 *PR*; Niewald (11th) 6:24.57; Edmund Kunz (17th) 6:43.80 *PR*

110 Hurdles (Prelims) — Laska (5th) 20.29 *PR*; Rodriguez (8th) 20.70 *PR*; Campbell (9th) 20.70 *PR*

Discus (Finals) — Laska (2nd) 83-05; Max Ohme (9th) 74-08 *PR*; Grove (18th) 61-09; Campbell (20th) 59-00.25; Khanor Jump (32nd) 45-09.25; Kunz (37th) 36-04

Long Jump (Finals) — Merino-Martinez (3rd) 14-05; Niewald (4th) 13-10; Fitch-Marron (8th) 13-05; Shiloh Sandlin (13th) 12-09.50

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Costco pizza, the fuel of championship track stars. (Jon Gabelein photos)

They survived and prospered.

Traveling to the wilds of Sultan Thursday, Coupeville Middle School track and field athletes combined to win 11 events and notch 66 PR’s at a three-team meet.

The Wolf 6th/7th grade boys won the team title, while their female counterparts finished a close second to South Whidbey.

Coupeville’s next-door neighbors, who had the deepest roster, won both 8th grade team titles.

CMS 7th graders Beckett Green and Nick Laska were three-time winners Thursday, including teaming up with Nathan Niewald and Roger Merino-Martinez to claim the title in the 4 x 100 relay.

Green also hit the tape first in the 100 and 200, while Laska finished on top in the shot put and discus.

Merino-Martinez (long jump), Shiloh Sandlin (800), and 6th grader Daniel Payan Vasquez (400) were winners while Tamsin Ward (100, shot put) and the girls 4 x 200 relay unit also triumphed.

All five girls to finish atop the podium are 6th graders, with the relay squad comprised of Hyley Farrell, Elizabeth Marshall, Kennedy O’Neill, and Sage Stavros.

With her two wins, Ward has piled up 10 victories this season, which puts her in big-time company.

Lindsey Roberts won 22 times as an 8th grader in 2015, after notching eight wins as a 7th grader, while Makana Stone finished first 12 times as an 8th grader in 2012.

The duo, who finished with eight and seven state meet medals during their high school days, respectively, never competed as 6th graders as eligibility rules have changed since their middle school days.

Whether they won, PR’d, or just came close Thursday, each Wolf in uniform had an impact, said CMS coach Jon Gabelein.

“Our athletes performed really well during the longest road trip of the season,” he said. “The athletes again proved that the harder they work, the better they get.

“I hope they are as proud as I am of the clear improvements they are showing.”

The Wolves return to action next Thursday, May 25 with an appearance at the Cascade League Championships, which are held at Lakewood High School.

The season-ending rumble is a two-day affair, with day #2 set for May 31 at the same location.

Inaura Maund launches the shot put.


Thursday’s results:




8th grade:

100 — Tirsit Cannon (2nd) 14.59 *PR*; Lexis Drake (7th) 15.55 *PR*; Ivy Rudat (8th) 15.93 *PR*; Natalie Perera (13th) 17.23 *PR*; Inara Maund (14th) 17.62

4 x 100 Relay — Rudat, Cannon, Drake, Lydia Price (2nd) 1:01.19

Shot Put — Price (11th) 13-05

Long Jump — Cannon (4th) 11-05; Rudat (6th) 10-11; Drake (11th) 9-09; Perera (14th) 9-07; Price (18th) 8-08; Maund (20th) 6-06


6th/7th grade:

100 — Tamsin Ward (1st) 14.00 *PR*; Isabella De Souza Oliveira McFetridge (8th) 15.13 *PR*; Amayia Curry (15th) 15.74 *PR*; Willow Leedy-Bonifas (17th) 15.82; Niella Bryan (24th) 16.92 *PR*; Lisette Bentabou (26th) 17.08 *PR*; Lily Fisher (27th) 17.17 *PR*; Denali Kalwies (29th) 17.91 *PR*; Maci Wofford (31st) 18.46 *PR*; Kaleah Matros (32nd) 18.89 *PR*; Lucille Humpfries (35th) 25.17

200 — Laken Simpson (2nd) 31.63; Olivia Hall (5th) 33.59 *PR*; Anmarie Solis (8th) 34.10 *PR*; Arianna Cunningham (11th) 35.35 *PR*; Elizabeth Marshall (12th) 36.03 *PR*; Sage Stavros (13th) 36.49 *PR*; Camilla Wolfe (14th) 37.80 *PR*; Savannah Niewald (17th) 40.00; Alexandra Lo (18th) 45.40 *PR*

400 — Taylor Marrs (3rd) 1:26.63 *PR*; Lo (4th) 1:49.07 *PR*

800 — Lillian Ketterling (2nd) 3:07.53; Devon Wyman (8th) 3:57.37

1600 — Mikayla Wagner (2nd) 7:10.84; Rebekah Dangerfield (4th) 7:15.95 *PR*

100 Hurdles — Tenley Stuurmans (8th) 20.80; E. Marshall (10th) 21.25 *PR*; Kennedy O’Neill (11th) 21.38 *PR*; Cunningham (12th) 21.44 *PR*; Fisher (18th) 26.21 *PR*; Amelia Crowder (19th) 27.54

4 x 100 Relay — Cunningham, Curry, Leedy-Bonifas, Stuurmans (3rd) 1:01.73; Hall, Simpson, O’Neill, Wagner (5th) 1:04.22

4 x 200 Relay — Hyley Farrell, E. Marshall, O’Neill, Stavros (1st) 2:16.94; Bentabou, Crowder, Bryan, Kalwies (3rd) 2:34.25

Shot Put — Ward (1st) 30-09 *PR*; Marrs (3rd) 22-07.50; Bentabou (5th) 21-02; Simpson (11th) 19-00.50; Wofford (13th) 17-02.25 *PR*; S. Niewald (15th) 16-01 *PR*; Humpfries (16th) 15-09; Matros (17th) 12-05.75

Discus — Cunningham (2nd) 59-05.50; Ketterling (5th) 56-09.75; Bentabou (8th) 53-03.25 *PR*; Marrs (10th) 52-00; Matros (19th) 28-09; Curry (20th) 28-07 *PR*; Crowder (21st) 27-07

High Jump — Crowder (2nd) 3-10 *PR*

Long Jump — Ward (5th) 12-07; Leedy-Bonifas (7th) 12-03; Farrell (8th) 12-00; McFetridge (11th) 10-11; O’Neill (11th) 10-11; E. Marshall (15th) 10-03; Ketterling (16th) 9-11; Stavros (17th) 9-08; Wagner (22nd) 9-02; Hall (23rd) 9-01; Wyman (24th) 9-00; Bryan (25th) 8-10 *PR*; S. Niewald (26th) 8-08; Solis (29th) 8-07 *PR*; Kalwies (32nd) 8-00; Wolfe (34th) 6-10 *PR*; Fisher (35th) 6-07; Lo (36th) 6-02; Wofford (38th) 5-08


Davin Houston flies the friendly skies.




8th grade:

100 — Davin Houston (3rd) 12.93 *PR*

400 — Axel Marshall (4th) 1:11.69 *PR*; Zach Blitch (5th) 1:21.92 *PR*

1600 — Kenneth Jacobsen (3rd) 5:28.74 *PR*

110 Hurdles — A. Marshall (5th) 21.02

Shot Put — Jacobsen (7th) 24-10.50; Blitch (13th) 17-08 *PR*

Discus — Blitch (17th) 54-01

High Jump — Houston (3rd) 5-02 *PR*; A. Marshall (4th) 4-08 *PR*

Long Jump — Houston (2nd) 17-00 *PR*; Jacobsen (6th) 13-09


6th/7th grade:

100 — Beckett Green (1st) 13.20 *PR*; Daniel Payan Vasquez (3rd) 13.70 *PR*; Roger Merino-Martinez (4th) 13.75 *PR*; Wyatt Fitch-Marron (6th) 13.94 *PR*; Max Ohme (10th) 14.58 *PR*; Carson Grove (13th) 14.83; Leonardo Rodriguez (15th) 14.93; Benji Wertz (23rd) 15.97 *PR*; Collin Mirabile (24th) 16.04; Khanor Jump (26th) 16.22 *PR*; Isaiah Allen (27th) 16.27 *PR*; Kion Tellery (31st) 16.64

200 — Green (1st) 28.04 *PR*; Merino-Martinez (4th) 29.09

400 — Payan Vasquez (1st) 1:05.69 *PR*; Nick Laska (2nd) 1:06.36 *PR*; Nathan Niewald (6th) 1:16.62 *PR*

800 — Shiloh Sandlin (1st) 2:36.68; Edmund Kunz (4th) 3:10.45 *PR*

1600 — N. Niewald (2nd) 6:38.90; Kunz (5th) 6:58.39

110 Hurdles — Rodriguez (3rd) 20.91 *PR*

4 x 100 Relay — Green, LaskaN. NiewaldMerino-Martinez (1st) 53.89

Shot Put — Laska (1st) 32-09.50 *PR*; Mirabile (4th) 22-11; Jump (5th) 22-09.50 *PR*; Green (7th) 22-02; Tellery (8th) 18-01 *PR*; Allen (9th) 17-02

Discus — Laska (1st) 88-01 *PR*; Grove (4th) 68-09.50; Jump (5th) 66-03; Ohme (6th) 65-05 *PR*; Kunz (19th) 38-06

High Jump — Fitch-Marron (4th) 4-04; Mirabile (6th) 4-00

Long Jump — Merino-Martinez (1st) 14-09; N. Niewald (3rd) 14-03 *PR*; Sandlin (4th) 13-10; Fitch-Marron (4th) 13-10; Ohme (11th) 12-02 *PR*; Rodriguez (12th) 12-00; Grove (17th) 11-05; Kunz (23rd) 10-05; Tellery (26th) 8-06 *PR*

“Save me some pizza!!”

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Taygin Jump will not be putting up with any shenanigans today. (Photos by JohnsPhotos.net)

They are the unsung heroes.

If you want to pull off a successful track and field meet, you need a ton of volunteers willing to go the extra mile.

Wednesday afternoon the action was hopping as Coupeville Middle School hosted South Whidbey in the home finale, and those volunteers were the glue holding things together.

Capturing them on film was wanderin’ photo clicker John Fisken, who provides us with the pics seen above and below.

Anna Myles is a strict, but fair judge.

Sarah and Scott Stuurmans make sure their bench stays in place.

Ayden Wyman preps the long jump pit.

She who controls the measuring tape, controls the world.

It’s not an official mark until they say it is.

The day’s best high jumper gets major air.

“Minus two points for eagle-related shenanigans…”

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Laken Simpson prepares to be awesome. (Ana McFetridge photo)

The weather was nice, the results nicer.

Coupeville Middle School track and field athletes took advantage of sunny skies and warm temps Wednesday, capturing 16 wins and 84 PR’s at the last home meet of the season.

The Wolves, who head to Sultan May 18, before competing in the Cascade League Championships the following week, faced off with next-door neighbor South Whidbey during Wednesday’s rumble.

The CMS boys won the 6th/7th grade battle, while the Falcons were victorious in 6th/7th girls, and both 8th grade battles.

Wolf 6th grader Tamsin Ward, continuing a torrid start to her school career, led the way with wins in the 100, shot put, and high jump.

That gives her eight victories across her first three middle school meets.

CMS 7th graders Nick Laska (Shot Put, Discus), Beckett Green (100, 200), and Shiloh Sandlin (800, Long Jump) were double winners, while Kayla Crane (800) was the lone Wolf 8th grader to nab a title.

Other Coupeville winners included 7th graders Wyatt Fitch-Marron (High Jump), Mikayla Wagner (1600), Arianna Cunningham (Discus), and Nathan Niewald (400), as well as two relay squads.

The girls 4 x 200 unit was comprised of 6th graders Hyley Farrell, Sage Stavros, Kennedy O’Neill, and Elizabeth Marshall, with the boys 4 x 1 crew featuring Laska, Niewald, Roger Merino-Martinez, and Green.

The strong performances from everyone on the roster left coaches Jon Gabelein and Amber Wyman pleased.

“The athletes seemed to prefer the warm and dry environment today after surviving last week’s cold and wet adventure,” Gabelein said.

“The improvements shown allowed a lot of them to walk away feeling proud of new PR’s instead of just sunburn.”

Wyman, who also “appreciated the warm dry weather!” praised her young athletes as well.

“Every week these athletes impress me with their hard work and dedication,” she said. “Today was no different!

“We had a few push through injuries to not let their team down,” Wyman added. “And so many that pushed themselves outside their comfort zone to try something new.

I’m so proud of this team!”

Axel Marshall soars over the high jump bar. (Jon Gabelein photo)


Wednesday’s results:




8th grade:

100 — Tirsit Cannon (2nd) 15.26; Lexis Drake (4th) 16.20; Natalie Perera (11th) 17.90; Inara Maund (12th) 18.32

200 — Cannon (3rd) 30.76 *PR*; Ivy Rudat (4th) 35.01 *PR*; Perera (5th) 38.68 *PR*

800 — Kayla Crane (1st) 3:06.90 *PR*

1600 — Crane (2nd) 6:51.13 *PR*

100 Hurdles — Drake (5th) 23.46 *PR*

4 x 100 Relay — Drake, Lydia Price, Perera, Rudat (2nd) 1:05.21

Shot Put — Maund (4th) 17-11.50 *PR*; Price (7th) 15-02 *PR*

Long Jump — Rudat (2rd) 11-04.50 *PR*; Perera (4th) 11-02 *PR*; Drake (6th) 10-11 *PR*; Price (10th) 10-05 *PR*; Maund (13th) 9-08 *PR*


6th/7th grade:

100 — Tamsin Ward (1st) 14.55; Laken Simpson (6th) 15.64; Isabella De Souza Oliveira McFetridge (7th) 15.70; Willow Leedy-Bonifas (9th) 15.73; Amayia Curry (12th) 16.47; Lisette Bentabou (15th) 17.34 *PR*; Niella Bryan (16th) 17.95; Devon Wyman (19th) 18.81 *PR*; Denali Kalwies (20th) 18.95; Maci Wofford (21st) 18.98 *PR*; Kaleah Matros (23rd) 19.48; Alexandra Lo (24th) 20.79; Lucille Humpfries (27th) 24.58 *PR*

200 — Hyley Farrell (2nd) 31.51 *PR*; Simpson (3rd) 31.84; Tenley Stuurmans (4th) 32.42 *PR*; Olivia Hall (9th) 34.32 *PR*; Arianna Cunningham (11th) 36.09 *PR*; Sage Stavros (12th) 37.24; Elizabeth Marshall (13th) 37.39 *PR*; Savannah Niewald (15th) 39.45; Lily Fisher (17th) 40.61 *PR*; Lo (18th) 45.66 *PR*

800 — Wyman (6th) 3:58.21

1600 — Mikayla Wagner (1st) 6:52.79

100 Hurdles — Stuurmans (3rd) 20.45; E. Marshall (6th) 21.70 *PR*; Kennedy O’Neill (7th) 21.78; Cunningham (8th) 21.79 *PR*; Fisher (13th) 26.66 *PR*; Amelia Crowder (15th) 27.92

4 x 100 Relay — Cunningham, Leedy-Bonifas, Curry, Stuurmans (2nd) 1:01.16; Hall, Marin Winger, Wagner, Simpson (3rd) 1:02.94

4 x 200 Relay — Farrell, Stavros, O’Neill, E. Marshall (1st) 2:21.97; Bentabou, Crowder, Bryan, Kalwies (3rd) 2:29.50

Shot Put — Ward (1st) 30-07 *PR*; Winger (3rd) 21-04.50; Bentabou (4th) 21-02 *PR*; McFetridge (6th) 19-07.50 *PR*; Simpson (7th) 19-02; Humpfries (9th) 15-10 *PR*; S. Niewald (10th) 14-06.50; Wofford (11th) 14-03; Matros (13th) 11-02.50

Discus — Cunningham (1st) 62-09 *PR*; Bentabou (3rd) 51-03 *PR*; Crowder (4th) 43-02; Matros (8th) 30-10 *PR*

High Jump — Ward (1st) 4-02 *PR*; Crowder (5th) 3-06

Long Jump — Ward (3rd) 13-02.25; Leedy-Bonifas (4th) 12-10 *PR*; Stuurmans (5th) 12-09.50 *PR*; Farrell (9th) 12-00; McFetridge (11th) 11-06; Hall (14th) 10-11.50; E. Marshall (17th) 10-06 *PR*; Wagner (18th) 10-05.50 *PR*; Stavros (19th) 10-00; O’Neill (21st) 9-11.25; Wyman (23rd) 9-09 *PR*; Wofford (25th) 9-05 *PR*; S. Niewald (26th) 9-00; Kalwies (27th) 8-10 *PR*; Fisher 8-03 *PR*; Lo (32nd) 7-02.50; Humpfries (35th) 5-07.50 *PR*

Niella Bryan hits warp speed. (Jon Gabelein photo)




8th grade:

100 — Davin Houston (3rd) 13.35; Ethan Walling (8th) 14.72; Captain Teuscher (13th) 15.16 *PR*

400 — Zach Blitch (2nd) 1:23.55 *PR*

1600 — Kenneth Jacobsen (3rd) 5:44.45; Axel Marshall (5th) 6:26.86

110 Hurdles — A. Marshall (5th) 20.93

Shot Put — K. Jacobsen (10th) 22-02; Teuscher (11th) 21-04 *PR*; Blitch (12th) 16-09.50

Discus — A. Marshall (12th) 57-11; Blitch (14th) 56-09

High Jump — A. Marshall (7th) 4-04

Long Jump — Houston (2nd) 16-06; K. Jacobsen (6th) 14-02 *PR*; Walling (10th) 13-06 *PR*


6th/7th grade:

100 — Beckett Green (1st) 13.54; Roger Merino-Martinez (2nd) 13.84; Leonardo Rodriguez (5th) 14.69; Wyatt Fitch-Marron (6th) 14.69; Daniel Payan Vasquez (7th) 14.90 *PR*; Carson Grove (9th) 14.94; Collin Mirabile (11th) 15.68 *PR*; Johnathan Jacobsen (12th) 15.77; Kion Tellery (13th) 16.56 *PR*; Khanor Jump (15th) 16.77 *PR*; Benji Wertz (16th) 16.89; Isaiah Allen (20th) 18.59

200 — Green (1st) 28.30; Merino-Martinez (2nd) 28.48 *PR*

400 — Nathan Niewald (1st) 1:17.08 *PR*; Diego Gonzalez (2nd) 1:22.15 *PR*

800 — Shiloh Sandlin (1st) 2:31.47 *PR*

1600 — N. Niewald (3rd) 6:38.10; Brantley Campbell (4th) 6:54.62; Edmund Kunz (5th) 6:56.14; Gonzalez (7th) 7:21.20; Ossian Merkel (9th) 7:29.17 *PR*

110 Hurdles — Rodriguez (3rd) 21.26 *PR*; Nick Laska (4th) 21.33 *PR*; Campbell (7th) 22.63; Payan Vasquez (8th) 24.17 *PR*

4 x 100 Relay — Laska, N. Niewald, Merino-Martinez, Green (1st) 54.08

Shot Put — Laska (1st) 31-08 *PR*; Mirabile (3rd) 26-04.50 *PR*; Green (4th) 25-10 *PR*; Sandlin (6th) 22-11 *PR*; Jump (7th) 21-08.50 *PR*; J. Jacobsen (8th) 19-10 *PR*; Allen (12th) 17-00; Tellery (13th) 16-10 *PR*; Wertz (14th) 16-06.50 *PR*; Kunz (15th) 13-03.50

Discus — Laska (1st) 86-05 *PR*; Campbell (2nd) 76-10 *PR*; Jump (4th) 64-11; Grove (5th) 64-01; Kunz (10th) 45-04 *PR*; Gonzalez (11th) 37-09 *PR*; Tellery (15th) 31-00 *PR*

High Jump — Fitch-Marron (1st) 4-08; J. Jacobsen (2nd) 4-04 *PR*; Mirabile (3rd) 4-04 *PR*; Merkel (5th) 3-10 *PR*; Payan Vasquez (6th) 3-10 *PR*; Wertz (7th) 3-10 *PR*; Allen (8th) 3-08

Long Jump — Sandlin (1st) 15-02 *PR*; Merino-Martinez (2nd) 14-10; Fitch-Marron (3rd) 13-11.50 *PR*; N. Niewald (5th) 13-10 *PR*; Grove (6th) 13-00; Gonzalez (7th) 12-09 *PR*; Rodriguez (9th) 12-01; Campbell (10th) 11-02.50; Kunz (14th) 10-04; Merkel (18th) 8-01; Tellery (20th) 7-05 *PR*

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Lexis Drake flies over the hurdles. (Ana McFetridge photos)

Stats are on their way, but photos are here now.

While we wait for results to be posted from Wednesday’s Coupeville Middle School home track and field meet, take a few moments to marinate in pics of the athletes in action.

They come to us courtesy Wolf Mom Ana McFetridge, who snapped away under sunny skies.

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