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Emma Smith crushes it. (Photos by JohnsPhotos.net)

Discus lobber Chris Battaglia attempts to twist his body a full 360 degrees.

Chris Ruck gets some air as he soars to slap hands with Jaschon Baumann.

Coupeville AD Willie Smith tries to remember where he left his sunscreen.

Track star turned soccer manager extraordinaire Natalie Hollrigel challenges Wolf mom Sherry Roberts to a smile-off. Spoiler: it was a tie.

Ja’Tarya Hoskins comes flying through the hurdles.

“Oil! I hit oil!!!”

Wolf track legend Jacob Smith swings by his old oval, while also spending some quality time with mom Deb.

Tiger Johnson launches his body into the stratosphere.

A thousand moving parts.

The year’s first home track meet was hardly a one-person show, as athletes, coaches, Athletic Directors, parents, fans, even a former Wolf legend or two, all milled about Thursday at Mickey Clark Field.

Working his way through the crowds, with just his cameras to clear some space, John Fisken snapped away, and the pics above are courtesy him.

To see everything he shot, pop over to:


And, when you do, remember that a percentage of any purchases comes back around, helping fund scholarships for two CHS senior student/athletes.

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Coupeville senior Jakobi Baumann kicks it into high gear Thursday while running the hurdles during a home track and field meet. (Photos by JohnsPhotos.net)

Wolf runners (l to r) Alana Mihill, Lucy Sandahl, and Catherine Lhamon cruise together through the 1600.

Jean Lund-Olsen has places to be, and wants to get there quickly.

Small, but mighty.

As devoted track and field mom Sherry Roberts noted, the Coupeville High School squads might not have the deepest rosters, but what they have is a ton of talent.

Making sure the world knows, the Wolves dominated at their first home meet Thursday afternoon, taking first in the girls competition, and second in the boys standings.

The CHS girls, carried by seven wins, including two relay victories, racked up 76 points, edging South Whidbey (69.5) and Granite Falls (64.5), while La Conner (19) brought up the rear.

Emma Smith (shot put), Catherine Lhamon (1600), Maya Toomey-Stout (100), Mallory Kortuem (400), and Lindsey Roberts (100 hurdles) went to the top of the medal stand, while the 4 x 100 and 4 x 200 squads couldn’t be caught.

Both of those relay units feature Toomey-Stout, Roberts, and Kortuem, with the Hoskins sisters, Ja’Tarya and Ja’Kenya, each popping up once in the mix.

Over on the boys side of things, South Whidbey used its depth to overcame seven individual Wolf wins, capturing the team battle 108.5-79.

Granite (32.5) nipped La Conner (29) to claim third.

Jean Lund-Olsen and Sean Toomey-Stout were the main men for Coupeville.

The former swept to wins in the 100 and 200, setting PR’s in both events, while the latter triumphed in long jump and triple jump, while tying teammate Chris Battaglia for first in the javelin.

Rounding out the Wolf winners were Ryan Labrador in the shot put and Danny Conlisk in the 400.

The win was especially sweet for Labrador, who was celebrating his 18th birthday.

Coupeville racked up 41 PR’s on the day, with 20 athletes nabbing at least one.

Megan Behan, Chris Ruck, Brian Casey, Tiger Johnson, Mikaela Labrador, and Elijah Okaruru topped all Wolf competitors, each hauling in 3 PR’s.


Complete Thursday results:



100 — Maya Toomey-Stout (1st) 13.37; Mikaela Labrador (11th) 16.48 *PR*

200 — Lindsey Roberts (2nd) 27.86

400 — Mallory Kortuem (1st) 1:02.50

800 — Lucy Sandahl (2nd) 2:46.78

1600 — Catherine Lhamon (1st) 6:11.11; Sandahl (2nd) 6:14.90; Alana Mihill (3rd) 6:43.01 *PR*

100 Hurdles — Roberts (1st) 16.18; Ja’Tarya Hoskins (3rd) 18.80

300 Hurdles — Ja’Tarya Hoskins (3rd) 55.68

4 x 100 Relay — M. Toomey-Stout, Ja’Tarya Hoskins, Kortuem, Roberts (1st) 52.35

4 x 200 Relay — Roberts, Kortuem, Ja’Kenya Hoskins, M. Toomey-Stout (1st) 1:50.82

Shot Put — Emma Smith (1st) 32-10.50 *PR*; Aurora Cernick (4th) 20-04 *PR*; Megan Behan (7th) 19-02 *PR*; Raven Vick (8th) 18-02 *PR*

Discus — Smith (2nd) 73-10; Willow Vick (5th) 65-01 *PR*; Behan (9th) 58-05 *PR*; R. Vick (10th) 56-05 *PR*; Cernick (13th) 51-02 *PR*

Javelin — R. Vick (2nd) 88-02; Smith (4th) 72-10 *PR*; W. Vick (6th) 61-08 *PR*; Behan (8th) 59-00 *PR*; Cernick (11th) 50-04; Mihill (11th) 50-04 *PR*; MLabrador (17th) 43-08 *PR*

Long Jump — Ja’Kenya Hoskins (7th) 12-07; M. Labrador (11th) 11-06.25 *PR*



100 — Jean Lund-Olsen (1st) 11.36 *PR*; Danny Conlisk (2nd) 11.49 *PR*; Lucious Halstead (12th) 13.14 *PR*; Tiger Johnson (14th) 13.20 *PR*; Chris Ruck (16th) 13.33 *PR*

200 — Lund-Olsen (1st) 23.41 *PR*; Halstead (6th) 26.48 *PR*; Ruck (12th) 27.97 *PR*

400 — Conlisk (1st) 51.99; Johnson (6th) 59.22 *PR*

110 Hurdles — Jakobi Baumann (4th) 19.86

300 Hurdles — Baumann (6th) 50.76

4 x 100 Relay — Lund-Olsen, Johnson, Sean Toomey-Stout, Conlisk (2nd) 45.30

Shot Put — Ryan Labrador (1st) 40-00; Keahi Sorrows (2nd) 38-01.50; Chris Battaglia (3rd) 38-00.50; Brian Casey (9th) 31-06 *PR*; Logan Martin (12th) 30-05; Elijah Okaruru (15th) 26-05.50 *PR*

Discus — Battaglia (2nd) 110-00; R. Labrador (4th) 101-09 *PR*; Sorrows (5th) 99-02; Martin (6th) 92-04 *PR*; Thane Peterson (8th) 86-04; Okaruru (13th) 77-07 *PR*; Casey (14th) 77-02 *PR*

Javelin — Battaglia (1st) 127-06; S. Toomey-Stout (1st) 127-06; Baumann (12th) 76-09.50 *PR*; Okaruru (15th) 68-06 *PR*; Casey (17th) 64-09 *PR*

High Jump — Koa Davison (2nd) 5-06 *PR*

Pole Vault — Johnson (4th) 7-00 *PR*

Long Jump — S. Toomey-Stout (1st) 20-03.75 *PR*; Ruck (7th) 15-04 *PR*; Baumann (9th) 15-00 *PR*; Liem Solow (14th) 13-08.75 *PR*

Triple Jump — S. Toomey-Stout (1st) 38-07 *PR*; Baumann (3rd) 34-04.75


To see more photos from this meet, pop over to:


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Take a dive back into Coupeville track and field history, and see how many future stars you can ID along the way. (Photo courtesy Ian Somes)

The alumni are ready to do one more sprint drill.

Thanks to a photo found in an old album, the 1994-1995 Coupeville Middle School track and field squad lives again.

A big part of the fun of unearthing pics like this is trying to recognize the younger versions of athletes who went on to be stars.

After some back-and-forth on Facebook, we know Michael Meyer, Jess Roundy, Devyn Barron, April Ellsworth-Bagby, Kellen Ward, David Torres and others are present.

So, how many can you ID?

With Meyer (second from left, bottom row) rockin’ his middle school mane of curly hair, he was the first I knew for sure.

When this photo was taken, he, and the other members of the CHS Class of 2000, were in 7th grade.

Meanwhile, I was in my first year of working for his mom, Miriam, having started my 12-year run at Videoville in Oct., 1994.

So that means … checks my notes … I’m old.

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Claire Mayne and her fellow CMS track and field stars are set to kick off a new season next month. (Photo by JohnsPhotos.net)

On to the next sport!

Middle school girls basketball ended less than 24 hours ago, and already we’re looking ahead to the next season, as Coupeville’s 7th and 8th graders head outside in a few weeks.

CMS track and field kicks off practice Apr. 9, with the first meet set for five weeks from today.

The schedule, as it sits today:


Wed-Apr. 24 — @King’s (3:15)
Wed-May 1 — HOME vs. S. Whidbey, King’s (3:15)
Wed-May 8 — HOME vs. Sultan/Lakewood (3:15)
Thur-May 16 — @Sultan (3:30)
Wed-May 22 — @South Whidbey (3:15)
Tue-May 28 — @Lakewood (League Prelims) (3:15)
Thur-May 30 — @Lakewood (League Finals) (3:15)

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After putting in the work, Coupeville junior Mallory Kortuem currently has the second-fastest time in the 400 of any 1A girl. (Photo by JohnsPhotos.net)

If the track season ended after the first meet, Coupeville High School would have two new state champions.

Now, of course, this is mid-March and the big showdown in Cheney doesn’t happen until the end of May.

So, simmer down, David.

But, that being said, as of this moment, the Wolves have the top time among all 1A athletes in two different events.

Danny Conlisk (200) and Jean Lund-Olsen (100) currently sit in the top slot, while Mallory Kortuem (400) and Lindsey Roberts (100 Hurdles) sit in 2nd in their respective events.

Overall, CHS has 13 athletes (nine girls and four boys) currently residing in the 1A Top 10 in at least one event, with eight of those Wolves popping up in two different categories.

As I admitted above, it’s early, with a lot of schools across the state yet to taste competition for the first time.

But here, in the moment, Coupeville is kickin’ fanny and takin’ names, so let’s celebrate the early success.


1A Top Ten performances (through 12:09 PM, Mar. 17):



100 — Maya Toomey-Stout (4th) 13.78

200 — Lindsey Roberts (5th) 28.89; Ja’Kenya Hoskins (9th) 29.80

400 — Mallory Kortuem (2nd) 1:03.97

800 — Lucy Sandahl (7th) 2:56.64; Catherine Lhamon (8th) 2:57.13

1600 — Lhamon (6th) 6:09.32; Sandahl (9th) 6:15.88

100 Hurdles — Roberts (2nd) 16.37; Ja’Tarya Hoskins (7th) 18.41

Shot Put — Emma Smith (7th) 30-10

Javelin — Raven Vick (8th) 82-03

Pole Vault — Kortuem (7th) 6-06

Long Jump — M. Toomey-Stout (5th) 15-05; Ja’Kenya Hoskins (7th) 15-02



100 — Jean Lund-Olsen (1st) 11.55

200 — Danny Conlisk (1st) 23.78

400 — Conlisk (2nd) 51.28

Shot Put — Ryan Labrador (10th) 39-06

Javelin — Sean Toomey-Stout (6th) 140-09

Long Jump — S. Toomey Stout (3rd) 19-09.50

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