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Coupeville’s junior cheer squad takes the floor. (Corinn Parker photo)

The future claimed the present.

Halftime of the Coupeville High School varsity boys’ basketball game was dominated by the town’s junior cheerleaders, who showed up 30 girls strong Friday night.

After working with coaches Sylvia Arnold, Cavan Simonson, and Tiffany Hembree, the young squad delivered a “power cheer” performance honed by several weeks of practice.

High school cheerleader Lynn Cosner and Girls Scouts cookie super saleswoman Halle Black hang out. (Photo courtesy Spirit of Cheer Booster Club)

Some of the young athletes will continue with the sport, someday replacing the girls and boys who currently wear CHS cheer uniforms.

Others will move on to other pursuits.

But, for one night, they were here, and they were loud ‘n proud.

Avery Parker is fired up. (Corinn Parker photo)


The roster:

Jasmine Allen
Serenity Balder
Scarlet Barnes
Halle Black
Mavis Chevalier
Stella Day
Caitlin Del Russo
Maja Rain Govorcin
Callie Hagen
Leah Hernandez-Gomez
Ella Holm
Autumn Abigail Hunt
Sabrina Judnich
Claire Lachnit
Daisy Leedy-Bonifas
Sophia Magdolen
Kennedy O’Neil
Avery Parker
Crissy Pings-Dockery
Jordin Powell
Annaliese Powers
Emily Rains
Faith Rivers
Reina Rivers
Alyvia Schoene
Milly Somes
Diana Teran Herrera
Scarlette Verhulst
Lou Ella Zito

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Avery Parker, artist in residency at Coupeville Sports. (Photos courtesy Corinn Parker)

Her latest masterpiece.

Does your kid draw?

Maybe they paint, or take photos, or write stories, or craft poems, or do just about anything creative.

If so, this is the time to let the world see what they can do, and also give me stuff to publish during our current sports slowdown.

Doesn’t matter if they attend school in Coupeville, Oak Harbor, or on the South end of the Island.

It’s open to everyone on Whidbey.

Contact me on Facebook or email me at davidsvien@hotmail.com, and let’s get your offspring their moment in the spotlight.

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