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Coupeville High School senior Brian Casey joins the cast in the school’s first stage production in three years. (Photos courtesy Stefanie Ask)

They’re back.

The Coupeville High School Theater Troupe is performing for the first time in three years and will present the mystery play Trap May 5-7.

Written by Stephen Gregg, the production centers around an event where the audience at a high school play falls unconscious, with one exception.

Mixing “interviews with witnesses, loved ones, first responders, and the investigators pursuing the case” the story follows “an increasingly dangerous web as it becomes clear that this phenomenon might not be entirely in the past.”

The stage is set … for mystery.

Performances of the spring theater production go down in the high school’s Performing Arts Center, with each of the three nights kicking off at 7:30 PM.

Tickets are $10 for adults, $7 for students, and $5 for students with an ASB.


Production Crew:

Stefanie Ask – Director
Milo Socha – Assistant Director
Gabriella Becktell – Lighting Tech
MacKenzie Phillips – Tech Booth Support
Kira Jorgenson – Soundboard Tech
Brooke Crosby – Costumer



Cecilia Acevedo
Adrian Burrows
Katie Buskala
Brian Casey
Brooke Crosby
Lucy Crouch
Noelle Daigneault
Riverwind DeArmond
Hayley Fiedler
Elizabeth Lo
Katelin McCormick
Pamela Morrell
Abby Mulholland
M. Safford
Brenna Silveira
Birdie Sinclair
Milo Socha
Amanda Thomas


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Your donations can help fuel the theatrical work of Wolves like Jaschon Baumann (left) and Tiger Johnson. (Photo by JohnsPhotos.net)

The arts need your help.

The Coupeville High School Wolf Pac Theater Troupe is gearing up for a busy spring season, with production of a play and a trip to the Washington State Theater Festival.

But to get everything accomplished, Coupeville’s thespians could use a little financial help.

The troupe is running a fundraiser, with the goal of raising $3,000 to cover expenses.

The money would send CHS students to Ellensburg in March for the theater festival, while also covering construction and building costs for a production of Shakespeare in Hollywood.

“Our young actors and actresses, as well as technicians, have been working very hard to produce quality live theatre for our community,” said troupe director Stefanie Ask. “Any and all support is greatly appreciated.”

Written by Ken Ludwig, Shakespeare in Hollywood is set in 1934 and features two of the Bard’s most-famous characters, Oberon and Puck, who suddenly pop onto the set of a movie production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

Caught up in the magic of the silver screen, the duo soon find themselves playing the roles they were born to play – themselves.

Donations are tax deductible, and you will receive a receipt for your gift.

To find out more and donate, pop over to:


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The Coupeville High School drama troupe presents its fall showcase Oct. 25-27.

It’s time to get dramatic.

The Coupeville High School drama troupe hits the stage the next three nights to present their fall showcase, a mix of short scenes, monologues and a student-written piece.

Performances are Oct. 25-27 in the school’s PAC, with curtain lifting at 6:30 PM each night. Cost is $6 or free to those with ASB cards.

Act One kicks off with Touched By An Alien, an “out of this world, wacky adventure,” with a “Star Trek feel.”

Featured actors are Lily Zustiak, Knight ArndtEric Webster, Chandell Schoonover and Ricky Rebischke-Smith.

After that comes a monologue from William Shakespeare’s Henry V, performed by Helen SinclairSis Hopkins’ Audition: A Monologue, performed by Amanda Thomas, and DNA, a “serious monologue about falling asleep in class,” performed by Ricky Rebischke-Smith.

The first act closes with The Spy, a student-written piece by CHS seniors Tiger Johnson and Jaschon Baumann.

The plot is hush-hush, but the writers star alongside Jakobi Baumann.

When the curtain rises for act two, you’ll get No Cell Signal, a “relatable monologue about shoddy signal,” performed by Sinclair.

Then comes Arabian Nights, “a scene of a questionable interpreter, and far away destinations,” with Casey Rogers, Rose Dale, and Elaira Nicolle.

Stuck, “a sweet story of panic in an elevator and love,” comes to us from the duo of Tamika Nastali and Johnson, while Willie, the Angelic Child, a monologue performed by Marissa Williams, is told from the point of view of a “wacky stage-mom like mother, and her crazier child.”

Rounding out the evening is The Philadelphia, an “absurdist look at black holes, cheese steak, and Philadelphia,” with Sinclair and Arndt essaying the roles.

Keeping everything humming along will be stage manager extraordinaire Madison Rixe.

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   Charlotte Nölle (back) is part of the production crew for Coupeville High’s three-night run of The Curious Savage. (Photo by JohnsPhotos.net)

   The cast and crew bask in a quiet moment as the countdown to opening night begins. (Photos courtesy Stefanie Ask)

A pivotal scene plays out.

It’s time to get savage.

The Coupeville High School Wolf Pac Theater Troupe returns to the stage next weekend with three performances of The Curious Savage, a comedy about the battle over a ten million dollar inheritance.

Written by Tony and Pulitzer winner John Patrick, the play “contrasts the kindness and loyalty of psychiatric patients with the avarice and vanity of ‘respectable’ public figures.”

“It’s a truly delightful and hilarious show,” said CHS theater adviser/play director Stefanie Ask. “The students have been working incredibly hard on it, and you’re going to be very proud!”

The curtain goes up at 7 PM in the school’s PAC on three successive nights, Apr. 19-21.

Tickets are $6 for adults and students without an ASB, $4 for children and free for CHS students who can produce their ASB card.

The Curious Savage, one of many plays written by the prolific Patrick, debuted in New York in 1950, with legendary actress Lillian Gish in the role of Ethel P. Savage, an elderly woman who husband left her a financial windfall after his death.

This is Ask’s first go-around as CHS troupe adviser, as she succeeded longtime drama mother hen Peg Tennant, who retired last year.

While she’s no longer overseeing the day-to-day activity, Tennant continues to have an impact on the troupe she nurtured for many years.

“She’s been an incredible help to me on the technical side of things,” Ask said.

Like her predecessor, the current adviser is hopeful the public realizes how much their financial support is appreciated, and necessary.

From paying for performance rights, set construction and purchase of props to the troupe’s annual trip to the State Thespian Theater Festival, public support keeps the dream alive.

“Our entire program is funded through ticket sales and donations,” Ask said. “The more ticket sales and donations we can earn through delighting our community with a performance, the higher quality production we can put on in the future!

“The theater accepts and embraces everyone interested, and it makes for quite a funny little theater family,” she added. “It’s important to mention, too, that the theater students are responsible for every facet of a production. They work collaboratively on one of the most authentic group endeavors there is.”

Bringing The Curious Savage to Coupeville’s stage offers a nice throw-back for Ask, as it was the first play she directed a decade ago at her first teaching job in Stevenson.

“It’s a funny, sweet, endearing little story that carries an important message. If you’ve never heard of it, you’re in for a treat,” she said. “It’s a story full of eccentric characters and some wild goose-chases.

“However, beyond the initial humor, it has some deeply meaningful moments, too,” Ask said. “It’s appropriate for all ages and a great little show!”

At a small school, almost every one involved in a play is double or triple booked, balancing the stage with sports, Science Olympiad and community volunteer work.

Working on The Curious Savage and other productions has opened up new opportunities for all involved.

Tamika Nastali, a junior who plays the “spunky, electricity-hating, seascape-painting, hostile but harmless, Mrs. Paddy,” has been involved in theater since third grade.

“I had always wanted to be an actress, so when the opportunity to be one showed up, I took it,” Nastali said. “This play, and just theater in general, has taught me trust.

“Every time you walk out onto the stage, you have to trust your fellow actors,” she added. “If there’s no trust, then there can’t be a show.”

On or off the stage, the cast and crew bond in a way that is unique, Nastali said.

“The theater troupe is more than just a group of thespians. More then just a group of friends acting together. It’s a family.”

For freshman Lily Zustiak, the chance to play Titania, a “spoiled, rude and unkind” senator, is a dream come true.

“I’ve been involved in theater my whole life, since my mom’s side of the family are all very theatrical,” she said. “I started acting for the experience, and I still do because I love it so much, but also for the amazing camaraderie of the troupe once you become a part of it.

“It’s fun to portray a character with such strong emotions and sarcastic nature,” Zustiak added. “Personally, I love this play. You will fall in love with so many characters and build a slight hatred for a few others. It will keep you guessing and make you laugh.”

Working behind the scenes, senior Dylan Hummel joined the costume crew, which offers him a chance to “help create something and present it in your own way to make other people happy and understand life as it is.”

A former actor during his middle school days, he’s enjoyed the chance to get back into the theater world.

“I think it’s fantastic working with the cast and crew and reading the script,” Hummel said. “The energy, the emotion and atmosphere is quite amazing to me.”

A relative newcomer, freshman Knight Arndt, who plays Fairy May, an “eccentric, pathological liar,” has always wanted to be involved in theater and finally was able to clear some space on her hectic schedule.

“I’m excited to finally put on this play,” she said. “My character is very childlike and interesting. She is incredibly fun to play, as I get to do all sorts of interesting and strange things during the show.”

Arndt hopes theater-goers enjoy The Curious Savage, while also appreciating the layers Patrick put into his story.

“I think though this play is very comical and fun to watch, it is also very sweet and heartfelt,” she said. “Though many of the characters are strange, many of them are also sweet and caring.

“The play does a good job of making people laugh, whilst making the audience notice the large subtext of it,” Arndt added. “It’s a locally-made student production full of months of work and practice behind it.

“The students and actors who worked on it hope that everyone can come and laugh, smile, and cry.”

The cast:

Miss Willie – Mckenzie Meyer
Dr. Emmett – Ricky Rebischke-Smith
Florence – Marenna Rebischke-Smith
Hannibal – Eric Wertz
Fairy May – Knight Arndt
Jeffrey – Jaschon Baumann
Mrs. Paddy – Tamika Nastali
Mrs. Savage – Madison Rixe
Titania – Lily Zustiak
Samantha – Helen Sinclair
Lily Belle – Chandell Schoonover

Production crew:

Assistant Director – Thora Iverson
Publicity/Fundraising – Charlotte Nölle
Props/Stage Management – Elaira Nicolle, Seth Hedges
Costume Crew – Megan Behan, Marissa Williams, Dylan Hummel
Set Design and Construction – Jacob Smith, Eli Kastner, Catherine Lhamon, Autumn Cernick
Lights/Sound – Tiger Johnson, Jakobi Baumann, Payton Gravley

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   Coupeville High School’s drama troupe performs the next two weekends. (Photo courtesy Tamika Nastali)

The play’s the thing for Coupeville High school drama students.

Wolf actors and technical wizards are debuting a new season with a night of short scenes featuring solo monologues and work by duos.

The show runs from 6:30-8:30 PM in the school’s Performing Arts Center.

Show dates are Nov. 9, 11, 17 and 18.

Tickets are $6 for adults, $4 for students with ASB cards and free for senior citizens (62 and older).

Tiger Johnson, Marenna Rebischke-Smith and Jakobi Baumann will make things hum as techs, while Eli Kastner pulls double duty as stage hand/props manager.

Sharing the acting spotlight are Madison Rixe, Helen Sinclair, Mckenzie Meyer, Jaschon Baumann, Lily Zustiak, Nikolai Lyngra, Elaira Nicole, Ricky Rebischke-Smith, Tamika Nastali, Eric Wertz, Knight Arndt and Marenna Rebischke-Smith.

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