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Lillian and Amanda Stanwood

A nasty three-car accident Thursday has left a Coupeville family in need.

Amanda Stanwood, and her daughter Lillian, were hit in a head-on collision on Highway 20 in the vicinity of Dugualla Bay after another driver crossed the centerline.

Their car was pinned against the guardrail after the accident, and Amanda was one of three people involved transported to the hospital.

Seaside Spa and Salon owner Aaron Wiley, who is a family friend, posted this earlier today:


If you’re from Coupeville and a soccer family, chances are you know the Stanwood’s.

They personally mean a lot to me (Aaron) because they have been like family to my daughter and I since Emma was in diapers.

Their home has been her home away from home whenever she needed it, and our daughters will most certainly be lifelong friends. It’s just that kind of a bond.

Mandi & Lily were in that horrible wreck on North Whidbey this last Thursday. Hit head-on by an uninsured motorist who they think fell asleep at the wheel.

This family is the NICEST family I’ve ever met. They would give anyone the shirt off their backs and every last dime they had if someone was in need.

Mandi’s husband volunteers as a soccer coach and Mandi spends her time taking care of their household and helping all of her friends out when any of us are in a pinch with childcare.

They pour as much as they can into soccer for their daughter because it’s her outlet and is one of the things that has kept this sweet child sane through a terrible couple of years.

They travel off-Island multiple times a week for soccer camps and tournaments.

Now they are without a vehicle and not a lot of hope after this horrific car wreck that they miraculously walked away from … beaten up, cut up, bruised and shaken, but alive ❤️.

The paramedics were astounded they weren’t hurt any more than they were.

Please help them if you can. They need to purchase a car.

Thankfully they have been lent a vehicle to use temporarily from a friend until they can buy their own.

They need the stress taken off.

They may need help with medical bills because it’s unknown right now what their health insurance will cover.

Their car insurance was minimal and they don’t know what, if anything, it will cover to help them replace their car.

These are wonderful people and could really use some community support right now.


To help, pop over to:

Fundraiser by Melissa Talcott : Help the Stanwoods Recover from an Accident (gofundme.com)

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Lucy Sandahl heads for the finish line in 2019. (Photo by JohnsPhotos.net)

Race the Reserve is returning to being a live event.

With the pandemic receding, the annual fundraiser for Coupeville High School’s graduating class is set for Saturday, Oct. 9, with runners back on the prairie in person.

Last year, with many Covid restrictions in place, the event was held as a virtual competition.

This time around, the 10th edition of Race the Reserve will feature a 5K, a 10K, and a half marathon.

You can register up to the day of the event, but if you want to guarantee you’ll nab a t-shirt in your size, Sept. 25 is the cut-off.

Races begin and end at Coupeville Elementary, with runners traversing both Ebey’s Prairie and Crockett Prairie within Ebey’s Landing National Historical Reserve.

Along the way, weather permitting, you may see Mount Baker, Mount Rainier, ferries running between Coupeville and Port Townsend, and your fair share of (generally non-bitey) wildlife.

Proceeds from Race the Reserve go to fund a “safe and sober graduation night celebration for the Coupeville High School Class of 2022.”


For more info, and to register, pop over to:

Race the Reserve

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“We’re going to state!”

Buy a water, help local softball players.

The Central Whidbey Little League minors diamond dandies are off to the state tourney, but need help raising funds for the trip.

Players will be selling water at Oak Harbor’s 4th of July Parade, which starts Sunday at 11 AM along Bayshore Drive.

Donations will also be accepted, and all money goes towards the player’s food and hotel stay in Auburn.

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Loto Tupu is a key part of a hot-hitting Whidbey Island All-Stars juniors softball team. (Photo by JohnsPhotos.net)

A car wash this Saturday, July 3, will help fund big softball dreams.

The Whidbey Island All-Stars juniors diamond squad, which features a mix of Coupeville and Oak Harbor players, are the District 11 champs and state-bound.

But the big dance is way down at the bottom of the state in Vancouver, so the Inferno are scrambling to raise money for the trip.

The car wash will be at the Veterans of Foreign Wars Post #7392 in Oak Harbor (3037 Goldie Road) and runs from 10-2.

Or, if you can’t make it there in person, you can help the Inferno players online by popping over to:

Fundraiser by Christi Messner : Whidbey Island LL Juniors go to State (gofundme.com)

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Jada Heaton (front), Mia Farris (getting a ride), and ever-enthusiastic fan/unofficial assistant coach Bella Whalen celebrate a district title. (Jennifer Heaton photo)

Savina Wells rearranges the atoms of a softball (Photo by JohnsPhotos.net)

On to state!

Help ’em get to Vancouver.

The Whidbey Island All-Stars juniors softball squad — a mix of Coupeville and Oak Harbor players — is off to the state tourney in early July, carrying the banner of District 11 champs.

The Inferno need your help, however.

It’s 210 miles from Whidbey to Vancouver, which sits at the bottom of Washington state, meaning players and parents will need to stay on-site for up to a week, instead of making trips back-and-forth.

But you (yes, you!) can help the Inferno with gas, food, and lodging.

If you do, than in the coming years when the players go on to be high school softball stars, before possibly playing in college and beyond, you can sit back and say, “I helped make that possible.”

So, you’d have that going for you, which is nice.


To see more, and possibly donate to the future (and present) of Whidbey softball, pop over to:

Fundraiser by Christi Messner : Whidbey Island LL Juniors go to State (gofundme.com)

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