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Do it, for the kids.

It’s a win-win.

Take part in the “Dine Out 4 Kids” program and you get tasty treats while Coupeville children reap a financial reward.

The program, which bounces around and is supported by numerous local eateries, touches down at the Front Street Grill this coming Monday, Jan. 14.

A portion of sales generated that day will be donated to the Community Foundation for Coupeville Public Schools.

That organization, which has been going strong since 1997, provides “an extra measure of support” to teachers and students, providing scholarships and grants.

One of those grants can be seen at work in this vintage video featuring a number of young students who went on to be top Wolf athletes and students in later years:


For more info on the Foundation, pop over to:



Disclaimer: I’m a big promoter of the Foundation and its work, which is why I’m running this article.

Front Street Grill does not advertise with me … but probably should. Just sayin’.

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Scott Stuurmans banks home a bucket during the 2015 Tom Roehl Roundball Classic. (Photo by JohnsPhotos.net)

For the first time in years, there won’t be an alumni basketball tourney in Coupeville.

The Tom Roehl Roundball Classic, which grew from an all-Wolf event to a major hoops showdown pitting local teams against off-Island foes, has been called off a month before tip-off.

The 2018 tourney was originally set for Dec. 22.

Tournament organizer Noah Roehl released a statement Monday afternoon:

We are canceling the 2018 Tom Roehl Hoops tournament.

We may re-visit hosting at a later date in the spring and will re-evaluate for future years.

We are sorry to do this, but feel it’s in the best interest of folks involved in organizing the tournament and time commitments of all of us over the holidays.

The tournament is named in honor of Noah’s father, who was a highly-influential local coach for decades.

Tom Roehl was an assistant football coach for many years on Ron Bagby’s staff at Coupeville High School, while also running a very-successful youth basketball program.

After his death in 2003, the Roehl family launched football and basketball alumni games, which have generated considerable money for scholarships which are presented to local students annually.

While the football game was retired, the basketball tourney grew in popularity, as alumni teams like Red Pride and the Coupeville Cows vied with teams from Oak Harbor, South Whidbey, Seattle and beyond.

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“Dang it, the ‘stache stays, Sherry! In the words of ’70s rock gods ELO … It’s a livin’ thing; It’s a terrible thing to lose; It’s a given thing; What a terrible thing to lose.” (Photos by Ema Smith)

“Was I not clear on this, sir? I’m just sayin’, you give my friend here a free 7-Up and maybe you get to keep using all your fingers. Maybe.”

When she uses that strawberry shampoo.

There’s another side to the Coupeville Booster Club’s annual Crab Feed.

Sure, the event is the biggest fundraiser of the year, and sure, all that money helps drive Wolf athletics for another year.

Community members get to mingle, and all is good and well.

Unless you’re a crab!

Than it’s The Night of a Thousand Butter Pats, an urban legend crab moms pass down to scare their unruly children at bed time.

At least I’d like to think so.

One second you’re the first crab in your whole family to go to college. The next you’re headed to the big hot tub in the sky. Life comes at you fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in awhile, you could miss it.

That moment when you realize the crabs didn’t volunteer.

“Get in the pot, crabs! The Strawberry Slammer has spoken!!”

“Hey there, little crab buddies, I’ll sneak you out of this joint. You can hide in my pot of butter. Of course I brought my own butter pot … does it look like this is my first time at the rodeo, skippy?”

“Pinch, pinch, lil’ crabbies. You all float down here.”

“Goodnight, sweet crab princes, and flights of angels sing thee to thy butter-encrusted rest.”

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A golf tournament in honor of Bennett Boyles raised $8,000 to benefit cancer patients. (Pat Kelley photo)

Charity brought out the duffers.

The 3rd annual Bennett Boyles Memorial Golf Tournament drew a field of 80+ players, while raising $8,000 for The WhidbeyHealth Foundation.

Played at the Whidbey Golf Club, the event, run by the Penn Cove Brewing Company, honored Boyles, a Coupeville Middle School student who passed away in 2017 after an intensive battle with cancer.

The tourney was held in late September, marking what would have been the young basketball star’s 14th birthday.

Money raised goes to support local cancer patients and their families.

With 13 teams vying for the trophy, “He’s With Us,” a foursome comprised of Traci Winn, Laurie Leonetti, Maryanne Kirkland and Marty Winn claimed top honors.

The event was created, and is run, by brothers Marc and Mitch Aparicio, with Lucienne Rivera, Heather Zustiak, Helen Taylor, Shelly Russell, Tami Aparicio and Walton Beverage helping keep things moving forward.

Sponsorship came from:

Anderson Construction
Blue Mountain Electric
Cascade Lumber
China City
C. Johnson Construction
Concrete Honors & Miles
Frontier Industries
Front Street Grill
Harada Physical Therapy
Humphrey Signs
Lamport Rental
Land Title
Lango Co. Northwest
Oak Harbor Motors
Pacific Indoor Tactical
Penn Cove Brewing Company
P & L General Contractors
PNW Carpenters Union
Savi Bank
Tara Properties
VooDoo Detailing LLC
Wallin Funeral Home
Whidbey Island Bank
Whidbey Telecom

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Breeanna Messner, back in her prairie days. (Shelli Trumbull photo)

It’s a 2-for-1 deal.

Kick in some moola to support a great cause and you can help out a prairie legend and greatly benefit homeless women in California.

Coupeville High School grad Breeanna Messner, a four-sport (volleyball, cheer, basketball, softball) star in her Wolf days, is currently living in San Diego as she prepares to apply to medical school.

In between her college days, and her next college days, Messner, one of the most talented, kindest people on the face of planet Earth, is busy working to help others.

She’s currently working on a project to create and distribute free, reusable feminine hygiene products to homeless women in the San Diego area.

The plan is to produce 150 pads, giving three apiece to 50 women.

Messner, who is doing the work herself, has launched a GoFundMe to raise the money needed to buy flannel material, towels, snap buttons, thread, Ziploc bags, and sewing necessities.

She’s raised just over half of her $1,000 goal and we, her many die-hard fans in Wolf Nation, can help her get over the top.

To read Messner’s full proposal, and/or donate, pop over to:


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