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   Ebey Academy, including owner Konni Smith (left), had a big presence at the Bennett Boyles Memorial Golf Tournament. (Photos courtesy Mitch Aparicio)

CK Electric is ready to turn on the power.

Casey Audette shows off some raffle bounty.

Mitch Aparicio (right) and Penn Cove Brewing Co. staged the event.

   He’s paying his way to college by collecting and reselling golf balls. At least that’s the rumor.

The Roberts boys, up to possible shenanigans.

Jack Nicklaus reborn.

CHS baseball star Joey Lippo (far right), learning the game from the old pros.

Every swing was a winner.

Whether they were setting up for an eagle or spending time chasing their ball through the brush, local golfers came together this past weekend to raise $2,800 for the WhidbeyHealth Foundation.

The Bennett Boyles Memorial Golf Tournament, put on by Mitch and Marc Aparicio, owners of the Penn Cove Brewing Company, honors the memory of a late Coupeville Middle School athlete who fought courageously against brain tumors.

The tourney drew 12 four-player teams and numerous local sponsors, and the Aparicios plan to continue expanding the event each year.

They’d like to emulate a similar golf fundraiser on the South end of Whidbey Island, which went from $4,000 raised in 2013 to $33,000 raised in its most recent incarnation.

Audette Construction nipped defending champs Papa Bear & the Kids to win the team scoring title. Both teams finished at nine under par, but Audette prevailed on a tiebreaker.

The field from this year’s tourney:

Papa Bear & the Kids:

Chris Marti
AJ Davis
Christian Lyness
Curtis Ashbey

Penn Cove Brewing Company:

Mitch Aparicio
Cecil Stuurmans
George Wolfe
Mike Cann

Mulligan Flats and Joey:

Doug Coutts
Steve Dehaven
Rick Cannon
Joey Lippo

The Bogey Men:

John Fish
Angelo McCoy
Sean Anter
Scott Smith

Cascade Custom Homes:

Jay Roberts
Jon Roberts
Dom Kiblinger
Kevin Kiblinger

Island Eye Care/The Crow’s Roost/Coupeville Water Festival:

Scott Mathews
Rob Matern
Jon Vermillon
Ricardo Reyes

CK Electric:

Patrick Andrews
Dylan Lee
Kyle Andrews
Zac Forland

Audette Construction:

Casey Audette
Matt Sherman
Todd Melnick
Eric Gentry

Ebey Academy:

Konni Smith
Sandra Hall
Maria Reyes
Heather Zustiak

Walton Beverage:

Scott Swanson
Matt Stridby
Blane Hazzel
Brad Mueller

BnC Electric:

Michael Gillespie
Jerry Cooper
Mark Saia
Jerry Saia

The Larry Birdies:

Brad Sherman
Jason Fisher
Chris Smith
Willie Smith

The tourney had 10 sponsors, while also picking up contributions to a raffle from numerous businesses.


Audette Construction
Cascade Custom Homes and Design
CK Electric
The Crow’s Roost
Island Eye Care
Marti’s Construction
Moch Construction and Excavating
Windermere Real Estate

Raffle donations:

Anacortes Brewery
Branch Business Services
Christopher’s On Whidbey
CK Electric
The Cove Cafe
The Crow’s Roost
Farmstrong Brewery
Frontier Building Supply
Front Street Grill
Harbor Gift N’ Kayak Rental
Island Eye Care
Island Life Photography
Kapaw’s Iskreme
Mussel Flats
Niksai Brewing
The Oystercatcher
Penn Cove Brewing Co.
The Penn Cove Tap Room
Penn Cove Water Festival
Walton Beverage
Whidbey Art Party

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   Brandon (left) and Lincoln Kelley use Saturday’s Race the Reserve to nab some father/son time. (Shawna Kelley photo)

   Coupeville High School’s rock was freshly-painted for the event. (Kim Bepler photo)

   Aimee Bishop and daughter Breeanna Messner hit the trail. (Photo courtesy Bishop)

   Bob and Abbie Martin hang out in the parking lot after running. (Photo courtesy the Martins)

The hometown runners held their own.

Coupeville representatives captured two of the main four events at Saturday’s Race the Reserve, with James Steller winning the marathon and Riley Borden claiming the 10K title.

Steller surged across the line in 3:19:00.39, while Borden rambled in at the 49:54.45 mark.

Andrew Harnish of Seattle won the half marathon (1:31:16.28), while Carter Eldridge of Enumclaw (17:54.22) zipped through the 5K the fastest of anyone.

The annual event, which raises money for the incoming senior class at Coupeville High School, was a booming success, drawing in 348 runners who enjoyed the opportunity to race across the prairie.

Here’s where we get territorial and list the finishers who claimed Cow Town on their registration form.

If you hail from Mill Creek or Tucson, AZ or Clarks Summit, PA, thanks for coming, but this is called Coupeville Sports, not the Roseburg Runners Gazette.

And PS, these results are as close as I can get based on what Tortoise and Hare Timing Company has posted online Sunday morning.

There seems to be some runners missing, starting with the fact three of Coupeville’s finest, seen above boasting numbers and medals, aren’t anywhere to be found in the results.

UPDATE: 10K results updated at 3:30 PM.


Henry Wynn (3rd) 19:59.19
Aidan Wilson (11th) 26:09.75
Cael Wilson (12th) 27:03.93
Claire Wilson (13th) 28:24.68
Gabe Shaw (15th) 28:43.40
Jim Shank (17th) 29:06.68
Marianne Thawley (18th) 29:18.68
Caleb Meyer (20th) 30:24.06
Rosmond Shaw (22nd) 31:26.25
Mason Scoggin (26th) 32:20.85
Sandi Farris (33rd) 35:20.41
Cody Staker (35th) 36:11.55
Eileen Stone (47th) 44:15.86
Sallie Shank (52nd) 47:03.00
Emily Staker (61st) 55:55.01


Riley Borden (1st) 49:54.45
Bob Martin (5th) 53:54.66
Helen Lhamon (6th) 54:37.63
Jennifer Kellner (16th) 1:00:39.04
Christy Marx (18th) 1:02:29.19
George Thawley (29th) 1:07:34.45
Dan Schurr (35th) 1:12:32.83
Catherine Roach (42nd) 1:14:24.94
Andrew Ziehl (43rd) 1:14:24.95
Lincoln Kelley (45th) 1:15:22.40
Brandon Kelley (46th) 1:15:22.93
Kelly McCulloch (52nd) 1:21:19.61
Reed Swanson (53rd) 1:21:50.38
Vickie McDaniel (60th) 1:36:42.11
Abbie Martin (61st) 1:38:49.98
Tammy Smith (62nd) 1:39:08.03
Irene Echenique (63rd) 1:39:08.83
Ciara Smith (64th) 1:39:10.35
Everett Winsberg (68th) 1:46:39.86
Sheryl Sato (69th) 1:46:41.87
Sheila O’Rourke (70th) 1:46:41.87

Half Marathon:

Elizabeth Bitting (20th) 1:55:26.16
Christina Jump (24th) 1:58:07.93


James Steller (1st) 3:19:00.39
Daniel Verble (23rd) 4:38:40.31

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Wolf legend Kyra Ilyankoff.

One of Coupeville’s best needs a helping hand.

Former Wolf great Kyra Ilyankoff, who still holds CHS records in track and volleyball, has started a fundraiser as she tries to launch the next act of her life.

A bold, brilliant, talented (and extremely nice) young woman who has prospered at everything she does, I have absolute faith in her.

If you can offer a helping hand, either financially or by passing on her story, maybe think about doing so.

It can be your good deed for the day.

To read about Kyra’s plight and help her, pop over and enjoy one of the more creative GoFundMe projects I’ve seen:


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   Won’t someone think of the children?!? Your donation today can keep me from returning to the work of my younger days.

We’re about to hit a major milestone.

Next Saturday, Aug. 12, marks the five-year anniversary of Coupeville Sports and, together, we’ve accomplished quite a bit.

The local newspapers have a job to do, and they do it well. In particular, Jim Waller at the News-Times is my Mr. Miyagi, and I have great respect for his work.

But, what we’ve concocted over here on the fringes of journalism, me the writer and you the reader, is its own thing.

No one else is as fanatical about Cow Town, or as prone to writing about it at 2 AM.

Through 5,417 articles, a book (get your copy today!) and side projects like creating the CHS Wall of Fame or working on football and (coming soon) basketball record boards, we’ve sparked a revolution.

And Coupeville Sports isn’t fading away anytime soon.

I hit a rough patch a few months back, and thought about walking away, but cleared my head and realized other things in my life needed to change, not my writing.

So, as we head towards another school year — fall sports practice begins Aug. 16, with the first game Sept. 1 — I am newly re-energized and ready to drive Athletic Director Willie Smith bonkers with 10,001 emails a day.

Through these five years, the thing which has driven me forward, which continues to lift me up, has been your support.

Whether financial or a pat on the back (or, sometimes, just a good kick in the rear…), knowing you’re reading, you care and you’re appreciative, is huge.

Since leaving Christopher’s on Whidbey two summers back, I have scraped out a living solely as a writer.

While I’m not getting that indoor/outdoor swimming pool with a waterfall in the middle anytime soon, I haven’t missed my rent (my landlord thanks you) and my middle-aged fingers don’t miss the dish pits.

As I fire back up for a new school year, this is a perfect opportunity to be the wind beneath my wings.

If you’ve ever thought about supporting Coupeville Sports, my writing and researching, now is a perfect time.

Buy an ad ($100 for the life of the blog), purchase a copy of Bow Down to Cow Town or flip a few bucks my way.

There’s a large Donate button on the top right of the blog or you can mail something to 165 N. Sherman, Coupeville, WA 98239 or stuff dollar bills in my pockets in person.

I’ve never charged to read Coupeville Sports, and never will. If you want to read it for free, so be it.

But, if you want to be one of David’s Best Ever Friends, even better.

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James Steller

James Steller is running for the kids.

He plans to circumnavigate Whidbey Island by foot — that’s 160 miles of running — over Labor Day weekend, while raising funds for the Community Foundation for Coupeville Public Schools.

Steller, a distance runner who has competed in everything from a 5K to a 120-mile stage race, is attempting to go where no one else may have gone before.

After checking with local historians and scouring the internet, Steller believes he will be the first to attempt the feat on foot.

The run, set for Sept. 1-3, is being organized as a fundraiser for the foundation, which supports school children in need, gives grants to teachers and awards scholarships to graduating seniors.

Steller will launch his run from Mickey Clark Field at Coupeville Elementary School, and the plan is to run to Langley on day one.

Day two will send him back to Coupeville, with day three (after a “power breakfast of cinnamon rolls from the Knead and Feed”) featuring a run North to Deception Pass Bridge, then back again.

He’ll be following perimeter streets, trails and beaches, and plans to update his progress on the Foundation’s Facebook page as he runs.

“Well, at least when there is cell service,” Steller said with a laugh.

While a regular 26.2 mile marathon is enough to scare off most people, averaging 50+ miles a day for three straight days is a monumental challenge.

“I am not sure if I can do it, but that is what inspires me to start,” Steller said. “I think this will be great for our community, the schools and the foundation and a great way to kick off the new school year!”

After moving to Whidbey Island in 2001, Steller, whose son Grant currently attends Coupeville Middle School, picked up the running bug.

He ran his first marathon in 2004 and has gone on to compete in more than 70 events, tallying 1,300 miles of competitive racing. Not to mention the thousands more run on his own time.

Over the years, Steller has competed in prestigious events like the Boston Marathon, while also taking on the challenge of unusual events such as a marathon where racers ran up the Matterhorn.

He joined the Community Foundation for Coupeville Public Schools after seeing the impact the organization had, then concocted his own way of giving back to the community.

“It was seeing the care and excellence of the teachers in the district that inspired me to get involved, join the Foundation board, and concoct this crazy attempt,” Steller said. “They have made a true difference in our community – and this seems like a great way to support them.”

The goal is to raise at least $5,000 for the Foundation, with he and his family agreeing to match any donations up to $2,500.

Donate $100 and you’ll be entered into a random raffle for a two-night stay at Steller’s guesthouse, which overlooks the water and the Olympics.

For more about Steller, his run, and how to donate, pop over to:


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