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Cassidy Kendall

A fundraiser is underway to help an Oak Harbor woman badly injured in a car/pedestrian accident New Year’s Eve.

Cassidy Kendall, 23, was struck by a car while crossing the street in Oregon December 31, and suffered life-threatening injuries.

She broke her ribs, femur, pelvis, and spine, and was put in a medically-induced coma.

In an update Wednesday, her sister, Bailey Pace, detailed what Kendall has faced in the first week of 2021.

The young woman has had multiple surgeries, with a rod inserted to brace her femur, which was broken at the hip joint.

Kendall also had screws, rods, and pins inserted into her neck during spinal surgery, which will limit her mobility in her neck.

After a third surgery to piece her pelvis back together, with plates, screws, and bolts inserted, she is on a ventilation machine.

One huge positive is Kendall is out of the coma, and is able to understand and respond to commands to do things such as wiggle her toes and squeeze hands.

It’s expected she will be in a wheelchair for a minimum of three months, and will need therapy to recover the ability to swallow and walk.

Her sister has started a GoFundMe to aid Kendall and her husband, Oak Wendler, during this time.

“Thank you for all your prayers, love, and help through all of this. We are so grateful for all your support,” Pace said. “Cassidy truly has touched the lives of so many!”


To help the family, pop over to:

Fundraiser for Oak Wendler by Bailey Pace : Help Cassidy with medical bills (gofundme.com)

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Nevin (left) and Taylor Daniels.

A two-vehicle T-bone crash Monday right outside of Freeland claimed the life of a member of the South Whidbey High School Class of 2021.

Taylor Daniels, who played for the Falcon soccer team, was airlifted to Harborview, where he passed away.

Older brother Nevin Daniels was transported to Providence, where he is recovering. A pregnant passenger was taken to Whidbey Health for a precautionary evaluation.

The accident happened at the intersection of Highway 525 and Bush Point Road just after 5 PM.

Friends of the Daniels family have set up a GoFundMe to aid them.

“We know we can’t take this unimaginable pain away, but we can help take some of the financial burden away,” wrote organizer Holly Sharp-Hezel.

“This is a time when family and friends make the difference. Let’s come together and show these wonderful people how much we love them, how much we care and support them.

“Funeral costs should not be on their mind right now, especially when they have another son to take care of during his recovery.”



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If you know the driver of this car, contact local law enforcement. (Photo courtesy Johnathan Walker)

Local authorities are interested in talking to the person responsible for a nasty hit and run accident.

The driver of the black car seen in the photo was allegedly speeding on West Beach Road Monday around 6 PM, then blew through a stop sign at Libby Road, colliding with another car.

The driver and a passenger then fled the scene on foot.

The car they hit suffered extensive damage, and both occupants were injured.

One suffered a fractured vertebrae and chest contusions, while the other has chest contusions and burns on her arms from the car’s airbags deploying.

If you have information on the owner of the car, please contact the Island County Sheriff’s Department (360-679-7310) or the Oak Harbor Police Department (360-279-4600).

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Bowed, but unbroken, "Woody," the telephone pole at the corner of Sherman and Madrona, leans strong. (David Svien photos)

Bowed, but unbroken, “Woody,” the telephone pole at the corner of Sherman and Madrona, leans strong. (David Svien photos)

"Oh me? I'm fine. I'm ... ow, ow, ow, ow, owie ow ow..."

“Oh me? I’m fine. I’m … ow, ow, ow, ow, owie ow ow…”

Welcome to ... Jurassic Park. Watch out for the rampaging carasaurs.

Welcome to … Jurassic Park. Watch out for the rampaging carasaurs.

They tried to kill my telephone pole.

But he (or she) doesn’t go down that easy.

For everyone who is asking, the telephone pole that sits (uneasily now) at the corner of the property at which Coupeville Sports headquarters resides (where N. Sherman drops down and and meets Madrona), was assaulted Saturday.

A truck plowed into Woody, then bounced off and ended up deep in the underbrush on the side of Sherman before coming to a stop having (narrowly) missed a second telephone pole on that side of the road.

After 247 police, fire and ambulance crews arrived on the scene — and yes, if I had been on top of things, I would have been there to shoot that part of the event… — the driver was OK and the truck was later removed.

Frontier came out later in the day and assessed the pole, but have yet to do anything about it. While it’s leaning pretty good, all the lines stayed connected.

So now you now. Telephone poles, we grow ’em hardy out here on the prairie.

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Julia Myers (John Fisken photo)

Julia Myers (John Fisken photo)

Not even renegade cars can stop Julia Myers.

Bouncing back after being in a car accident in front of the CHS gym Saturday right before the Wolf girls’ soccer squad was set to get on the bus for its trip to Silverdale to play Klahowya, the senior goaltender tracked down her team and caught them right before they boarded the ferry.

Then she went out and made 18 saves against a highly-ranked team that features three Division 1-bound players.

Julia came running out of nowhere to jump on the bus with us,” said CHS coach Troy Cowan. “I didn’t think she would be able to make it due to the accident; she was physically not hurt, but was visibly shook up when we left.

“Thankfully, her parents were there to help and make sure everything went OK,” he added. “She is an amazing young woman with a non-stop motor and unquenchable desire to compete.”

Even with Myers heroics, however, the Wolves were unable to tame Klahowya, which competed in the 2A state tourney the past five years before the school (barely) dropped down to 1A after the most recent count of students.

The Eagles improved to 10-1 overall, 2-0 in Olympic League play with a 5-0 win.

Even with the loss, Coupeville remains in second-place in the four-team league at 1-1.

Now 4-4-1 overall, the Wolves get a chance to bounce back when they host Port Townsend (1-9, 0-2) Tuesday.

Facing off with Klahowya, which boasts a high-powered offense led by twin terrors McKenzie Cook and Izzy Severns, CHS was a bit compromised.

Myers was shook up and Coupeville was missing its top two defenders, with Jenn Spark (knee) and Jacki Ginnings (concussion) sidelined.

With Marisa Etzell and Kirsten Pelroy also absent, the Wolves only suited 14.

But those who where there didn’t go down easily.

“The team we played today was good. They have strong players at every position,” Cowan said. “Although the score board reflected a one-sided affair, I can tell you that Klahowya earned every one of those goals and earned every inch of ground.

“I couldn’t have been prouder of the girls,” he added. “Going into hostile territory, unmanned and out-gunned and they refused to lay down and quit.”

Cowan praised Christine Fields, Ivy Luvera, Mckenzie Meyer and Mia Littlejohn, calling their performances “their best defensive game of our season.”

Ivy Luvera was a brick wall today, just refusing to allow anything down the middle,” Cowan said. “Mia playing the other half of our back line just added to Klahowya’s struggles scoring down the middle.

Mia is one of the smartest players I’ve ever coached,” he added. “She knows when to attack, when to drop and just has wonderful instincts.”

What ultimately derailed Coupeville’s chances was Klahowya’s ability to fire away from long distance, and to do so with uncanny precision.

“They just had some serious thumpers,” Cowan said. “They could shoot from distance and that is what they did.”

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