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Sarah and Joshua Leavell

A Wolf Mom is in need.

Sarah Leavell, whose daughters Anya and Kaitlyn are scholar/athletes at Coupeville High School, has been diagnosed with breast cancer at age 38 and faces an uphill battle.

While the cancer was detected early, she may require multiple rounds of chemotherapy, as well as surgery.

Along with always being in the stands for her daughter’s games, Sarah has worked for a decade at The Seaside Spa & Salon.

Her boss, Aaron Wiley, has launched a GoFundMe to allow the community to reach out and help the Leavell family, which also includes husband Joshua (and his truly remarkable beard).

“While Sarah’s team of doctors are optimistic, there is no doubt that she is facing the fight of her life,” Wiley said.

“Now, if you know Sarah, you know she has a quiet strength and determination that does not quit until the job is done.

“She lives her life like that and will be treating this cancer journey the same way. She’s not going to quit.”

The GoFundMe will help cover medical bills, gas to get back and forth to doctor appointments, and Sarah’s loss of income.

“Please help lift her spirits,” Wiley said. “Relieve some of the stress, so she can focus on what she needs to … beating cancer!”


To help the Leavell family, pop over to:


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A popular teacher at Coupeville Elementary School has been diagnosed with leukemia, and her friends and co-workers are rallying around her.

Jackie Gelston teaches third grade at CES and was formerly employed in the South Whidbey School District.

She and husband Chris have two daughters — one in college and one attending middle school — and the family has been a vital part of the local 4H community.

As she begins her fight against cancer, Gelston is expected to be in the hospital for an extended period of time.

She will not be able to finish the 2021-2022 school year, and is not expected back in time to start the 2022-2023 campaign.

Fellow Coupeville teachers Corinn Parker and Christi Messner are spearheading campaigns to help their colleague and her family.

Parker launched a meal train, which had an overwhelming response, while Messner has posted a GoFundMe to allow people to help the Gelston family with medical costs.

“We are a small group of friends trying to help a fellow friend,” Messner wrote.

“We want to raise funds so she does not have to worry about the day-to-day expenses of her family and medical bills as she fights.

“We want to relieve as much stress from Jackie as we can.”


For more info and to donate, pop over to:


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Charlie and Tammy Smith

One of the kindest of all Wolf moms could use some help from her massive fan club.

Tammy Smith, who brightened up Coupeville considerably during her time cheering for her daughters, is battling cancer for a second time.

After defeating breast cancer once before, the irrepressible one is back at it, squaring off with a triple negative breast cancer diagnosis.

Smith, who now lives in Arizona with husband Charlie — a pretty big ray of sunshine himself — faces a 24-week working relationship with chemo treatments.

“Mom is currently in good spirits and is as active as ever,” said daughter Ema.

“She’s hiking, and walking, and getting lots of rest, but we know that the road may get harder as treatments go by.

“It is very possible that mom will start to lose her hair at any point.”

With that in mind, Ema and older sister Ciara plan to donate their hair and have a Seattle company, Compassionate Creations, craft a wig for Tammy.

The sisters are hopeful the many communities positively affected by their mom will help support their effort.

They plan to stage a 5K in Coupeville, and have launched a GoFundMe, with the proceeds going directly to cover the cost of the personalized wig, and aid with medical bills.

“We want to express on behalf of our family how thankful we are for the love, prayers, and support we have already received from so many of you,” Ema Smith said.

“Once the wig is made and delivered you can expect a fashion show from Tam Tam herself!

“We hope you’ll join us in supporting our mom in whatever way you can right now, and know that we will be grateful for any and all support given.”


For more info and to donate, pop over to:


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Jodi and Jon Crimmins, two of my favorite people in the world.

Am I saying we should buy artwork for our favorite king of the wilderness?

Yes, that’s exactly what I’m saying.

Jon Crimmins is kind of a legend in this here area — one part Davy Crockett, one part Paul Bunyan, all parts awesome.

Wild animals bow in his presence, and the whole dang Washington state parks system would likely crumble without his hand to guide it.

Doubt me at your own peril.

I’m just saying, you fall off a mountain and get stuck in a crevasse somewhere, surrounded by bears and bobcats carrying napkins, plates, and forks, it’s Crimmins — hair flowing in the breeze like Fabio — who’s gonna drop out of the sky while doing chin-ups on the landing gear of a helicopter and save your behind.

And that’s a guaran-dang-tee!

Anyways … the best GoFundMe in recent memory has launched in a bid to get our park ranger legend some suitable artwork for his office.

It’s not just any paint by numbers mini masterpiece, but an epically etched portrait of an elk which is, and I quote wife Jodi here, the “size of his entire office wall.”

So, you could go buy yourself some ice cream tonight, or you could chip in and help unite man and beast, at least in terms of them sharing the same space.

Go, pop over to GoFundMe, take a gander at the painting, and tell me this is not destiny:



UPDATE: Success!!

Man and beast, united.

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Dena Royal, hanging out with daughter Adrianna.

A former Whidbey Island business owner who worked extensively with History Day participants is homeless after her boat sank Sunday at the Friday Harbor Marina.

Dena Royal was not on board the Macy when it went down, victim of a storm which featured 50+ MPH winds.

“We had the worst Nor’easter I’ve experienced in the past three winters,” she wrote on Facebook in the aftermath.

“A log or something must have broke through her hull during the storm.”

Royal’s boat, also her home, sank in a storm Sunday.

Royal, who owned and operated Whidbey Isle Yarns, Gifts and Teas — first in Oak Harbor, then in Coupeville — lived on the boat with her dog, Lilly.

Putting her in a worse situation, Progressive cancelled her comprehensive insurance in May because of the age of the boat.

The loss of her home hits hard for Royal.

“Macy wasn’t just a boat,” she wrote on Facebook. “She was my home, and I had poured my heart, soul, hard work, and $15k into upgrades over the past 2.5 years.

“Macy, you will be missed.”

Macy in better times.


Royal’s daughter, Adrianna, has started a GoFundMe to help her mom. For more info, or to donate, pop over to:


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