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Karyme Castro Sotelo was tabbed by the Lions Club as a Student of the Year. (Photo courtesy Maricela Sotelo)

It’s a mad swirl of awards and scholarships being handed out in the days leading up to graduation.

The busiest time of the school year creates a madhouse atmosphere for teachers, admins, and front office personnel as everyone tries to stick the landing.

Coupeville High School held its awards night this past Monday, and, while I wrote about the athletic honors that night — this is an athletics-based blog, after all — here’s some more of what was handed out.

Ryanne Knoblich, who was the school’s Female Athlete of the Year, also brought home the Senior Service Award.

To be considered, a Wolf needs to make the top 10 in a vote by their fellow students, then win a faculty vote.

Criteria for the award includes “good citizenship, exemplary sportsmanship, being helpful to others, unselfishness, (while being) eager to assist faculty, administration, and the betterment of the entire school.”

Fellow seniors Mercedes Kalwies-Anderson and Milo Socha earned the Legacy Award, handed to students who “leave a positive legacy, and are a role model.”

Meanwhile, the Coupeville Lions Club, which honors two Wolves each quarter during the school year, tapped Karyme Castro Sotelo and Josh Guay as their Students of the Year.

Castro Sotelo played tennis and was a cheerleader as a senior, while Guay capped a four-year run as a Wolf track and field athlete.

Plus, he let me use some of his photos here on Coupeville Sports, so, extra credit.

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Young gun David Somes bids farewell to his elders during one of many Senior Night events during the school year. (Chloe Marzocca photo)

Remember when Coupeville High School graduated about 35-40 students every year?

Pepperidge Farm does.

Well, tell that to my typing fingers, which are working a lot harder this time around, as 88(!!) Wolves are slated to receive diplomas Saturday afternoon.

That’s up from 54 a year ago, which seemed, at the time, like quite a few future Cow Town alumni.

This year’s epic event starts at 1:00 PM at Mickey Clark Field — right behind the elementary school on S. Main St. — and tickets are not required.

The bumper crop of CHS grads this year includes three students from Open Den and seven foreign exchange students.

Alphabetically, they are:


Cecilia Acevedo
William Allen
Aiden Anderson
Anna Annunziato
Reiley Araceley
Wynter Arndt
Connor Bachmann
Kelyn Bailey
Piotr Bieda
Alita Blouin
Adrian Burrows
Katie Buskala
Jessenia Camarena
Karyme Castro Sotelo
Emma Cermak
Monica Clark
Dominic Coffman
Jermiah Copeland
Lynn Cosner
Lucy Crouch
Gwen Crowder
Abram Dodge
Cameron Epp
Nathan Farnworth
Vivian Farris
Hayley Fiedler
Cameron Gates
Maddie Georges
Josh Guay
Gwen Gustafson
Mitchell Hall
Ty Hamilton
Alana Hayden
Scott Hilborn
Daylon Houston
Kira Jorgenson
Taygin Jump
Mercedes Kalwies-Anderson
Coen Killian
Ryanne Knoblich
Jaymes Lanske
Carolyn Lhamon
Joven Light
Benjamin Lindenstein
Allie Lucero
Maya Lucero
Jacob Mathusek
Claire Mayne
Gracie McFarlin
Cristina McGrath
Emma Morano
Jasmin Mostafavinassab
Alex Murdy
Anna Myles
Valentina Nadela
Melanie Navarro
Henry Ohme
Sara Omega
Kevin Partida-Flores
Mason Peabody
Sofia Peters
Jill Prince
Djina Radenovic
Abigail Ramirez
Marie Roberts
Jordyn Rogers
Eric Schmanski
Brenna Silveira
Hope Sinclair
Matthew Smith
Anthony Smolen
Milo Socha
Britnee Sorrows
Maylin Steele
Grant Steller
Helen Strelow
Brenn Sugatan
Lucy Tenore
Lavinia Tomba
Nathaniel Truex
Josh Upchurch
Tim Ursu
Jonathan Valenzuela
Alex Wasik
Thomas Wilkins
Kai Wong
Tate Wyman
Nezi Yaxpak-Keiper

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The rumor is, they’re pretty smart. (Photo courtesy Geoff Kappes)

Like cream, they rose to the top.

When Coupeville High School’s Class of 2023 graduates Saturday, six girls and four boys will comprise the inner circle.

Led by Valedictorians Helen Strelow and Abigail Ramirez, plus Salutatorian Carolyn Lhamon, those Wolves exit with the best cumulative GPA’s in a class of 88 grads.

The remainder of the top 10, in alphabetical order:

Alita Blouin
Nathan Farnworth
Mitchell Hall
Scott Hilborn
Cristina McGrath
Jill Prince
Brenn Sugatan

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It’s the big walk, before the final walk.

A day before they graduate, Coupeville High School Class of 2023 members will wind their way down S. Main St., traveling from the high school commons to the town’s elementary school.

The trek is set to go down at 9 AM Friday, June 9 and CHS Principal Geoff Kappes welcomes the idea of the community coming out in support of its graduates.

“We are thrilled to extend a heartfelt invitation to each and every one of you to join us,” he said.

“The Senior Walk promises to be a vibrant and joyous occasion, filled with pride and admiration for the remarkable Class of ’23.”

Soon-to-be grads will be rockin’ their caps and gowns, as many of them return to the school where it all started for them.

“At Coupeville Elementary, our extraordinary graduates will walk through the cherished halls where their educational journey began, symbolizing the growth and success they have achieved throughout the years,” Kappes said.

“This is a remarkable opportunity to share in the pride and joy radiating from each of them.”


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Just a fraction of the high achievers in the Coupeville Class of 2023.

It could be legendary.

Coupeville High School’s Class of 2023 is currently projecting 93 graduates for next spring, which would be double the average size of recent years.

Before they get to the moment when they walk across the stage at Micky Clark Field to accept their diplomas, Wolf seniors will be at the forefront of athletics and academics at the school this coming year.

In preparation for grad week festivities, Coupeville parents are hard at work raising money to celebrate their students’ accomplishments.

Race the Reserve goes down in August, concession sales will be open at volleyball, football, basketball, and track events during the 2022-2023 school year, and the class has launched a GoFundMe.

Money raised goes to fund a drug and alcohol-free graduation night celebration for the Class of 2023.


To donate to the cause (and get a warm, fuzzy glow in your chest), pop over to:


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