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Lynn Cosner earned Coupeville cheer’s Spirit Award. (Photos by JohnsPhotos.net)

Everyone was a winner.

Coupeville High School’s cheer squad put a cap on its fall season Friday night, handing out awards and letters to 21 athletes.

Karyme Castro and Lucy Crouch were honored for their work as co-captains, while the latter also earned the Wolf Award.

Other big winners included Lynn Cosner (Spirit Award), Sofia Bharati (Most Improved), and Makenna Jonker-Chambers (Coach’s Award).

Lucy Crouch joined Karyme Castro as team captains.


Varsity letter winners:

Sofia Bharati
Abbigail Bond
Alysia Burdge
Karyme Castro
Lynn Cosner
Lucy Crouch
Hayley Fielder
Miley Gerber
Makenna Jonker-Chambers
Ember Light
Carlota Marcos-Cabrillo
Gracie McFarlin
Emma Morano
Pamela Morrell
Valentina Nadela
Marz Safford
Isabella Schooley
Hayley Thomas
Riley White
Avery Williams-Buchanan


Participation certificate:

Melanie Hoesman-Foley


Other awards:

Sofia Bharati “Best Rally”

Abbigail Bond
“Courageous Climber”
“Despite not having been a flyer before, Abbigail showed great courage in practice and performance, always being willing and eager.”


Alysia Burdge “That’s Great! I Love It!”
“For her perseverance, great attitude, and spirit.”


Karyme Castro “Brave Back Spot”


Hayley Fielder “Cheer Sister”
“Her constant willingness to lead and mentor her fellow teammates, as well as support them, is immeasurable.”


Miley Gerber “Fierce Flyer”
“She has made incredible strides, overcoming obstacles, and always working hard with enthusiasm.”


Melanie Hoesman-Foley “Perserverance Award”


Ember Light “Firecracker Award”
“For being a powerhouse packed with energy and enthusiasm, and always being ready to break it down.”


Carlota Marcos-Cabrillo “Animadora Maravillosa” and “Superior Snacker”


Gracie McFarlin “Excellent Encourager”


Emma Morano “Cheerleader Internazionale”


Pamela Morrell “GOAT Award”
“For being one of the greatest cheerleaders we have had the pleasure of coaching. It has absolutely nothing to do with the fact she is a goat and chicken whisperer.”


Valentina Nadela “Terrific Top”


Marz Safford “Gino Award”
“For being like Gino — Goodhearted, Intuitive, Nice, and Optimistic!”


Isabella Schooley “Marcus Award”
“For being the Most Awesome Radiant Cheerleading Ultimate Slayer.”


Hayley Thomas “110% Award”


Riley White “Winnie Award”
“For her outstanding performance as the Winnie the Wolf mascot.”


Avery Williams-Buchanan — “Loud & Proud”

Hayley Thomas brings her full energy, every game.

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Avery Williams-Buchanan leads off a parade of CHS cheerleaders. (Photos by JohnsPhotos.net)

Bigger stadium, bigger cheers.

Coupeville High School’s support crew came out in full force Saturday as the Wolves hosted a state playoff football game at Oak Harbor’s Wildcat Memorial Stadium.

While the venue in O-Town is considerably larger than the one in Cow Town, Coupeville’s cheerleaders still made the rafters rock, staying loud ‘n proud from pregame warmups to final buzzer.

Hayley Fiedler

Gracie McFarlin

Ember Light

Alysia Burdge

Karyme Castro

Carlota Marcos-Cabrillo

Abbigail Bond

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Lynn Cosner leads off a celebration of Wolf senior cheerleaders. (Photos by JohnsPhotos.net)

They stayed loud ‘n proud through the rain, and any possible tears.

Seven senior Coupeville High School cheerleaders were honored at halftime of Friday’s game with La Conner, acknowledged for being the heart of the Wolf program.

From veterans to newcomers, they all have been vital to bringing the energy and pride back to Mickey Clark Field.

Gracie McFarlin

Lucy Crouch

The magnificent seven.

Hayley Fiedler

Emma Morano (left) and Valentina Nadela

Karyme Castro Sotelo

Always on point.

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Hayley Fiedler leads off a set of CHS cheer pics. (Photos by JohnsPhotos.net)

The stage awaits them.

A brand-new Coupeville High School cheer squad makes its home debut Friday night, when the Wolves host South Whidbey in a football clash at Mickey Clark Field.

But, before the yells and the stunts, its photo day, as seen above and below.

Ready to bring the spirit.

Coaches Tara Crouch and Jennifer Morrell keep a watchful eye on things.

Karyme Castro

Foreign exchange students get a taste of American sports life.

Soon the bleachers will be full, and the cheerleaders will be hard at work.

Lucy Crouch

Onward to excellence.

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Hayley Fiedler (left) and Vivian Farris have added ice skating to their already-stacked resumes. (Susan Farris photos)

Their talent has no limits.

Coupeville High School students Vivian Farris and Hayley Fiedler have proven to be masters of multiple sports over the years, from volleyball to cheer to tennis — where they form a dangerous duo for the Wolves — and far beyond.

And now you can add ice skating to their resumes.

Looking for something to do during the pandemic shutdown, Farris heard the siren call of the rink.

Then the wait began.

“This was really a Covid dream for Vivian when she couldn’t do anything else, she wanted to ice skate,” said mom Susan. “And, of course, all the rinks were closed.

“We persisted until they opened.”

Vivian celebrates after her first competition.

Not wanting to go alone, Vivian invited Hayley to come along on her new adventure, and the duo began taking weekly lessons in early 2021.

That involves a two-and-a-half-hour roundtrip to Bellingham, but it’s been worth it.

“They both really love it,” said Susan Farris.

The duo are fast learners, and have participated in performances at Halloween, Christmas, and in the spring with the Bellingham Figure Skating Club.

Recently, Hayley and Vivian took to the stage for Ice Fest, a competition put on by a skating club out of Seattle.

After skating duets together, the Wolf supernovas now have their eyes set on passing skating tests and qualifying to perform solos.

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