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Jordyn Rogers notched a team-high 10 kills Tuesday night as the Coupeville C-Team spikers crushed visiting Granite Falls in straight sets. (Photo by JohnsPhotos.net)

They are a finely-tuned killing machine.

The Coupeville High School C-Team volleyball squad only had six players listed on its stat sheet Tuesday, cause they only needed six.

A spare player or two would have just gotten in the way, as Krimson Rector’s ace-happy assassins sliced visiting Granite Falls off at the knees and left the Tigers to bleed out in the side gym.

Rolling to a 25-11, 25-16, 25-9 win, the explosive Wolf freshmen soared to 7-1 in North Sound Conference play, 8-1 overall.

Next up is a trip to Shoreline Thursday, where the C-Team machine gets a rematch with King’s, the only team to (barely) slip away from its grasp.

After that, the young Wolves wrap their season Monday, Oct. 28 at Sultan.

Facing off with Granite, CHS piled up 19 kills and 23 service aces.

Jordyn Rogers was a beast at the net, piling up a team-high 10 kills, while Maya Lucero (3), Gwen Gustafson (2), Mercedes Kalwies-Anderson (2), Allie Lucero (1), and Vivian Farris (1) all chipped in to the effort.

The Lucero twins battled it out all evening for the lead in aces, with Allie narrowly eking out an 11-10 win.

Kalwies-Anderson added two aces, while Gustafson topped the Wolves with five digs.

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Vivian Farris was sensational Thursday, as she and the Wolf C-Team pulled off a truly stunning comeback win. (Brian Vick photos)

“We’re just here to take all the wins, baby!!”

Al Michaels called. He doesn’t believe it.

The announcer who gave the world “Do you believe in miracles?” ran out of words when confronted with what went down in South Whidbey’s #2 gym Thursday night.

Down a set and coming back to win? Sure.

Facing 12 consecutive match points and fighting them all off? Um…

Pulling together as a team and playing absolute flawless volleyball for five torrid minutes, the Coupeville High School C-Team volleyball squad shocked the crowd (and anyone reading this), while ripping out the collective hearts of their next door neighbors.

Reading the score, which came out 19-25, 25-16, 28-26 in favor of the Wolves doesn’t do it total justice.

And, as fate would have it, I wasn’t in the room for this one, as both the Coupeville JV and C-Team were playing at the same time, and I chose the main gym, where there was a pretty intense match-up of its own.

But the C-Team squad dodging death, destruction and what would have been its first loss to anyone other than the juggernaut known as King’s, was obviously the match of the night.

Possibly of the season.

“I can’t feel my face!”

“Is this real life?”

“Oh lord, where’s my pacemaker???”

“I’m just saying, there should be a 2-for-1 deal on hot dogs for all Wolf fans after that one…”

All pertinent comments coming out of the mouths of dazed, confused and deliriously happy Coupeville fans as they exited the side gym to rejoin their brethren in the big room.

The win lifts the Wolf spikers to 6-1 in league play, 7-1 overall, but is bigger, much bigger.

This is the kind of victory, the kind of jolt to the psyche of all involved, which can launch a thousand future celebrations.

Bouncing back from an early deficit, one of the few they have faced this season, Krimson Rector’s squad of furious fightin’ freshmen came roaring back multiple times.

A dominating performance in set two evened things up, but the Falcons seemed to have recovered, up 24-12 in the third frame, needing just a single, solitary point to get over the top.

It was a point which never came, as Wolf Vivian Farris, channeling the spirit of Lauren Rose, the calmest server in CHS volleyball history, went off on a tear at the line.

One point, two points, five points, the collar constricting around every Falcon’s neck, and the “we’ve got this” spirit growing in the soul of each Coupeville player.

All the way back to 24-24 the Wolves came, and then the two squads went at it in the middle of the ring, pounding shots to the ribs and refusing to fall.

Mercedes Kalwies-Anderson came up with big plays for CHS, and then the battlin’ Lucero twins, Allie and Maya, sealed the deal.

The final point was a wild one, with a return allegedly bouncing off a basketball backboard, before Coupeville put South Whidbey out of its misery.

At least for the moment.

Ten years from now, when a random Falcon player thinks back on this night, she may start screaming for no reason.

It’s possible. Very possible.

For the Wolves however, for Rector and her rampaging crew of win-happy big hitters, this will be one for the memory books.

The cold hard facts will show Ryanne Knoblich led the air attack, smacking seven kills, while Jordyn Rogers (3), Kalwies-Anderson (2), Farris (1), and Allie Lucero (1) all chipped in.

At the line, Gwen Gustafson popped a team-best four service aces, with Rogers, Farris, and Maya Lucero throwing down three apiece.

But, as is always the case with epic matches like this, it’s about more than just the stats.

It’s about Gustafson charging out of the side gym and bear-hugging a teammate as she told her the final score.

It’s about the Lucero twins, relating the tale of the final, frantic moments, words tumbling out, then dissolving into huge smiles as dad Aaron beamed like the sun over the Serengeti.

It’s about Rector, poppin’ gum and pumpin’ fists, as she rambled into the big gym to join fellow Wolf coaches Cory Whitmore and Chris Smith for the varsity contest.

It’s about the future of Coupeville volleyball. A future which seems to have few limitations.

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Vivian Farris crunched four kills Tuesday as the Coupeville C-Team volleyball spikers rolled to their sixth win in seven matches. (Photo by JohnsPhotos.net)

Unleash the wrecking crew.

Each time Coupeville High School C-Team volleyball coach Krimson Rector has sent her spikers to the floor this season, they have delivered a stellar performance.

After thumping host Cedar Park Christian Tuesday, the Wolf freshmen sit at a tidy 5-1 in North Sound Conference play, 6-1 overall.

That non-conference victory came against 2A Anacortes, while Coupeville’s only loss was a three-set war with undefeated King’s in which the Wolf C-Team came as close as any squad has to unseating the Knights this year.

Facing off for the second time with Cedar Park, Coupeville controlled play Tuesday, especially at the service line, where the battlin’ Lucero twins, Allie and Maya, delivered eight aces apiece.

Jordyn Rogers added five aces, while Gwen Gustafson and Vivian Farris both picked up one, as well.

“The girls played great with a new lineup,” Rector said.

At the net, the Wolves were opportunistic and brutally-efficient, with Rogers leading the squad with six kills.

She was joined by Ryanne Knoblich (5), Farris (4), and Maya Lucero (1).

With a trip Thursday to South Whidbey next on the agenda, the young Wolves are in the stretch run, with four more matches between now and Oct. 28.

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Emma Mathusek is here to rock the joint. (Photos by JohnsPhotos.net)

With Maddie Georges eyeballing her work, Abby Mulholland soars for a tip.

Vivian Farris stays hyper-focused.

Dairy Queen makes delicious treats and should sponsor Coupeville Sports. Or at least give us some free ice cream.

Scout Smith angles a return, looking for a tiny crack in the defense.

Wolf football ace Alex Jimenez shows his support for his classmates.

Lucy Tenore denies your request for a kill.

Jordyn Rogers will go as low as necessary to save the day.

Cameras were clickin’, and volleyballs were zingin’.

With King’s in town Tuesday, all three Coupeville High School spiker squads were in action, and assorted camera clickers were hard at work, stalking the sidelines and baseline.

The pics seen above come from one of those intrepid photogs, John Fisken, who bounced between gyms, only taking a break to let his camera cool down.

And perhaps have a sip of Diet Coke.

To see everything Fisken shot in between beverage breaks, pop over to:


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Vivian Farris, who will be a CHS freshman in the fall, soars to make the play during a middle school match. (Photo by JohnsPhotos.net)

A sure shot in everything she does. (Photos courtesy Fred Farris)

When not playing sports, Farris participates in 4H, showing her dog, Maggie.

Vivian Farris is the glue that holds a team together.

Talented, but willing and happy to embrace her role, no matter how big or small, she’s been a key volleyball and softball player for Coupeville teams in recent years.

Now, Farris is taking her skills to the next level, as she’ll step onto the CHS campus as a freshman in the fall.

She just wrapped a successful run with the Central Whidbey Little League Juniors softball team, a squad which raked the ball en route to finishing 13-1.

Farris was a strong hitter, while also getting some work in at pitcher, a position she would love to keep playing.

“Although it may not currently be my strength, I would really like to get better at pitching,” she said.

“I really hope to improve on pitching in the next couple of years, and hopefully, I will have the chance to pitch for the high school team at some point.”

While she dreams of stalking the pitcher’s circle, Farris is the kind of player who brings a smile to every coach’s face.

Wherever you play her, she’s ready to go, and committed to doing whatever is best for team success.

“I think that I’m good at being a supporting teammate,” Farris said. “It isn’t my favorite to be in the spotlight all the time.

“I am perfectly happy with helping my team as best I can, without being the greatest player on the team. I want to stay humble.”

Finding the balance between being a supportive teammate and being willing to play big when the spotlight does hit her, is something she admits she’s still working at.

“However, this can sometimes be a weakness,” Farris said. “I don’t put myself out there enough and don’t have enough confidence.

“It’s my biggest pet peeve when people have a higher ego than their skill, so I tend to stay away from that area altogether.”

While Farris embraces working within a team framework, she’d certainly like to do it a high level. She’s just realistic about the path ahead of her.

“I hope to make varsity in all the sports I play at some point,” she said.

“I know hoping for varsity my freshman year isn’t extremely realistic, so I’m hoping for my junior or senior year.”

Away from sports, Farris enjoys language arts class, shows her dog, Maggie, at 4H events, and likes to spend time with friends and family.

Sports are a big part of life for her family, with Vivian’s dad, Fred, and older brother, Keaton, both having been highly-successfully, award-winning high school athletes.

Now it’s time for Vivian, and younger sister Mia, who’s currently playing for a 15-2 CWLL Majors softball squad coached by their dad, to shine.

Having her family always there to support her has been huge for the bright young woman.

“Obviously, my parents have impacted me the most,” Farris said. “My dad was my coach in rookies softball. He has pushed me to be my best in every single sport I have played, even in boys and girls club basketball in second grade.”

“My mom has always been there to root me on, even if I am having a really bad game,” she added. “It’s nice to have someone understanding to vent to, also.”

Farris is quick to acknowledge her coaches impact, as well.

“My coaches, especially my club volleyball coach, have made me the player I am at the sports I currently play,” she said. “My club volleyball coach pushed all of us to our breaking point.

“Without the club experience, there is no way I would have been a setter on the 8th grade varsity team this past year.”

While she’s let basketball go, Farris stays busy with volleyball and softball, and her favorite sport tends to change from day to day, season to season.

“I kinda go up and down with both,” she said.” Sometimes I really want to play volleyball, and sometimes I would much rather play softball.”

Having just finished her diamond campaign, Farris is still basking in the afterglow.

“I like being outside in the sun,” she said. “This softball season, we were fortunate enough to be able to play in super awesome weather.

“I also love playing with my friends. Playing with them makes every sport so much more fun!”

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